Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja’s man had dropped the stabber.
Rani looks behind to find a box filled with chilies. She stands up and opens the bottle of red chillies to throw it all over Vijay, running outside.
In the palace, Laila slaps the inspector. The inspector says Raja brought legal papers and he was helpless. Laila warns the inspector all her struggles would go in vain if Raja brings Naina back. Nani comes to Naina and says in chess the first player wins only because he has thought well about his next trap. If she fears Naina would return to this home, she must do something that Naina isn’t worth showing her face to anyone in the city. Naina runs across the village streets while Vijay follows her. She watches him hidden from behind a door of a hut, when he had moved on she gets back.

struggles to get the stabber from the floor, the bomb wire unwinds. Raja’s chair slip. Raaj Mata shouts his name as he fell down. Rani was running cautiously, still caught by Vijay.
Laila gives the news to a papers editor, about illegitimate relations of Naina with Vijay and Raja. She says the whole world comes for the drama when a girl is accused.
Vijay brings Rani to the centre of ground and tears her clothes. He says he was always jealous when he watched her with Raja. He would now break her attitude and wings both. He holds a steel rod to beat Rani’s legs. She screams out of pain while he continues beating Rani. His hands stop as Raja came out shouting Naina’s name with red flag in hand. He throws the steel rod over Vijay’s chest as a javelin, and covers Rani with temple’s chunri. He clutches Vijay’s neck and speaks to villagers that a woman is being hurt and molested, no one came to save her; today their Devi is also angry with them. People around drop their arms. Raja beats Vijay, while Naina pushes Raja to beat him to killing.
Lotus had brought police, the inspector asks Raja to give Vijay in their custody, he will surely be punished. Raja sits beside Naina, he watches Vijay returning with a knife in hand and attacks Raja. He slips with a bucket, a trishol passes by his body. Raja says he had heard, but had seen the justice of God. Naina was unable to walk so Raja carries her in his arms.
At home, Raja places Naina over wheelchair while the medical staff was present. Naina holds Raja’s hand. Inside, they were shocked to see media there. The media persons ask Naina if she went with Vijay deliberately, whom she made illegitimate relations with to become a film heroine. Raja beats the editor. The journalists were determined to publish Raja’s goonship. Raaj Mata sends Raja inside.
In the room, Naina cries as her legs won’t work. Raaj Mata comes to console Mummy who was also crying at the door. Laila holds Raja’s hand, Raja tells her to get away from his way else he would forget his promise by her father. Laila questions what else would Raja do to her. Laila says Vijay promised her to marry Naina, she is innocent; would he take her life now? Raja replies curtly he is ready to do this as well. Vijay has been punished for what he did, but even death is a strict punishment for Laila. He pushes Laila to get aside his way, Laila’s was hurt over forehead. Nani comes to Laila. Laila tells Nani that today her injury must be burnt, so that she remembers how deeply she needs to hurt Raja now. Nani tells Laila to get the hot news about Naina. Laila was determined to do with Naina what the world would see.
Raja comes inside the room where the medical staff was trying hard, telling her to get up. Naina cried loudly as she was unable to do this, she cried that she would never be able to walk again. She watches Raja standing there. The doctor gives her a sedative injection to calm her down. She then informs Raja Naina had a paralytic attack, she won’t be able to walk again.

PRECAP: Raja marries Rani, holding her in his arms. He puts the sindoor with his blood. Laila was shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Amen to that !!!

    … lets now see what the critics have to say …

  2. Today’s episode was gruesome..felt bad for women in general… Naina’s paralysis was touching.. I hate it when serials become gruesome towards children n women… Bad very bad… N I suspect that Vijay is dead.. Nowhere I read Suyyash’s stint with etretr is over.. He has faked his death to escape police n Don… I guess so

  3. Ref to previous comment :typo error ‘suspect Vijay is not dead’…


    Raja = Don
    Rani = Naina
    Bindu = Laila
    BRM = Laila’s nani
    Jeevan=Vijay (till date I never understood whether Jeevan was parallel lead or antagonist.. Probably Zaan himself didn’t understand.. So he quit the project.. Vijay/Suyyash outright antagonist..)

    In short,


    1. Thank you Archana, for calling a spade, a spade and by no other name. You’ve put this in brilliant perspective…. Good job.

