Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja forces Rani to eat it else he may complain the manager and she will have to pay for it. She was about to take a bite, Jeewan comes to stop Rani. He demands Raja what is his problem that he is troubling this girl. Raja demands why he is being out of character, if he wants to be a hero. Jeewan calls him and his mentality as third class, Raja stands to his confrontation and asks him to focus on his samosas. Jeewan says this girl is talking legitimate. Raja demands when an illegitimate began to speak about legitimacy. They wrestle with each other. Rani tries to intervene. Raja reminds Jeewan this is college not home, here his father won’t save him. Next time his bones would get broken, does he remember the pain of a broken arm? The manager accuses Rani for being responsible, Rani demands

what is her mistake in all this. The manager suspend her from job. Rani open the knot of her dupatta.
At night, Meena urges Rani to hurry up. They are getting late for camp. Rani asks her to go, Meenu says alright she won’t go as well. She takes Rani outside to see the stars without telescope. Raja sets the telescope for the girls. Meenu and Rani come to window, Rani tells Meenu she is afraid of dark but her Dadu says the darker the night is, the more the stars are here. She miss her Dadu a lot, she has no one other than her Dadu. Meenu was sure Rani will fulfil all her Dadu’s dreams. Rani sings a song. Jeewan and Raja stop at once at the voice. Rani notices Jeewan in the window, who hides himself. Meenu insists on Rani to continue with her song. Raja takes hold of the telescope, Bindu demands what happens to him when he hears music. Raja smiles he recalls his childhood at this voice. Rani wanders in the corridor while singing. Raja comes following the voice, enjoys the fragrance of flowers nearby enjoying. He watches Rani standing ahead, with her face veiled. He slips in the corridor and loses her, looks around in every room across the corridor. Rani comes to the window of hall when Jeewan comes to place a hand on her shoulder, she appreciates her voice. He asks Rani if she needs to win her scholarship money. There is a singing competition that Raja wins for last three years, if she participate and win it the prize money is Rs. 1200.
The next morning, Raja auditions the college girls for singing like last night. Bindu comes there demanding what is this, Raja wonders if she is someone from them. Bindu demands why he has been looking for that singer so desperately. Raja remembers Rani’s lips and eyes that were visible to him last night and leaves saying she won’t understands.
Rani speaks to Hema and was worried for Raaj Mata’s health. Hema tells Rani that it’s a 150 expense, she will take her to doctor when it’s the first. Rani promises she would help Hema with it, thinking about Jeewan’s words. She was sure she will soon send her a money order.
In the class, the VP makes an announcement about talent competition. Raaj insults him by calling him Chilgoza. The VP announces a prize money of Rs. 1200. One of Raaj’s friend asks the VP to hand the prize money to Raja without a competition. Jeewan awaits Rani, she enters the class. VP demands why she is late in class. Rani promises it will never happen again, she comes ahead and fell down. The class mates mock her for her broken shoe. Raja taunts at her that her dreams and her shoes have broken, she must now get away from this competition. The class is over, Rani wipes her tears as everyone leave.
Rani cries outside the classroom worried for Raaj Mata’s health and her scholarship money. Jeewan comes behind her keeping a hand on her shoulder. He sits beside her, he questions if that Raj always insults her how she would focus on her studies. She must participate in the competition and should win it, this way that Raja’s mouth would be shut forever. Rani wonders how he can be sure that she will win, she never went on a stage. Jeewan suggests Rani to take first step, the rest will be done itself. He asks her to do rehearsals only, he will take care of rest. She nods. He asks for friendship, Rani shakes his hand.

PRECAP: Rani was doing rehearsals while Raja looks for her all around the campus.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Jeewan is up to something wrong!!!

  2. Thanks sona ji….Day by day its becoming interesting….love this new raja rani alots….this jeewan is a villain but liked him as well as raja and rani…not yet watched the epi…i know it is a musical one…..

