Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rana ji watches the ladies come crying. Swarna cries hugging Rana ji, he asks what happened. Swarna stammers Gayatri. He asks what happened to Gayatri, but Swarna cries. He looks at everyone, then asks where Gayatri is? Raaj mata remembers Gayatri’s drowning. Rana ji is shocked. He says no, this isn’t possible. He asks Swarna if this is a lie. He goes calling Gayatri while the men brings Gayatri on a handmade strectcher. They lay her on the floor. Rana ji fells besides her. He calls Gayatri to wake up saying she can’t leave him. He says when he wants her to stop talking, she keeps on talking but now why is she silent. Raaj Mata cries. Rana ji goes to her and asks her to tell Gayatri wake up. He pleads Swarna, Kunwar ji and goes to Bari Rani maa as well. He holds Gayatri in his arm

and apologize her. He cries thinking about being with her. He shouts her name, in agony.
In the palace, Gayatri was draped in bridal dress on her death bed. Everyone stood there, Wilkonson’s comes there too. Gayatri’s mother comes crying for her. Raaj Mata is upset watching her pain. She says to Rana ji that a bride’s bidding is done with all formalities of a bride, she gives Sindoor in Rana ji’s hand. He picks up some of it and puts it into Gayatri’s head. He remembers the vows they had taken along. Bari Rani maa clears her throat, the women talked to each other that there is a problem in Rana ji’s birth chart. None of his wives lived. Raaj Mata remembers Pandit ji’s warning. Bari Rani maa says to the ladies that they have no idea what and when to speak. Rana ji says they are right, it is all his mistake. His mistakes are uncountable, he only gave Gayatri pain only. Raaj Mata says if Rana ji is broken, who would take care of Amirkot. Rana ji says he couldn’t fulfil responsibilities of a husband even. He goes to Kunwar ji, he says his own breathes are a burden to him now. He requests Kunwar ji to take the throne of Amirkot and be the new Raja of Amirkot. Raaj mata is shocked and asks what he is saying. Bari Rani maa calls that this isn’t possible. She cries that Gayatri’s death caused pain to all of them, but someone’s death doesn’t stop life. She says that Rana ji can’t leave his throne. Rana ji says Gayatri never wanted this throne, she wanted a simple life. But he will relive her wishes, he will live a simple life in foreign. He tells Mr. Wilkonsons to make arrangements for crowning of Kunwar ji. He wants it to happen tomorrow, he doesn’t want to spend a single day in this palace without Gayatri. Bari Rani maa thinks that she won the game so easily, but she can’t celebrate today.
Gayatri’s last rituals are performed by Rana ji. He remembers his promise that even death can’t separate them now. He places a hand on the coffin for one last time, then burns it. Bari Rani maa views this all from a telescope. Kunwar ji and Gayatri’s brother come to Rana ji. Bari Rani maa smiles victoriously.
At night, Rana ji stood on the terrace. He recalls Gayatri had said that left side of bed is hers as she can’t sleep without seeing the moon. He remembers his words to her, and cries watching the moon. Gayatri had said to him once that relations are made in skies. Rana ji had told her that he was always friend with stars. She had told him she was always enemy with them, because her mother said they contain fate and she always wanted to change his fate. Rana ji calls Gayatri to come back.
Laksh and Kunwar ji drink together, sitting on the chair. He says he misses Kokilla today as she won’t be able to see this success. Laksh puts on the crown on Kunwar ji’s head. Kunwar ji boasts that he looks like a Maharaj. He has come to know it today how dreams come true. Bari rani maa claps that he is celebrating without the eyes who first dreamt about it.
Raaj mata keeps a hand on Rana ji’s shoulder and says she wants to show him something. He takes his attention there.
Kunwar ji says to Bari Rani maa that till today he has seen people get thrones in inheritance. But no one has ever seen a crown won in games. Bari Rani maa says she crossed all the limits to get it.

