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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kokilla tries to shout ghost, ghost, watching Raaj Mata. Rani and Raja enter the room, Rani tells her she is her grandmother. Raaj Mata passes by Kokilla passing a smile
In the hall, Kaal questions Raja how dare he took such a huge decision without his consent. Raja says he couldn’t accept to Kaal’s denial, so he asked for Rani’s proposal without asking him. He warns Kaal to lose his son, if he tries to hurt Rani or her Dadu. Kaal holds a hand to slap Raja but was shocked to see Raaj Mata coming with Rani. Bari Rani was left in shock, recalling all about the past. Raaj Mata only smiles, and joins her hands to them, saying she wanted to meet them for a long time but never got a chance. She was worried by the dryness in their attitudes and feels as if they dislike watching her

here. Raja offers Dadu a seat to talk and takes them inside.
They all sat with the family, Raaj Mata tries to recall her memory. She says it feels as if she know them, and has some old relations with them all. Rani apologizes Bari Rani Maa as Raaj Mata has lost her memory, she always try to recognize people. Bari Rani Maa smiles that this means Raaj Mata doesn’t recognize her or Kaal, and Rani is also unaware of all the situation. She speaks that it is hurtful. Rani tells them that in her childhood, they used to live in Amirkot. Kaal wonders how he didn’t come to know about their presence so close, Bari Rani Maa exclaims that she wouldn’t have been here, had they know. Raaj Mata says her granddaughter is her pride, she will decorate any house she goes to. Raja loves Rani, Bari Rani Maa says after meeting Raaj Mata she has no objection in marrying Raja with Rani, she accepts this proposal. Kaal stares at her curtly, Raja was elated and goes to hug her. Rani comes to touch Bari Rani Maa’s feet with Raja, she blesses them both. They now come to Kaal who finally accepts Rani. Rani and Raja now come to Raaj Mata.
Later, Bari Rani Maa slaps Kokilla saying her husband committed this mistake, due to which they had to bend in front of Raaj Mata. It is because of him that the heir of this palace, Rani Gayatri is alive. She won’t sit silent, when she come to recognize herself. She is Rana ji’s daughter after all.
In the terrace, Rani sat with her hear resting on Raja’s shoulder. She was in disbelief that Bari Rani Maa hated her, how she accepted the proposal. Raja boasts that Bari Rani Maa loves him.
Kaal was ready to kill Raaj Mata and Rani right away, but Bari Rani Maa says now they can’t take such vicious decisions as there is democracy.
Raja witness the earth, flowers, fragrance and the dew around that each day he will try to get better for her, they will be partners in all the decisions.
Kaal suspected Raaj Mata has really forgotten the past, and Rani is unaware of her parent’s life history. He considers it a trap. Bari Rani Maa says that Raaj Mata lost her world in this palace, today she came and sat in front of the murderers of her family without any anger. It seems she has really lost her memory, they only have to take care she doesn’t recall anything. There, Raaj Mata dreams about her past, and wakes up at once. She walks through the forest where Raja and Rani had now finished taken vows and were hugging each other.
Bari Rani Maa wonders what Raja will do if he come to know about this all, he is Kaal’s biggest player on the game of royalty; what if they lose him. They hear Raaj Mata calling Rana ji and Gayatri at the door of palace. She was crying hysterically looking around and shouts her children were killed just in front of her eyes. She can vision Rana ji’s dead body lying on the floor, and sits beside it calling Rana ji to get up. Kaal heads forward, while Bari Rani Maa tries to stop him.
Raja parts from Rani, and calls it simpler than he had thought. Bari Rani Maa welcomed her really easily, Rani teases him by skipping his hug.
Raaj Mata shouts that the blood stains of Rana ji are still there on the walls of this palace, they have shed his blood but the same blood has returned to this palace; the daughter of Raja ji and Gayatri. Their heir, their daughter is here. She will revenge her parent’s bloodshed, and till she is alive she will protect her daughter. Kaal goes inside to get his gun and takes Raaj Mata’s aim.

PRECAP: Raja and Rani spend some intimate moments. Amrita comes to dismiss Kaal’s aim. Raja and Rani hear the gun shot and were worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sorry friends,i think u maynt like my comment coz i m gonna scold rani .

