Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vijay drives Naina.
Rekha comes into the room and asks Mummy if Naina has again started to walk during sleep. Mummy calls Naina. Raaj Mata and Raja also comes in, Rekha tells Raja Naina has left somewhere.
Vijay drives Naina away from the city. Raja finds Vijay’s ID card there and says someone has kidnapped Naina. He leaves with his men. The police inspector comes to arrest Raja for bribing to kill an inspector’s life. Raja asks who filed the complaint, Laila calls from behind that she did. Raja goes to Laila and asks why is Laila punishing Naina for whatever is going on between them. Laila says Naina has ruined her home, she and Raja ruined her life and now its their turn. Mummy pleads Laila to save Naina as it was not deliberate. Raaj Mata tells Laila she is mistaken.

Laila tells her not to interfere. The police arrest Raja. Mummy was left crying behind. Lotus and Chimpuk promise to save Naina.
Naina wakes up watching the colors of her old street. There was music, drum beating and gun and sword practices around. Vijay smiles towards Naina as she watches men dance around her. She calls for help, while Vijay says this is her in laws.
Raaj Mata throws water over Mummy’s face. Mummy wakes up to cry, Raaj Mata asks Vijay where he could have taken Naina. Rekha says his village is near Mumbai, she remembers the name of village. Raaj Mata and the men turn to leave for Vijay’s village. Laila comes to them with a stabber pointing towards Raaj Mata and forbids them take a single step out of the palace. Raaj Mata looks towards the swords in the corridor.
Vijay tells Naina he has already made arrangements to arrest Raja, no one can come between them now. Naina calls for help, as the men around throw wine over her and break the bottles into her feet.
Raaj Mata backs up and goes inside to get a sword from the wall of corridor. She comes swirling the sword expertly, Laila fell off the couch. Raaj Mata warns her to hold an arm if her wrist can’t bear the weight of bangle. Raaj Mata says she is Premvadha Singh Dev, she must not take them lightly. She leaves with others to save Naina and Raja.
Vijay held Naina close as he cried in disgust. In the police van, Raja does the count down. A van stops by police van and Raja’s man hands the inspector bail orders to leave Raja. Raja was released.
Rani was bathed in wine, Vijay threw red color over her as they poured more water over her. Raaj Mata and mummy came there. Vijay mocks Raaj Mata, Raaj Mata warns Vijay to leave Naina else… she would punish Vijay. Vijay challenges Raaj Mata to save Naina, Raaj Mata snatches a wooden log and runs towards Vijay,. Vijay throw a bucket towards her, Raaj Mata fell off the floor.
The inspector apologizes Raja and tells him Vijay left for village. Raja gets into the jeep. Vijay pointed a gun towards Naina as Raja comes there. He deters Raja saying this is his village, Raja must surrender here. Raja looks towards Raaj Mata who had been tied in ropes and nods towards Raja.
Vijay had tied everyone inside a hut, he comes to tell Raja he would soon hear Naina’s screams. He warns Raja to move as their chairs have been tied to bombs, they will blast if they try to move. He takes Naina into another room, moving towards her with ill intentions. Raja thinks about a way and tells Lotus to take knife off his socks.
Naina screams as Vijay snatches her dupatta off.

PRECAP: The knife fell off Raja’s Lotus’s hand. Raja fell off the stair in a will to pick it up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Poor Naina. Why do women in this show have to suffer so much in the hands of men? I’m not here to talk about the what happened today but just the precap.
    I mean Raja falls off the chair pulling the wire, so does that mean he’ll die saving Naina? Are the writers finally letting him die? Or was it a just a trap to laid by Vijay? Either way, I just want Naina safe.

  2. this episode was the bomb … i love the way it is shaping up
    Raj Mata was superb as usual … the sword handling omg
    Vijay is a well groomed actor and i love his villain role …
    I miss Raja’s mom tho so writers please work her back into the series altho bindu may have to re-appear as well …

  3. No no he is not dying… I just told u in the next couple of episodes raja is going to marry naina..check out my detailed comments below 24th Feb episode.. Spoilers on YouTube..

  4. indera sanichara

    Yes Priya I agree with you, men and women suffering are non stop in these serial main stars. I wish a writer would start thinking about what viewers want to see sometimes. We want to see some good love story without all the unthinkable bad things happening to the lovers. A happy family without any backstabbing family member. A Royal family in a palace without all the bloodly killing and revenge. A peaceful poor family who doesnt want to become rich at the expense of another fellow. A boy and girl fell in love with each other and all family members from both sides agree to the wedding without all the useless suffering because of jelouse of an ex lover. I would be happy to see these kind of serial now. I am tired of this meaning dumb shit..

