Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At Seth ji’s place next morning, Gayatri wakes up and goes downstairsl looking for Rana ji. Rana ji enters the house, she goes to scold him why he left like that, he was angry and just left without caring for her. Rana ji shuts her up by keeping a finger on her mouth, he puts the bangle in her saying she is his wife. Gayatri jerks her hand away saying she didn’t need a gift. Rana ji says he hasn’t given her a gift but all her rights and in return he wants to apologize, he didn’t understand her. He always compared her with Surakshna but he has known her price now, she is precious. Gayatri says that when she united with him, a stone turned to diamond. Rana ji says he doesn’t know how much time he will take to love her as Surakshna was his first love, but he will try. He can’t

forget the memories, but can create memories together, Gayatri. Gayatri holds his arm back and says he can take his time, Gayatri will wait for him. They both know what true love is. She hugs Rana ji, who hugs her back.
The lady in veil comes to hand a bundle of money to a grinder, he says what she wants will happen.
At the event, the elder Bhabi says that today Parvati Goddess pooja is done. Gayatri says Parvati is a symbol of strength, she is a symbol of truth and loyalty towards her husband. Maa says that she always stood with her husband Shiv to show him the right path. Bhabis say that today wives worn a Pagri to their husbands and there is a competition. Gayatri is reluctant but Rana ji agrees to go with everyone. On the stool, Gayatri is annoyed at Rana ji why he said yes for the competition, she doesn’t know how to put on a Pagri. She has never worn it herself. Rana ji says she never wear a Dhoti as well, but she helped him with it well. Gayatri is angry, Rana ji bucks her up as she was rough with him. Rana ji laughs. Seth ji wins the competition, Gayatri was still struggling with the Pagri. Everyone leaves, while some children takes round and entraps Gayatri and Rana ji in the Pagri cloth. Rana ji holds Gayatri, both smiling at each other. The girls come to take Gayatri along them. Rana ji follows in the hall as Gayatri perform on a song. Bhabis watch her dance curtly. Rana ji shuts his eyes and watches Gayatri appearing from behind the curtain. Gayatri danced with him. The veiled lady was still in the crowd. Both save a candle from going out together.
Rana ji says to Gayatri that he had taken his vows at the time of their wedding. He says that this isn’t a story in which those vows and promises will be left unfulfilled. Gayatri cheers. Rana ji takes a promise that this Karwachot will begin a new era in their lives, he will stay true to this promise Gayatri.
The veiled lady watch the moon with a sieve in the forest. The grinder come and says that this will be Gayatri’s last Karwachot as she wished. The veiled lady burns the sieve with a candle.
At the palace, Raaj Mata asks Kokilla to call Swarnlekha for aarti. Kokilla says Swarna was unwell and was missing her parents so they sent her home. Raaj Mata asks they did it without her permission. Kunwar ji says she is their daughter in law before, they took the decision for her. Raaj Mata asks if they are saying that she doesn’t know about the absence of a member of their family. Kunwar ji says their daughter in law is no important person in her royal government. Kokilla stops the argument and says that they must celebrate it with unity. They complete the aarti.
The next morning, Gayatri comes downstairs in palace. Raaj Mata apologizes Gayatri that she never kept a Karwachot and Swarna is also celebrating in her parent’s house so she forgot to get the Sargi ready. Gayatri says she had already asked the servant for it. They go to dining table and finds Rana ji preparing for Sargi. Gayatri is shocked. Rana ji says to Gayatri that she might have forgotten to remind her mother in law, but he didn’t forget to ask about if from his mother in law. It is her first karwachot, he wants it to be the best. Kokilla envies Gayatri, Kunwar ji was curt. Gayatri says to Rana ji that she will eat by himself, he takes her order and takes the seat.

PRECAP: Raaj Mata says that Sargi is incomplete without Ranaji’s gift. Rana ji argues with Gayatri that she isn’t ready to tell him about her choice of gift and want him to guess it. Gayatri asks why can’t he guess when she can guess about his choices and smiles at his helplessness.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wonderful episode.pls keep going nice story..guys this show is not coming to end !!!!

  2. awwwwwwww…cute!

  3. Best serial ever … Nice to see you both . good acting impressive . I want all the hindi serial to translate in english for better understanding .. And thank you Sona

  4. ah so sweet I love how this show never drags and there is no mindless nonsense > thank you Narendran for the assurance it is very much appreciated.

  5. I also like the fact that what we are seeing is not some dream like so many serials

    when something happens only to find that it was a dream by one of the lead actors.

