Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gayatri watches Rana ji leave. Raj Mata was waiting for Rana ji at the door of palace, she is lost to see him on the horse. She asks how he came on the horse leaving the car, he says he loves the horse riding.
Mother scolds Gayatri to argue with the soldiers, what if they had started the firing. Gayatri didn’t hear a word of her and was lost in thought of Rana ji. Her mother catches her smiling, she scolds her even more. She remembers her leaving the house in the morning as well. Bhabis come inside to tell Maa ji where her daughter had been.
A lady with Raaj Mata says she thought he must have forgotten all his traditions but he still remembers them all, as Raana ji was touching the feet of his mother for blessings. He asks Raaj Mata for blessing but she asks Bhanu Mati for the

reality first. He tells her all about the plant pot and the blast.
Bhabi tells Maa about the discovery of books, they say this ruins girls. Maa ji scolds Gayatri asking what she will get reading the books, she tells them to take the books away. Her mother cries that they couldn’t get a single proposal for her after the incident. Gyatri says she knows that past can’t be get rid of, but life moves on fast. She is sure her future will be a very bright one. Her maa tells her that bookish things aren’t life, one must look at the reality. She says she cares a lot for her child, prays for her all night and day. Gayatri hugs her mother.
Raaj Mata says to Yashoda- the maid that time has changed her son a lot. Yashoda says he is tired, Raaj Mata says she recognizes the look on his face. She gave him permission to go to war only to divert his attention, but he hasn’t moved on. She has lost her son somewhere.
Rana ji was moving with his guard when he stops in the corridor, peeks through the door of a hall and recalls his past with a lady. He orders the guard to leave and opens the door to a bed room-well decorated. He shuts and bolts it again and leaves.
Gayatri asks Bhabi for her books, she denies she doesn’t have them. Both laugh telling her to find them herself. The younger bhabi says they aren’t here, but Gayatri finds them anyway. Bhabi runs with them saying her mother will scold her again. Her bhabi asks her for a price of the books. Gayatri says she is the only daughter of Seth Govind Lal, she can do anything for her books.
Seth ji arrive at home with his son, Gayatri stops his way and asks what urgency he has, and she wants his Naig (gift). He smiles and asks what she wants. She asks if he loves her. He says more than anything. She says she needs any money he has in pocket. He says they are really big in number, she asks if they are larger than his love for her. He says no, they aren’t and puts all the money into her dupatta. His brother asks what she will do for the books. Gyatri gives all the books to bhabis. They are shocked and asks what is there in the books. She says her life is caught in them.
Seth ji is shocked to hear the news that the soldiers of Rana ji came to his home for search. He warns him that this will adversely influence his reputation and hard earned respect. He questions Kaka if he knew this, he is a big business man and has 500 shops in Kolkatta working with him. He says he will see how they get along with this.
Raaj Mata is told by his servant that they have a debt of Govind Seth. Raaj Mata isn’t ready to accept, she says the traditions of Royalty are inherited and can never be earned with money.
Kaka (Munshi) tells Seth ji that they are the Royal family, but Seth ji says this is all fake, times are changing, and inherited legacies are having a downfall in this era now. They depend on us for money.
Rana ji comes to the room, Bhanu Mati asks him which book is this. Rana ji says this book contains dreams which we view. Bhanu says it must be good then, dreams are sweet. Rana ji says the dreams that are filled with gloom can be painful beyond one’s thinking. He envies the ones who dreams sweet.
Gaytri reads the book filled with sweet dreams and words. Rana ji also reads the same book. Rana ji shuts the book saying the bookish things only appears good, this is all lie and meaningless. Gayatri hugs the book saying such sweet words as if they have come directly from heart.

PRECAP: Gayatri gets into the car with Kaka and kids, they object but she says nothing will happen. In the way they come across Rana Ji’s car.

Update Credit to: Sona

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