Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raaj Mata tells the guard not to let anyone stone eyed man into the palace. She prays that today’s royal celebration must end without any problem.
Rana ji joined his hands at the reception to welcome the guests. He whispers to Gayatri that he is apologizing her, she took the wrong meaning of everything. Rana ji introduces her to Raja Vajendra Singh, and to his younger sister Surishni or Surmi. Surmi complains that he didn’t invite her to his wedding. Rana ji says he had sent the invitation but her brother was really busy with his works. Gayatri appreciates Surmi, Surmi presents her a gift. Gayatri says Youngers only take gifts. Surmi says it must be considered her love for her brother, as Gayatri has brought happiness in Rana ji’s life. She presents her with a pearl and says

the one who wears a true pearl always win the love and game. Vajendra tells Rana ji to find a prince for Surmi. Rana ji notices the worry on her face and welcomes them inside. Rana ji says to Gayatri Surmi wasn’t happy on the matter of marriage. Gayatri says may be royal people are never happy to get married. Rana ji says it is the first day of the year, he doesn’t want to fight with her at the end of the year. Gayatri says she never wants to fight with him, but there is no mistake of his in this. Rajeshwari heard this, she thinks she can fire this argument and give her brother a New Year gift.
A young kid kisses on Gayatri’s cheek and takes a laddu. Gayatri takes another kiss from him and gives him two more. His mother comes to take her son away.
Rajeshwari comes to Gayatri, Gayatri says she and her brother have started to get defeated, she will start to learn again. Rajeshwari says she has leaned never to get defeated from the losing.
The guards tell Raaj Mata that someone wants to enter the celebration with one stoned eye. Raaj Mata watches the man and welcomes him inside apologizing for the inconvenience. She says Sartaj’s eye can put a bad eye on Gayatri, Rana ji and Amirkot. She won’t let her here.
Gayatri prepares for aarti and tells Surmi that there is a trend in their family that on the New Year eve a princess puts tillak on Rana ji. Surmi appreciates Gayatri. Gayatri goes to take a plate for Surmi as well. Rajeshwari comes and tells Surmi her brother is calling her. Surmi is worried that she can’t get married. Rajeshwari mixes spice with the Sindoor and says today Rana ji will feel the same fire as her brother does while watching them together.
Gayatri was about to put the tillak on, Rana ji says he wants her to do her tillak with something else. It was the soil of Amirkot that will remind him of his responsibility towards Amirkot. Rajeshwari thinks she won’t accept the defeat.
Gayatri watches Surmi cutting her wrist vein, she stops her and asks what she is doing. Surmi says no one is ready to understand her, her brothers love her and wants to do anything for her, but they never consider who she is happy with. She only knows she will be happy with Kartik. It’s right he is an ordinary man, he has no money and doesn’t live in palace but his heart is pure. He can even sacrifice his life for her, but for her brother’s only money matters. She says Kartik is her life, how can one spend their life without their soul. Gayatri says neither the world could recognize love, nor love could recognize the world. She says she isn’t a Rajput but Rana ji accepted her. She confesses that she also didn’t get her love easily, Rana ji hated her but still she didn’t accept defeat. She fought her fate in life. Surmi says she isn’t as courageous, Gayatri takes her along. Surmi’s brother come to spot her, the wonder where has Surmi gone, what if she creates a drama here again.
Gayatri makes Surmi sit and says she has met her for the first time, but her relation seems to be old. Rana ji considers her a friend and wants to give her something. She goes to take the idol and brings it for Surmi. She says since childhood whenever there was a problem, Goddess have shown her path. When one doesn’t know where life is taking, one must go on the path Goddess takes her. Everything will be alright. She takes Surmi out.
Brothers come to take Surmi to meet with a prince. Surmi says she doesn’t want to meet anyone. Gayatri says they must have a right with Surmi’s life but she herself also have right over her life. Her brothers say that Surmi is a child right now, she doesn’t understand anything. Rana ji seconds Gayatri saying sometimes elders don’t understand how good a decision the Youngers have taken for themselves. He says when love is true no relation is a mistake then. Rajeshwari thinks they have again started to smile looking at each other. She wonders if Avdesh got his answers.
In the celebration, the drummers arrive with girls dancing. Gayatri comes for performance, Rana ji takes the drum. Both perform. Kartik arrives at the event with a drum in hand and face covered in veil. Surmi is worried to see her.
Rana ji brings Gayatri out blindfolded, she asks what he is doing. He asks her to look behind at the cart, kneels down and says if marrying her was a mistake it was the most beautiful one, he would love to repeat such mistake every life. He kisses her hand, both smile. Rana ji confirms if he has been forgotten. Gayatri nods, both hug each other. He says they will go to Pooja to Kul Devi Mandir. He says they will be back and at the time of New Year eve British follow a ritual about kiss. Gayatri says he speaks such good English and says she will fulfil the ritual. When she comes to know about the ritual she denies fulfilling it. Rana ji says he will. Vajendra calls them from upstairs but only Rana ji was visible to them. They tell Rana ji Surmi is missing, maybe she ran away with that lover. Gayatri tells Rana ji he must not tell anyone about it.
Kartik and Surmi were still in the palace, Kartik tells Surmi that they will start a new phase of their life. They were about to run away. Rana ji comes there and asks how dare he tried to kidnap Surmi. Gayatri stops him saying they love each other. Rana ji says this guy must speak to Surmi’s brothers. He asks Surmi to come with him. Surmi says her brothers are only worried about their respect, they aren’t ready to marry Surmi with Kartik. Rana ji says he will speak to Surmi’s brothers. Gayatri says to Rana ji that he can’t take her to her brothers. Kartik surrenders in front of Rana ji and tells him not to take Surmi with him. They hear Vajendra instructing a guard that she ruined their respect, they must find Surmi and kill her. Rana ji feels determined.
Vajeshdra goes outside, Rana ji was getting into a cart. Vajendra follows the other cart saying they must be in the other one. There was Rana ji in the cart he had followed. Rana ji says he is going to temple but where he Vajendra going with the sword. Vajendra says he wasn’t to kill Surmi who has run away with that man. Rana ji tells him not to do this. Vajendra goes to follow the other cart, Rana ji says he couldn’t stay silent for two lovers.
Surmi and Kartik hug in the cart. He says there is Shiv’s mandir nearby, they will marry there. Then no one would be able to separate them. It was Rajeshwari who was driving the cart. She hungs herself with a tree branch when she watches a mountains ending. Kartik wonders why the cart is going super fast, he goes to see there was no driver. The cart door had been locked. They panic watching the cliff. Kartik says they must jump from here. Kartik says if their love isn’t fulfilled in this year, it will in the next year for sure. Rajeshwari jumps thinking Rana ji has died, now no one can stop Gayatri going as a gift to her brother. The cart fell off the cliff, Kartik and Surmi goes down together, looking at each other.

