Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rana ji removes the mask off Jhumki’s face. Everyone is shocked. He holds her neck and asks who she is. Gayatri goes to losen his grip saying she will die. Rana ji says he won’t lose her, she played with his emotions about Sulakshna. Gayatri asks him to lose her, she is just a card in the game, and answers are not asked by the players but captains. Jhumki cries and says she is a drama girl, no one sent her here. She had heard that he loved his first wife, she came here to take an advantage of this. She cries that she had got blinded in the love of money. Gayatri says she is lying. Raaj Mata says a drama girl can’t do such a big planning, someone is behind it. Bari Rani maa asks her to admit she wants to call her the betrayer. Raaj Mata asks Bari Rani maa to stop it, she was about

to get Gayatri electric shocks, she could have died. Bari Rani maa asks why she wants her to prove her an enemy of Gayatri and Rana ji. Bari Rani maa says she can also accuse Raaj Mata that she gave false medicines to Gayatri. She accepts that she was wrong and thought of this drama girl as Sulakshna and brought her here. She questions Rana ji, if he accepted her as Sulakshna only on her words. She says if he can be betrayed, can’t she be betrayed at all. Cheetah heard this all, he thinks there is always a drama in this palace.
Gayatri says she found the veil in her room, they had not told anyone about the blast. How she knew about it then. Rana ji takes Jumki to the hall, throws her on the floor and gets a gun pointing at her. Everyone gather there. Jhumki cries no. Rana ji says if this woman can’t tell him the truth, its better she dies. Jhumki cries and asks Bari Rani maa to save her. Bari Rani maa says a lot of accusations came on her because of Jhumki, she won’t save her. Jhumki asks Kunwar ji who says he would have killed her by himself. Gayatri pleads Rana ji not to kill her. Rana ji says he won’t kill her, but he will give her so much pain that she will tell the truth. Jumki agrees to tell him and says his own Bari Rani maa brought her to the palace. Rana ji looks at Gayatri. Jhumki says Bari Rani maa put her in greed of money, made the mask of Sulakshna, taught her the ways of Sulakshna. Gayatri isn’t mad, she was saying the truth. This all is the planning of Bari rani maa. Rana ji asks Bari Rani maa? Bari Rani maa claps, she says wow Rana ji. She begins crying, saying this is what he is paying of her motherhood and love. He doubted her on the words of a dancer only. Had she taken the name of his mother, he would have killed her by now. But on her name, he didn’t feel anger because she is a step grandmother not the real. Gayatri joins hands at her that her game has ended now. Bari Rani maa says if Rana ji suspects her loyalty, she will prove her loyalty to him. She cries loud and goes out of the palace, smiling.
She goes out with the oil can, crying loud. She empties the oil can on herself. Rana ji runs out. Bari Rani maa says her death would be the proof that she only wanted love from her family and she couldn’t even get that. Rana ji and Gayatri are shocked watching Bari Rani maa. Kunwar ji and Kokilla are shocked. Bari Raani maa lighst a matchstick and throws it on the ground, she gets into fire. Rana ji and everyone run there and asks for water. Rana ji tries to put the fire off with his coat. Bari Rani maa cries. Gayatri goes to help Rana ji but Raaj Mata stops her. Rana ji puts the fire off. He calls for the doctor and holds Bari rani maa in his arms to the palace.
The doctors put on oxygen mask on Bari Rani maa. Gayatri looks at Rana ji who stood upset. The doctor says the bruises aren’t deep. Kokilla is happy. The doctor says it will take time to recover in such an age. Rana ji goes to keep a hand on Bari Rani maa’s head, and caresses her. Gayatri keeps a hand on his shoulder.
Jhumki pleads the guards to leave her, she is innocent. Rana ji and Gayatri goes to her. Rana ji stops the guards and tells them to lock Jhumki in the dark jail, she will spend the rest of her life there. Jhumki says that the real culprit is Bari Rani maa. Rana ji says Bari Rani maa is a devi who just testified herself. Jhumki says she is doing a drama. Rana ji stops her at once and tells them to take her from here. The doctor comes there and says Bari Rani maa won’t be able to walk for few days because of burning her feet.
Gayatri comes to Bari Rani maa’s room who was speaking in her sleep. She removes the mask, keeps a hand on her head and asks if she is fine. Bari Rani maa opens her eyes wide and clutches Gayatri’s neck.

PRECAP: Bari Rani maa says the game won’t end until she wins. Rana ji enters the room then.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Die bari rani maa. You old b.itch.. if i had a grandmother like you. You would be finished ..

  2. God when wil dis evil drama of Bari rani naa end,its pissing me of…and ranaji’s timing is soo damn bad

  3. tis bari rani maa sure as hell good at emotional blackmail but shes annoying af….well one down 4 more to go (bari rani maa,kunwar ji,kokilla and the very gay lakshji) im just hopin ranaji atleast have a little suspicion about his step grandmom….and gayatri needs to give him a hard time for treating her so over the pass fews days

    1. Anjali Rajgopal

      YO WORD. I feel like Gayatri is gonna and probably will forgive Ranaji which is TOTALLY NOT RIGHT. Nigha was about to kill her. wtf. What kind of love is there, BUT then again, BRM did make her seem like she was crazy. It would have been worse if Gayatri didnt prove herself. THANK GOD SHE DIED. Ouf.

      One down, but way more to go. BUT Gayatri isnt stupid. Now shes know how BRM is AND Raaj Mata ALSO knows so its ok.

