Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani alerts Naina about Vijay and tells her to take them away. Vijay runs behind them. Laila was worried about Raja when she watches Raja and Naina arrive with Raaj Mata. She asks if her house is an orphanage, Raja interrupts her to shut up. He can bear anything but his Dadu’s insult. Laila wasn’t ready to stop, Raja pushes Laila inside her room and locks her there. Naina follows Raja to his room and knocks from outside. Rani comes to Naina and requests her to go to Dadu, she herself passes the door into Raja’s room.
Inside, Raja cries over the bed. Rani also cries sitting beside him. Raja says his love came out to be really weak. Rani speaks to Raja that had it been really weak, he must not have this pain in his heart. Raaj Mata comes to Naina and asks if she loves Raja a

lot? Naina says she thought she loves Raja, but today she realized Rani’s love was so strong for Raja. Raaj Mata gets tear eyed, saying Rani’s love was… Naina’s love is. Her Rani can’t return, their love story has ended now. Raja looks at Naina and asks if Rani is still there? He wish to see her once, and speak to her. Naina asks if she can be seen by Raja, Rani says Raja once saw her when Naina left his wedding and he was looking for her. Naina says even Rani wants to come to him, she thinks about an idea. She asks if she can get into her body. Raja says Naina doesn’t do this, Rani was also not ready as this may put her life at stake. Naina says her reason to stay is to get two lovers connected. She gets seated, Rani enters her body.
It was Rani in Naina’s body now. She stands up to Raja, calling him Raja Baja and holds his hand. Tears fell off Raja’s eyes as they hold each other’s hand closely. They hug each other, Raja kiss over her forehead. He says she might have ended, but his love for her didn’t die. Rani says love never ends and leaves. Naina watches her go, and tells Raja she got freed.
Laila tells the boys about Raja’s grandmother. They go inside to meet her. Laila signals someone to come inside. A man with covered face enters the gates.
In the hall, Vikrant asks Raaj Mata if she is really the Raaj Mata. Rekha was excited if she had an elephant, and a huge palace. Raaj Mata says there was a time it was. She says her palace was exactly the same, Raja left no stones unturned. Raja says he got the palace but could never turn it home. Laila sits there lost. He says he has decided, everyone left him but he won’t let her leave this place. Vikrant demands to hear a story. Raaj Mata narrates Rana ji and Rani Gayatri’s story, there was a time Amirkot.
Naina sits in the room when the man in disguise comes to put chloroform over her face. Raja stands up, assuring Vikrant he would be back. He says he must ask Naina about story as well. Laila replies curtly that Naina must have fallen asleep. Raaj Mata says Naina has seen much in past 12 hours, they must let her take rest.
The kidnapper holds Naina over his shoulder.

PRECAP: It was Vijay who had kidnapped Naina.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What, rani is gone forever??? When Rani entered Naina’s body, I thought this is silly yet these writers may actually let this continue. But no, Rani had to be gone. Now Naina is kidnapped and Raja goes to jail. Wow. Now who exactly is gonna save Naina?
    This show seems like it’s headed nowhere. The small span of episodes that featured Rani, though as a ghost sparked interest. Now that she’s gone, I’m utterly disappointed.
    This may seem ridiculous but I so badly want Rani back. I don’t know, though it’s Eisha in the same role, I find Rani to be more likeable compared to the kid that is Naina.

    1. In the above comment, I expressed my disappointment but I forgot to say how beautiful this episode was. Sartaj is definitely a terrific actor. The emotions he shows is just amazing.
      Now that Rani’s soul has got mukti,I wish Raja didn’t believe in Rajmata and we got to see Rani a little while longer.
      What I feel bitter about is, Rani was the most important character once. Her death was a mystery to everyone including Raja. The writers could have done a way better job. I don’t get how a man who doesn’t trust his wife for 10 years can accept his mistake in one episode. And of all atrocities, they gave Rani just one damn episode to reconcile with her loved one. This was such an important turn in the story and they had to mess it up. Sometimes I get mad at how long they pull one track, take the stupid Iqbal track for one which led to all this. And now when I wanted Rani’s ghost to stay longer, they had to give her mukti.
      Eisha and Raja do a tremendous job as Raja and Rani. As for Naina, when I believed Rani and Naina are one, I liked her. Now she’s just a annoying kid. I don’t see how Raja who still loves Rani and after even reconciling with her, can possibly love a lookalike. Just make him die writers and let him reunite with Rani. As always you could rope in a new character to be the lead for this Naina. I don’t really care. Raja and Rani make sense not Raja and Naina. Unlike Rajmata, I still think their love is and not was.

