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Rana ji says that they all know he has decided to go abroad. Gayatri’s death has broken him, he can no longer live in Amirkot. He announces that he is leaving behind him Kunwar Chandarvadhan as the Rana to Amirkot. Kunwar ji stops Rana ji saying he feels lucky that he has been considered eligible to sit on this throne, but someone else is even more eligible for this throne. Rana ji asks who can be more eligible for this post. Kunwar ji points at Bari Rani maa. Bari Rani maa is happy at her name, she remembers that she told Kunwar ji that in tomorrow’s crowning the world would see a sacrifice that none had seen before. She says he will give the sacrifice, he will leave this throne and crown for her. Kunwar ji was shocked, she asks why he is so shocked. Kunwar ji asks how she can get

the throne. Bari Rani maa says if she can fight for throne, she can win it too. She takes Kunwar ji’s hand, he stands up and Bari Rani maa herself sit on the chair saying she won the game, she will take the seat. She says Kunwar ji will become Raja but after her, then Laksh and then his son, if it comes. Kunwar ji says but… Bari Rani maa says if he doesn’t give this sacrifice, she will get no time to change Rana ji’s decision. Raaj Mata asks how a woman can sit on the throne.
Cheetah brings food for Swarna, she was crying. He says he understands her pain. Swarna says now she understands this palace is so big and she is so alone, she only had one friend. She calls Gayatri, crying. Cheetah tells her to get hold of herself, Swarna hugs him and cries for Gayatri.
Kunwar ji says to Raaj Mata that the past is evident that women have taken thrones and managed them well. In British times as well, and also in their own country a lot of women have done big things for countries. Bari Rani maa denies taking the responsibility, Rana ji says Kunwar ji is right, no one can take care of the throne as she can. He tells her to come and sit on the throne, he owes her his life. Bari Rani maa says she can no longer deny him. She goes to sit on the chair, Rana ji calls the crown and puts it on Bari Rani maa’ head. Mr. Wilkinson’s congratulates and accepts Bari Rani maa as the princess of Amirkot. Rana ji calls Bari Rani maa as Maharani and asks her the permission to leave. Bari Rani maa says this responsibility is so tough, she has to separate her breathes from herself. She stands up saying she understand his pain, she won’t stop him. She can give her life for this throne, and she can take it as well. She hugs Rana ji who looks around at the palace for one last time, then leaves the palace.
Bari Rani maa keeps a hand on Raaj Mata’s shoulder, she asks if she has seen that her son and daughter in law have left, she must also leave this palace. When there is a storm, leaves have to whither. She was never more than dried leave for her. Raaj Mata leaves. Bari Rani maa comes to sit on the throne of palace. Mr Wilkinsons hands her the sword of honor. Bari Rani maa says that Amirkot’s throne got its true heir today, she calls to begin the celebrations.
Laksh holds Swarna’s hand and drags her closer, saying she must have forgotten she is his wife and must remain near to him. Swarna asks really, she thought he wanted to stay away from her, he calls her near whenever he wants to but let her go away whenever he isn’t in a mood. He considered her a toy only but she has a tongue in her mouth. She jerks his hand away and leaves. Kunwar ji stops Laksh from going behind her saying once Swarna gives them the heir, he must do whatever he wants to with her.
A dancing group enters the palace dancing. They all wore mask and performs. A girl from them comes to take Bari Rani maa along her. Bari Rani maa goes with her, she swirls her fast in the centre, then gives her a tight jerk. As she removes the mask off her face, Bari Rani maa is shocked to see Gayatri. Bari Rani maa remembers Gayatri’s coronation. Gayatri smiles at her, wears her mask again and vanishes in between the group of dancers. Bari Rani maa runs to Kunwar ji and tells him that she saw Gayatri. She was afraid. Kunwar ji says to Bari Rani maa when a person gets happy more than her expectaitons, this happens. Gayatri is dead. Bari Rani maa watches Gayatri standing behind a pillar in the hall.