PRECAP: Kunwar ji appoints more eligible to wear this crown.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Now this show is becoming crap like all shows I will stop watching this show pls bring gayatri back otherwise I will cry

    1. I think its all a game by gayatri and rani ma just to expose Bari rani

  2. Jyotika patel

    Gayatri is alive

    1. Yeah I read it too… Badi rani ma to be kicked out

  3. Worst episode

  4. today episode was good…..why???cuz i saw the promo of gayatri bein back so tis is all a game so im happy sad ranaji grieving of hes not part of it but happy none the less

      1. Really gayatri is back I am really happy

  5. What !!!!!!!!!! Gayatri is dead!!!! I refuse to believe it what the flipn hell directors

  6. f*ck the throne and the crown, nothing is better than happiness budda said your content is your wealth and bla bla something something. yaa ok now that bari rani mouth maaa got what she wanted now what? turn up the heat under raj mata so they both can now resemble living burnt offerings like one big happy rajput family? missis sue whats with all the hostility? your still jealous I resemble shaina and you dont? please get over it. everybody including my husband finds my logic somewhat humorous for what I don’t know. my opinion is mine for entitlement. I don’t glorify the bad, I acknowledge how bad capitalizes on good, the strategist maneuvers implicated is remarkable. gayatri will be nothing short of near perfect genius of good if this is truly her plan in exposing bari rani mouth ma(I wonder how she spits lol)… (does she floss her teeth regularly?) sure she can show a cowboy a thing or two.

    Comment edited.

  7. Hy WHT where did you see the promo

  8. I know its all they r showing just a crap, gayatri wil not fail easily, she is alive.. I think if ranaji go to foreign he wil find there, or else it wil b raajmata and gayatri plan to open the blind eye of ranaji as they planned in last epi.. Good luck raajmata and rani gayatri..

  9. Hope it was Baari Ma ‘s dream. ….

  10. Yeah. Gayatri s plan. Master stroke. Bari rani ma trapped. So cool..

  11. Hey please don’t compare this show with others where still conspiracies and wrong doers remain safe and good suffer.

    This show is not dragging and already gayathri won heart of ranaji, exposed sulakshana soon and this too.

    If always romance and happiness ,then it will get bore too. Twists are needed to make show interesting.

    So we will wait to see ranaji throwing badi rani out of amirkot and will see love between Rani gayathri and Raja indhravadhan, also love blooming between swarna and cheetah

    Friends don’t take me wrong for my text.

    1. I agree with you. Actually zee TV shows don’t drag much except kumkum bhagya of course. Etretr toh best. They mix equal amount of badness nd good ness. Living it

      1. Exactly Ridz, Kumkum bhagya is the only dragggggggggggginggggggg show…for that mahaepisode ,mahasangam everything is utter waste in kumkum bhagya bcoz even after hours of telecast ,still father of tanu’s baby is unknown and she is pregnant for more than seven months without baby bump, aaliya keeps on being fraud,Truth of Raj is still not known,,,Nikhil hahha,wat to say of him….Abhi is one piece of brainless creature.. Also latest news bulbul will find truth and before saying ,she will be killed…ufffff

        but ETRETR is better and moving fast

    2. I am agreeing wid u completely. Evn i want 2 cmnt d same. Tis shw s nt @ al dragging evn 1%. No serial can draggggggggggggggggggggggg lik kumkum bhagya. Tis serial cums wid twists nd turns vry soon.. badness always end within maximum of 2 weeks. Other serials take it for yrs. I dont knw how peoplw r saying tis serial is dragging. I hate kumkum bhagya. Dragggggggggggggiiinnnggggg like a chewing gum evn t ll end @ sum point. Etretr s one f d best serials i ever watched.

  12. Dhanna Sarjoo

    She is not dead. I think it’s a plan of hers and raaj mata

  13. This comment is deleted.

  14. to whoever reviews this comment.. wont you guys review properly? in this update someone named shals has left a comment with such a cheap words and you ppl post tat aftr reviewing.?? and shals.. just shut up n dn behave like a third rated fellow.. cmng back to ek tha raja ek thi rani.. this serial is reallyy good compared to others.. every problems are solved very quickly and new twists and turns are really good.. and main thing is they dont drag much

  15. Here we go again .
    Why does shals always pick the nicest shows to throw her tantrums and make a scene?
    Shals this is a proffessional production, not the place to demand respect and attention.
    Your 1 short comment is good enough.
    I respect your view.
    I respect you.
    Yes what ever you say.
    Now please. I am asking you nicely.

