Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rana ji asks Raaj mata to send his car to pick Gayatri. Bari Rani maa heard this all, he comes to Raaj mata and taunts if Raam ji didn’t hear Kaushalya, there is a Kalyug. Raaj mata says if a mother in law is like hers, it is Maha Kalyug. Bari Raani maa asks how she will bring her daughter in law back, she has lost. Raaj Mata says whether Rana ji wants it or not, she will get Pagphera done.
Gayatri was waiting for Rana ji at home. Maa comes there and taunts Gayatri saying she remembers a poetry about waiting. Gayatri says there is nothing like that. Maa says he will come soon, she is treating her mother as a step. The kids come to Gayatri asking her to speak to them. Gayatri giggles them both, kids ask Gayatri to go out and ride a cycle. Maa comes there and says no one will go

out for cycling, she tells the kids that Gayatri is now a Rani as well, and Raani don’t ride cycle. Maa leaves, Gayatri promises to play with kids for some time only.
The goons waited for Gayatri outside her house.
In the palace, Kunwar ji tells Kokilla that Laksh wants to take revenge from Gayatri of his disrespect. Laksh comes and says this time he will punish Gayatri in a way that no one will call her Raani again. Gayatri was doing cycling, kids ran behind her cycle. Goons were also doing cycling.
Maa was worried at home about Gayatri. Royal servants came and an announcement about Raaj Mata’s arrival is made. Maa welcomes Raaj Mata. Maa asks about Rana ji, Bhabis ask how will the ritual be fulfilled without Rana ji. Maa was worried about Gayatri.
Gayatri rode the cycle, kids followed her. Someway ahead the good took up Gayatri and shut her mouth. Gayatri says they don’t know who she is. They say they know she is Raani. Gayatri says she has nothing to give them. The goons ask her to give her clothes to them, he ask if she will do it herself or they will have to do it themselves. Gayatri slaps one of them and run, the goons follow her. Gayatri shouts for help. The men finally get Gayatri, one of them slaps her on face and orders his men to snatch her clothes. Gayatri says they must first think that their mother is also a woman. She grabs a stone and deters them to come forward. They hear horses arriving towards them. Gayatri is shocked.
Raaj Mata tells Gayatri’s family to see whom she has brought with her. She calls him inside.
Rana ji stops his horse near to Gayatri, Gayatri is elated and drops the stone. The men run away.
Laksh enters Gayatri’s house.
Rana ji comes to Gayatri who smiles, he offers his hand which she holds and rides the horse. He asks if she is fine. She nods and says she had a belief that he will come for sure. Rana ji says if there is an attack on Rani Gayatri Devi, it will be on Rana Indravadhan’s respect and it is his duty to defend their respect.
Raaj Mata says to Maa that if a husband can’t come in Pagphera ritual, a brother in law comes to take the bride back home. She says Rana ji had to go to meet Mr. Wilkinson’s so Laksh has come. Kids run into the home and announces that Gayatri has gone missing, she was riding the cycle in front of them. Laksh resassures Raani ji must be back, and thinks he just wanted to see that proud girl, else he isn’t interested in helping Rana ji. Rana ji announces that Rani Gayatri is with him and enters the home with Gayatri. Everyone is shocked to see Gayatri’s condition. Laksh is left open eyed.
Gayatri explains that she went outside with kids, some goons followed her. Rana ji came there in time and saved her. Rana ji thinks he wants to save himself from her, fate brings him here again and again. Had Rani Gayatri not gone out without her guards, he won’t have to come here.
In the palace, Bari Raani maa asks Gayatri how dare he went outside without her guards, neither is she in this age nor in this position. Jewellery is there to keep them in safe, not to be shown on streets. She is the most expensive jewellery of the palace, from today if she will even breath will be with her permission. Bari raani maa leaves.
Kunwar ji grabs Laksh’s neck, and says had he been successful he must have lost his head. He tells him to do something for not letting a heir be born to Rana ji. Kokilla stops Kunwar, and says Laksh will work with him from now. She tells them about a herb and says by eating it, Gayatri will lose her conscious.

PRECAP: Kokilla mixes the herb in Gayatri’s drink and make her drink it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Thanks god Rana ji save Gayatri

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Yes strange the more he runs frm G the closer he gets to saveing her…..i just hope the villians dnt succed koyla…

  3. Too much of villain giri it tends to become boring as the vamps and villains are not good actors and they are going on and on and on
    The serial will sink if they don’t capitalize on heroine who is the mainstay of the serial

  4. I like the way nothing is dragged out too long and I like the way the villains plans keep getting foiled… it is almost comedic. Kunwar and Kokilla are such characters – Kokilla is stupid and can never seem to succeed in her plans.
    I think the writers are doing a good job so far. I think they need to work on Gayatri’s character a little as she is very intelligent, but she is very niaive so far… but she is well brought up so having her vomitting during dinner while in ear shot was a stupid move… that would never happen.

  5. Superrrrr episode love Rana ji and Gayatri devi pair

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