Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja drives towards Vijay and Naina and clutches Vijay’s collar, beating him badly. Naina comes to save Vijay, saying its not necessary to be an animal to stop a wild animal. Raja recalls it was Rani’s words and drags her towards the palace. Naina asks Raja to go to temple, Raja says she may go tomorrow morning. Naina looks towards Rani, then insists to go right now. Raja goes to open the door of car for her angrily. Rani nods at Naina who hurries into the car, Rani had vanished by then.
On their way, Naina looks towards Rani sitting at the back seat. Raja looks towards the back, and assures Naina that Vijay won’t come. Rani forbids her to tell anything to Raja. Naina says she was just watching the blowing winds. Raja tells Naina he would protect her no matter what.

the temple, Raaj Mata led the Pooja in temple. Naina goes out to see Rani already waiting for her. Rani leads them inside, Raja follows. There is a blow of strong wind, Naina comes to save the flame with Raaj Mata who was shocked to see her. Rani’s eyes had been filled with tears. Raaj Mata lose her conscious while Raja comes to hold her. Raaj Mata touches her face and hugs him, crying. She then touches Naina’s hand and hugs her too. Raaj Mata asks Naina where she had gone, she considers Naina to be Rani. Raja tells Raaj Mata to control herself, she isn’t Rani; her name is Naina and resembles Rani. Naina looks towards Rani. Raaj Mata wasn’t ready to accept her as someone else and insists this is Rani. Raja says she isn’t Rani, then asks Naina to introduce herself. Naina tells Raaj Mata she isn’t Rani, but Naina. Raaj Mata now realizes and was upset. Rani points towards Naina to hold her saree. Naina asks Raja if Rani also held her dress like this. Raja asks how Naina discovered Raaj Mata, Naina looks around but Rani had come the other way and sings for Naina to repeat the lullaby that Raaj Mata sung for Raja and Rani. Rani cries, Raaj Mata says Rani is not in this world but how is Naina aware of this lullaby. Naina says Rani’s soul told her about it. Raja scolds her to end this drama. Naina says she isn’t lying, else he should wonder how she found Raaj Mata. Rani’s soul brought them here, she wanted to tell him about the truth and remove the misunderstandings between them. Raja interrupts her to stop it, it would be a joke if they consider it a misunderstanding. Rani betrayed him and broke his trust. She wanted to take his life and that also for someone else. Raaj Mata slaps Raja, she says love is a prayer. Raja was unable to recognize Rani. She didn’t attempt to kill him, but lost her own life just to save Raja. Rani loved him so much, and lost her life in Bombay. She wanted to revenge Iqbal for his blood, she came close to Iqbal to kill him but her trick went against her. She still saved him and Ambika, a car came to save Raja and Rani made the accident. Iqbal died in the accident, and Rani also lost her life. Raja asks Naina if she thought about bringing Raaj Mata with any story for him. Naina says Rani’s soul is right there, she can see them. Raja asks why he can’t see her soul if she is here, if her love was true why can’t she speak to her directly.
Vijay comes with his men to kill Raja and Naina both.
Raja drags Naina to go away. Rani reminds Naina that Raja once locked her into a room with a frog. Naina reacts to his act. Raja says anyone from their college can tell her about the story. Rani then reminds, they had taken their own vows before marrying; she repeats all the vows. Raja was taken aback. Naina then reminds Raja of being in a Bombay hospital where there was an accident case, he signed the papers but didn’t see her face. Raja remembers the day well. Naina says Raja has been punishing himself and Rani both, he must at least free her soul now. Vijay comes holding a gun towards Raja, his hands tremble.

PRECAP: Raja and Rani confess love for each other in the room. Rani was kidnapped from her room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Finally now raja realizes the truth…..now he will our old raja…:)

  2. What! Hope Rani is still alive somewhere.

  3. Rani looks so beautiful …

  4. Lakshmi, I read your comment on yesterday’s episode and I have to tell you, that my heart broke after reading this true life story of you dear friends. All of us who have connected on this forum, have been through some life changing experiences and that’s why we write so passionately and feel so deeply for Raja’s character. I have had my own life experiences and I draw inspiration from the years gone by. I commend you for your fluent English, even though your primary language is Hindi, you’ve done a fabulous job of expressing yourself in another language……and you were so articulate in getting your real life story across. As you’ve said, the damage is already done with the serial so we’ll stay on only to see Raja’s journey and cheer him on, in his quest for justice . You know, most if not all the serials that I’ve viewed in the past, Raja’s character is the saddest and most unfullfilled hero ever!!! He lost the only woman he ever loved and no one will ever take her place in his heart. When he says I hate you Rani, he doesn’t mean that, the fact that he can still be emotional about her, says that he still loves her, even though she is no more. He has so many questions which requires answers…….poor Raja, I feel for him. In last night episode, I burst into tears when Rani called him Raja Baja, it was so heartbreaking. Hey Lakshmi, it’s wonderful to know a little of yourself, thank you for sharing, my friend. BTW…. My forefathers, not too far removed, came from New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh and settled her in Trinidad and the rest is history… Lol……

    1. Naz, since you mentioned it, I had to read Laxshmi’s story. Oh My Lord, what a sad, sad story that is. I feel so sorry for all of them but my heart goes out to “Radhika” who had to sacrify so much. God really does work in mysterious ways, I just wish sometimes that we could see our previous life/actions which resulted in making us go through these trials. Wonder if it’ll be more bearable!

      1. Yes it was heartbreaking to know someone out there actually went through something like what is happening in this serial. Would you believe, I cried….God sure work in mysterious ways but it’s so unfair huh…….what has to be, will be for sure. Sigh…….