    1. I agree with your comment Indera, didn’t read comments from you since a while, but nice to read your contribution. Everything you said, is a dream for all of us and dream don’t always get fulfilled. How I wish that all you ask for in your comment, can be a reality in these serials. We understand that stories have villians to spice things up but my goodness…writers create havoc with all that is good and allow evil, immorality, psychos, hatred…..to flourish like the garden of eden!! I used to watch a lot of the other serials but because of their crappy storyline, I dropped off. I started watching Woh Apna Sa and DSDT, they have interesting storylinestuff.

    2. Exactly how I feel. They kept this BRM to torture two generations of lovers. Then they brought a random Iqbal and now a Vijay. These characters just keep coming?

  5. as i said before why do these directors always punish the one in love do they get pleasure in doing that? i mean rani is dead i thought naina was rani but alas she is not can anybody tell me where is raja’s mother hey there naz lakshmi sapphire miss your comments i do not know anything about calypso sapphire i know about american singers and some bollywood songs i hardly gets the time to do the things many persons my age gets to do work work and more work if you do not work here you cannot pay your bills and with trump now we just have to wait and watch but from my perspective obama was by far better than this clown

    1. Sia, after being alerted by Archana on last episode about what’s going to happen, I didn’t read the update. I’m not sure how I’m going to continue to watch this serial. This serial has plummeted into an abyss and there’s no turning back, either we go with the flow or quit watching and if I choose the latter, I will lose the chance to chat with all my friends on this forum and I don’t want that, I’ll watch only to see how extreme the writers become. In Indian serials, evil always take precedence over goodness and happiness and couples have to pass through hell before they can unite. Some of them don’t even get to consummate marriages because they are so busy fighting sasumas, bahus, sister and brother in law, jealous ex lover, the neighbour next door!!! I also want to know where Raja’s mother is…..writers don’t even want him to visit his mother…how mean!! On another note Sia, you need to slow down a bit, too much work can elevate stress levels and that’s not good for your health…..but I understand your plight. Living in the US is no bed of roses, unlike what some people think. My mom lived there for many years and I used to visit her often and when she had enough, she came back home. I visit from time to time though…. hey, I would absolutely love to chat about the political climate there but this isn’t the forum….lol…….I get the message though!!! We may not hear from Sapphire till carnival is over because she lives close to celebration venue, I live a bit far from and don’t participate at all. Hope you are doing well my friend.

      1. Naz I so agree with your comments on the serial.

  6. I hope the trp drop very bad,so they can bring our sweet Rani back.

  7. Bakvaas, bilkul bakvaas! Pure drivel!

  8. writer please bring Rani back ,I can’t stand Naina. u ruine a very beautiful love story u could made just 2 years leaps,soEisha doesn’t age that much ages.

  9. Raja/Sartaj’s acting is brilliant as usual. Wonderful this man is!!! But this story is absolute foolishness!! Oh really now? Now raja Mata going to fight with sword? For what? The writers killed off the real rani who she should have fought for. Now they put her to fight for a lookalike ? On what grounds? Just because she has a similar face? Oh pullleeeasssseeeee!!! I’m not surprised that they will marry off raja with the lookalike. This serial should end because they kill the spirit or essence of the show. Gosh…I can’t get it how a lookalike will become the essence of the serial ek tha raja ek thi rani. Why kill off the real rani who was the essence of the story with raja? Enlighten me how a lookalike becomes th essence. It’s just ridiculous. I hate it. It doesn’t make sense st all.

    1. Jess, Rajmata is very old now according to the story but now writers think it’s appropriate to give her a sword to fight the enemies, when she didn’t do it when she was younger, you think she has the strength to do it now? Rani should have been trained in swordsmanship but Rajmata gave her an education instead but that was of no use after because of where the writers took the story. Now, in this present scenario, would it not be like culture shock for the inhabitants of the replica of a palace to see someone brandishing a sword for protection? You see, this story has become like Alice down the rabbit hole, more the story progress, the more things turn bizarre. I waiting to see how much more nonsense these
      writers will pen for us. Maybe it’s time for us to have a good laugh, let’s look at it as a drama with errors, have a laugh and ease the stress.