      1. I support this comment 1000% Priya. I can’t add anything else, you said it perfectly and I echo the same sentiments. For this serial to salvage some respect and logic, writers has to allow Raja to die, by their PEN!!!! He loves Rani even in death so he most absolutely must not be love interest for Naina. He could be a big brother or whatever….. You see how these writers screwed up this story BIG TIME……. What is painful to think is that they loved each other dearly since childhood, that’s like having a tree rooted firmly in the earth for ages, and now writers, with the stroke of a pen, demolished this eternal love. It’s like they just woke up one day and decided to take another direction and expect viewers to accept it. In tonight’s episode, I blanked out the fact that it was a ghost in the serial and I just basked in the emotions which flowed from Raja’s eyes and Rani going away from him. Sartaj is an amazing actor, I wish he gets more recognized and moves on to bigger roles in life.

  2. suyyash very good villain … loves naina so does don ji … can’t wait for next episode

  3. I want rani back, i can’t support raja and naina no matter how hard i try. Naina looks and behaves too immature for raja.

    1. Me too, I’m trying not to be biased but I can’t accept this immature Naina to be with Raja. Her immaturity doesn’t compliment Raja at all. I think this episode was too hurried, it felt like injustice was done to the love between Raja and Rani by this quickie explanation. I wonder if this serial is nearing it’s end sooner than we thought………

    2. Agree with both of you

  4. .. in Hindi …
    Raja means King …
    Rani means Queen …
    names do not matter in love as it comes from the heart

  5. I agree with u Shelly. N I also endorse Priya’s comment wherein raja accepts everything in one episode. I echoed the same yesterday itself.

    N guys Don n naina’s love story has just Kickstarted. It is too early to criticize. N now raja is 30+ and Naina 18 yrs old. Definitely maturities are gonna vary. But now this is a fresh love story.

    N I strongly believe rani’s heart is in naina. Rani’s death mystery not completely solved. Before attaining salvation rani tell raja ‘people die love never dies’.

    When eisha replaced drashti Dhami n Sartaj replaced Siddhant karnick I concluded that etretr is going to be super flop. But eventually we all started liking the second pair. So wait our opinions may change two months down the line.

  6. archana your opinion is right
    but one person dies and its heart is given to another person
    and its face changed it doesn’t mean it is the same person
    in serial now rani is no more if anyone wants to see serial further then accept that rani is no more and her love also so don’t fool yourself
    by saying naina is rani

  7. Yes Naz I am also thinking on the same lines,one of the upcoming two new serials of zee might replace this.If that happens the writers of this story are definitely to be blamed. With such excellent talent at their disposal .they could have taken the story to new heights. Their biggest blunder was to bring in Iqbal’s character and a host of other actors whose roles were limited to just one or two scenes onl y :what is the use of just introducing new characters without a strong story line? And a beautiful romantic story was damaged beyond repair by killing Rani and turning Raja ,a prince ,into a don followed by look alikes ,spirits and what not: there seems to be no end to their pathetic story plots..The only way they could have rectified their blunder was to bring back Rani Into Raja’ s life,But these guys are more cynical than God,they closed all the avenues by simply turning her into a. Spirit.There must be reasons unknown to us for god’ s actions and we have to accept them as nothing is in our hands.But atleast the writers could have made all of us happy by re introducing Rani’ s character .Now how they are going to end the story ,let us wait and see.Naz thank you very much for understanding and sharing my grief ,the two friends of mine don’t cry anymore for themselves ,long since they have come to the conclusion that they are paying for the wrongs committed in their previous births.Now they find solace in helping people more unfortunate than them :when not in courts they help in orphanages and old age homes.They find happiness there.Naz i am very happy to have a good friend from Caribbeans,one of the most beautiful places on this globe.I used to be a great fan of Clive Lloyd’ s West Indies team in my college days particularly Viv Richards .Later my loyalties switched over to Australia Ofcourse now I don’ t watch even Indian team also as the standards are not the same anymore.I am very happy to have a good friend from Caribbeans one of the most beautiful places on this globe.As for myself I am a very simple and friendly person ,that’s what people say ,being a Gemini very emotional by nature.But God has been very kind to me so far I never had to cry for myself.blessed with a loving husband and two lovely ,caring sons; elder one in Usa and the younger one an Australian citizen,both are in software profession.I am an attorney by profession and my husband is a senior professor in computer science discipline.Thank you Naz if not for you ,I would have gone off this forum.Have a good day ,my friend.

