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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Avdesh asks Rajeshwari to apologize Gayatri as well, she made her upset and that hurts him. Rajeshwari says that she didn’t know a little pain of Gayatri can make her brother so much upset. Rajeshwari twists Gayatri’s arm. Rana ji comes to save her and holds his hand on Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari says hitting and fighting is Rana ji’s family hobby as well, it hurts watching someone your very own getting hurt. Rana ji says had her brother asked him his life he would have given it to him. He tried to snatch it else. Rana ji tells Avdesh that now his sister is also here, he must leave now.
Avdesh comes to his room. Rajeshwari asks why he made her apologize Rana ji. Avdesh tells her that this isn’t an injury, it is the first gift of love. She hates him but doesn’t know that hatred

is the first step of love. Rajeshwari asks such love. Avdesh says he wants her to be his, but from inside out. He needs her help for that. Rajeshwari asks what she can do for him. Avdesh says what she is an expert of.
Raaj Mata thinks that secret of Sartaj is really important. She can’t send Avdesh out, but she can send Rana ji and Gayatri away. A servant comes and tells Raaj Mata that all the preparations for new year celebration are ready. Raaj Mata asks who permitted the celebration. Rana ji comes and says he did. He says this is a trend of Amirkot, this celebration must take place. Raaj Mata says to Rana ji that a lot happened in the palace in the last few days, they must answer people about whereabouts of Bari Rani maa. And royal budget can’t even afford this celebration. Rana ji says she never counts the budget, what is the problem. Raaj Mata says nothing. Rana ji says celebration will take place today, Raaj Mata is herself afraid of Avdesh who can create a drama. Rana ji leaves. Raaj Mata thinks that Avdesh being here, she can’t let the celebration take place.
Rajeshwari gets into Gayatri’s feet. Gayatri tells her to get up and stop the drama. Rajeshwari says she must forgive her brother. They are simple people, they ask for what they want and she wants forgiveness for her brother. Gayatri turns to leave. Rajeshwari says this is what his brother has fallen for. Gayatri says she is a wife and a bride. Rajeshwari says it is for the first time her brother asked her from herself, else he always takes what he likes. It isn’t her brother’s mistake that he didn’t meet her before marriage. He can do anything for her. Gayatri asks anything? Rajeshwari asks her to test.
Gayatri and Rajeshwari come to Avdesh’s room. Gayatri asks Avdesh what he can give her that Rana ji couldn’t. Avdesh says he can even die for her and take life for her as well. Raaj Mata watched this. Gayatri mixes something in a milk glass, she tells Avdesh there is poison in it. He must drink it. Avdesh says if this is the test of his love.. he takes the glass, mixes it using Gayatri’s finger and says he accepts it. Rajeshwari stops Avdesh, but Gayatri also holds his hand back. Gayatri says he just said that he can die for her, and even kill someone. She wants to see if he is ready to kill… he will make his sister drink this milk with his own hands. She says she had heard in childhood that it is really easy to speak. She says she liked atleast he loves his sister, and turns to leave. Rajeshwari stops Gayatri and says her brother can never lose. She takes the glass of milk and puts a mouth on the glass. Avdesh stops Rajeshwari, and shouts at Gayatri that she can’t play with his sister’s life. Gayatri heads to leave. Rajeshwari says she wants to give a medal to Rajeshwari but she didn’t mix poison in the milk, but essence of kewra. She wanted to tell them that her brother can’t do anything for her. She leaves.
Raaj Mata thinks in the corridor that till now Avdesh was alone but now his sister has also come here, they can hurt Gayatri. An arrow hits the wall with a letter from Sartaj, he warns Raaj Mata that he is coming to palace. Raaj mata thinks that if Sartaj comes to the palace their years of hardwork can be messed up, Avdesh must leave the palace. Gayatri thinks who is disturbing Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata hurries to her room and burns the letter. Avdesh comes to Raaj Mata and says she will keep him and his sister in the palace… else. Raaj Mata asks he has fallen so much, her daughter in law showed his place to him today. She says in her family, her daughters and daughter in laws aren’t sold. She is sure Avdesh doesn’t know anything, and if he does he must go and tell Rana ji. They will see who Rana ji believes. Gayatri thinks that she was right and Raaj Mata has a reason to keep Avdesh here. She thinks she must know about the full reality before doing anything.

PRECAP: Rajeshwari collects American spider’s poison in a bottle and says she will gift her brother to Gayatri this new year. She sprinkes it in Rana ji’s food.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Her Royal Highness The Princess

    Thanks a lot for such a quick update..
    I just don’t like Avdesh and Rajeshwari.. ?
    Pls writers change the track..

  2. Nice episode..

    But,regarding mahasangham,
    How can Ek tha raja(its perodical, with british people, raja,rani,even telephones and cars are old models) can be mingled with yeh vaada raha…OMG..
    Zee,have u lost ut sense….

    1. I know …how is it even possible!!!!

    2. Night at the museum track 😛

  3. Nice episode

  4. Its getting bore…

  5. Oops… Missed today’s episode… I’m in thought of IKRS… Are you also Fatarajo?? #desifriend…

    1. Hey desifriend as I m in Japan currently I missed all the shows, so I’m reading the updates now, but as I m free today, I watched 3 IKRS episodes this week and now I m gonna watch YVR. And as for Raja Rani, my aunt loves this show a lot, so I have to set the episodes for her and then I watch it wid her

  6. Nice epi today. I wanna see more RaGa scenes! Please let Gayatri save rananji from having that poisonous food!!

  7. Actually …how can ye vaaada raha n etretr merge up for maha sangam …so foolish step ..

  8. Is the time machine already invented exclusive by Zee networks…????

  9. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Zee serials are bcoming a joke!!!!! Dumb tracks….poor actors i feel for ul..

  10. I thought Raja Rani maybe the one of the first zee show where there is no dragging or nonsense track. This Avdesh track is out of track. I read somewhere that this track was for 10 episodes only, but it’s already more than 10 episodes -_- Sulakshana and Badi rani Maa track was at least better than this nonsense track. No offense, but this week Raja Rani was super boring only because of this track and I fear that trps may drop even more. Infact, I m loving Yeh Vaada Raha more nowadays

    1. yes so true . this whole week of episodes was just a waste. Really boring .. they are starting to drag this show too much.. so disappointing ..

      1. Karinnaaridokono(Fatarajo)

        Yeah Xavier, its indeed disappointing

  11. This whole Avdesh & his sister track is getting ridiculous. I’ve actually stopped watching it as it’s bordering on the unbelievable.

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