Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani cries while Sunanda was in a state of shock as Raaj laughs boastfully that this all belongs to him now. He pushes Sunanda back on a couch and tells everyone to come inside, there is no need to hide. Doshi comes in with Anandi and Sakshi. Sunanda was shocked to see Doshi alive. Doshi brings Anandi inside. Preiti had also come there.
Raaj tells Sunanda she must once have trusted her own blood for once. She kept on shouting at her that she is fine, but Sunanda never believed in her. He laughs again, asking Sunanda what exactly happened. It seems it’s time to share the whole truth with her, he says Doshi is his friend who wasn’t killed, he isn’t even Chitra Singh’s son. Raaj says he is Chitra Singh’s son, Raaj Singh. He intended the destruction of Sunanda Chauhan since childhood,

today he got what he wanted. Raaj tells Rani how they reached Anandi and get Sakshi freed of her. He tells Sunanda today he revenged his father’s death from her, he has done what Sunanda did to his father. He now tells them to leave his house all at once. Sakshi laughs calling her as a witch. Rani walks outside staring into his eyes. Chitra comes from the main door and forbids Raaj do so. Raaj points towards Sunanda saying this lady snatched his father from him, had Chauhan been alive he must have killed him by himself. Sunanda slaps him. Chitra stops Raaj’s hand. Sunanda claps towards Chitra for making the stories in front of him since childhood, if she is so pious why she doesn’t tell him the truth. Raaj asks about the truth. Chitra was silent. Sunanda tells Raaj his father betrayed them, her husband didn’t take anyone’s life. It was Raaj’s father who killed her husband. She asks Chitra if she isn’t ashamed to hide the truth. Chitra apologizes Raaj for lying to him. Raaj looks towards Rani. Chitra says she is true, her husband didn’t kill his father.
They recall Chitra and her husband came to plead Sundna and Chauhan for returning their house papers. When they didn’t agree as it was well earned, Raaj’s father shot Rani’s father to kill him.
Rani tells Raaj she always asked him to speak to her mom but he wasn’t ready. He is exactly like his father. She feels ashamed to have loved a man like him. Raaj stood there broken.

PRECAP: Raaj was beating himself with a hunter. Chitra comes to stop him. He complains that one of her lie turned him into an animal.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Since I stopped watching this serial I got lost …
    whose father killed whose mother??? ?
    is anyone still related to Kings and Queens??? smh

  2. Cathy

    I hope Rani doesn’t forgive Raj to quickly, he needs to pay for throwing her off that cliff.

  3. I still don’t get it how this story go with Kings and Queens and what happened to Raj and Rani from before the Rani who’s legs were injured what happened to them in

    1. The one whose legs were injured was not Rani but her lookalike naina.. Raja alias Don was happily married to naina till rani’s ghost started haunting them n sabotaging their happiness under the influence of brm witch.. Raja with the help of rajmata ultimately make rani ghost realize her folly
      n enable her soul to attain salvation.. But brm witch brutally murders raja and naina..
      Now there is a leap of 28+ years n Raja rani
      reincarnate as Raj n rani Chauhan.. They both recall their past birth, get rid of brm witch n get married.. But Raj is a negative guy whose sole motive was to revenge
      rani’s mom Sunanda Chauhan Bcos he believed that she was responsible for his family’s destruction.. In due course he tries to kill rani multiple times n tortures her.. But eventually he realizes that his parents were the real culprits n his revenge was baseless… This is short summary of story so far.. 🙂

  4. Guys, I’ve not been watching this serial of late. But after reading the update, I decided to watch and it was okay. Atleast Raj knows the truth.
    I actually came to ask this. I was watching a few of the old episode, that is Raja-Rani of Season 2. And my god, they look so much in love, much more classy. Somehow Eisha looks way more prettier as original Rani than what she looks now. She is pretty but that womanly look just makes her look so amazing. So in that episode, Saawariya song plays, so I wondered have they ever played it for these two in Season 3? I mean, that song brings back Ranaji-Gayatri vibes. So I was thinking…

    1. No… sawariya song no longer played for Raj-rani in season 3..n u r right season 3 rani doesn’t have the grace of season 2 rani..

  5. Friends, in the current track ,no one is related to aristocracy except Dadu.Raja and Rani have taken rebirth in ordinary families,Amerkot palace is gifted to Rani by Rajmata because she still considers Rani her granddaughter.So only palace is there, no royals are left .
    I agree with you Cathy ,infact Rani should never forgive Raaj.He knew very well that Rani was innocent and not aware of the past feuds between the two families.After marrying Rani he neither hesitated to push her off the cliff nor smother her with a pillow when she was unconscious .Not only these.,he forced her to take electric shocks and did his best to prove that she was mentally sick.All the while he knew it was not Rani’s fault,still quite ruthlessly he had subjected her to so much torture.The only saving grace was he didn’t dare to consummate his marriage .Some might say hatred or revenge is not the answer to revenge,but some crimes are so grievous they can not be forgiven and should be punished.
    In last night’s episode ,after Sunanda signs the document Raaj tells Rani to get lost as well along with her mother .What a callous attitude!Has he forgotten Rani’s rights as his lawful wife.Now Rani should give back in the same coin.As it is,no one is good and noble in his family,His mother is the worst,It is really surprising that Raaj’s mother,who had been misleading her son since he was a young boy ,didn’t think it appropriate to come out with the truth when Rani was brought home by a furious Raaj for the first time after marriage.Had she revealed the truth that time,Raaj would not have behaved so inhumanly.But the writers always create havoc in this couple’s life.Now let us see what Rani will do,she should tell Raaj to get out with his family.Will the writers allow her to do so?

  6. Yes Priya , I also feel the same.Eisha looked very pretty as Rani Gayatri as compared to Rani Chauhan.One reason might be that Eisha has lost lot of weight now ,moreover traditional dresses like Salwar and Sarees suit Eisha.As Rani Chauhan she is always seen in western outfits which are not that impressive on her.The most important thing is Season2’s story and settings were tailor made for Sartaj and Eisha ,they were perfect as Raja and Rani.Now the times and situation are different,so the different looks and attitudes.I simply love those good old nostalgic episodes of Raja and Rani and their romance.

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