    It was awesome episode . Finally Rajmata got her memory and was glad to see ranaji and gayathri.. Rajmata was awesome in her perfomance..

    Rani – How did u leave dadu alone,not just today..After your first introduction , where u said you want to go to college,study well ,take care of dadu all..
    But all i saw was u crying or getting abused and shamelessly touched by raja or Jeeves.. But jeeves was GEM of a person… Finally now Raja is gud as turned by writers..
    I wonder how u left rajmata and roaming with raja…
    Writers obviously its not 2000’s story…its 1950’s ka and girl before marriage roaming like this ..That too u rani…
    Enuf of romance,she appearing as she will even give borth to raja’s child without marriage….

    Again if u cry ,u are shame to be heir of Amirkot..Be brave ,have some shame.

    1. hey lydia i completely agree with u.jeeves was a gem .but raja n that stupid rani just used him for their own profit so it was obvious for him to turn negative n i support him.n passing intimate moments before wedding thats too in 1950 really!!!!!!

      1. yes u both r rite but if there is no romance int he serial then the serial looks colorless ,,,,,,,,,and if we seee rajrani seperated then also the story become crap becoz jeevs is son of rajeswri…….and i hate her……..her son must b punihed but raj mother attitude just make raja a hero………..

      2. Raja father is kaal…he killed Rana ji &gayatri.he is more bad.then y u r supporting raja.don’t say cheap reasons to prove jeews is wrong.

    2. ks its not cheap reason ok and if u think that jeevs is better then i didnt say u that u have also cheap reason ok………..and everybody have there own opinoins and i have tooo and i didnt disagree……that raj is totally a good person i just say that raj mother attitude make him a hero……..ok,,,,,,and raj have pathetic condition y alwayzzzzz jeevs get good and raj get bad so thats y he become bad but his love for his childhood chipkali make him good now and i agree jeevs is very nice to rani but if now also jeevs get rani then raj become only villian bcoz of jeevs then how jeevs becom gem then ,,,,,,,,,,,,and i still said in my lower comment that still raj have to show loyalty towards rani becoz i m too not completely agree that jeevs get nothing this time…….

      1. Maryam ji my reason is not cheap.raja in jungle hut mey tried to molest rani and beated like domestic violence and insults her self respect.when these are not wrong..?then why jeews is wrong for want to marry forcefully.I know rani is not have feel on him but she used jeewan for her purpose..just I want to give clarification.nothing else.it’s better don’t support both 3 character’s..or if u like raja rani then praise them.i just said don’t blame on jeews with use of parents deeds.

      2. o dear its my choice that i have to support all 3 charactors or not and i just want to that i cant change ur opinoin and u cant change my opinion but i say that we all see wh0 gonna be more good in next tracks may b i will change in future or may b u will change (as expected 🙂 ) lets c………. waiting for todys episode so much exicted……..

      3. I didn’t said to change your opinion..read my comment clearly.I just said don’t blame him with unknown reason.

  2. QueenB


  3. plz jaldi se rajaor rani ki shadi karvado i love this pair

  4. today episode was good but rajrani romance was of 2016s like but whatever i just know this that…

    the serial is all about “‘EK THA RAJA EK THI RANI”” and here is actually a extremely intensive love hate story of ”EK THA RAJA EK THI RANI’

    rajmata just rockxxxxxxxxx today………….

    this raja rani story is like so intense but we all want raj rani become one soul but we r still confused bcoz of raj previous role which was totlly like villian………
    .but raj still have to show his loyalty towards ”rajkumari rani gytari”

  5. Rani u r a shameless girl. Rani ka character is seriel Mei aisa hai jaise koi character less girl ho . Dekhne Mei BHi ajeeb lagta hai ki is tarah ki shameless girl bhi duniya Mei Hoti hai.cheap girl rani.

  6. etretr rocksssss today just gonna love the track so much raj rani rockxxxxxxx i think its all rajmata plan and she didnt lose her memory……!!!!!

  7. Good epi, wow Anita-Rajmata,????Raja-Rani happy but as long.

  8. Rani finally reached the only goal of his life “marry raja”???its just pathetic; that girl does any self respect how quickly she forgot everything that made him raja

  9. this series is epic i”m lovin it……………………….. mai is series bohot zada paar

  10. Raja Mata fabulous today, Rani Rani is this not the same Raja who ill treated you and now he so totally inlove with you, gosh you are so dumb and blinded. These two boys none better they both blasted crazy in their own way. Before you stay in this place with your grandmother you in the gArden or bush with the man like he going to disappear. Disappointing girl your hair should be a different color.

