Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The veiled lady runs through the corridor. Raaj Mata orders her men to find her. She runs through the corridor herself when she meets Gayatri. Raaj Mata tells Gayatri there is an outsider in the palace, but she couldn’t see her covered face. The lady runs through the corridor, hiding from the men. She comes across Kunwar ji and fell on the ground. Kunwar ji tries to look at her face, then takes her inside.
Raaj Mata scolds the servants, one of them says they have looked in each corner but couldn’t find anyone. Raaj mata thinks she saw her by herself. Gayatri says maybe it was just her suspect. A servant comes to tell Gayatri her brothers have arrived. Gayatri cheers and goes to meet her.
Kunwar ji says that first Rana ji was so much on fire, but them someone poured water

on all the anger. If he gets life, Kunwar ji will be nothing. He says that now she has arrived, if they both unite, they can spoil the life of Kunwar ji.
Gayatri’s brother gives an invitation to Rana ji for Navratri. Gayatri comes there, her brother was respectful but Gayatri says she will always be a sister for her. Shaam invites Raaj Mata as well, but Raaj Mata says there is Pooja in palace as well, so she won’t be able to attend. Rana ji assures that he and Gayatri will come for Pooja. Shaam gifts Gayatri a dress. Gayatri goes to leave him till door. Raaj Mata says to Rana ji that there is something important she wants to tell him. He nods.
Kunwar ji says he hopes that before Navratri she will put such hurdles that they won’t be together ever. But one accident brought them closer. Now is time to play their last trick that will not only move Gayatri but the foundations of palace.
Raaj mata gives Rana ji some jewelry. She says this is for Gayatri and he has to gift them to her. Rana ji says that the palace is already in such a burden. Raaj Mata says these are family jewelry, not a burden on anyone. This is the first festival of Gayatri. Rana ji says he must give it by herself, but Raaj Mata says that gift price increases if it is given by a husband. If she gives it it will be precious but it will become priceless if gifted by Rana ji.
Gayatri was in room when Rana ji gets her the jewerlry. She thanks him and opens the box, then smiles wearing the jewelry. Rana ji watches her wear it, then comes closer to her, holds her hand and helps her with the bracelet. He puts on other bracelet as well and holds her arm. She smiles then takes her arm back. He smiles and leaves. She shows him some more jewelry. He smiles, turns to her. She moves towards the mirror. He goes to put on the necklace in her neck. She turns to face him, then goes to hold an anklet. Rana ji bends down and puts it on her foot. Rana ji asks for Gayatri’s hand in his and drags her closer to him. Both share an eye lock. Rana ji puts on a belt around her waist, holding her close to himself. They get closer when something breaks nearby. It was done by the veiled lady. Rana ji leaves Gayatri and goes out of the room.
In the way Gayatri was telling Rana ji about Navratri at her family house. Rana ji sat still. Gayatri says they also celebrate Raavan’s story, it gives us a lesson that a Raja must not be egoistic. Rana ji asks if he is egoistic. The car stops with a jerk, the driver tells Rana ji that there came a nail under the tyre. Rana ji says if he will drive this way, it had to happen. Gayatri scolds him too saying he must have cleaned the road along with driving. Rana ji asks the driver to go and asks Gayatri if she feels he is angry. Gayatri says he remains angry all the time. They come out of the car, Gayatri says they can even reach the house on foot. Rana ji says they won’t go by foot. Gayatri says the she will count today how many times he gets angry. Rana ji says he is smiling. Gayatri says she hasn’t seen such a fake smile ever, and in her house even he will sit with anger on her nose. Rana ji says she must see he won’t be angry at all. The driver announces that the tyre has been changed. Rana ji says After you my queen. Gayatri gets angry that he called her name again in English. Rana ji asks who is being angry now. The veiled lady runs and gets into their car’s back.

PRECAP: Gayatri asks Rana ji if he doesn’t know how to wear a Dhoti. He denies and says she is mocking him a way that she knows how to put it. She snatches it from him and makes him wear it. Rana ji smiles watching Gayatri dance in the festival.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Thanks for the update sona awesome episode I like this couple after rk and madhu.they are the best

  2. Wow nice episode .thank u for early update.

  3. Great work sona ji…really fast update…loved tge episode. I think the 1st wife is the veiled lady….cant be the baari rani maa as she ran really fast n got into the car. Can’t you plz update kumkum bhagya too at the earliest sona ji??

    1. Hasan only will update kkb,due to updating of many serials hasan is late badtameez dil,ishq ka rang safeed ,sarojini ,itna karo mujse pyaar and other regular show

  4. Dont let this serial stop!! Let it run for a loooong period!?

  5. Please do not make the vielved woman the first rani of ranaji,amazing episode loved the drasti dhami’s funny talks

  6. lovely… plzz don’t get this serial off air… we all love it so much specially as of now real romance begins# Its a request plzz

  7. last chance for kokilla to show who is incharge, and that raj matah is faaast asleep. get gayatri were she belongs and happily average and thus save the day again. you can do it kunwar ji

  8. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I love etretr…different lovrrrr story….
    End soon OH Dear Soon??????
    Pls dntttttt tnx

  9. Amazing show…its not dragging at all…i like it…dd is superb…their romance is so sweet…i also think the veiled lady is rana ji first wife…

  10. Shals for god sake Atleast say something positive abt this series plzzzzz

  11. Stop taking the evil side

  12. Who is the girl running in the house n i think he starting to fall in love with gayatri devi

  13. I wish that veiled Woman is surakshana, so that Raja indhravadhan can see how cheap she is and can love gayathri whole heartedly.

  14. Awesome episode please don’t stop this serial it is the best without any dragging like kkb etc etc.

  15. Shals – keep you thoughts to yourself if you cannot appreciate the sacrifices GAYATRI has made to change RANA JI. Seems you are probably on the conniving woman in your family who likes to stir trouble – hence you enjoy animosity towards good people.

  16. Hey guys !! I just saw on serial gossip site that the veiled lady is the first wife sulakshna but it also state that ranaji realized his love for gayatri

  17. im biggest fan of drashti from serial geet hui sabse parayi.i missed her naughty,childhood role in madhubala.but now im happy naughty drashti is back! Awesome serial! Soo.. Cute lovestory! N im sure that the veil woman is ranajis 1st wife…forever name..

  18. Drashti always rocks. Her chemistry with costar is always awesome irrespective of their offscreen bonding. Her chemistry with gurmeet,vivian and now siddhant is good. But my favourite is always gurmeet. Maaneet rockssssss…………

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