Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At the table, Rani announces she has cooked the breakfast for everyone. She serves the rolls. Sunanda tells Rani it is really tasty, but there was no chicken at home. Rani says there was a chicken. Sakshi announces Rani has killed the hen. Rani stops Raaj and tells Sunanda she can’t take any innocent’s life for her revenge.
Later, Chitra ran behind Sakshi to eat medicine. Raaj also tries to make Sakshi up for it. Rani brings Gulab Jaman for Sakshi. Raaj sits beside Sakshi and asks for one, Rani tells Sakshi these will end if she shares. Sunanda comes to ask Rani what this is, Rani tells Sunanda she mixed Sakshi’s medicine in the Gulab Jaman. Rani says she can’t hurt anyone like Raaj. Raaj says today he has realized atleast Rani cares for him, what’s left is to turn this care

into love. Sunanda says Raaj must now follow their advice.
Rani wakes up in the middle of night due to strong winds. She finds a candle in her room. All the family was upto make Rani fearful but she wasn’t afraid, instead looks around for what was happening. Raaj thinks about doing something else. He pushes a skull inside. Rani was fearful this time and runs outside to knock at door of Sunanda’s room. She was shocked to see a skeleton moving towards her and runs into the hall. Raaj comes from front, she fell over her. Rani straightens up and tells him there is a ghost. She wasn’t ready to go to her room anymore. He offers her to go to his room. She was ready to go to his room. Sakshi comes there and cheers that their plan worked. Rani figures out it was Raaj’s plan. Everyone had gathered, Rani shouts at Raaj for being down trodden. She says he ruined their relation himself, there can never be any relation between them. She was his bride but was never his wife. She was broken and doesn’t allow him to come close. She then goes to fetch Mangal sooter. She says she always kept it as she wanted their love to be like that of Raja and Rani, but now they have no relation and this mangal sooter doesn’t mean anything now. She runs upstairs.
Raaj watches Chitra hit herself with a stick and considers herself responsible for all his troubles. Raaj hugs Chitra and lay in her lap crying that he killed his love with his own hands. Chitra tells him not to lose hope, she says if his love is true, even Rani can’t stop it.
Sunanda brings tea for Chitra. Chitra begins to speak, Sunanda says they must think about their children. Rani is really angry and they must attempt to unite them. She says she made Rani up to go to temple where their company’s construction is going on. She must sent Raaj there.

PRECAP: Rani was beaten by some goons at a sight and they close her behind a brick wall. Raaj had come looking for Rani.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Cathy

    You give em hell Rani…Good Girl.

  2. I seem to recall Bindu and brm sealing a wall in season 2 … and Rani was bound and gagged behind it in a small room ?

  3. Since the revealition of truth ,there has been a sea of change in Raaj’s personality.The dark seriousness Is gone and we are seeing the Season2’s smiling and charming Raja in Raaj now.The smile which disappeared with Rani’s death has come back and it is a pleasure to watch him going all out to win back Rani.Rani in turn is giving him hell which he deserves for his past deeds.But I think repentance is better than any other punishment :to repent means to punish oneself,and Rani’s mother has seen that in Raaj .But Rani has undergone so much misery that we can not expect her to understand the change in Raaj so fast.
    Even though Rani is annoyed with Raja ,it is a treat to watch Sartaj and Eisha as Raja/Raaj and Rani.

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