  11. This was an amazing episode. Fabulous. Love Raja Rani scenes and great acting by the veteran actress Amrita Raj (Raja Mata). Wow…this story is intense. We love it. Simply great!!

  12. I hope Rani and Raja get to know the truth I personally don’t think Rani should marry Raja, Rani should know she is princess a new man should enter to be with Rani. I can not see Rani be married to Raja she knows the story if she married Raja Rani is a fool I still think she is a stupid way.

  13. Some people simply amaze me with their comments. This story is so much better than the crap we see on other serials, at least we haven’t see irrational and illogical scenarios in etretr. To each, his own….i guess, depends on the angle you are looking from. I love this story and I think the actors are amazing. That lady doing the role of badiranima, you have done justice to your role, your expression in the episode tonight is classic. I saw a promise of a fighting spirit when Rani was with Jeeves in the temple being forced to marry him. I know we can expect to see much high voltage drama in upcoming episodes, how Raja and Rani deal with the expected upheavals in their life, will be interesting, let’s wait and see how strong their bond is.

  14. Xavier

    WOWW I loved today’s episode.. I am so HAPPY the great smart Raj Mata is back once again.. I really missed her . I couldn’t bare to see her senile 🙁

  15. Cherry -ann Hernandez

    I like the story but rani and raja should know the true

  16. Jada

    Ugh Rajmatas performance was great and all by why didn’t she just keep it to herself and tell Rani!? She made herself an open target. And rani is a fool how come she just left raj mata there she and raja can do all that initiate stuff after raj mata. Really hope raj mata didn’t die

  17. You guys all need to grow up. I know enough aunts and uncles who grew up in the 60’s who will tell you all the stuff they did, so she is getting intense with Raja. So what! She is in love. Why do you guys always assume the worse.
    Jeevan was always suppose to be the bad guy. He is that witches son.
    Use common sense. Raja is the main protagonist. Get use to it.

    1. i agree with u jeevs is a son both bad parents but raj mother is good so raj is good and we all want a rajarani intense lovestroy ……….

      1. Maryam ji if u want to support raja..support him.but don’t blame on jeews with use of parents past.I think you forgot that jeews behaviour is more better than raja..raja behaved like animal with out rani mistake.if jeews turns negative there is a reason both raja rani played with his life.so he have to take revenge..raja taken revenge on rani with out her mistake.then y not jeews.rani used jeews for raja to realise love on her.

    2. I think you have to learn common sense leenzu ji..they commented their opinion.I know it’s serial it’s not mean hero can do anything like domestic violence,molest on girl .. After writer vajase he changed.for unknown reason jeews turns negative.otherwise jeews is GEM.no doubt there.

      1. ks u think that raj is bad and jeevs is good ok fine but we all know that this maarige will b stopped by jeevs master plan in next track …..then we all see that y jeevs do so much injustice with rani …rani alwyz said to jeevs that she love raja …………he didnt said to jeevs that raj is better then u she alwayz says to raj that ur brother is so much good then u …………and jeevs alwayss know that rani could not able to love him and she alwayz said that jeevs dont come between raja and her but jeevs alwayz came…so he have to bare this all and true love is like raj when he realize that he is a bad person he did everythink to keep distance from rani…….then who is gem now????

      2. but i still say that raj have to show some more loyalty towards rani………but lets c what gonna happen………????

      3. Maryam ji…no doubt there jeews is GEM..jeews supports her every time..taken care.he said I will support u what ever ur decision im with u to rani. But raja given fake hope to jeews.so he turns negative.u r saying base on upcoming track.lm saying good person turns negative bcoz of raja rani.so they have to bear this.

    3. Well said Leenzu. Well said. Absolutely brilliant comment. I agree with you 100%. I share your views. ????

      1. Oh don’t worry u will get like raja behaviour boy in ur life.then you will behave like rani with ur boyfriend.then you don’t need listen uncle aunty r parents talk like 50,60 talk..enjoy ur life like raja rani life in ur real life.?

