Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani was practicing with traditional song. Jeewan stops her there, he tells Gayatri that this is a competition in which audience also gives marks. He takes names of a few items that Gayatri was unaware, he demands her to send her village musicians away. Rani turns to leave angrily, he stops her. She agrees on a condition that he won’t interfere in her choice of song and during rehearsals. Jeewan finally agrees.
Raja’s friends notice Jeewan leaving the hall and come to inform Raja in the café. His friends suggest what if she is the same girl he heard singing last night. Raja calls it impossible, he could visualize the depth of her eyes, and the voice attracted him. Meenu asks Rani to sing a song that Rani mocks singing, Raja hears this and asks his friends if they were afraid of

this girl? Rani asks for water, there was none in the bottle so Rani goes to get it. She comes across Raja in the way, the water spills over his shirt. He challenges Rani for competition. They move on.
Rani begins singing in the hall, Raja and Bindu were moved by the voice. Raja runs back, following the voice and looks around the corridors. Bindu comes behind him. All at once, mike goes out of work. Rani goes towards the stage, Meenu was trying her voice on the mike. Raja leaves hearing her. Rani comes back to mike, it still doesn’t work. Rani thinks about singing without a mike. Bindu reaches the window and watch Rani singing in the melodious voice. Raja was going through the corridor wondering where the sound was coming through. Bindu comes behind Raja, then thinks about her friend’s warning. She says that now Gayatri would never sing and Raja will never come to know.
The next morning, Rani prays for being able to sing by heart. Meenu asks what she will wear. Rani says her Dadu gave her a saree before coming here. Meenu demands won’t it look a bit awkward? Rani qualifies it’s a competition of voice not the style. There, Raja gets ready saying when style is appealing, voice’s job improves by itself. Bindu smiles watching him get ready.
Rani was walking across the corridor in saree, her pallu gets stuck with a nail. Raja comes behind her to remove it asking how she would move on if she stays in the past. Rani watches the torn pallu and cries as her Dadu gifted it to her. Raja wonders what, she leaves.
Jeewan tries to buck the team up. Rani demands whom they are going to kick. Jeewan calls her adorable, wish her all the best while she comes for the final rehearsals. She sings ‘Saare Jahan Se Acha’. Jeewan reminds her they didn’t decide this one. Raja and friends come laughing hysterically, Raja asks his friend about 15th August. Raja laughs this time it fall in June, and mock Rani singing Saare Jahan se Acha. Rani qualifies patriotism doesn’t need a date. Raja makes fun of her with friends, and insists she won’t be able to come first even after giving her best. He leaves mocking Jeewan to be lost friend of Rani, and leave singing Saare Jahan se Acha.
There, Bindu mix an herb in Prasad. She tells her friends a person is drunk while eating this, now Rani won’t be able to sing. Her Raja won’t be able to know that Gayatri is the voice Raja is crazy about. She bribes the peon. There, Jeewan scolds Rani regretting on trusting her.

PRECAP: Raja and Bindu perform on stage. Rani sings Saare Jahan se Acha on stage, people throw eggs and tomatoes over her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hate bindu!!
    How can she do that??
    Hate it!!

  2. This bindu hell wd her!! Swarna and lakhan were so good, y is der daughter such a bad one!! Badi rani ma spoikt her!! When will raja get to know itz rani who sang d song!! Will rani be able to sing on d stage??

  3. someone give a tight slap to this idiot bindu.just good for nothing.

  4. What the f**k wrong with bindu I am starting to hate her raja will still get to find out that that is rani voice

  5. I wish raj comes and saves gayatri there..♡

  6. ?? eggs?
    poor jeevan…got trapped…
    Raja was just outstanding??
    but Rani will win d competition…. and kaal will give her d trophy

  7. Xavier

    Disgusting. I am sick and tired of Raja , Bindu and friends bullying Rani. You stupid idiot writers are maybe bullies . A*ssholes !!!

  8. Xavier

    Come on . It is time for Rani to get bad , grab her sword , run in the palace and chop that old woman badi rani ma head off and then kaal , rajeshwari and kokilla.

    1. Exactly – this is what Gayatri wanted!!

  9. Hahahaha – so with you Xavier

  10. In recap did Rani ate Prasad given through Bindu. Why she is not singing melodious what happened to her?stage fear???

  11. I hate bindu and dat old witch bad rani maa…. When will Rani learn the truth about her parents? When will she know that she is the heir to the throne???

  12. In today’s episode when rani looked trough her torn Saree raja don’t recognize that he was searching her since previous night remembering same eyes. Isn’t it weird

  13. I have read that Rani will win the competition and Kaal will give her the prize. And that’s how she will come to know about Rajveer being Kaal’s son and her Raja Baja. But he will be too angry and will ignore her.

  14. Wat the hell is wrong with bindu is she retarded or mentally ill n raja is not far from he they both need mental help i wish he could see n hear rani sing

  15. i dislike this bindu,once she is slapped she will be in the straight line i just hate her…..

  16. RANdomfANCreationz

    this show is so good now, i m loving it more after the leap love the raja-rani pair and i think later bindu will become positive as her both parents were positive and jeevan will become the villian in raja-rani’s story. And i think rani will get to know that raja is her childhood friend soon. currently i m loving this show the most in zee nowadays

  17. I wish rani would win the compitetion

  18. will any1 tell me which song rani was singing that let raja go following it???

  19. I so agree with Xavier. My post was taken down because I spoke up about pushing women angrily to the floor and making it look romantic. Shaming and abusing women physically and verbally is not romantic. I love the young characters but the writers need to find another venue for romance besides the abusing method. Young the kids seeing this will believe that’s what love and romance is about. Kids… this is not romance…. its physical abuse.

  20. Patricia, this has been the theme throughout this story. Even before the leap, there was so much mental abuse of women in this show. Considering the state of India right now, where women are treated like crap, one would think these Soaps will strive to educate the people in the right way, not foster the perception that women are second class citizens to be abused by their male counterpart and still they would turn around and forgive them, forgetting everything that’s happened. Look at the way Kaal treats his wife – domestic abuse. This happens too much in our society and showing it is bringing awareness but you also have to show it being dealt with properly with consequences for the abuser!
    I understand these are stories but you only have to look and talk to the young kids these days to realise that a lot of them thinks these Soaps portrays today’s society to a great extent

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