  8. Awwwww…wonderful to hear from you Lakshmi! There’s nothing that we can do now, huh!! When something’s broken, we need to pick up the pieces and move on, SIGH!!!!! Rani is no more and Raja will be saddled with a lookalike! It’s very commendable that your friends have moved on and are doing humanitarian work, I wish them all happiness in life, may God bless and enrich their lives immensely. You are right about modern day cricket, it’s not how it used to be back then. I live in the same island as Brian Lara, I still love one day cricket though and World Cup football. I’m a simple and friendly person as well, an Aries by birth, but headstrong at the same time. I’m also blessed with a son who works in the media and a daughter who is a geography teacher at an all girls college, both are wonderful children, makes me smile a lot. I’m divorced and not ashamed to say it, happy in my own home. Soooo wonderful to know you too. Let’s see what is in store for Raja, I want him to be happy but don’t appreciate him having lost his only love and has to accept her lookalike because the writers say so. I’m staying on because of Sartaj Gill. It’s carnival weekend across here, have a blessed and wonderful weekend my friend. It’s great to connect with new people from across the globe.

    1. So lovely to hear this Naz. You’re an incredibly wonderful person. It’s been my pleasure to chat with you here. I’m here only for Sartaj Gill… ?. Stay just as sweet dear Naz. Trust me your loveliness comes out in your comments.

  9. imagine me crying over a serial but i just could not help it……it was so sad rani is indeed dead and i just cannot stand laila’s face but damn she is so ug…ugly lmao Viv Richards has a daughter in india her mom’s name is Neena Gupta she is an actress of the early 80’s i am a cricket fanatic i love shivnarine chanderpaul brian lara chris gayle sunil narine sachin tendulkar i celebrated shivratri naz but did not eat any sweets i am abstaining from those for now and lakshmi stay on dear for the longest while no one was really commenting on ETRETR just naz and sapphire bye

    1. Sia, it’s amazing how we all have formed a beautiful little friendship on this forum, it feels as if we’ve known each other since long and are now trying to catch up. I’m familiar with everyone you mentioned. I try to enrich my intellect by reading extensively on any given topic, ANYTHING…..been like this since I was a child and never grew it out. I try whenever I can,to assist children and elderly ,even if it’s too counsel them. I have a hard time seeing people with ailments and in unfortunate circumstances so that even though ETRETR is fiction, I can’t bear to see Raja in pain,my heart weeps for this character and Sartaj has breathed life into Raja!! About those sweets, I try to stay far from them,though tempting, I care more about my health…I cheat now and then….lol… I’m off east Indian heritage BTW and I love everything east Indian and my Trinidadian culture as well, I’m a Caribbean soul..Remember, if you need me to find out anything for you across here,let me know.

  10. Despite the foolishness and horrible nature of this story now, all respect, accolade and admiration goes to Sartaj Gill/raja. He is such a great and amazing actor. He’s the only saving point and strength of this show. The only good thing about it, actually. He can pull any role and any emotion so incredibly well. I just love, love, love, love, love him to pieces. What an amazing actor and Guy. Incredibly handsome too! As Naz said “fatally attractive”! Sighhh….I just love him !! ❤️❤️❤️?????. He did such an amazing job in this serial and of course in this episode. Wonderful Sartaj! Keep it up. I hope after this serial we get to see more and more and more of you. I don’t care about this serial any more after the writers destroyed this story. But I do care about Sartaj Gill/raja.

