Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani was elated to hear about a proposal for Preiti from a political family. Anandi requests a help from Rani, Preiti’s mother in law is very conservative and must not find out the differences between Raaj and Rani. Rani agrees for Preiti’s sake.
Raaj thanks Rani for allowing him in her room, she begins to drink water. Raaj tries to make the bed with his injured hand. He tells Rani not to drink so much water, what if she can’t control something else. Rani makes a wall of pillow and says he won’t be able to break it. Raaj asks what if she breaks it by herself, Rani says she would eat poison but never commit this mistake. Raaj lay down and stare at her. Rani clarifies she would throw him out of the room as soon as Preiti gets married. Raaj thinks he would let that chance be. Before

the wedding, she herself would break the walls between them.
The next morning, Sunanda hurries Preiti to get ready. Anandi asks Rani to go and get Prasad. In the temple, there was a ban over everyone to enter the temple. The inspector says there is a ministress visit here. The ministress doesn’t come out of the car until the Mohrat wasn’t there. Rani does the countdown for her. Rani tries to get behind the ministress in spite of police stopping her. She comes to the ministress and says God doesn’t stop people nor differentiate between them. She says temple isn’t her personal property. The lady says she only has around 2 minutes to complete her prayers and Rani already spoilt 1 minutes from this. Rani hurries back.
At home, Preiti was ready when Rani enters the room. She recalls her time. Rani tells Preiti the guy would go flat behind her. Sakshi comes there and wish to get ready the same way. Rani and Preiti help Sakshi get ready. Rani complements that Sakshi looks really beautiful. They all hear the horn of the cars. Sakshi goes to see the groom. Rani was about to pass Raaj, he stops to thanks her for Sakshi. Rani says she loves Sakshi, she didn’t do it because she is his sister.
The family welcome the groom’s family. Anandi wonders where the rest of people are. A pandit watches the time then points behind. A servant goes to call the same ministress inside. Sunanda and Anandi welcome them. Rani was shocked to see her there, the ministress was also curt. Raaj asks if Rani knows her. The ministress walks to Rani and asks if she is a daughter of this house, such sharp and bitter tongue. She wonders if she has wasted her time being here. Rani tries to speak, the lady corrects her and asks her to call her as Vasundra. Rani apologizes, she says if she knew about her she would have done the same but in another meaning. Rani asks her to forgive her considering as a daughter. She touches her feet. Vasundra blesses her. Preiti now comes to touch her feet. Anandi wonders what Rani has done to her. She asks Vasundra about her son. She says she is very punctual and her son realizes this, he would soon be here.
The guy arrives in his car. Sakshi was working outside with mud and hearing the dogs she runs and spoils the guy’s clothes. He looks towards Sakshi’s bare belly and holds her hands tight saying this works. He holds her hands tightly and asks about her name. She tells him to leave her hand and begins to cry as it hurts. Rani watches this molestation and calls Sakshi. She comes to save Sakshi, the guy tells her to wash her hands carefully and walks inside.
Inside, Vasundra was worried that Vikram hasn’t arrived till yet. The minister tells her not to worry, he must be here. Chitra says it’s a matter of few days then his wife would worry about her as well. Vasundra says worries only waste time. Vikram comes inside and apologizes for being a bit late, he tells everyone that his sister in law has welcomed him this way. They ask if Rani? Sakshi and Rani come in. Vikram asks Sakshi if she is Rani, Sakshi says no she isn’t Rani. Anandi apologizes on Sakshi’s side. Vikram says it doesn’t matter, Sakshi is a kid only. He touches her arm, Rani comes to remove his hand and takes Sakshi inside to wash her hands. Raaj wonders why Rani is behaving so odd to Vikram.

PRECAP: Vasundra accepts the proposal saying Vikram likes their family.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG !!! Preiti’s got a ‘bad baad boy’ ??

  2. How can Raaj be so stupid not to notice the way Vikram touching his sister?I don’t understand why these new characters are brought in when only 25 odd episodes are left out before the show winds up.Ofcourse,some new entries are required for new twists in the storyline but I want to see more of Raaj and Rani in the remaining few episodes unless Zee is planning to give some more extension to the show .
    Hello Naz,where are you?I hope everything is fine there.

  3. Lakshmi, I’m here, just out of sync with the written and actual episodes, that’s why I’m not commenting. Been busy for the whole week…..My mother wasn’t feeling well since yesterday so the ups and downs to the hospital had my siblings and I really worn out. She’s out of harm now….she’s a bit difficult to handle, lots of patience is needed . Now it’s Ramadan month and it’s even busier for me, plus clinic appointments for her has to be honored. Whenever I find the time, I come up and comment on the forums. It’s entertaining…. I have to share with you few details of my reunion but later in the day……

