Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mr Wilkinson’s comes to Gayatri and says she is lucky to become a Raani being a common man. He has requested the British Government to accept her as a Raani, and hopes she will be loyal to the government. He knows that Indians are loyal as dogs. Gayatri stands up, she throws the crown off Wilkinson’s hand. She says she is loyal to her motherland, not to the robbers who came to rob India of each and everything, even the Kohinoor. Wilkinson’s says she is blaming British, they got schools, roads and trains here. Gayatri says we had the art and culture, they came and made the schools to get clerks, they made roads so that it is easy for them to rob their country. They increased the taxation on people to deprive poor of their basic necessities as well. Wilkinson’s is enraged at this,

he says she has disrespected him and he won’t stay here, he won’t accept her as Raani. Raaj Mata stops him, Rana ji as well. Mr. Wilkinson’s says that who she to misbehave with him is, she must say sorry. Rana ji gets angry that he shouldn’t forget she is Raani. Wilkinson’s says how dare he. Rana ji says how dare he, standing in the royal palace misbehave with his Raani. Wilkinson’s says who is he, the government is of British, and they are just lions on paper. Rana ji says it will cost them much if this paper lion shows him his true colours. Rana ji says it is better for him to do the crown ceremony of Rani and leave. Rana ji challenges him and says if he wins then Wilkinson’s will have to do the crown ritual. Mr. Wilkinson’s accepts the challenge. Bari Raani maa says to Raaj mata this happens when you brings a common girl as Raani, now each and every drop of blood that will shed from Rana ji’s body will be because of her. Gayatri faints on the chair, Raaj mata asks Swarna to take Gayatri from here.
Rana ji and Wilkinson’s confront each other for sword fight. In the room, Swarna asks Gayatri what she has done, Gayatri wakes up and asks she doesn’t remember anything. Swarna says she insulted a British officer and now Rana ji is having a sword fight with Wilkinsons. The servants bring swords, Rana ji asks for his own. The servant tells him he couldn’t find his Durga karak. Laksh smiles as he had taken it. Rana ji takes the sword, Kunwar ji says to Kokilla that Rana ji will lose because for a fighter his sword is the most important thing. He is incomplete without his sword.
Gayatri is worried and wonders what she has done, she runs out to the hall.
There in the hall, Mr. Wilkinson’s and Rana ji begin the fight. Wilkinson’s jerks Rana ji away who comes at a defending position other than attacking one. Wilkinson’s sword injures him on arm. Gayatri watches this from the corridor. Mr. Wilkinson’s attach Rana ji on his back again. Kokilla and Kunwar ji are happy. Swarna says to Gayatri that today Rana ji needs his Durga Karak the most, Gayatri remembers having the sword in kitchen and rushes towards there. Gayatri says to Swarna in the kitchen that she will die if Rana ji is injured taking care of her respect. Swarna says that it must be there somewhere. Gayatri says that the sword had the same pearls, they look for pearl through the palace and heads towards the room.
Bari Raani maa was angry at Raaj Mata that only she will be responsible for Rana ji’s defeat today along with Raani.
Swarna and Gayatri looks for the sword. Gayatri’s foot is hurt by the sword, she takes it happily.
Wilkinson’s had got Rana ji on floor, he asks Rana ji to accept defeat. Raaj mata says that his life is worthier than his success, he must accept the defeat. Gayatri runs with the sword towards rana ji. Laksh is shocked to see her with Durga Karak.

PRECAP: Bari Raani maa says that today she is with Gayatri and says that she has done the right thing today. She wants Rana ji to put crown on Raani Gayatri’s head himself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Beautiful storyline 🙂

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Wow back on good track.hate koklask n gang blo*dy villians.Pls Ranaji well going ur defence of ur Rani mwahhhhh

  3. Just superb, love this show beautiful.

  4. Writers expose kokila and the husband

  5. awww. so sweet .. my family and I are starting to love this show.. It’ll get better.. it will kind of remind you of jodha akbar. And guys look. Kokila plans are sort of good . why ? because it actually brings Rana Ji and Queen Gayatri closer and she doesn’t notices it… <3 I am a big fan of zee tv . I am a 20 year old male of east indian descent … Trinidad and Tobago. I am born in Trinidad . we have directv pre paid and we look at all zee tv shows 🙂

  6. yes I’m so excited and eagerly waiting for the moment when ranaji sees the love raani gayatri has for him and that he also realises that he love her to.

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