      1. You are correct ??

  10. as i also always say these days writers take a perverse pleasure in separating lovers and torturin d women to d fullest extreme then killin dem off. long ago serials used to show d couples goin through their trials but always unite in d end givin viewers d feelin dat if u hold true tings wrk out in d end…now all dey show is dat there is no hope.. pain,torture and eventually death. im so fed up,always turnin a gd serial whack

  11. Hi friends, story is taking an interesting turn. And this is not the first time a lookalike has become the protagonist.. I have been watching Indian serials for the past 15years…n I can’t even count the number of times I have seen such plots.. I have seen it so many times in movies too… Essence is not yet destroyed… It is just how we perceive.. Raja is now Don KING of the underworld and Naina will become reigning QUEEN of bollywood..as of

  12. Naz.. Finally u got my point… Rest on ur couch enjoy the humorous plots n have a good laugh.. That’s exactly what I have been telling u ppl… These serials are meant for that only… Keeping logic aside u will get oodles of loopholes to Crack jokes.. That’s exactly what me n my friends have been doing for long

    1. Lol….I hear you Archana. If only I can get my daughter to watch it with me, she will point out all the flaws and roll with laughter, but…..getting her to watch these serials is not an option. She watches Korean serials, tells me that they are short but very sweet. I get your point though……

  13. Nice pair intresting series

  14. Sia last night ‘s episode was beyond my imagination .Even my husband who is otherwise a passive watcher of Tv serials could not help but comment that the writers have done their best to transform a classy romantic saga into a tacky ,tasteless one.It is so crude of Inspector Vijay drenching Naina with buckets full of water and breaking bottles to throw glass pieces all around her.Thank goodness she was not forced to dance on them like Hemamalini did in Sholay .Imitating that movie is dry difficult because not only that scene but the complete movie is a masterpiece:it is the result of combined efforts of great writers like Salim Javed and extraordinarily talented actors .Sia coming back to our Raja and rani ,I am really not able to comprehend the character of the great Rajmata whose stupid and dangerous advise was solely responsible not only for the death of a young and vibrant Rani but also for Raja’s transformation from a charming prince into a criminal in the guise of a stylish and impeccably dressed Don.Has she ever felt guilt?Except for a few tears and one tight slap to Raja she never said anything to express her repentance .Sia correct me if I am wrong ,is it so easy to forget your grief and guilt unless you are insensitive?.Rani’s chapter is closed for ever but has she ever thought ,what is Raja now?can he ever go back to normal life leaving behind encounters ,extortions , dealings with unscrupulous elements because the moment he leaves, law will be behind him.Hadshe handled Iqbal Khan with intelligence and maturity or atleast allowed Rani to confide in her husband,things would have been different .I don’ t understand how anyone with so much grief for her loved ones can concentrate on mundane aspects of life like beautiful sarees ,matching jewellery and make up.Are the directors aware that it does look odd and unnatural if the actors are not dressed according to their age in the script and mood of that particular scene.May be Anita Raj doesn’t want to compromise on costumes as Eisha with age and the makers think that the viewers are stupid enough not to notice these lapses.Even the character of Raja Is slowly losing Its credibility and dignity.Wearing 3pieces suits and constructing a mansion with extorted money doesn’t give dignity however charitable you are.On top of it if you don’t think even once in all these years about your dear mother your credibility is totally lost.Sia thank you for reading this lengthy note .If this serial continues on the same lines I do n’t think I will watch it for more than 2 or 3episodes

    1. Hi Lakshmi….how are you my friend? Didn’t watch last night’s episode, simply didn’t want to. Well…..we know what to expect from now on. I endorse your entire comment and that’s what I was always saying, why couldn’t Rani confidence in her husband about the misconceptions concerning Iqbal, when he was a breath away from her? I can’t understand these writers and I’m not going to try again after. So right too when you pointed out that rajmata is the one who told Rani not to tell Raja anything but fight it on her own, if that wasn’t the worse advice ever, don’t know what will be classed as bad ,ever! All these filmy people are in the profession because of some fame and money, if they want to really experience good acting, they should try American, where their talent to blend into a character takes precedence over a beautiful face. Since the 90’s, have you noticed that most of the artistes who start off in films, are mostly teens or those on the threshold of adulthood? It’s because these producers focus mainly on the physical aspect which is why they do screen tests, to see how beautiful the face looks on the screen and of course if you can shed few tears, or wear extremely revealing clothes,you will surely be selected. Thank goodness for artistes like Kabir Bedi, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika, Aishwarya, who have plied their talent internationally and with great success. Long ago, those bollywood actors/actress were what real stuff is made of. Coming back to the discussion, it really is unnatural for rajmata to wear so much royal jewellery and not look funny, producers don’t sees these flaws, as long as it looks good onscreen, to hell with critics!! Have a wonderful day my friend, and take a breather now and then like I told Sia to do.

      1. Third line should read “confide” instead of confidence….sorry for typo error.

    2. Well said Lakshmi. Your husband is tops for his astute observation. I applaud him 100% and if a man can give that conclusion, then you know this serial has gone to the dogs. Well said to Lakshmi’s husband. I agree with your comments Lakshmi as well as Naz. I don’t watch this serial any more, you know. I just come on to comment. I’ve washed my hands and eyes off this serial. They killed it. The writers are bad, hateful people aren’t they?

  15. Very not dry in the 6th sentence sorry for typing error

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