PRECAP: Raaj Mata scolds Sartaj for coming to palace. Sartaj tells Raaj Mata that Avdesh found him and was ready to give him anything for the secret. Raaj Mata asks if he told it to him. Gayatri comes there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. this episode was a total waste im always down for maha episode but tis is of no use to etretr they jus picked up a whole episode wit no real story that involve gayatri and ranaji

  2. nasty man nasty stone eyes thats just nastteh… see what happens when you mix with bad company all the sshhtt comes back to haunt you raaj mattah next time don’t take hobo street rats cause thats all that their type are good for making trouble.

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Awsome episode….
    Ab tk sbhi shows me party me entry hoti thi ya koi alg sa dikhate the… for the first tym purani history ko presnt show se jud diya… awsome dance by gaytri…

  4. is it just me or does rana ji always wear the same pants and polar neck vibe since the beginning of time? don’t he have something else to wear for a change? prince of hobo backside.

  5. I wish if gayatri could hear them n find a way to get rid of the problems

  6. Now who is this Raja Vajendra n Surmi? Didn’t watch the episode that’s why m quite confused. Please don’t tell me Vajendra is Karthik and Surmi is Survi. I like Surthik but it’s so illogical for Surthik and Raga at the same time as both r from different eras

  7. This was one serial I used to always watch now I have lost interest as the original story is lost too many extras have entered who can’t act for nuts the serial is no longer watchable
    Have been reading updates that’s boring as well just a glance is enough

  8. The last part is like Prem ratan dhan payo

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