PRECAP: Gayatri tells Bari Rani maa that she had told her that she will bring her reality to Rana ji even after she is dead. Her sin’s have exceeded way too much. Bari Rani maa brings out a knife and stabs Gayatri with it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode superb bari rani maa ko superb bulb

  2. How many tey il kill gayatri?
    Hate tis

  3. Wow thats gonnna be truly awesome

  4. how many times she ll dead OMG??ponga da

  5. shals , shainas look alike,her comments deleted out of jealousy, I like the sounds of that… now, glad to see gayatri maid it I mean made it, only to die again?. that palace is bad for her and her ghost in the after life what hope will her ghost kids have?. I mean cum aaan gayatri your a supernatural ghost? do some ghost sshhtt! use your lightening shocking powers or something You can haunt better than that cant you?. I cant see gayatris good conquering bari rani mouth I mean ma’s evil. cause telling to someone evil to stop evil by being evil themselves. . .I’ll drink to that

  6. agreed it is going to be awesome. I am still loving it,

  7. sorry i couldnt reply yesterday guys i normally see all the spoilers on instagram #ektharajaekthirani it have some really nice accounts there as well such as “ektharajaekthi” she post up all spoilers she have a new one up now…..hope that helps….really good episode i have a feelin that ranaji in on it too cuz of yesterday where raj mata show him something and he was surprised idk maybe he jus overheard bari rani maa and kunwarji talkin i hope

  8. For sure Rana ji knows – he may not know that Gayatri is alive, but he knows that BRM has been conspiring…. So far, bravo to writers for keeping it interesting and fast paced…
    tv is not reality, it is entertainment. This has been entertaining…

    1. u sure right the pace of tis show is superb compare to the others they are not draggin out a plot and keep us entertained all times…..etretr gets to the point within 2 episodes really hope tis show dont end soon

  9. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ooooofffffffff hw many tyms does one have deaths????? Dumb dumber dumbest…..frm dogs to pitts.. .sum writer lost the plot…n i tink the more the viewers hate brm the more they promote prunybrm gggggrrrrrrr

  10. Anjali Rajgopal

    It just got real. This show knows how to move along. Im so happy they dont drag too much. And ofc its gonna be unrealistic but thats the best part. AAAAAH. Love the suspense and everything. No wonder Raaj Mata didnt react tooooooo shockingly. I wonder how they are going to go about with their plan, but hopefully they do it correctly. Its entertaining asf :DDDDD Im so happy. And theres still tomorrow to go, yay!

  11. bad bois finally got what they always wanted the crown. raja mata on the streets .and stuff .even cheetah got what he always wanted, princess delights. hell even the British got what they wanted the bast*rds,common girl out of the picture. first time for everything. kokilla them all got it all now. very sad. bad has won. all gayatris hard work for nothing. thanks for NOTHIng rana ji.

  12. I knew it she can’t die again she still won’t die

  13. Gayatri plays hide and seek with Badi Rani. Gayatri hides and pops up infront of Badi Rani all of the sudden. Badi Rani screams seeing her. Rana ji hears all the conversation and is shocked. Rana ji has faced the truth, Gayatri has exposed Badi Rani’s truth by risking her life. Badi Rani has confessed she has killed Rani Sulakshana.
    She accepts all the crimes and says she has killed many more people. Rana ji fumes and scolds Badi Rani Maa. Badi Rani Maa is exposed. All Ranis will show their cleverness, it will be big twist in ETRETR. Rana ji calls guards to take Badi Rani away. Gayatri is ready for taking throne. Gayatri snatches Badi Rani’s crown calling her undeserving for the righteous crown.

  14. Really awesome show.. I hope Rana Ji comes back and snatch back the throne away from bari rani ma. Before she goes crazy and starts ordering to get lots of people killed.. I have a feeling Rana ji is aware of bari rani ma plans. Because raj mata showed him how bari rani ma was talking out her plans with kunwar ji. I have a feeling that Rana ji could have set up a fake coronation with fake documents. And he will return and laugh in bari rani ma face and says .. hahaha.. it was all FAKE… you bari rani ma are the whole cause of my pain !!! And then he really get EXTREMELY ANGRY and give the biggest blast out ever to bari rani ma and then throw her out and banish her away.. my thoughts.. i could be wrong though… oh well. Its a great show. Atleast it does not drag. They get moving to different topics within 2 days.. kumkum bhagya.. oh goshhhh that is the QUEEN of DRAGGING…

  15. It’s just a serial

  16. gayathri won’t die….badi rani maa stabed gayathri by knife…thtime badi rani maa admits her mistake tht she only killed sulakshna and did many mistakes…then ranaji heard all conversation of badi rani maa nd gayathri…..he got shock and faced the truth and scolds badi rani maa and thrown her out frm ameerkot kingdom…again our gayathri ready to bcm rani of ameerkot….love story gonna start between ranaji and gayathri…..

    1. U sure??

    2. How did u know all dis…it was not shown in d precap

  17. the epsode follow is wow but how hope Rana ji learns the hard way as he says even if God accuses BRM he will not believe..but anywai the shooting was a nice seen

  18. Hey guys saw the upcoming track shows romance of ranaji & gayitri they are looking so good together
    Ranaji comes to know about the BRM’s truth

  19. I don’t quite understand de show can someone pls make me?

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