  4. So, as I was saying Lakshmi, the reunion was well organized so everything went smoothly. There I learnt that my great great great grandmother came here in 1875 as a 3yr old child along with her brother 7yrs and sister 5yrs old. Their mother was 28yrs old, their father remained in India due to a argument between the couple, she took the 3 children and flee from him, not knowing where she was heading and ended up here. You know of indentureship so I won’t elaborate. This woman named Ramjanee was living in the village of Gosalspur ,in the then district of Saran, Bihar state. Her father was named Kowlan. So I’m a granddaughter 3 times removed of the 3yr old Jameeran, her brother was Asraff and sister Najeeban. In all, 147,592 Indians were registered as indentured workers on this land, while some went back after the end of their stay here, some remained and toiled and bonded together, their common thread being India, and their descendants are here till this day. We hold everything close to us that reminds us of our ancestors but we are of wholly Caribbean mould. Here it’s a melting pot of various races, culture, religion, fusion music and fashion. Next year will mark 143 years since our dear and noble matriarch arrived here and between these 3 siblings, have come almost 3,500 blood descendants – and hundreds of sons and daughters in law… Facinating isn’t it? I so wanted to share this with you but with so many things to do, I just didn’t want to sit and scribble without correct info …So that’s it in a nutshell…. Now you see how we are connected and why despite being a unique Caribbean native, we still hold on to where they were and where we have come…… Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend. Till next week. BTW…. I’m doing well and I hope you are also…… ??

  5. Hey guys.. Did u all recognize the coat and t-shirt of Vikram jeet?.. It is the same dress that Jeeves used to wear quite often.. :).. In one of the episodes Preeti’s night dress was the same one that bindu used to wear.. N today Raj was wearing the signature dress of Raja.. Hmm dear producers lot of cost cutting… Nvm but this new Sakshi molestation track not impressive.. Why such a parade of new entries when show has reached its fag end?

    1. me too noticed that .Preeti has worn that night dress which Bindu used to wear it was initial episode of season 3

  6. Dear Naz,Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to reply to me .I can understand how tired you feel,the elderly become very cranky when not well,the same problem with my mother-in-law:by the time she recovers ,my B.P sky rockets.We can’t help,after 20 years,we might be in their shoes.
    Friend ,I wish you and your family a very happy Ramadan.Here,it began on Friday,the26th and ,according to my colleague and friend Mumtaj,ends on 22nd June.I know this holy month is all about Roza,prayers ,Quran recitation and Ofcourse feasting.Naz ,in Bangalore,both Diwali and Ramadan are festivals for one and all ,irrespective of individual religion.You will be surprised to know that during this holy month ,our Muslim citizens take pains to set up stalls and dish out delicious food in the evenings.Really master chefs are at work there.We get to eat special varieties of Kababs,Samosas ,Biryanis and Mughalai curries.My friend Mumtaz prepares mouth watering Shahi Sheer Khurma,Dum Biryani.Kabuli Kababs ans Shahi Tukda.On the whole ,Naz ,this festival is a time of joy to all of us.
    Naz.how fascinating it is,to know that you are the descendant of a 3 year old Jameeran whose mother in 1875was bold enough to leave her husband and the country itself and toiled hard to raise 3 young children.Friend,such extraordinary and gutsy people only create history:,family background ,education ,financial status and other factors have nothing to do with them.They are simply god gifted,and our Sia ,being a young educated girl born in the 21st century in a country like USA,could not withstand the pressures of life.I still feel terrible and cry for that wasted young life.
    Naz ,I really feel lonely on this forum,but I want to continue till the end.Actually,I started seeing Zee’s new serial Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi,the story line is O.k,almost similar to Etretr2
    ,the only difference is in ETRETR Raja’s family is sophisticated and in the new one ,Prem is from a rustic background,Ofcourse the actor is not as charming as Sartaj but the girl iso.k.Friend ,I suggest you to see this serial once you are free.Take care of your mother and yourself.

    1. Actually I’m watching the new serial but only first two episodes, I have recorded the others but didn’t get time to watch them so I’ll do that soon before too many episodes creep up on me. I found the promos to be interesting and since they are newbies, i want to see their talent. I’ll soon join in the discussion there….. I often think of Sia and knowing how much pressure she must have been under, wasn’t strong enough to talk her way out of her situation despite being an attorney…. I also think this forum has become lonely, so sad huh??? Feels like an abandoned house, if it wasn’t for you and Archana and one or two comments from me, there would be no activity here….. So yes, I wanted to share my history with you and it really took courage for the matriarch of my ancestors to come here and settle and make a new life for her children… I’m also waiting till this serial closes, I’ll feel like a neemakharram if I leave…i hope I spelt that correctly but you know what I mean. Only for Sartaj Gill…..

  7. Thank you Lakshmi, for the Ramadan greetings. We also have dinner invitations here and there for iftaar and delicious food are always prepared. Today Sunday, my sister in law has invited me to break fast in her home. I’ll help her prepare what’s in her menu, much work because she’s invited 40 guests and that’s a lot of ppl…. Thanks again my dear friend, for your special greetings for this holy month…..take care and chat soon….

  8. Yes ,lot of cost cutting is going on to compensate for the expenditure incurred on Raaj and Rani’s wedding costumes.Right from the beginning ,it has been a high budget serial with palace settings and aristocratic families,At this stage it is o.k to minimise the expenditure as the makers very well know that they have only a month’s time left.But with both time and money constraints,they should n’t have introduced new characters:Buaji would have been a good enough negative character.As it is,the molestation track looks horrible,Vikram looks much much younger than Sakshi.

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