Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani comes to the temple and looks around for workers who weren’t there. She spots three men stealing the alms trunk. She shouts at them. The goons charge her with knife and wooden sticks; they then construct a wall in front of Rani enclosing her inside. There, Raaj had reached the temple. He turns to leave but his jeep cease to work because of a heavy stone. He wonders what is stopping him here, and where this stone came behind the wheels of his jeep. Rani had been struggling to open the ropes ofher hands, she was getting faint and calls Raaj for help.
Rani had successfully thrown the newly built wall. She calls Raaj. Raaj finds Rani’s earring and thinks this means Rani came here. He comes looking for her and finds her entrapped behind a wall, semi-conscious. He brings a bucket

of water and throws water over her face and tells her not to close her eyes. He says he is going to break the wall, she must get aside. He begins to hit the bricks that fall one by one, hurting Raaj’s hand to bleed. Rani fells over him. Both look towards each other and sit on the floor. Rani holds his injured hand and ties a bandage over it. Raaj asks if this is care or love. Tears fell over Rani’s eyes while she leaves silently.
In the palace, Sunanda was anxiously waiting for Raaj and Rani. Preiti was afraid about Rani’s reaction. They were all sure Rani must be very happy. Anandi prays everything between them gets well. Raaj and Rani return home. Sunanda was shocked to see them hurt. Sakti watches the blood over Rani’s hairline. Sunanda takes them inside. Rani tells them about spotting some guys steal at the site, they charged Rani with wooden sticks and how they enclosed her within a wall that Raaj broke.
Sakshi kisses Rani’s cheek before leaving. Rani wish every pain goes this easily. She thinks about Raaj struggling to get her out. There, Chitra bandages Raaj’s house, Sunanda says they sent them to temple to get closer. Raaj was sure Rani still loves him. They hear a vase drop, Rani stood there furious. She asks if Sunanda really wants this? She asks Sunanda if she would be Raaj’s side even knowing he attempted to murder her. He is a betrayer. She questions Raaj if he is using her mother to get her. Sunanda says it was her and Chitra’s plan. Rani was upset that even Sunanda isn’t her side, she says Raaj couldn’t see her love in front of his revenge; he can go to hell and she hates him.

PRECAP: Rani was happy that Preiti had a proposal. Ananda requests Rani to pose being husband and wife until the proposal. Rani creates a wall with pillows, Raaj asks what if she breaks it by herself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sarrtaj is so yummy?

  2. I loved this episode.Both Sartaj and Eisha have done full justice to their characters.,Raaj loved Rani but tortured her for his family revenge and now it is Rani’s turn.Consciously ,she hates Raaj for what he did to her but in the semiconscious state behind the wall ,she calls his name only.Though she says she doesn’t mind Raaj going to hell,she bandages his bleeding hand and cares for his sister.Their love story has been full of obstacles created by external world,but undoubtedly theirs is eternal love and Raaj and Rani complement each other perfectly .I really admire the character of Rani Chauhan.She is courageous enough to take on two goons on her own and doesn’t hesitate to raise her voice against injustice:just like Rani Gayatri. Sartaj as usual looks very handsome and charming. I do love this cute couple

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