Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja was working out in the room, thinking about everytime Kaal had beaten him.
Rani dials the landline number, Raja was about to keep the phone down but Rani swears him not to put the phone back. Raja swears her not to discuss about Kaal. He sits on the bed, saying her silence speaks a lot, if she keeps on sitting like that she would fail. Rani minds as she never fails. Rani confirms after a while if everyone is asleep. Raja says yes, only he is awake; his newly married wife left him and comes in dreams only. Rani says he came in her dreams, Raja laughs that he caught her. Rani regrets. Raja thinks for a while, Rani shares her concern with him but he slaps shut the phone. Raja says he doesn’t want to listen to what’s she saying now. She explains but he slaps the phone again.

Rani wonders what this childishness is. Raja says he would only do this childishness with her, she is the fairy from his childhood one only dreams about. There, Rani smiles thinking about Raja.
Raja hears some clatters. Kaal was throwing chairs away in his room, cursing Amrita to have shared everything with Raja. He held a stick over Amrita but Raja comes in with a gun pointing towards Kaal. He pulls the trigger, but Amrita runs to distract his aim. Kaal looks curtly, the bullet had shot a photo on the wall. Amrita cries in front of Raja and sends him away, as not to interfere between her and her husband.
Raja was boxing, Bari Rani Maa comes to ask if he was hurt by someone he loves. Raja insists he has been hurt by the one he hates the most. Bari Rani Maa forbids him to hurt himself, but hurt the one he hates. He must injure him at a position that shatter him into pieces. Raja was thankful to Bari Rani Maa for being with him.
The next morning, Rani comes to meet Amrita who cheers watching her. Amrita was sure Raja would be happy watching her here. Rani apologizes Amrita, as she is the best mother. She is the worst daughter who went away in her selfishness. Amrita wonders how her happiness would hurt a mother. Rani complains her about suffering everything, still her bruises speak out loud. She understood that day she wasn’t hurt by the door. She got to know yesterday who gave them. Amrita wipes her tears assuring everything is fine. Rani insists it’s not right, no man has a right to beat his wife; women are prayed on as Goddess; she must raise her voice. Amrita asks who would listen to her. A woman marries to compromise with the relation, she tried to get along in the relation. Before entering the palace life wasn’t as bad, but after coming here Kaal turned to Maharaj. She was weak then. Kaal was walking down the corridor. Amrita shares with Rani she could have gone away but this would have taken a son away from his parents, she was helpless. She wipes her tears, as a women she believed everything would change one day. Now, everything has changed, no one heard her cries initially but now she has two children. Raja hears a single cry and runs towards her, and Rani hears her unheard cries. She wants her children to get what she didn’t. Amrita sends Rani outside in the garden, Kaal had turned upstairs to get a file.
In the corridor, Bindu asks Raja for some help in a question. Rani comes from behind and watch them together. Jeewan cheers asking what is Rani doing here. Raja questions Rani why she came here. Jeewan wants Raja to behave. Rani replies Bindu she came to talk to her husband. Bindu wasn’t ready to leave until Raja asks her to. Raja demands her to say please if meeting is so necessary. Rani finally requests Raja. Raja looks towards Bindu who leaves curtly. Raja complains Rani that she had asked him not to hide anything. Rani wants to speak to him about his childhood. Raja change the topic, and wants her to kiss him first. He wants reassurance from her that she would always be there, when she stares into his eyes he forgets his childhood and foresee his bright future. Rani moves forward to kiss but were distracted by some ladies protesting outside the palace against Kaal harassing his wife.
Kaal comes outside and orders his guards to push these women away. The ladies throw stones inside. Rani runs downstairs, while Raja only watches this. The ladies protest that he can’t be elected from this place, they will show him today what strength women own. They would blacken his face today, he has to be afraid of him today. They say he must pay for all he has done, as his daughter in law let home just in two days. Rani comes towards Kaal but Raja watches her getting hurt and takes her inside. They get the doors shut, Bari Rani Maa wonders who got this drama.

PRECAP: Amrita requests Raja and Bari Rani maa to stop this all. She goes to ask Rani save her family’s respect.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Boring boring boring

  3. I think raja should tell rani about old hag n the bastard kaal n end the bulshit

  4. Good epi ?

  5. indera sanichara

    All Raja promises went through the window so boring this show is over because of foolish writers.


  7. Writers please clear this up soon.

  8. trp lost 1.6 this week what hell is going in the show how muchhh time to reveal the truth plzzzzzzzz stpp this evil plannings track we want revenge sequence if writter really dont listen us then the show really gonna flop…………….

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  10. zeetv only focusing on promoting new serials like mehak jamai raja 2 etc etc and the how which have a major track to gain trp have not a single promo …………i didnt see a single promo of etretr in this month….and when etretr 2 starts there r too many new twists and now track is trapped in between some where plzzzzzzzzzzz writers we already seeing raja this shady attitude and rani same charactor we want change now we r seeing this from 3 months …………

    1. we want rani as a rajkumari plzzzzz show the revenge track

  11. and romance ……..of raja rani i wish this romance will b in the revenge track if writter really show revenge sequence,,,,,,,,,,,,then it will b best track waiting for that…………

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