  6. so afterall rana ji got a soft spot for kalakeya woman like gayatri and everything else low under his retard caste class. she was still better off with old fruit guy of her first proposal. im holding thumbs for the vieled lady this her last chance to dance, kunwar better make plans. otherwise.

    1. Oh please just shut. You negative villain

    2. which era is ur r from. talking about caste and all.

  7. after long i am calling raja indhravadhan as ranaji…yes when he insulted gayathri in forest ,i was angry on raja indhravadhan but now……happy happpy happy for RANA JI….

    Dont worry gayathri,that veiled lady will be surakshana and with her cheap acts she herself will get away from RANA ji’s heart..Her tactics will make him hate her to the core and u will get all his love RANI GAYATHRI DEVI,,,

    awesomeee,beautifulllll,lovelyyyyy, fantastic,mindblowinggggg,charming,cuteeee episode…

  8. Nice to know something positive is happ finally. At least these guys aren’t dragging like kkb. ….or r they yet to begin that stage?…plz keep the story positive n going ahead

  9. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Sori shals in my opinion u are bitter person…lolllll.seems only one who does not lk tis serial…..

  10. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Prena n narender i totally agree….n just hope for happy….

  11. Sweet and simple show which resembels love thank god no dragging in this show

  12. Firstly thnx sona….
    This is superb show..

  13. really good writing team. I love the dialogue between Ranaji and Rani G.
    It is refreshing… nice to see two strong characters. Really enjoying the episodes… one of the reasons being that the story is moving forward and not dragging like many shows tend to do.

  14. Who is the women with covering face? It can’t be rana jis wife can it? Why does she wants to kill gayatri?

  15. why is surakshana doin all this and ranaji loved her much

  16. If is ranaji wife then she and kokila are one she didn’t die the way kokila husband was talking to the unveiled lady it will the old lady

  17. Gayatri gift is she want ranji love for her n his wife is doing all dis to get Gayatri out of his life she don’t want him to have no one

  18. I think the veiled lady is his first wife… but i also think the Grandmother knows everything going on. I don’t think Kunwar chacha and grandmother working together because I don’t think grandmother trusts him to carry out her mission. I think the grandmother has sent the first wife to the palace. Ranaji not her real grandson – he is her stepson. she wants her blood to rule… and she knows she will have to have ranaji out of commision – either by death or by lack of heir. I think when first wife died – something grandmother orchestrated – she thought her problems were solved… but then ranaji married again…. grandmother won’t be exposed so soon… it will take a while for that to come about but I think this makes the most sense.

  19. Amazing show…no dragging…its full of romantic scenes…just awesome….

  20. Very nice superb episode

  21. aisha u zaidu

    Cute episode I love it

  22. Nice drama rani &ranaji look awesome thank God no much dragging, this show is here to stay .what a lovely couple DD you so beautiful, I luv you.

  23. Happy for this new begining for both of them. Wish this will be a succesful serial. D dhami acting is astonishing. Keep it up. Watching dramas that you like improves your languages studies in that specific language. All the best ETRETR

  24. U are such a sad person shal, sure u are not evil minded? because before I use to think u are making fun, but now I see u as an evil minded person. Look it is not what enters a man’s belly that defile him, but it is what comes out from a his or her mouth that defile him. don’t let this become our style cos it will eat u up so badly which u won’t be able to help urself. So repent and let God help.

  25. princess mishna

    best show ever

  26. awesome nd this serial really give me big smile on my face… I always waiting for 9:30 pm.. gaytri and ranaji you guys really do great job hats of to you what an expression ranaji!!

  27. who is this shal????

  28. I love this show so much… every time they play the love song which they play alot when Rana Ji and Rani Gayatri are together. It makes me get very teary eyed and emotional. Lol

  29. I like this serial since it started. I am obviously enjoying the episodes but I feel that ranaji very soon started to love gayatri. The makers could have showed this to a little later. The way ranaji was shown to feel for his first wife left an impression that he would not love gayatri so soon. I thought he would respect her first and remove his negative impression about her then this love tracks would begin. But he is trying to do intimate scene so soon. Even though he is trying to forget his past but guys don’t u think it’s a bit fast to have such feelings?

  30. nice show. awesome work by the team. thanks for showing involvement…….. i love to read the comments 🙂

  31. Im so addicted to tis show..simply ossmmm..ranaji n gayathri’s romantic scene’s r nicely captured..i wish my lover too is romantic like tis beautiful couple. I hope tis serial continues forever..

  32. Wow its d best serial

  33. Happy for this change in RANA JI – hope he will at least be civilised towards GAYATRI and keep true to his word of loving her.
    Don’s let the evil doers win in this serial.
    Get rid of the Veiled lady as well

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