Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rajeshwari comes to Gayatri and says there is a limit to everything, she dropped the pot with her hands so she must get a punishment now. She drags Gayatri outside, Rajeshwari tells Gayatri that she will crush all the turmeric of their ritual for tomorrow. Raaj Mata comes and drapes Gayatri her shawl. Rajeshwari snatches the shawl and says Gayatri is just a maid, she throws the shawl away. She says that Raaj Mata that Gayatri has fire in her chest, and there is ice in wind. Today, they will see what wins. She will see today what Gayatri does? Gayatri says she won’t get defeated from nature, it is a testimony of her love. She will make a turmeric whose color, no one will be able to wash. Gayatri asks Raaj Mata to go inside, this is her war and she will fight it. Raaj Mata blesses Gayatri.

begins crushing the turmeric.
Bari Rani Maa comes to Rajeshwari’s room and looks around on floor wondering what Gayatri was looking for in the dust. Rajeshwari comes there and asks what she is doing here. Bari Rani Maa says she wants to find out what Gayatri was looking for in her brother’s dust. Rajeshwari says Gayatri couldn’t see her and Rana ji together, that is why she spilt it over. Bari Rani Maa says in this palace not everything is so simple, this is a secret palace. Rajeshwari says to Bari Rani Maa that she thinks so because she herself always plans negative things, she asks Bari Rani Maa to leave her room as she wants to sleep.
Gayatri feels dizzy and sits down. Rana ji comes behind her. Gayatri sits down to crush and instead hurts her own hand in the pestle and mortar. Rana ji feels pained. Gayatri turns to look at him, both souls come to each other, hugging. He says to Gayatri if he wasn’t a princess he won’t be so liable, he would have taken him away from here. Gayatri says their love isn’t as feeble that with storm it finds the shores, she won’t let the flame go off, and she won’t let him or his love fail. He kisses her forehead. The souls get apart, their clothes tuck into each other’s. They come closer again, then part. Gayatri looks at the turmeric, and gets to crush it again, crying. Rana ji throws his shawl at her and leaves.
The next morning, Kokilla and Kunwar ji come outside to the preparations of turmeric ritual. Rajeshwari was already there. Rana ji arrives with Swarna and Raaj Mata. Rajeshwari congratulates Rana ji on his third and last haldi. She says it must be his third, but is her first one, won’t be wish her? Gayatri arrives with the turmeric bowl. Rana ji watches her arrive. He remembers she had apologized from him for not being able to tell him the secret. Gayatri thinks looking towards the temple, that she is fulfilling her responsibilities as a wife, the Goddess must not test her that she loses her faith on her. Kokilla says to Kunwar ji that this Rajeshwari is a strict princess what she will make them do.
Gayatri comes to the Rana ji and Rajeshwari. There is a thunderstorm, a decorative pole was about to fell on Gayatri. Rana ji spots this, and heads towards her. As he gets hold of Gayatri, the turmeric bowl goes up her hands dropping some of it on their faces. They look at each other’s faces. Raaj Mata smiles approvingly. Rajeshwari asks what this all is happening, how will her ritual get completed now? Raaj Mata says this ritual is to color two souls in a single color, it has been accomplished. Bari Rani Maa blesses the couple. She thinks why this all happen with Rajeshwari, no matter how much one try but Rana ji and Gayatri never get apart. Rajeshwari fell down on the floor, her face hitting the soil. Kokilla and Kunwar ji come to her, Kokilla says there is mud on her face all around. Swarna says to Raaj mata that those having a bad eye get a blackened face. Raaj Mata says the blackened heart come to face someday. Gayatri touches the turmeric on her face and looks at Rana ji. She comes inside wiping it and thinks that God has told her that she and Rana ji will stay together. She asks for some way to get together, and thinks there is no one at Rajeshwari’s room. She will find the bullet there for sure.

PRECAP: Gayatri brings the dress to Rana ji, he says that Gayatri had vowed to be with him always. Today she will be a part of all his pains, he drags her through corridor saying she will have to bear all the pain at each step with him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    This crap show continue its stupidity now a days I am so irritated I did not watch today I am reading only updates but saw start it is super I mean Gayatri she is soo cutee I love her ?????????????????????

  2. Writer is abuse to audience so they got rate is 1.9 only hopefully stop soon.

  3. Its a shame that the show my end soon. The ratings are so poor and the writers are just adding to the downfall. All the shows are about revenge, killing, ghosts, none of them you see happiness. ETR was suppose to be set in earlier times yet the actors wear clothing that are modern, the songs are modern,,its just all nonsense now. BRM held Rageshwari off the terrace, please, please explain to me how a old woman can do that..It is so unrealistic. The same for so many of these dramas. I will be watching my American Tv while all this evil, poor writing find a way out.

  4. I think raj mata should tell rana ji the truth n he will no wat gayatri going true n wat pain is n beheaded rajeshwari n bari rani maa

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Well it rather end cause Writers dnt care abt viewers n the track is dumb.. so maybe the abuse an betilement of women may just stop? Also all zee series down down .I read only watch star plus n colors….n my English channels…eish man..

  6. Any King has over right if he is innocent also he suppose to search his real bullet or not Gayatri writer is SUCKER and all the z episode are same shit story line shame on them to playing worldwide thank god I’m not Indian.

  7. Hey on a different note – anyone knows where to get the green sari & the pink sari Gaytree was wearing on Friday’s episode? Thanks

  8. Ik that ETRETR is deteriorating day by day! But I m still watching it for the sole idea that we all know that Gayatri will successfully stop the wedding!! Te wedding is on monday, do that us te track I m waiting for!!!

  9. I like this serial alot.. It is the fastest serial I have ever seen…Wud a great story..kep going guys.. Great job!

  10. This is that typical indian serial which shows pati parmeshwar giri….i mean Gayatri is always tested on her love for ranaji….nd ranaji is getting married or attacked etc etc….cummon plzzz increase some of the happy moments in these two’s life

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