    1. Jess, I cried so much watching the episode that I got a huge headache, my daughter gave me paper towels without saying a word. Sia and I were on the same boat last night. I also love Sartaj..sniff sniff……imagine I cry when Rani calls him Raja Baja and even now while I’m typing this comment, difficult to see through my tears, the letters multiply before my eyes!! I’m a hopeless romantic and cry when I read books and hear a song that brings back a memory…it’s that bad. I think life experiences have taught me the complexities of this world and even though I’m tough at decision making and stick to what I believe to be correct, it’s always the fragility of life which makes me sit back and think twice before deciding anything. Thank you my dear friend for all your wonderful words. Just like how I’ve connected with you, I feel the same way with Lakshmi, Sia and Sapphire. Great weekend to you.

      1. I cried too. Last time I cried while watching it was when Rani was alive. Now in her last episode, I cried again. I think that shows we all love this pair and absolutely adore them.
        Like Archana said, it may be too early but still. Only hope I have is, just like how Indravadhan moved on from Sulakshana to Gayatri, Raja may do too. But I just can’t get how Rani could say, doors are open for you, just take a step. She may be selfless but they promised to love even in death.

        God, I so badly wish Rani was back but sigh, it won;’t happen 🙁

  11. Satraj was in another serial is that serial finish

  12. Hi friends, as per you all raja should die now. So if raja dies n a lookalike of raja is introduced opposite naina… Then u all will accept.. Or best is y keep Sartaj gill n eisha Singh in etretr.. Let us change the pair only… Sometimes I don’t understand u ppl need actor or character.. If character dies bring back dead character if actor changes bring back original actor… N y none of u here is able to accept a different way of storytelling… If all this is shown in movies its OK.. From where do u think these plots are coming.. Everything tried n tested in Indian movies n serials before… Now I want u all to answer a simple question?.. Eisha doesn’t want to age onscreen.. She quit her previous show when it took a 7 yr leap.. Were u all OK if eisha was replaced n an older female played rani..?.. Now u all are saying bring back rani.. If above scenario was true u will say bring back eisha… N pls don’t talk about sense n logic… They are totally absent in all current Indian serials.

    1. Archana, I have no idea about others but I barely watch movies. Also like you said, logic is not something one finds in Indian serials. Only thing with ETRETR is, it started out elegantly with lead pair.When BRM was caught, everyone thought the end but no they had something planned. Accepted again. Then came Sartaj-Eisha pair.

      If you see, Ranaji hated Gayatri and she disguised herself, yet he loved. Same is being repeated here. But amidst all this, the Sartaj-Eisha Raja Rani pair according to me represented the amount of hardships one faces in relationships. The ups and downs, setbacks and failures, everything was beautiful. I may even go on to say, it was better than Dhrasti and SIdharth pair since we saw more problems being thrown at Gayatri. Here Raja was smart and they stuck together. And do you really think all the Iqbal crap came since Eisha didn’t want to age? Rani was barely 23 when she died. She didn’t have to age. A happy married life and a successful career would have been a nice end to the show. But no, they had to pull this along and here we have a ‘soon-to-blossom’ relationship between a 35 year old man who just parted with his wife and an 18 year old lookalike. Clearly, the ones who could show Raja Rani’s beautiful relationship were expected to be more capable.

  13. Why would they give Iqbal the power to separate Raja and Rani is beyond me and even if Eisha did not want to age the writers could have done a shorter leap than 10 years or written another feasible track but keep Raja and Rani together. I still think that there is a mystery surrounding Naina and even though they portrayed Rani as being dead I still feel that the writers have another twist coming concerning Rani, if Im wrong then i agree with you all who think Raja and Rani should unite in death. Also people get attached to the actor and the character it is what can make or break a show, that is why when the lead dies or the fans don’t agree with the tracks presented the show flops.

