Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raaj Mata tells Avdesh to leave the palace now as he broke the trust of Rana ji. Avdesh asks Raaj Mata with which right she wants to stay in the palace, as she also broke Rana ji’s trust. Raaj Mata tells Avdesh that he doesn’t know about anything, he just want a chance to break their family. He must leave with tomorrow’s dawn. Avdesh says to Raaj Mata that she is disrespecting someone who has already moved the roots of this palace twice, if she wants him to repeat this again. Raaj Mata leaves.
Cheetah says to Swarna that he has always snatched everything in life, but when he met her he learnt that love is done and not snatched. He says he knows he is a dust in front of her, but he will come to her only when she will call him. Swarna slaps him and says she is a married lady.

She says that after marriage, an Indian’s woman leaves her house only after dead. She cries that this isn’t possible, and tells Cheetah to leave. He abides by her and leaves.
In the morning, Raaj Mata watches the doll hugging it. She remembers about the warning from Avdesh, she thinks may be he is lying and doesn’t know anything about this secret. She thinks if Rana ji knows about this secret, Amirkot will get disturbed like cards. She can’t risk anything. Gayatri comes to the hall, Raaj Mata keeps the doll aside and takes the newspaper. Gayatri notices she didn’t drink milk as well. Raaj Mata says she isn’t in a mood. She looks at the watch and stands up saying it is time for Avdesh’s medicine. Gayatri says she will tell someone but Raaj Mata says he is only her responsibility. Gayatri notices Raaj Mata had been reading an old newspaper. Gayatri says that Raaj Mata looked worried, she must know what she is up to.
Rana ji complains to Gayatri why Raaj Mata brought Avdesh here. Avdesh watched them together with a telescope. He is curt watching them arm in arm. Gayatri says to Rana ji that Raaj Mata will never lose being good. Rana ji says he won’t leave Avdesh if he even holds a false eye on Gayatri.
Raaj Mata enters Avdesh’s room and offers him a nearby kingdom. She says she only wants his silence against it. Avdesh says her calculations are weak, it is nothing against the mountain like secret. Raaj Mata asks what he wants. Avdesh says the same, money, land and lady. Raaj Mata holds her finger on him. She says he must have forgotten Rana ji told him that in Amirkot a lady is honored, not sold. Avdesh says he knows a lady is achieved. He says he will achieve Gayatri himself. Rana ji and Gayatri walked through the corridors. He asks Raaj Mata to get him permission to stay here. Raaj Mata thinks if she will help him getting against her son, this won’t ever happen. Avdesh blackmails her saying he will tell her secret to Rana ji then. Raaj Mata slaps Avdesh, Rana ji watches this. Avdesh watches Rana ji and tells her to beat him more, had someone slapped him in his childhood he wouldn’t have done what he did to Gayatri yesterday. Raaj Mata is shocked. Avdesh says he had heard that a mother’s heart is great, she proved it yesterday saving him from the robber’s leader Sartaj. He recalls inquiring about the people with Raaj Mata, and got to know their leader was Sartaj. Avdesh says a mother never let her son suffer and put a false eye on him. Rana ji says they have seen his drama enough, now he wants him to leave Amirkot right now. He asks Avdesh why he is watching Raaj Mata, should he call his guards? Avdesh says he will leave, he has lied to him a lot but before leaving he wants to tell him a truth. He will not leave without telling him the truth, Raaj Mata intervenes that she doesn’t need to listen to him anymore. She forgives him now and allows him to stay in the palace. Rana ji says that he only knows one thing, not his shadow can stay here in the palace. Raaj Mata asks Rana ji what he is saying. Rana ji asks why Raaj Mata wants him to stay in the palace, when he put a false eye on her daughter in law. Rana ji takes Avdesh from collar but Raaj Mata asks Rana ji can’t he see his tears. He shed his blood for her life. Gayatri says Avdesh doesn’t respect her motherhood. If she wants to help him, she can do it even when he is outside Amirkot. Rana ji says he will make sure Avdesh is taken care of well. Raaj Mata stops Rana ji and firmly says that she is Raaj Mata of the palace and it is her decision that Avdesh will live in this palace till he gets well. If someone has an objection, he will not go out of Amirkot alone but she will also go with him. Rana ji leaves.
Kunwar ji tells Cheetah that he came here with his will, he will go away from here with his will. Cheetah returns the money, he says he is no more a selling item. Kokilla asks for her remaining money, Kunwar ji stops her and asks where all this respect got awake in him. He asks Cheetah how much money he wants to. Cheetah says a few things are worth more than money. Kunwar ji holds his collar and warns him that it can cost Cheetah heavily. Cheetah removes his hand saying it can cost him high too and leaves.
Rana ji talks to someone on phone when Gayatri comes there. She asks Rana ji what he is doing. Rana ji says he is finding a way to throw Avdesh out of their lives. He says Avdesh can never intend well. Gayatri asks what he is doing. Rana ji says that in this fight, enemy knows everything about them but they must find out who is he, where he came from and why? Gayatri tells him to stay calm, right now they have to stay like one family.

PRECAP: A girl bathes in a lake singing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Now who is that girl??????

  2. Etretr is boring these days…..too dragging n lots of diversions fro m the main story line

    1. Yes I agree, the plot is now getting boring. Nothing positive in the serial like showing what a good king does for his people, just the old negative issues like any other serial. I am losing interest now…….The historic background has been thrown out of the window all together.

  3. ETR2 is dragging a lot nowadays, already trp dropped very badly last week, I wonder what will happen this week
    Uff tired of this Raga-Avdesh love triangle, so I would comment Cheetah-Swarna love story, I feel so bad for them, Cheetah is so sweet to Swarna better than Lakshraj :/

  4. Whose is the girl

  5. I don’t think the story is dragging! It’s going great love the avdesh plot!! Much better than kkb. Plz keep this up I’m loving the fresh drama every night stop complaining about this awesome show ppl.. Maybe the girl is avdesh’s twin sister

    1. It’s much better than KKB that’s true. I thought that Avdesh may be Sulakshana’s brother as I feel they look quite similar. Don’t know why 😛

  6. I totally agree with Fan , I think the girl belongs to the royal family I think she is the secret that Raj Maata is keeping it is exciting and love all all the guessing.

  7. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Boring.. tym waste..

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