Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja apologizes Rani for all the bullying and harassment. Rani was speechless. Raja assures nothing will go wrong now, their story will begin from where it was left. He watches the bruise over her forehead, where he had pushed her away. Rani says their story wasn’t left, it had ended. She says it’s late, she doesn’t want to miss the lecture. They reach the college, Raja insists on her to speak to him at least. All along these years he only thought what they will say to each other when they find each other after so many years, why is she silent? Rani says she is getting late for class.
In the class, everyone clap for Rani. Meenu cheers that she is Sir’s childhood friend. Rani tells her to sit quietly, she has a head ache. Bindu and friends bring a water bucket, Bindu says this

is her introduction. Since Raaj went with her hand in his, everyone is curious to know how a down market, third class girl be his friend. She wants to introduce her, this is Rani Gayatri. She announces in the class, that she was a maid in their palace. She introduces herself to Rani as Bindu, Lovey has been a name given to her by Dovey. She tells everyone that Rani asks Bari Rani Maa for clothes to look good in her birthday party. Rani argues she gave that to her by her own self. Bindu insults Rani for wearing a broken shoe. Rani shouts that yes she was a maid, she earned with her hard work even then, and today she also works to earn. And Bindu only eats from her parents. She turns to leave the class, only to find Raja at the door. Raja brings Rani inside, Bindu removes Rani’s hand from his. She reminds what Rani had don’t to him, but she didn’t forget anything. Rani turns to leave, Raja holds her hand and tells Bindu Rani is his friend, whatever she did was with him. Only he is going to decide her fate, no one would interfere between the friends. Bindu argues how he can forget how she has been with him all along. Raja tells her he can do anything for Rani, everyone must remember this. It won’t be good for anyone to say a word to Rani, he takes Rani along. Bindu shouts from behind that he is doing wrong. Jeewan comes in singing a taunting song for Bindu, he tells the class this history is repetitive. Raja and Rani are again one, and she was left aside like in the past. Bindu warns him to shut up, why is he so happy about it. Does he consider himself a main hero, he is forgetting that Raja and Rani already put him in lot of trouble. Finding Rani is a bad news for him. Jeewan thinks there is a hell of difference in childhood and today.
Rani gets in Ladies Toilet, Raja stands outside with his hand on the door. Rani keeps hers from inside over his hand and cries. Raja’s friend demand what is the problem when he has already apologized. Rani comes out of washroom to find Raja in her childhood mask. She heads to her, then turns away. Raja dances in front of her to cheer her, she finds a way to leave but he stops her way. The girls around gossip about what has happened to Sir, Rani turns to leave. Her dupatta stuck in the stool, she demands what this is? Raja follows her outside, singing around her. She gets a sorry letter and tears it.
Bindu comes behind Rani with friends. Her friends taunt Rani for trapping Raja. Deepika comes to hand Rani her single room’s occupancy keys, Rani heads to see Raja doing sit stands holding his ears. Rani says she is happy where she is and goes to her room. Deepika joins Bindu and group. Bindu curtly calls Rani to be a drama queen, girls like him use boys. They can do anything for their need, she did the same with Raja in childhood and is repeating it. She trapped him from her innocence and now with her youth. They enter from temple and come out of bed room, they can do anything for money. Rani who stood on the other side of the wall cried.
Raja stops Rani’s way, Jeewan comes there too. He asks if he can’t see Rani doesn’t want to talk to him. Raja warns Jeewan to use his mouth only for food, he will only get beaten if he tries to interfere. What happened in childhood will never happen again. Jeewan says she is no more Rani, she is Gayatri Singh. He is also not that childhood Jeewan but Jeeves, black belt Jeeves. They come to punch each other, Rani stops the fight. She says Jeewan is right, she is no more the same. Along with the world they all have changed too. Rani was his friend, Gayatri isn’t.

PRECAP: Rani looks from the window, Raja stood downstairs in rain with a sorry board. She shuts the window. Jeewan tells Raja that Rani has left, he just dropped her to station.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Rani,don’t get trapped
    fasna maat?
    i saw yesterday’s epi today at 7:30 on zee tv international since m a Bangladeshi
    i m just crushed again on Raja
    their rain romance
    uff….kill me??? cuteee

    1. Girl….. yasss.

      It was so romantic i literally screamed

      I thought he would hav been all mad ti her

  2. Tasnia mahmod

    Have u seen new promo?soooo romantic.ok i am telling. Rani takes the royal bengal of her mom gayetry in front of open window in night.raja comes and her benga gets out of her hand in floor.raja takes this and rani tells him to give it.but raja tells her that he will give it if she forgives him.he holds her hand but rani goes away and he holds her back to his arms and requests her to give another chance to their relation.ANGE LAGA DE song plays.rani finaly hugs with him so romanticly.if u dont see it u cant believe it how romantic scene it is.it is not described by writing.