  4. Wat is going on who raja marry

  5. indera sanichara

    OMG if this is what woman has to go through in these serial, I don’t want to watch them anymore and all my family and friends are quitting. Naina I thought Rani gone through all the suffering and you will be spared but what you suffered today at the hands of Vijay leaves me speachless and numb, you writers are heartless.

    1. Indera, this what a few of us on this forum have been saying for so long but we get criticized for bringing up points like these. Women are virtually abused in all these serials, the writers revel in negativity, it’s like they can’t bear to see happiness and love take precedence over evilness. The first viewer’s comment seems to accept this brutality of this episode , albeit the marriage thing and is daring us to criticize….. Heaven help us.!!!! Raja defending Naina doesn’t make it OK to descend the story to this level of abusive behavior. In this impressionable age, what are people in positions like these writers, showcasing for the world? That’s it’s permissible for men to treat and have a woman by force? This is what they want to sell to their viewers and we should accept it as entertainment? I can’t bear to watch the episode, I base my comment on the written update and I will continue to be a critic, regardless of the naysayers…… I can see that you have had enough of this crap, I don’t blame you if you want to quit watching.

  6. Sphere Origins, shame on your production house for allowing this once beautiful serial to descend to this level of atrocities towards women. I would have understood if it was an Ekta Kapoor serial but your company has motion pictures experience and have done a huge disservice to women who BTW are faced with this type of behavior on a daily basis everywhere in this world.

  7. Apparently the writers wants the fans to feel sorry for naina and approve raja’s feelings for her and their marriage thereby forgetting rani altogeter. Lets face it a lot of viewers want rani back including me. How could raja love an exact replica of rani and not remember rani everytime he looks at naina is mind boggling to me but the writers want you to believe that he can, also naina doesn’t she think that everytime raja looks at her he is seeing rani, what makes it allright now for them to be together the fact that she’s crippled?

    1. Wonderful comment. You are so right!! Agree 100%. And this serial has gone to the dogs with the senseless change in story.

  8. just a viewver

    To all who criticises & write bad about this serial
    If u have any problem with this serial then why u watch?just quit watching,I don;t understand why people waste time on writing essay on serial???
    it is just a serial

    1. thank you ‘just a viewer’ for your thoughtful comments … this is the reason why i left this forum
      curiousity brought me back tho to see if there were any changes with the comments, but as i see … none were forthcoming
      as usual these viewers do not understand the meaning of serial (this also means that it’s not real) so the harsh words and degrading comments to the writers are uncalled for …

    2. Me too agree with u.I don’t know how people get time (waste time) to write such theory on serial .just see this serial & entertain yourself yar.neither writer ,production house,producers or any main lead read your comments,so why to waste time & mind

  9. Thanks Naz… BTW forgot one more equality between the two seasons..

    Ameerkot palace = Mumbai palace

    Yes Patrica this gruesome torture of naina was for the following reasons:-

    1. Naina’s acceptance by fans who want rani back.
    2. Justification for Raja and Naina’s impulsive marriage
    3.Last season raja n rani were married. So makers didn’t want to build naina n Raja’s love story. They directly jumped to naina n Raja’s marriage..
    4.USP of this show are the romantic scenes between Sartaj n eisha.. All this while that was halted due to the ongoing plot. Thus rani’s truth was wrapped up in a jiffy n naina-Raja hurriedly married.. Now they will start exploiting the USP again…

    Whatever follows will be As I said earlier – OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLE

  10. I think you are write ,I quit watching this serial from today I don’t wast my time for this crape.

  11. Sorry I typed the wrong I mean right.

  12. no wonder men in india think its ok to molest girls if this is on a daily show they watch. i think they should go back to amr khoot and start fresh there. naina should have connection to rani and amr khoot
    they should show FB rani G having a baby thinking it was dead then another which was alive. so rani G drashti knew there was twins
    shame they killed the show by killing them. a show can run withput vamps and rapes most shows have lasted longer because of this.

  13. If some of you are offended with the views given criticizing the writers for the tracks airing then apparently you accept the crap being shoved down your throat. A lot of viewers have invested their time watching this show and would like to see something of substance and not a show that once was good but now is just a recurring decimal with different players.

