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Gayatri comes to the forest thinking that according to guards, Rana ji shot here. She holds a tree and a bullet touches her hand. She picks it up and thinks if the is the gun fired from Rana ji’s gun or is it someone else’s. She thinks if it was Rana ji’s bullet, it should have stains of blood. But may be Avdesh died from someone else’s bullet. This means Rana ji is innocent.
Bari Rani Maa wonders where Gayatri went.
Gayatri comes to the palace. Raaj Mata asks what she found. Gayatri shows her the bullet and says this means they have to find if this bullet was of Rana ji’s gun. Raaj Mata brings the gun, the bullet fits. Raaj Mata says to Gayatri they need to tell Rana ji that he didn’t take Avdesh’s life. Gayatri stops her, she says this proof isn’t enough.

She says that she needs to prove that Avdesh wasn’t killed by Rana ji’s gun’s bullet. She must go to the coronation venue. She goes to the site, a man comes there. Gayatri asks what he found here, he gives her an amulet. He says anything else would have gone with dust that Pandit ji has taken.
Gayatri comes to palace, Bari Rani Maa tries to inquire where she had been. Gayatri says she was preparing for the wedding. She spots Pandit ji and goes behind him. Pandit ji asks Rajeshwari to dispose the dust of Avdesh before any good thing in the palace that is her wedding. Rajeshwari says her and Rana ji’s wedding is only good for her, and not for Rana ji and Gayatri. She says that from her only her brother will be a part of this wedding.
Gayatri comes to Rajeshwari, Rajeshwari asks if she has come to ask for some gift. Gayatri shows her the jewelry and says these are from her in laws. Rajeshwari smiles that she has turned Gayatri a maid. Gayatri says she must know that the one who gives away is a princess, and the one who takes is a maid. Rajeshwari takes the platter. She says to Gayatri that she has snatched her jewelry. Gayatri says that a husband’s love is the real jewelry of a wife, she has it. And she must marry Rana ji to snatch everything from her, and that marriage will never take place. Rajeshwari stops Gayatri and says she will now put on all this jewelry on Rajeshwari.
Rana ji watches Gayatri making Rajeshwari ready for the engagement. Rajeshwari leaves the room. Gayatri thinks she must find the dust can. Rajeshwari returns in the room looking for the engagement ring and asks Gayatri what she is doing here, she must leave.
Rana ji gets ready, his button comes out. He remembers Gayatri asked him why his button comes out daily. Rana ji says he does this deliberately, so that she sews it back. Gayatri asks why he makes her angry. He says he likes when she scolds him. Gayatri comes there and asks Rana ji if she must put it back. Rana ji clutches her tight and tells her not to do this to him, he can’t see his love die. He says their love will burn if this marriage take place, her silence will cost them too much. Bari Rani Maa comes there, she apologizes for coming without permission. Rana ji says he is just coming. He watches Gayatri cry, but she denies telling him anything. Gayatri leaves. Bari Rani Maa smiles.
Rana ji comes down at the engagement function. Rajeshwari was already there. Kunwar ji calls to begin the ritual and hands the ring to Rana ji. Rana ji takes it, walks towards Gayatri and says there is still time, she can stop him. Gayatri was helpless, he leaves irked and puts the ring on Rajeshwari’s hand. Everyone claps.
Rana ji forwards his hand to Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari says if he has thrown the old relation he must throw its identity as well. Rana ji says marks remain even if bruises fills. Raaj Mata says that ring finger’s vein is directly connected to heart, his heart has denied to let his past relation off. Rajeshwari calls for a cutter, she says to Rana ji that no mark of an old relation must stay, even if he has to cut his finger for it. Rana ji clutches his finger in the cutter. Gayatri cries.

PRECAP: Gayatri dances in the function. Bari Rani maa sends Rajeshwari, but Raaj Mata stops her. There Gayatri looks for the bullet in the dust case.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    I hate ranaji now a days I hate to keep his name and this show is totally crap and precap will be nice I think Gayatri should expose the truth soon

  2. I think bari rani maa will catch gayatri n tell rajeshwari

  3. it’s interesting how the writers are repeating the same thing so soon in this drama.
    Gayatri is dancing at the wedding… just like she was made to dance for the fake 1st wife….
    and she was coerced into being a maid for the fake first wife, and now, alas, here she is again, maid to this woman.

    obviously, the writers are burnt out and have no original ideas.

  4. it will b interestin 2 watch what will happen in these upcomin episode love this programme n gayatri is pretty

  5. jk this is what I always comment on the writers keep repeating themselves with one storyline over and over again and when I speak out I am being told that I am using negative remarks but I see lots of others if you read their comments share the same view come on man it is so plain to see what these writers are doing all the time and that is destroying all these serials they start off good and get you attention and then after building you up for a good show they just bring you down with all their crap storylines you know exactly what I am talking about

  6. for example like I said before serials like bhandan, qubool hai, satrangi sasural, ek tha rani, yeh vaada raha, jamai raja and others I could go on and on but I am disappointed in how all these serials are turning out most of the time the bad ones win so what do you expect me to say.

  7. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys new spoilers avdesh death truth will be out Gayatri will stop the marriage I think now only writers woke up

  8. All these serials have more or less the same story and that too such things do not happen in India. I think the writer needs to be positive in her thoughts and shud convey good messages to the society. Two wives in most of the serials. And qabool gain is the height of it. Y do some Muslim families not pull the writers to court.

  9. I watched this show today and seems like Gayatri will find out the truth ASAP I will continue watching the show when that Rageshwari n Badi rani Maa truth is out n honestly speaking more than Badi rani Maa this Rageshwari is annoying the most annoying character of ek tha raja ek Thi rani 😛 and this Ranaji is so weird can someone please give him some senses 😛 Gayathri is doing so much for him but he thinks he is so great, even Ranaji is annoying nowadays, only Gayathri and Raaj mata are the worthy characters here at least Raaj mata still trust her

  10. fatarajo I agree with you all the way because only someone that truly loves another will do what gayathri is doing sacrificing her life/marriage just to save ranaji from knowing the truth and degrading him you know something I feel that rani ji might be really be raaj mata true son that was stolen from her and pronounce dead just for that bandit to cheat her of her gold lets wait and see there has to be a twist to this storyline as usual by the writers.

    1. I think there has to be more to the story of raj mata’s son also. I think Sartaj was greedy for money and he knew she was the queen so he used it to his advantage. Well one can hope.

  11. Ranaji does not deserve Gayatri – allowing all this hurtful things to happen to her. He did not once try and find out for himself a way to save her .My tears fall everytime I see her being abused. I hope Rageshwari and Bari Maa gets exposed and they both be sent to the dungeon to suffer and die there.

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