Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita comes to stop Kaal, as Rani won’t be able to live without Raaj Mata and Raja won’t leave them. Bari Rani Maa tries to explain to Kaal that this Raaj Mata has gone crazy now, it won’t benefit him anyway to kill her. Raaj Mata cried, shouting at everyone to give her way else she will kill everyone.
Raja and Rani were still playful, a thorn pricks Rani’s feet. Raja holds her to a bench and takes the thorn off, she screams. Raja kiss her foot. Some guards come to call them, and inform Rani that Raaj Mata is really well. Raaj Mata cried in the hall, forbidding anyone to come to her. She asks Amrita about theire whereabouts, and orders her to throw them all out of the palace. Raja and Rani hurry inside, Raaj Mata points at the stop that this is where her Baba was killed.

Kokilla who had been hearing the conversation fearfully knocks a vase that fell off. Raaj Mata remembers she was a partner in this crime, and goes to drag her in the middle. She asks Kokilla to tell what the truth is. Kaal brings a nurse to inject Raaj Mata with sedatives. Bari Rani Maa was relieved, Rani cries hugging Raaj Mata. The doctor says she needs rest along with medicines, and needs to be kept away from any mental pressure. Rano apologizes Kaal and Bari Rani Maa for her behavior, but her grandmother is not mentally well. She wonders why Raaj Mata did this, because she never hurt anyone. Bari Rani Maa asks since when Raaj Mata get these attacks, Rani says since her Baba died after her mother. They were quizzical, and inquires about her father’s name. Rani replies Laakhan. Bari Rani Maa thinks that Raaj Mata hasn’t told Rani about her real parents. Rani was unaware how her father died, but Raaj Mata got TB and they shifted to Kasoli, but later she lost her memory.
In the other room, Kaal walked restlessly. Amrita was sure Raja would know one day about it. Kaal warns if Amrita opens her mouth, he will kill her and Rani both and Raja as well if needed. Bari Rani Maa says after the wedding of Raja and Rani, Premvadha and Gayatri will stay in front of their eyes. And in some case, if they have to kill Rani Raja will turn to be the real heir of this palace. Kaal was worried that Raja shouldn’t know about it before time.
There, Raja and Rani were in the room where Raja Mata was asleep. They discuss Raaj Mata only get such attacks when she is worried, but today there was something different as it was a happy day of her life. Raaj Mata wakes up and looks around, Raja assures her they are at her place and everything is fine. The three of them hug.
The next morning, Raaj Mata comes to the hall and requests to say something. Bari Rani Maa angrily replies that it’s her time to speak. Kokilla claps and the servants arrive with Shagun thaals. Raja comes there too. Bari Rani Maa says since yesterday she agreed for this proposal for Raja, but as Rani took care of Raaj Mata last night she is sure she is the right girl for Raja. She has come to fix the proposal now. Rani was elated and comes to take blessings from Bari Rani Maa. She was hopeful to gift her and Raaj Mata with some memorable thing in life, for now this shagun is her blessings. Raja and Rani are seated together. Bindu and Jeewan watch this curtly. Bari Rani Maa brings sweet for Raaj Mata, who takes a bite under keen stare of Bari Rani Maa.
Rani was massaging Raaj Mata during sleep when she hears whistles downstairs. She comes to see Raja standing downstairs with his arms open. She hurries outside, Raja blindfolds her and takes her to the side or a garden where there was lighting all around. She thanks him, he demands for a kiss. Rani was annoyed and calls him a misbehaving person. Raja smiles that she looks really cute when angry, and holds her hand to kiss it. They run into an argument, Raja holds her, both fell on the floor playfully. Rani begins to cry at once, Raja was concerned trying to hold her tears. Rani says she was never as happy as today, its unbelievable. She has witnessed her dreams shatter, and is afraid this time as well. Raja assures no dream will break now. Rani was worried what if she is left waiting for him in the mandap. Rana promises this won’t happy, no matter what happens he will marry her for sure. Raja and Rani will be one forever.
Amrita was looking over the preparations for wedding. Jeewan comes to help, but Raja holds his hand.

