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Raaj mata drops a vase in the corridor worried whom Kunwar ji is talking to. He says he is so alone in the palace that he speaks to himself. Kunwar says to Raaj Mata that she didn’t tell Bari Raani Maa about the engagement although she knows how much Bari Raani Maa loves Rana ji. Raaj Mata says she would have never accepted this proposal, but she knows how much this marriage matters to the palace. The killer was hidden behind the door all along. Kunwar says though this marriage is against his will but he will do what she will ask him. Raaj Mata asks if he will welcome the guests, he says yes he will. Raaj Mata leaves, but Kunwar ji says that he will have to come to engagement, if he won’t come how he will be able to see the drama of Rana ji’s death.
Raaj Mata comes to Rana

ji’s room and is worried to see him absent from there. Rana ji arrives there and tells her not to worry, he won’t break his promise with her. He is ready but only needs help in wearing pearl necklaces. He was ready to wear even all of them. Raaj Mata asks what he is doing. Rana ji asks, wont she decorate him as a goat of sacrifice. Raaj Mata says she did it all for state, she fulfilled her responsibility, now it is his turn. This wedding has to take place. Rana ji press the locket in his hand so hard that his palm bleeds badly.
Maa makes up Gayatri, she asks her daughter in laws to blow fan for Gayatri, she must not sweat. Her bhabis blow the fan to themselves. They ask Gayatri to come out, but Gayatri asks them to go she will follow them in a while.
Kunwar says to Kokilla at the reception that it would have been better his father had named him Kanwar singh, this would have matched with what he always do. Kokilla says to Kunwar ji at the reception why she is standing here with him. He says he didn’t want to look like an owl alone. Kokilla says that now the three of them look like an owl. Seth Govind arrives recalling Kunwar’s words once as he didn’t consider them to be of same status. Kokilla puts a veil on Gayatri’s face saying the daughter in laws in royal palace takes a veil.
Gayatri takes a seat, there is an announcement for Rana ji and he appears with Raaj Mata. Everyone watches the royal entry. Rana ji thinks that veil won’t help for Gayatri.
Gayatri tries to look at Rana ji, her friends mumur at her to take a hold, she will watch him for a lifetime now. Raaj Mata tells Rana ji to stand with Gayatri, Rana ji thinks he will always hate the name Gayatri. Gayatri stands as Rana ji comes near. Raaj Mata thinks about her words that Gayatri was just a way to get rid of their debts. Pandit ji asks Raaj Mata to begin the engagement. Kunwar ji was restlessly waiting for the killer who was upstairs and wanted to take aim of Rana ji.
Seth ji puts tillak on Rana ji’s forehead and performed the ritual. The man brings the gun and tries to take aim of Rana ji. He was about to pull the trigger. Rana ji was being given the shagun from Seth ji. Deewan ji asks Raaj Mata to bring engagement ring. Raaj Mata asks Rana ji to put the ring on Gayatri’s hand, Rana ji looks at the ring then stares curtly at Raaj Mata. He holds the ring and remembers it was in Surakshna’s hands. He once told her that she has worn his love in her ring. Gayatri forwards her hand. The killer took the aim. Raaj Mata repeats her words. Rana ji remembers that he told Surakshna that this ring is a promise for her that no one else will ever come to his life except her. Gayatri was excited about wearing the ring. The killer change his position upstairs. Rana ji takes Gayatri’s hand.

Rana ji watches the bangle and wonders how this girl got Surakshna’s bangle. He watches Gayatri’s face down in a mirror and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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