  18. AMAZING!!! SPECTACULAR!!!! This episode was highly explosive. What an excellently captivated episode this was. The tension was so great I could have cut it with a knife. I felt it. When Amrita Raj (Raja Mata) got back her memory and called out loudly for Ranaji, I got goosebumps all over and my heart nearly jumped out of my body. I was tensed and anxious and everything. That was awesome. This story is getting hotter and hotter. Oh dear, dear, dear. Monday is so long away and I really want to see the next episodes. That gunshot. OMG!! Writers/producers, this was a really intensified and superb episode with the story unfolding. Amrita Raj again was so spectacular in her performance. Love it! Love it! Love it!! This is high voltage stuff !!! Wonderful serial.

  19. raja n rani became so intimate, i love to c dis jodi.. u both r rocks! n hope in upcoming episode u unitedly handle all d situations..

  20. I just loved this episode………raja was as usual superb……..dadu acted too good……..

    1. Leenzu…..THANK YOU! You said just what I wanted to say but didn’t coz I’ve made few comments in the past right here and some of the viewers were very critical. I have relatives who grew up in the 50’s 60’s and the things that they have related to us and which we have heard of, makes us today, look tame. We are all humans, how you expect the writers to portray Raja and Rani love story, what utter nonsense to watch a serial of two people who got married, and for the whole blo*dy serial, never sleep together, all they do is solve other cast members problems, plot, go through mental torture and the list goes on. In this forum, writers have successfully woven the human element into a fictional story. I love Raja and Rani romance, they make me blush, I almost forgot what being so young means. Some even complain that they should be showing Rani in school coz that’s what she came for being a topper, well you all would have been the first to complain that the story was boring, so chill……..leeuzu, also correct, Jeeves mother was manipulative,a whore and wicked as hell so he is her spawn. So I say….. Go Raja, go Rani….. You guys are the reasons why I’m still watching this serial, not that I’m complaining about season one, I’m not, and the whole cast members especially veteran actress Anita Raj, superb job. I love those vows they made, that’s the power of love and it’s gonna be tested…..heavily.

      1. Naz well said. I love your comments. You are spot on correct my friend and share the sentiments of many persons. Leenzu is correct too. I was smiling throughout as I read your comments. Well written. Very articulate and absolutely correct. You hit the nail on the head in your astute and brilliant commentary and views. Thank you for that. WELL SAID. ??????????? I agree with all that you said and share those exact views. I agree with Leenzu as well. The young people are in love. What are they suppose to do to express it? They do exactly as Raja and Rani are doing. And the writers and producers are brilliant to bring that out so beautifully that it makes viewers blush and smile and remember things and enjoy. That’s beautiful depiction on screen. I love it. Thanks to the writers for that. Brilliant comments Naz and Leenzu. Brilliant !! ????????????????. It’s so good to read such good and insightful comments as yours. Thank you guys.

      2. You will also get same in real life don’t worry.no need to listen 50,60 peoples talk.enjoy it with ur boyfriend like raja behaviour.

      3. i also agree with u naz and jess…….and leeznu

  21. precape is just a trailor raj-ni gonna be more intense romantic in marrage rituals…………

  22. All Rani can do this last time is cry and run behind raja ,the only interresssant in the show is raaj maata i hope i will not be disappointed with the revenge drama.

  23. Thank you, Mariam, Jess and also leenzu, we do constructive criticism and give accolades when it’s due. We all are friends, and must respect each others views and whenever necessary, agree to disagree. Jess you and I have never bashed any other viewers comments at all, I know we both appreciate all comments and never were personal in our views, we have been using this forum to discuss expressions of mutual interest, etretr……so please, viewers, keep the discussion on the topic at hand and not deviate from what needs to be discussed…. Hey Jess, nice sharing my views with you, my friend ?✋✋

    1. Hello and a pleasant good evening to you Naz…well said. And thank you very much. I share your sentiments and feel the same. ??????

  24. Yolande De Silva

    Jeeves is a sweetheart and I know the main characters are Raja and rani … a pity tho … RajMata is a very powerful Queen she will take back what is rightfully hers … the passion between Raja and Rani I love but love and hate are closely related, when Rani finds out about her parents killers well I can only see one outcome … Family comes first, always.

  25. ep was great .I wish raajmata revenge it good and rani gets what hers and her love does not become an obstacle to that

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