    1. Thanks tasnia I will surely watch the new promo

    2. I have seen it its very romantic.

    3. Where did you see the promo can you give link of that promo

  3. I have seen it… i also like Raja Rani pair…it was very romantic.

  4. OMG… I’m so captivated by this couple, they smoke the screen!!! Oui papa, love the romance,. Thank you writers, for bringing Raja and Rani together, don’t know how long it will last but I’m happy you make the story full of emotions for the time being instead of the crap like in kkb.

  5. I think raja is doing all this for his revenge. I don’t know what is the future story but I can’t believe that raja is in love with rani so early.I really think raja is doing this for revenge. He is just traping rani .

    1. Yes … I really feel that Raja is just tryng to take revenge on her.. He dnt loves her at all.

  6. Where do you people watch the promo cab you please send me the link

  7. I think raja is playing rani

  8. i am sure . RAJA is trapping RANI.he is not the same raja bhaja . jeeves is also not a good person.

  9. let the fire work now……..am interested about this story I am melting about this super romance love uuuuuuuuuu rajniiii. …….

  10. im a Bangladeshi. but i love indian films and shoqws theare so romantic. i just love it?

  11. Plz anybody say tu me.. Why d child raja hates rani ?? Am d new viewer f diz shw ..

    1. Tasnia mahmod

      Sry siyuu i have comented below instead of replying u.there is a mistake BRM kidnaped jevan not rani.please read it .it will be helpful for u to know the reason

  12. I am so torn… I don’t know if Raja is playing with Rani or if he is genuinely sorry!!!!!!!

    I want him to be genuine so that I can ship RajNI. I am also worried about when rani finds out about kaal and BRM being the killers of her parents…. Ahh there is so much tension everywhere!!!!

  13. Rani’s uncle who is lakhan made rani take a vow that when she goes to work to the palace she won’t talk to anyone,that brm shall not come to know that she’s gayatri’s daughter,it was difficult for her to do so coz she could have lost her father. …………….
    For the next days she was not talking to anyone even raja, she tried to explain in gestures but he could not understand,otherwise bari rani maa is trying to separate them she then used jeewan………..

    raja and jeewan had a fight ,bari rani maa sent a servant to cover jeewan With a blanket and beat him. ………..

    raja asked rani to prove that he was innocent but she didn’t speak,kaal decided that raja will live in a hostel…….

    Rani had to speak and it was a broken vow. …that day brm killed lakhan and swarna (bindu’s parent).Rani’s grand mother (raaj mata) left Amer kot with rani. …….storyyyy continues now.

  14. In an episode raja is so angry with rani. Suddenly it was changed. I think raja is trapping rani.

  15. Tasnia mahmod

    Raja and rani were best friend in childhood.raja was very rude and naughty but rani turned him to be good.BRM wanted to make him tomboy jo take revenge from kal by using his son against him but it was imposible because of rani.BRM made raja understand that ranni is a selfish and greedy girl and had become best friend of jevan cause he gave money and lots of gift to rani.in last time BRM kidnaped rani and beat a lot .she kept a chain of raja there and jevans mom thought raja had been beaten him and told it to kaal.but raja thought that rani beat jevan to make him responsible for this.he asked her to tell something but was unable cause she promised his baba that she wont talk to anyone otherwise baba would die. Raja was sent to hostel for this reason and from then he hate her alot.

  16. I am very sure that raja is taking revenge.He don’t loves rani.

    1. me too thinking the same… raja is upto something… he cant forgive rani that much easily, right? first revenge story will be happen and then again love story.

  17. warda n tasnia.. thanks for the flashback story.. I didn’t know what had happened. …
    y is rani angry with raja???

    if he is doing it for revenge that’s really sad. . but their chemistry is awesome

  18. Raja is on REVENGE mode….. Bt he will surely fall in love with rani after taking revenge bt rani will not trust him easily after that…. ?

  19. Tnquuu so much “ Warda & Tasnia ” ..

  20. I was wondering if Raja is not trapping Rani to avenge their chilhood misunderstanding ???

  21. ithink Raja is plying game…
    this s raja revange plan…

  22. princess maria

    It cant be a trap

  23. Maria raja can’t love rani out of blue after all happened before, and that is the fact. ………

  24. Where is 29 June episode??????

  25. I’m also waiting for the episode

  26. Any one plz post 29th episode…plz..

  27. where is todays episode

  28. Why hasn’tanyoneupdated today ‘s episode yet huh ? Do anyone can dofavour on us and update Today ‘s episode huh ? Whrn will it be updated huh ?

  29. can someone tell me the song raja plays for rani with mask?

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