  5. What the
    Plllleeewaaaassseee let Rani be alive

  6. anjali persaud

    wow such a nice soap

  7. anjali persaud

    amazing soap

  8. O no
    Rani just entered Niana’s body to tell Raja

    Why can’t Abhi be just like that and tell Pragya how much he
    LOVES her

  9. Terrible. Simply terrible what these writers have done to this soap. How can they kill off rani and replace her with a lookalike? I guess I’m waiting to convince myself that the writers really messed up this show, really killed off the queen rani and now replaces her with a stupid lookalike and wants viewers to accept it because of resemblance. Well, it’s not about resemblance. It’s about character and with the real rani dead, this serial is a loser.

  10. hey Naz i consider myself lucky to have someone to chat with who is actually a south american most of my relatives are lawyers so i wanted to follow in their footsteps i am so sorry that rani died i was hoping that naina would have been rani why do these directors always mess up they klled gayatri and her husband then their daughter what next but i just can’t help it i have to watch hey sapphire and jess

    1. Hello Sia. Hope you are well.

    2. Anytime you need to find out anything across here, let me know, happy to help.

  11. Awful story. Absolutely awful storyline. It is stupid to see what this really lovely show has descended to. I can’t believe how atrociously they tried to make up with all those past details in this episode as if it would pacify viewers. Writers, I was one of the few who really trusted you guys to get it right amidst criticisms you’ve received. Now, you’ve disappointed me terribly. You’ve betrayed me. You’ve broken my trust and squash my expectation. You’ve really destroyed a lovely show. Shame on you!!! I don’t know why but I’m waiting for a little while more to really really confirm that the original rani is dead and then for real I will call it a day for me with this show. Cause you don’t have a show called “ek tha raja ek thi rani”. You’ve destroyed the characters and the story is twisted and destroyed. It’s done with. I simply can’t believe what has happened in this show. Shame shame shame on you writers. You broke my heart. I don’t like you any more.

    1. Jess, you put it mildly…. I hate the writers!!! Do you remember how at times I would put a little humor in my comments, many months ago and you would enjoy the little banter between us ? Well, now I can’t even smile when I come onto this forum. It feels like paralysis, like a funeral. Seriously Jess, don’t laugh ok, but I take this pain that Raja is going through, as real, he’s soooo good with his emotions. He makes me cry….literally!!!! Naina has reopened his buried secrets, now, against his wishes, he has to confront his past. BTW… Did you read the comment from Lakshmi on yesterday’s episode? You need too. This is why all of us who are like minded,feel devastated, it’s real life experiences like that story, we identify with. Writers underestimated the intelligent viewers of this forum.

      1. Agree. I hate the writers now

      2. Yes I did read her story and commented on it. Very touching indeed.

  12. aleast they wouldn’t show ranis ghost which made me cry
    and hope writers would listen to us acc to me rajmata is already
    dead so showing ghost of rani and ghost track can be her masterplan
    moreover she is rajmata so please writers bring our rani back please
    without her so means of watching show

  13. Hey friends, zee tv will be bringing in two new serials, one at end of this month and the other in March, anyone knows which serials getting bumped off? I wish KKB and JR get the boot…..both really is long overdue. On another note…. I just viewed the episode and is wondering what will
    Raja do now. What a guilt trip Rajmata lay
    on Raja’s shoulders!!! Rani died trying to save Raja but she didn’t need too. Raja asked her her repeatedly to tell him the reasons for her behavior but she never did. Was she so afraid of Iqbal that she couldn’t open up and confide in her husband? In the end, Iqbal died like a fool, he should have gone to the beyond, kicking and screaming. So Rani sacrificed herself for nothing, in the end and now Raja has to live with the guilt. Sigh…….. Let’s see how he romances Naina now, after laying Rani’s ghost to rest. Maybe Raja will get a haircut now…..


  15. Hi friends, I won’t criticize the plot because this plot is not new. Have seen many similar plots in Indian movies and serials before and some of them were blockbusters. However, today’s episode disappointed me because truth revelation track not presented in a thrilling and interesting way. It was pretty boring. Moreover, it did not generate any enthusiasm for the upcoming rani death mystery track. In fact I felt there is no mystery in rani’s death. N a guy who hated his wife for 10yrs believed in 10 mins that his wife is innocent. This is the fundamental problem with all serials- LENGTHEN THE TRACK WHEN NOT NEEDED AND SHORTEN THE PLOT WHEN DETAILS NEEDED. But as far as u all are concerned I would suggest – watch Indian serials putting your brains to rest. They are meant for pure entertainment n plots and characters will be modified as per trps. Not logic but crap forms the crux of all serials… 🙂

  16. Happy Shivratri to all my friends on this forum who are celebrating this occasion today.

  17. I am happy to know i am not the only person who is disappointed with the way they showed that Rani is dead and the Soul of rani getting into naina and so on.. yesterdays episode i felt for Rajas Pain , Poor guy has to suffer a lot. i still will believe Rani is alive and that naina has lost her memory and 10yrs is too long ,hence a persons identity and behaviour can change. Even me cannot accept the fact that Rani is dead and what was the reason to kill Rani, ( inshort if Rani is dead then that means the evil has won) as all wanted to separate Raja and Rani.
    i will still believe that Rani is alive as i will stick on to rajas dialogue : if raja is alive that means rani is alive.
    i still trust the cvs wont let us down. and will bring back Rani.. there are still loop holes to be closed.. i dont know why the cvs does not give much preferecnes to the critical revelation track.

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