    1. Well said Patricia. Iqbal was introduced out of the blue and given a stupid back story. They could have proved to Iqbal how Raja was innocent and just gone about the normal show or killed him off and continued. Even the actor who played Iqbal has said, it was meant to be a cameo but extended to a month and he doesn’t like that. They didn’t even need a leap. A normal life in the day of Raja and Rani could have easily kept viewers going. But they wanted drama and they killed the essence of the show.
      I don’t know if there is any mystery surrounding Naina since this serial hasn’t stuck to or cleared any of the doubts viewers had. For instance Kaals death in the hands of a woman was never shown. BRM death was just one episode long and so was Rani’s justice. I don’t know what’s going to happen…

      1. I also agree with you, Priya.

    2. I agree with your comments, Patricia.

  14. Eisha /rani was 21 when she died as she started college at 18 n guess showed a 3yr relationship. Now in any storyline the next step is lead pair has kids. Eisha neither wants to age nor become mother onscreen as she feels she is too young to do justice to such roles. She left IKRS for the same
    reason and made the same clear to etretr
    makers. She admitted in an interview. Iqbal twist was brought due to eisha’s condition n inability of makers to do without a leap. Now Sartaj n eisha are playing their real
    ages onscreen. Eisha is 18 n Sartaj around 29-30 in real life. But yes there is connection between rani-naina but naina is not Rani. N sartaj-eisha chemistry uplifted the show. I cannot envision any other pairing in their place as of now. N storyline is screwed in all current serials n more so in the top rated ones I feel. Well this is my perspective.

  15. We definitely don’t want Eisha to quit,but We want Rani back. Otherwise the show will flop.

  16. I agree the show without rani will flop.

  17. Hello Naz ,Sia what is going on in ETREtR is quite confusing,Rani goes , her look alike Naina comes into Raja’s life and as some viewers want ,for the second time Raja falls in love: had ETRETR been another ordinary love story like 99percent of our Tv serials ,most of the viewers on this forum would not have wasted their time in all these discussions and arguments.The reason why all of us are so passionate about this particular story is that it is on par with those eternal love stories like Romeo Juliet ,Heer ranjha etc which are all tragic romantic stories.We never wanted Raja Rani’s story to end on those lines .But the miserable writers killed Rani and there by started the process.If they can bring back Rani , nothing like it as they are made for each other.Yes Rani will be a 29 or 30 year old but Raja is also around 33 or 34 and moreover they have been in love with each other since childhood.On the other hand if the writers don’t want to bring back Rani then they have two options , one is of letting Raja follow Rani or leading the remaining part of his lifein some other meaningful way instead of running behind Naina or Layla or some other girl because true love happens only once.Regarding Eisha’s unwillingness to play a28 year old, the writers should have made it clear to her in the very beginning itself that an actor should always follow the story line and do everything that is demanded of him or her, and it is not the otherway around.Afterall nobody is indispensable in this world If they have not done so and want the viewers to watch raja romancing Naina,then they are going to lose almost all the viewers. My . gut feeling is that this story is going to be a tragedy .The title of the serial also suggests that only.ETR ETR means once upon a time there was a raja and rani.Rani is already past tense and raja is also going to follow suit. Naz ,what are your thoughts on this?

  18. First sentence correction ,whatever is going on in etretr

  19. Naz you are really lucky to have a daughter,they are so affectionate, I would have loved to have a daughter but the almighty gave me two sons .Definitely they are also affectionate but don’t show it My dear friend I strongly believe if our conscience is clear, there is nothing to be ashamed of and you are blessed with two beautiful children who make you smile and also help you when in tears.What else a mother wants Naz? I think we are all sailing in the same boat,like you and Sia I could not simply stop crying seeing raja and rani together after so many episodes.Such sick minded writers,how could they seperate them? Anyway since the pen is in their hands they are at liberty to play with our emotions . Be happy and have a good day my friend.