  4. Her Royal Highness The Princess

    Waao !! Finally Jhumki’s truth is out ?
    I want more of Cheetah and Swarna scenes..
    I feel that swarna’s husband is not a gay and he will very soon feel jealous of cheetah being near swarna and he might fall in love with her..

    Wish this happens…

  5. That women is so blo*dy cunning I. —— ? Sorry can’t help but swear

  6. Wtf….grandmother….please please kill her before I jump thru my tv screen and kill her for you all lmao… ooooh and also please kill that gay thing I cant stand him, he is a simple waste of space in this program…. but I must say I simply love rana ji and I think that gyatri is one of the most beautiful women on this planet right now!!!!

  7. and the same sick physician/doctor (excuse of a doctor) couldn’t treat bari rani with the same method of ‘shock me well’ as he did gayatri ??? amirkot ruled by a palace of misfits oh fff*cken hell entire royal family is worse than dogs imagine the doctors I shouldn’t be surprised. and if swarna doesn’t do anything soon I will label her ****-then it means she wanted it. she can see gayatri don’t take sshhttt learn swarna. and the old that thinks she still smells good bari rani ma iiii eye iii if iii was gayatri I wouldve mixed the water rana ji was fetching with more flammable oil. its game over bari rani ma. Game over. let it go. Its bad enough your a unfit wrinkled prune dried fruit b*tch queen grand mother already, now your all the above and extra crispy aswell. Decendants of vipers!

    1. Anjali Rajgopal

      lmaaaaaaaaao. The amount of nafraat shals. Damn. I agree though. They need to built Swarna’s character. Rana ji needs to STOP jumping to positive conclusions and do some more investigating. The whole POINT for having the gun pointed at the Jhumki girl as to NOT lie and yet he didnt believe her. The BRM is clever though, dont deny that. She’s very quick at mind and manipulative. I hate her just as much and want her dead but if she died so quickly, whose gonna be the evil character? Kunwar ji and Kokila, LMFAO. jokes.

  8. Ha ha. Guys at least in this serial there s no dragging. Troubles get sm solution. Except suwarna. Poor grl .

  9. Gayatrih, what have you got yourself into.
    With this royal family. Seems to me every thing only wants to kill you. Even after they half past dead .Survivor at its best.

  10. Really this drama is going too long hope the next episode bari maa’drama is gonna end and hopefully if gayatri tell rani Ji the truth he is going to believe her

  11. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Killl the old fwitch…no words except swearsss for brm….

  12. I hope he catches her n kill her rite there in front of gayatri evil old witch

  13. Please expose that f*cking old b*tch very soon. Jhumki’s truth is out now and that’s great…… Pleaaase solve swarna’s problem too

  14. That Bari ma needs higher shock to put some sence in her head. Bcoz of she being blo*dy second wife why is she taking it out on her grandson? Now I can see why she was second wife blo*dy cunning devil. This jealousy, kills people and their thinking shrinks which overlaps the heart. I hope rana ji believe gayatri but I have feeling this Bari ma will find a way to prove her innocent which rana ji will believe and that will make Bari ma thinking of her next plan in action.

  15. Bari rani maa should’ve died in the fire…then this series would’ve gotten a lil better!!!!!

  16. You guys take the serial way too serious…. Using bad words and all…

  17. Anjali Rajgopal

    It makes sense guys. If they revealed BRM that easily, where would the story go? As long as they slowly gradually reveal and make it good, its good. Like the whole point these dramas exist are because of their overacting, you get me?

    I LOVE how Gayatri won. It was beautiful just atching her reveal the Jhumki girl, and then she said that line right after. Jhumki is a nautankin but its the person who TOLD her to do the things to blame. DMAN GOOD.

    Ugh, how is a King so oblivious to such shitty people? Raaj Mata though. She’s bae. And Cheetah is a little weird but a fun side character.

    Hopefully they cont to do this, and resolve small conflicts like this one more often.. AYYYYE.

    OH. I want more romance between Rana Ji and Gayatri. She basically sleeps next to him but its no big deal. COME ON. They had such intense chemistry, bring it baaaaaaack. <3

  18. Anjali Rajgopal

    Sometimes directors think that ALL people want is drama but if they solved all the conflicts, in MY opinion, watching Kunwar Ji and Kokila, and Badi Rani Ma TRY doing things and backfiring is fun to watch. Not every single attempt to kill Gayatri should be serious. Also, technically Rana ji and Gayatri arent even together, they havent made their rishta pakka 😉 no for real. They need funny cute moments, god damn it.

  19. GAYATRI play the dirty game also – kill the old hag for once and for all and find your true happiness. Also make the RANAJI pay for his deeds and try to expose KUNARJI and KOKILLA for their misdeeds as well – Go girl I know you can do it

  20. WAtched the serial . Vow . Now writers please wake up . Directos make Ranjai little sensible and a man with a poise. A king should not allow his heart to win over brain. Ranaji ko hero banao yar .
    Bari rani ma bas karo . Pl exit
    Ab thoda jyada ho raha hai . Pl give a shock to dr first and then bari rani maa. Leave kunwar and kokila . Chhota kunwar is just a toy . . Pl give him some scope.
    At last it is good. All the viewers feel so involved . Big clap to team . Good Palace, Beautiful faces , good attire . Script tagda kar sakte ho kya?

  21. I look forward to watching this serial everyday. Ranaji and Gayatri need to express physically, their love for each other and BRM will suffer a major heart attack after all her wicked deeds could not separate the lovers. She is a wicked, deceptive snake and should be crushed. Evil is not dominant and cannot interfere with faithful devotees. Looking forward to sizzling action in this drama.

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