  3. Wow….Jeevan is changing… he is also coming between Raja-Rani;once again??
    This Raja is killing me wid his cuteness. i wonder why he is after Rani’s money always?
    lagtahai kaal ne uske pocket money k sath kanjusi ki hai?
    Love uhhh a loottt Sarrtaj…nd hearty welcome to d instagram world
    keep rocking jaannn✌?

  4. Loved the episode!! Kya baat hain yaar,Season 2 tho season 1 se bhi interstng hoti jaa rahi hain!! Nice!! Hope rani wins d competition!! And When rani sings on d stage, wanna see raja`s reaction!! Sartaj and eisha good going!!

  5. waiting for their reunion

    1. Goms

      Hey hi gomathi..
      Wer yu from..?

  6. Tasnia mahmod

    Very nice.this jeeves is realy thorn for RATRY.

  7. Goms

    ???Awesome epi..I wish raja get to know that gayatri is her Rani in the singing competition..

    1. Mona146

      noooooooooooooo he hates her a lot due to misunderstanding. Let him fall in love and then come to know of it. Because he will start taking revenge as soon as he comes to know of it.

      1. Goms

        Oooohhh ok mona146

  8. Amazing episode.wow raja has fallen in love with rani’s voice.how will he react after knowing truth. And Please bring some closeness between raja rani instead of rani jeeves

  9. Amazing episode.wow raja has fallen in love with rani’s voice.how will he react after knowing truth

  10. ???????wow.

  11. Real lub beginzzz

  12. can anyone plzz tell me the names of the new cast members …??

    1. eisha singh as gayatri sartaj gill as rajbeer jaan khan as jeevan poonam preet as bindu

  13. Super episode but I realy don’t like that raja is face he looks like he is from hell

  14. Baarima still alive,she killed one generation,now planning to destroy another generation. Like to see she getting decapitated soon.

  15. i saw on the spoiler page that jeevan hasn’t changed
    he is pretending …..he wants rani to be on his side .cause ..he wants stoop down raja’s image

    1. Mona146

      yes just like Duryodhan who took karna’s side just to deal with pandavas, this guy is cunning and wants to play safe with his enemy.

  16. according to the latest promo rani will soon get to know about rajbeer being raja

  17. love their banter. .. esp ranis sarcasm…. too good

  18. Y is raja looking for her to insult her more rani should tell him who she really is

    1. But she don’t know that rajbeer is raja and nor does she know that she belong to royal family

  19. I enjoy when Raja is in conversation with his father….its sooo rib tickling……. Interesting that this serial is coming along in the vein of big screen Indian movies, a first I think for telly serials. It captures the mood of the given era with songs,costumes,dialogue references to events which took place at that time. Great going producers, soo refreshing to watch, from all the crap the other serials are giving us.

  20. Who are the two guys that follow raja name??Eisha you are doing great job girl, keep it up girl!

  21. what was the song in today ‘s epi that rani was singing nd will sing tomorrow ??

  22. Hey guys what’s the promo.please elaborate

    1. the promo is that rani gets to know about rajbeer being raja

  23. it’s about rani will come to know that rajveer is raj,and this will happen when he sees him talking to kaal

  24. Mona146

    Can someone explain what Badi rani ma wants eventually? What is the main aim? How does she think she can rule the Amirkot? Through Raja or by killin raja(just as she did with Indravadan)?

    1. she wants raja to stand against kaal and alwayas provokes him

  25. Sujie

    RajNi…… RaTri….. jo bhi kaho…. but the lead pairs look cute together….
    I knew Eisha would rock in this new avatar…but I had no idea I would start praising Sartaj Gill too…. I mean the chemistry looks good…. DAMN he looks sooo cute 🙂 🙂

  26. Sujee

    Wats the age of BRM????she is still alive ha ha….I like this raja.he is soooo cute.

  27. Ok good episode

  28. TRP 1,6 ??????

  29. kathri jab raja esse act karega he looks lyk he is from hell but when he start loving rani again his face will look better than my h****b

  30. guys am not gud at speaking hindi that why i speak influence english i think you will understand

    1. Ya we do

  31. can some1 tell me that song lyrics which is sung by rani

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