    1. Well said !!! ??

  14. These serials are meant for cracking jokes… But woman n children abuse should not be propagated… Otherwise all the illogical plots are also fine.. Serial Masala is entertaining in itself… But what they showed in yesterday’s episode was not correct…

  15. Hello Naz Jess.,for the first time since the inception of Etretr2 I couldN’t bring myself to watch the already degraded serial.Like both of you I am not going to watch it again.The updates indicate that the production house has stooped down to new levels to promote extreme kinds of violence like beating Naina with an iron rod by inspector vijay who isa custodian of law and tearing her clothes .What do the writers want to convey?Do they know that whatever they show in their serials reflect the prevailing social values and watched by millions of viewers and some of them who are neither mature nor educated enough,might get influenced also?Naz television is accessible to almost every body in India even in the remote villages also. My friends ,both of you must have read about the now famous Nirbhaya case .If not ,read it on the net ,you are sure to shudder out of shame for being human beings because animals also don’ t commit such abominable acts.Most of the young men who perpetrate this type of violence are influenced by movies.If the writers want to add their serial also to this category ,then i think i have taken the right decision of quitting it.One of the viewers has cited a list of reasons for this sudden introduction of violence in Etretr2 but no reason is good enough to show such ghastly and loathsome acts.There ia a way to convey everything and the writers have no respect to the rules of etiquette and decorum.I am also surprised that Eisha who is very particular about so many things did not hesitate to act in these scenes.As it is they have lost many viewers by killing Rani, on top of it if they showcase their poor taste against women like this the serial will be off air very soon.Some viewers are of the opinion that we are criticising the writers too much.May I ask them ,that if not to express our views ,what are these forums meant for?Naz have you seen the comment of Maya? Ireally felt bad and the writers being Indians should be ashamed of themselves for their sick writings.

    1. I have no other words at the moment to add to your comment, you are correct. I will read up on the Nirbhaya case as soon as can. In today’s world, youths follow by example, even here where I live on this side of the planet, it’s a known fact that youths think that it is hippie to follow what is portrayed on screen because it gives them a sense of belonging and ideology. For the three other viewers who has a problem with our criticism, I won’t dignify their comments with answers, they should set higher standard of entertainment for their enjoyment. I’ve read Maya’s comment, it’s true , the others wrote nice pieces too. Even Archana who is very open minded and advised me to sit back and laugh at the loopholes, doesn’t agree with the violence. On another note……how have you been my friend.? My my….how time flies? It’s already 1st March huh……hope all is great with you and your husband and sons as well. All is good on my end here. Take care and chat soon again……

    2. I also wondered the same thing on your point about Eisha Singh….she had a huge problem doing age related roles but has no problem participating in acts of violence for entertainment purposes. Amazing!!

    3. Agree with you Lakshmi.

  16. If it wasn’t for viewers like myself and all the others who write essay type comments, this forum wouldn’t be so decorated, at least others read our comments, that’s why we get commented on…..sigh…..to each, his own!!! Btw…it’s healthy to agree to disagree at times, criticism is always welcomed, depending on which side of the spectrum it’s viewed from!! For those who don’t understand what I mean…..some of us criticize the serial for abhorrent portrayals and then WE get criticized for the comments we waste our time to type and post !! Hmmmmm……at least it’s my time that I waste………

    1. ??? agree

  17. omg!!! to see a girl getting beat like that is beyond comprehending why??? without a doubt these directors take us women for granted i have cases like these wherein some women are being treated like door mats i have fought many cases and prove these bastards wrong i tore them to shreds i have always fought for women’s right you fought for them and within days they are back with their husbands now what do they expect me to do be an ass again and fight for them i mean i do not mind i am being paid to fight for asses like them but what is the point oh i love him so much so if he kills me he has the right to do that my foot naina should have never gotten marry to him she is no rani all along she was fighting for laila what happen suddenly? principle must be principle laila is the victim here not that i uphold for what she did to naina no no no i do not condone that but come on man she could have told raja laila loves you and beat the hell outta there but lets wait n watch hey there naz hun it is very cold here going to bed now had a hard day take care do forgive any typing mistakes i am sooo tired

  18. Hi Sia, eisha is the lead not a Aleeza.. So naina will Marry raja.. No matter what… 🙂

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