Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Amrita says she will speak to the family about Raja and Rani, and takes a leave from Raaj Mata. Meenu asks for permission to let Raja and Rani stay for some more time, its celebration of her friend’s marriage. Raja and Rani spend time with each other, while Raja sings for her. He hugs her promising no further pains. His friends throw petals over them and come for celebration, Bindu cries on a side. Raja and Rani were sitting on the roof at night, when Raja holds her hand saying I love you. Someone stood behind them with a knife.
Kaal was unable to believe Amrita, Amrita says Raja and Rani love each other from childhood and the truth is Rani is the daughter of Gayatri and Rana ji. Kaal was ready to finish the remaining end of the story now. He was ready to write that story now with

the blood of Raaj Mata and Rani. Amrita realizes she had been day dreaming and leaving without talking to Kaal.
Raja says there is one more thing he wants to say to her, he makes a cut over his hand and swears on his blood not to leave her side till death. Rani makes a cut over hers, saying in her veins not blood but love runs, she swears on it not to leave his side. They match each other’s fist, mixing the blood. Rani says like this blood, they have also become one. This relations will last for ages.
In the palace, Amrita shows the box of jewelry at Raja and requests him to go away with Rani and Raaj Mata. Raja argues he has loved only, he isn’t a criminal to run away. Rani has always lived alone, she never got a family but she now will. He asks Amrita to give her the love of a mother, Amrita was puzzled how to explain the matter to him. Raja asks her to let Kaal and Bari Rani Maa meet Raaj Mata once, they will realize Rani has been brought up like a queen. Amrita promises to speak to them in the morning.
The next morning, Kaal notices Amrita to be puzzled and asks what the matter is. Amrita tells him that Raja has decided to get married. Bari Rani Maa was shocked, and question whom? Amrita says Rani. Kaal asks in shock, what?
Raaj Mata enters the palace with Rani and Raja. Raja warns her that his father isn’t like her, he has a narrow heart. Raaj Mata asks if he is making her fearful of a monster in the stories. Raja says when someone meets his father, he forgets the monster in stories. Kaal twists Amrita’s arm, Amrita tells Kaal that Raja and Rani love each other since childhood. Yesterday, when Jeewan was trying to marry Rani Raja stopped the wedding. Raja tells Raaj Mata about his grandmother, Bari Rani Maa. If she agrees to something, the decision is unturned. Bari Rani Maa announces that this proposal is impossible, in the royals not girls but their families are seen while marriages. In case of Jeewan she agreed only because he is illegitimate, but Raja is the heir of throne. A maid can never be his bride.
Raaj Mata opens the doors of palace, tears fills her eyes as she get flashes from her past. She recognizes the place, saying she has been here before as well. She steps inside the palace.
Amrita says that Rani is not a maid. She has been brought up in poverty, but is a royal. Kaal asks for the truth,
There, Raaj Mata walks across the corridors of palace. Raja says it seems this palace is Raaj Mata’s house, she appears to be a Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata recognizes this name and says it seems someone called her by this name before as well. She was seated in Raja’s room on easy chair, Kokilla comes from behind and questions who is she. Raaj Mata stands up to face her. Kokilla was shocked.

PRECAP: Kaal scolds Raja how dare he took his decision about marriage. He was about to slap Raja for his argument, but was shocked to see Raaj Mata. Bari Rani Maa was also fearful.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What about this writers, Rajmata have not retrieved her memory…But before that she is infront of kaal and oldie chudail.. even if raajmata get backs memory, what will happen..Will rani have the capacity to fight these people…Just waiting to see what will happen

  2. OMG….this is tense!!! I’m nervous. I want to know what happens next….

  3. nice episodde

  4. What next? Full suspence at.

  5. Makes it interesting. How will a weak woman with memory loss fight a rakshas and a chudiyal.
    Faster pace story than the original.
    Even though the actors were better.
    They were totally under utilized.

  6. osm episode

  7. indera sanichara

    Please give Raaj Maata her memory back, I am afraid for Rani what will happened guys

  8. This is it! For all who were waiting with bated breath, EXHALE! Biting nails…to see how writers shape this stormy story. I believe that rajmata was getting flashbacks earlier , but had difficulty seeing faces and placing events . She used to say she was a queen and ruled in a palace but Rani and the caregiver used to brush it off saying that rajmata was not in her right senses. Hell yes….the woman knew what she was talking about, remember she was traumatized after the palace coup so it must have taken a huge toll on her. I’m sooooo looking forward to seeing Rani and Raja ‘s expressions when all is revealed. Writers, PLEASE…don’t screw-up this story, like what all Zee serials end up being.