  16. F*cking shit……. gayatri can’t dead

  17. lovely show I just can’t take the suspense it works me up then I get like this. sorry if I seem otherwise. But good serial its captivating and original and even if I say I hate it and threaten to boycott it deep down I LOVE it I love rana ji and gayatri! the writers got me on my nerves hahaha I confess I love it! CAN YOU Hear me screaming!!! fix your f*ckups rana ji! we counting on you! best serial ever.

    1. Very sad when the only way one can express herself is by cursing… filthy mouth, filthy language. Not appreciated. Learn some manners and take a class in grammar.

  18. Hey shals Hi. Where are u from . your language s little tough to comprehend. Anyway from wat I understood. I don’t think ranaji s aa mail word deserving. He trusts tat old lady who brought him up with love from wen he was a kid. It is indianess . u can’t trust few months old wife over years of granny love. Tat s his belief . being a true traditional wife gayatri understands this tat s y she s collecting proof to open his eyes.

  19. Nd this serial has brilliant story. Good transformation. Be it ranaji falling in love with gayatri o suwarna having little peace in her life. Both are shown at proper timing. Suwarna s not sleepin with him. She s jus trying to not say anything fearing her father s life. Nd cheetah guy s also respecting it. So I think there s no porn involved. This s for wat I understood from ur texts. I think u hv misunderstood something.

    1. Perceptive – I agree with you. Sawarna is between a rock and hard place. How could anyone risk having a loved one hurt. Her father has already lost his finger…
      I hope BRM isn’t the only person to be kicked out of Amirkot. I hope her son and daughter in law are sent away as well… but I have a feeling Ranaji will allow them to stay.

  20. Great episode!! Moving at nice clip!!!
    Interesting storyline!!
    Ranaji to throw out BRM!!! Looking forward. Love both Dhrashti and Siddharth
    SHALS get s life! We are stuck reading your very abusive remarks,

    Please walk away for 5 minutes! Calm down and then make your remark,

  21. TellyUpdates, please disregard abusive remarks and do not post them!!!
    Nothing against SHALS.
    Just a general observation and request!!!

  22. I don’t think gayatri is dead

  23. Shall Co. Ments deleted good work
    Gaya trip should b alive cause she is the life of the serial and I remember tons of serials where people die but resurface later

  24. well done telly,finally edited and deleted shals comments…
    OMG, thanks our request is accepted by you after long.but still we love u tellyupdates..pls dont let cheap spoil this lovely page…wud be helpful if u can warn in KAISE YEH YAARIYAN too to stop creap chats..Frankly i have not visited KYY in tellyupdates for loooong,coz of that minnie and disgusting poking.pls keep ur word that this page is not for chat as u have mentioned in review rules mentioned by you.please warn them not to chat so we ll be able to comment or atleast start deleting chats so they themselves will get to way..clean KYY page too

  25. This was one of the programmers I enjoyed the most why is it when the program is getting interesting you kill the main character ? Unless you get her back soon I think I will not watch this again. Very sad Zeetv

  26. I think this is the plan to trap bari rani ma

  27. Gayatri……..dead can’t believe. Such a lovely serial. Hope it LL not be like any other serial.

  28. Hope it is true that GAYATRI the true RANI is alive. She needs to expose the wicked witch BARI RANI MAA soon so she can leave the screens for good.

  29. Badi Rana Maa’s evil planning gets successful when Ranaji performs coronation ceremony of her and makes her new queen of Amerkot.
    Gayatri (Drashti Dhami )returns to end Badi Rani Maa’s evil world

    Some mask dancers enters to congratulate badi rani maa and one of mask girl dances with her.
    Mask girl removes her mask which makes Badi Rani Maa shocked.
    The mask is no one other than Gayatri who returns to end Badi Rani Maa’s evil world.

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