PRECAP: Rani was worried about falling alone, she is tired of fighting with life. Raja assures she won’t ever be alone again, Jeewan comes to apologize Rani.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The drama is intensifying

  2. today episode was best.i lv this pair

  3. finally there was jeeves in the epi.raja n rani was romancing behind the bush if it would hav happend in 2016 n if police would hav c them they would have to go to the jail.

  4. raja n rani romancing in the open space. ridiculous!!!

  5. This was a lovely episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I simply enjoyed the Raja Rani scenes. I was smiling and blushing throughout! ??. As usual Raja looks so so stunning. (Sigh)….Raja Mata (Amrita Raj) was simply fantastic in her scenes. I love her. Oh dear…she’s not fully recover yet. Just haunted by memories. And oh my gosh!!! That old queen in the white…what a little muderous woman she is!! I was astonished at her clever little head which is sharp in plotting schemes. I think we can see some form of mind games and chess moves being played here. Terrific episode. ??

  6. Hate to see more drama!!! raajmata is the best

  7. Arr pita, I think you need to wTch movies from the Sixties.
    They use to romance in the open too.
    I find people more narrow minded now then back then.
    Stop comparing. Just enjoy the show. Or stop watching.
    It is very sweet.
    Back then they did not show kidding on the cheeks.
    But they did show women becoming mothers before marriage,
    So just because you don’t see it on the screen doesn’t mean the intention of the director is not there.
    Also they use to show to flowers coming together.

    1. I love your comments Leenzu. It made me smile. ? I love your sharp mind and forward thinking, it’s really refreshing. When you mentioned the flowers I was like “gosh you are so right. I remember those indeed” and I actually recall instances when this was depicted on screen. Good thinking. I love it. Keep it up. ?? I fully agree with you.

  8. this is the worst episode ever, I hate it. this not perfect at all. how cam people watch this?

    1. come on people make a good show

    2. I Agree with you

  9. Hey leenzu, I agree with you, no need for me to add another word. ???love tonight episode……Raja is so damn handsome… I’m trying to imagine what dilemma Raja has to face when all is revealed ,in respect to his intense love for Rani, and I can’t paint any picture. His father is a cruel man but Raja doesn’t know to what extent ,, so it would be interesting to see his reaction when he discovers the depth of deception from the members of his family and to what extent they all participated in order to achieve their goal. That evil thing…..badiranima,i can’t wait to see you get punishment from the Queen herself and her granddaughter. Writers, you all better not dissapoint us. Hi Jess, how are you?

    1. Hello Naz. I’m very well thank you. Hope you are well. ?

  10. Jada

    Don’t mean to be the hater in the comments but now that some revelation is finally happening I don’t really care about raja and rani romance – I want Raj Mata to just come to her senses!! Rani needs to snap out of this whole “ooo I love u raja” drama (not that it’s not cute and all) and she needs to sit and start talking to her Dadu!!!

  11. Hello Guys Hope U R Enjoing The Show

    1. Hey which is your official account?????

    2. the storyline is epic … i love the chemistry between Raja and Rani … just keep me guessing

  12. sure arpita, i support u and jada…rani rather than sleeping with raja before marriage,why cant she see herdadu’s pain and suffering..i dont think she is taking any step to cure her dadu which she promised after leap..She is busy to hug and roll with raja…
    Shameless princess…Anyone can touch her ,kiss her either by saying love or by abusing her..
    She soon has to realise she is not a filth ,she is blood of ranaji and rani gayathri..
    Rather than opening everything, she should talk with her dadu…

    1. Correct pradishma?

    2. I comletely agree with you!!!!!!

  13. osm episode………

  14. i cant understand jeevs charactor plzzzzzzz writer if u dont clrify jeevs attentions then serial become ridiculous…………jeevs is so innocent and cant see him villian……….rajrani rockzzz

  15. etretr is going good now a days and after so long the track is good to see hope the track will b like this in next episodes

  16. innocent princess

    wow raj and rani look so hot together i eagerly waiting for there MARRIAGE.. 😀

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