Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kokilla cries in front of Kunwar ji that she has lost again, it is the wedding night. Kunwar ji tells her to plan something, still there is time. If the wedding night takes place and the heir comes, they will never be able to get the royal seat. Kokilla still cries, Kunwar ji caresses and dances with her. Kokilla says that today she will plan something that will never let Gayatri give an heir to this family. She turns to see Raaj Mata standing at the door. Behind her, in the veil was another lady. Kokilla asks Raaj Mata why she came here and says she didn’t say anything wrong. Raaj Mata says she is the princess of Amirkot, how can she be wrong. She asks Kokilla that she wants to speak to her alone. Kokilla remembers when Raaj mata had taken her alone in the function as well. Raaj Mata

holds Kokilla’s hand and takes her. The lady in the veil was peeking through the door, then goes away when Raaj Mata takes Kokilla through the corridor. Raaj mata takes Kokilla to a dark room and locks her, Kokilla pleads her, Raaj Mata says she had warned her not to plan something else. Kokilla says she didn’t plan anything, but Raaj mata says she has done enough and now she doesn’t want their wedding night to take place. Now she will stay inside the room until the wedding night takes place. She says to Kokilla that she is alive only because she is family, because family is like a body, any injured part has to be treated not cut. She warns further saying if the poison spreads, the finger has to be cut. Raaj Mata orders a guard that no one must open the door even on Rana ji’s orders.
Raaj Mata gives the dress to Swarna and Gayatri and says she wants Gayatri to get ready in her best way and goes to prepare a Lape (herbal ointment) as Rana ji is much injured. Gayatri goes to make a Lape for Rana ji.
A servant goes to bring ointment for Rana ji, Gayatri comes there and knocks the door. Rana ji calls to put on the Lape. She wonders how he knows she has brought the ointment, then puts it on his wounds. Rana ji had shut his eyes, Gayatri felt pain for him. She asks if the pain has gone. He opens his eyes and holds her hand, he asks why she came here, she shouldn’t have. Gayatri says she is sorry, she knows that before wedding night she shouldn’t have come to his room. He leaves her hand on the name of wedding night. Gayatri runs away, Rana ji looks at Surakshna’s photo and leaves as well. The veiled lady comes to Rana ji’s room and takes her dress box from his room.
Gayatri runs to her room, Swarna asks where she was. She takes the bowl from her and takes her.
Kokilla called for help inside the room as she was feeling afraid. She cries that no one helps her ever in time.
The veiled lady takes the dress box through the corridor.
Swarna helps Gayatri with her makeup and jewelry. She shows Gayatri the new necklace that was really beautiful. She tells Gayatri to change and leaves the room. Gayatri looks at all the things. The lady in veil enters the room from behind her, replaces the box of her dress and hides under the couch. Gayatri turns but couldn’t find anyone. Gayatri opens the box of her dress and asks she watches the dress the lady finds time to leave the room. Gayatri thinks this is a beautiful dress, she will thank Raaj Mata for sure. She goes to change the dress, Swarna says that she is the first Raani who has given a leave to her maids. Gayatri says she wants to thank her, she is her friend in this strange palace and is helping her get ready. Gayatri asks Swarna if Surakshna was beautiful. Swarna says she wasn’t a part of the palace then, but she is sure Surakshna must not be beautiful than her. Gayatri asks if he will like her. Swarna reassures that he will like her a lot.
Rana ji watched the old album with Surakshna, her wall photographs. She had asked Rana ji how she looks in this dress, beautiful or very very beautiful. He had said she looks really beautiful, it seems it has been made for her. She reminds him it has been designed for her, she won’t share it with anyone. Rana ji said he won’t allow anyone to touch what belongs to her.

PRECAP: Rana ji angrily throws the album and breaks the clock. He says to Raaj Mata he knows why she came here but his wedding night with Gayatri will never take place.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I hope our comments get to the makers of the series. Too much suspense is not good
    We are tired of the negatives. It is about time that Ranaji realized Gayatri’s worth
    Get to the point please

  2. Too boring now a king so bitter the girl is naive why

  3. Who is that lady in veil

  4. The lady in the veil could be Rana ji’s first wife.

  5. What happen to rana ji’s 1st wife?

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