  9. Hah!!!…great episode!….

  10. OH my Gosh!!! This is an amazing episode. I just saw this episode online. I love the beautiful love story between Raja and Rani and that Rajesh Khanna song they played. I was mesmerized. ?. Just beautiful!!! But as the story unfolds, I have to say I got goosebumps and my heart was racing. I’ve never been so nervous, tensed and anxious all at once, to see the next set of episodes. Oh my gosh…this drama is getting hotter and more awesome. I was watching this episode going through all these emotions : one time loving (& smiling and blushing at ) the love story between Raja and Rani and then getting nervous as Raja took Rani and her granny into the palace. When I saw Kaal’s and the old queen’s expression and the Rani’s granny getting flashback, I got goosebumps. I was like “oh my goodness! Trouble is brewing!” I just can’t wait to see the other episodes as the Drama unfolds. Nervous as ever.

  11. By the way, I agree with sentiments expressed here about Zee. Other serials of Zee are messed up big time, please, I trust the writers of this serial is different and don’t mess up likewise. The story is developing splendidly with all the love and high voltage drama, suspense and so forth. So far, so good. Please don’t mess up, writers/producers. We’re depending on you. ???

  12. I should mention, when raajmata entered the palace her reaction was awesome.
    When raja called rajmata, the way she said someone have already called me like Dat and how elegantly she walked off. Omg, raajmata is awesome.

    1. I agree. I saw it too ?. Amrita Raj is a veteran actress. Superb. She’s a terrific actress and can pull off these roles very well. Expressions and actions and all.

  13. Of course they will screw up the serial so the ratings can flop that is what zee tv is about. First of all how can they make Rani such a weakling grovelling for love being tossed back and forth, between 2 brothers ? I still do not like the way Indian serials portray women, i don’t care that these are fictions, it just portrays Indian men mentality, forgive me not all but most. These writers are supposed to be intelligent, or are they targeting the illitrate viewers? I just dont get it, no woman lead character is ever strong unless they are plotting evil deed against their fellow women. sickening. Please make Rani strong and intelligent just like her mother not some weakling waiting to be rescued as usual in indian films.

  14. I firmly believe that the woman predicted to kill Kaal is Raja Mata ( Rani’s granny) the ever talented Amrita Raj. Loved her when she acted on the big screen in her days! She’s a superb actress and dancer. Rani is too young and too innocent and naive to do something like that. Killing Kaal would require a strong woman who knew the atrocities of the killings of the real king and queen (Rani’s parents); it would require something with real anguish over the killings, having harbor it for years, someone affected by it. Rani is just the offspring of the deceased royalty. But Raja Mata is the main woman to effect that killing as she is from the past and was witness to all that transpired. Oh boy, then if she’s the one to kill Kaal, then viewers can expect some superb acting from Amrita Raj (Rata Mata) who is a class of an actress. She can act. I’m getting excited and even more eager to see this drama unfolds.

    1. yes yaar, only raajmata is efficient and capable of taking revenge…Her perfomance is awesome

  15. I love the way Raja looks in his outfits, so dashing and handsome, especially in those waistcoats…is that what it’s called? Anyway, rajmata walked through that massive door and my hair stood on ends, so regal like a queen! Poor Raja, don’t know how it’s gonna be for him when revelations start hitting the fans. He and Rani looks soooooooo beautiful together, like made for each other! Gosh, I don’t want them separated. Awesome episode.

    1. I agree with you 100% on Raja. The way they dressed him was one of the first things that caught my eyes. I love his outfits and they fit him so well. ???????. I really love the way he walks and turns and carry himself. ?? The actor carries his role extremely well. The couple (Raja and Rani) looks very good together. I totally agree too. Hope the relationship develops even more and stronger. And indeed, Rajamata carried herself so elegantly. I simply loved this episode and all the emotions and suspense. The actors did well. I have to tell you that little old lady in the white ( the evil old queen)….I was hugely tickled by her acting. She’s a superb actress. I totally enjoyed her acting and facial expressions. Never mind her role is negative (that’s all part of versatile acting), she’s very good at pulling off that role. I just loved watching her expressions and reactions when she learnt Raja wants to marry Rani. I love her acting. She’s a little lady who carries a big role extremely well. Applause to her! As well as the actor playing Kaal. I mean the actors are bring out out the story so well and riveting. I’m very anxious and eager to see the other episodes.

  16. They all are amazing actors. These writers feel by separating the main character you make the story run longer. It just aggravates the fan base and fans stop watching and then they have to take it off air. Do I hope the writers are very careful how they proceed. The TRPS are looking very good.

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