  20. Lakshmi… I waited to see how many viewers would comment on this ongoing dilemma and how they would perceive the argument and angles. Having said so…. Archana’s first comment came across as a reprimand but in her second one, the comment was more of introspect. That’s ok… The golden rule is that while we agree most of the time, it’s also healthy to agree to disagree at times as well. Both her comments puts two schools of thought to the debate. Without having to reiterate her points, according to the story, Raja and Rani were childhood sweethearts and both were portrayed as having not more than five years between them…so we have to base the premise of this story on that glaring age fact. They played, ate, cried, laughed together, even slept side by side under Rajmata’s eyes, Raja helped her do household chores…who can forget that scene where Raja put his hands under Rani’s from her back and helped her do the dishes? For me…. They were deeply intertwined on all levels of existence so for the writers to kill Rani and bring on a lookalike, doesn’t cut it with me. This serial could have ended then, before the time leap, by tying up the story with a neat little bow but no they didn’t. According to Priya, a normal day in day out life would have kept us happy, was that too much for writers to give to us? So…… Ten years have slipped by, Raja ages ten as well and now we have a childlike replica of Rani vying for love and attention from a man who still mourns the death of the only woman he ever truly loved. I agree with your first comment when you pointed out that this is no ordinary or frivolous love story, this one certainly can be compared to the great ones you mentioned and if this story didn’t touch me, I wouldn’t have wasted my precious time writing so extensively on the intricacies of good storytelling. I have always maintained that a truly talented actor or actress who can change their appearance to carry the roles that was required of them, are truly worth the accolades bestowed upon them, they are chameleons while on trade and the ability to handle any given role, makes them the holder of great awards. A lot of time, vanity insinuates itself and the true potential of an actor goes unnoticed. So, when Eisha Singh told the writers that she didn’t want to do age related roles, they could have cast another actress in Rani’s role if they knew this would be the direction of the story they were heading in. My humble opinion….. Raja should unite with Rani and NOT this immature girl Naina. You know….Eisha did absolutely wonderful with the role of Rani, mature, wise, loving wife etc etc…. Why on earth didn’t think the story end then, is beyond me. This is my take on it, don’t know if I left out anything that was worth pointing out.

  21. Writer if Raja should have to fall in love twice,why not Bindu she was always their for him.

  22. I agree with Naz.. A woman in her late 20s or early 30s is the best lead if show is going to take leaps. Actually the first choice for rani was Disha Parmar-the current lead of zee-tv show Woh Apna Sa..the second choice was Sonia Balani..but at the last moment makers roped in teenager Eisha Singh.. Actually the other two ladies would have fit the bill if leap was intended.. Anyways we as viewers cannot control such things.. Now after watching Sartaj n eisha together I personally find it tough to accept any replacements in the leads…

  23. N anyways this aging onscreen has been a problem for leads of many Indian serials. Only when the real ages of actresses surpasses 30 most of them are ready for big leaps. N many young male leads too refuse leaps.. So many times when story takes a leap equations start changing.. N when a serial becomes more than 1-2 years old makers find it tough to extend the storyline without leaps… But makers don’t end the serial… Nor we viewers can really stop watching something we have liked…!!!!!

  24. BIG TWIST.. in the upcoming episode Vijay kidnaps naina n beats her so much that she becomes lame. So her dream of becoming a heroine shatters.. This is the combined plan of Laila and Vijay. So Don/Raja marries Naina n shatters Laila’s plans.

    1. My goodness, is this for real?!?!?

  25. Yes Priya.. Real… Laila calls the press n announces that Naina compromised with Vijay n Don to become a heroine.. So Don marries Naina in front of the press. Naina has become handicapped as Vijay has broken her legs. Raj Mata stands by raja.

  26. sizzling … wait till u see the next episode

  27. I saw spoilers on YouTube.. Anyways story taking an interesting twist as per me.. Let’s see..

  28. Dear Lakshmi, don’t get me wrong.. But it is an insult to epic love stories like romeo Juliette, heer ranjha etc to be compared to etretr which is just like any other Masala filled illogical Indian serial… Please never draw such comparisons involving Indian serials at least.. They are not worth it… U all may be thinking that my thoughts are opposite to what u all think.. But I m being rational n just trying to showcase the reality of Indian serials… They are purely meant for entertainment sans logic. So never attach ur self to any actor/character as u r highly likely to be disappointed.. Best is rest on ur couches n enjoy what’s being served to you….

    1. Archana, I have been saying this all along …
      I like your comments … these serials are touch and go and we just have to enjoy the ride … or switch to another channel

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