Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani walks to her old house, wondering what surprise Raja planned. Someone blind folds Rani, she says she has been dying to see him. It comes out to be Jeewan smiling, he wish her birthday. He accepts to be angry but couldn’t forget his friend’s birthday. Rani wonders how he know about this, Jeewan says he know his friends well and is aware his sweetest memories are associated with this place. Rani looks around, Jeewan asks if she feels bad that he and not Raaj is saying this all. Jeewan asks Rani to celebrate, as Raja has passed today. Rani inquires about his result, Jeewan says he got a compartment in the exam he didn’t take. Rani demands why he left that exam, although he had hotel project linked to it. Jeewan says for him, she and her friendship is important than this project. He

might get many projects, but not a friend like her. He only wants to see her happy and can go to any extent for that. Rani watches Raaj Mata and Raja standing behind and excitedly go to greet them, Raaj Mata says her Raja brought her here. Raja says he thought a lot about a gift, then thought this would be the best gift. Jeewan wipes his tears behind and leaves. Rani turns to introduce Raaj Mata to Jeewan but he had left already. Raja stops Rani and asks her to spend her time with Raaj Mata. Rani asks Raaj Mata if she remember this place, but she didn’t recognize. Rani reminds her of her childhood. Raaj Mata wonders how her son and daughter in law could keep her here. Raja takes their attention to cake. Raaj Mata tells Raja she has to return tomorrow, will he take her? Raja says no, from today she and Rani will live here. Rani makes Raaj Mata comfortable and goes behind Raja.
In the lounge, Rani watches the decorations of the hall. Raja comes from behind, he hands her a box to open. It was a small pendant, Raja qualifies it’s for her as a memorandum of their friendship. Rani allows Raja to put it around her neck. He collects her tears in his hand, and says never from today. He presents her a bunch of rose, each one for the ten birthdays she spent without him. He brings her a dress and demands her to wear it for him. Rani comes draped in a red embellished dress. He drapes her head with the pallu behind and says he always wanted to see her this way, innocent and beautiful, a lot of time has spent but today he can tell her what she means to him. He comes close to kiss her, she gets away then hugs him tightly. Raja says she is his only, Rani says yes for him always. She then straightens up and says it’s too late, he must go. Raja confirms thrice before leaving, then turns to send her a flying kiss. A file lay on the table.
Next morning, Rani comes across Jeewan. She complains he left without informing, Jeewan asks if she even noticed. She can never see anything in front of Raja, Rani minds that she wanted to introduce him to her Dadu. Jeewan wish Raja comes out to be what Rani is thinking, he hopes all the misunderstanding in Raja’s heart are figured out. He eyes the file in Rani’s hand.
Rani comes to Raja’s room where he had been tossing balls. She knocks at the door, he reads a poetic verse with his eyes shut. She suggests him to be an actor, he was ready to go had someone not stopped him. She brings the file, Raja says he thought about getting it signed. Rani asks if she reads the papers once, would he dislike; her Dadu taught her to read the papers once before signing. Raja says he would definitely dislike if she doesn’t read, then keeps the file aside saying she has been appointed as Project Head, she will get everything she needs for the project. She will be an important part of this project, she is, was and will be his. He asks Rani to read, Rani says she has read anything. Raja eyes her signing the papers. Rani assures him to do whatever he would ask her for. He gets closer again, Rani stops him. Raja says he said so. Rani invites him for dinner tonight.
At night, Rani was waiting for Raja at 8 pm. Raaj Mata asks why is she waiting so intently for Raja today, she narrates her own story, when she was eighteen once her grandfather came to her home. Her mother knew the truth watching her restlessness. She know Rani loves Raja and Raja also loves her. There is a knock at the door, a guard comes with a bouquet. Rani suspected.

PRECAP: Bindu and Raja were at Rani’s place. Bindu recognizes a pendant as here, Raja says he found it fallen in the palace and picked it up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Great update. I so turmoil ahead, jeevan is also in love with Rani and I feel he will create mischief between the couple. I just wish rajmata was not losing her mind, she is the only one to unlock the Pandora’s box. I love Raja Rani chemistry, so loving and innocent, Raja better be genuine and love Rani for the right reasons.

  2. Rani rani that paper u sign hmmmmm
    raja true colours gonna show now

  3. What’s this yaaar… I like this jeewan a lot…don’t always make his scenes so sad..?

  4. Xavier

    So now Raj Mata have alhziemers ?? The old bi*tch badi rani ma is supposed to get that !!!! NOT Raj Mata .. Goshh. These people curry favor these bad idiots TOO MUCH

  5. I’m also thinking the same, something fishy about that document Rani signed, hate to think that Raja is up to something not good.

  6. I like jewaan .I want pair jewaan n rani.I admit that jewaan was evil in his childhood but people change nd now jewaan was too good for rani.I think rani is blind even he can’t see jewaan left his exams for her.

    1. Jada

      I agree and Raja didn’t even give Jeevan credit for telling him about Rani’s sacrifice

    2. That’s right, jeewan’s character (love n care) for rani is far better than raja. Jeewan is no nice and he made friendship with rani in the college before raja did, also left his exams for rani..but raja’s character is shown so cheap n low.. better rani understand jeewan n love him..

  7. Damn, i love jeeves so much. I jus love him. Y is his scenes so sad 🙁 he desetves rani cause he’s the only one cares n trust rani raja doesn’t he always doubt her

  8. GREAT. raja is now evil. the promo shows his true colours showing and soon rani will hate him. Im starting to think they will never get together and Jeewan will get with Rani. im getting the feeling that this show will end on a sad part…………NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  9. Natasha mahase

    Nice episode,hope Raja turns out 2 b good

  10. Is Raja going to turn out to be the villian in the series? Awww but he and Rani suite n is superb together oh no

  11. see guys these writers want us to figure out who is the real villain n who is hero they want us to be corrupted
    n it looks lyk they r successful

  12. Something is fishy . I cant get it . In season 1 everything was still clear that Ranaji and Gayatri are the leads and they are being troubled by their enemies and the main reason of that is Badi Rani Maa . But in season 2 everything does not look like real at all . Everything is confusing . One cant say anything here anyone can do anything here it doesnt matter who .

  13. equation between rani & jeevs was so wonderful rather than raja & rani

  14. Someone said that the document rani signed was a type of marriage or living together contract..rani in trap now..raja played with her and her emotions..jeevan will rescue her..but still in confusion who is real hero..upcoming episodes will be interesting..I liked this uncertainty..both pair looks cute..

  15. I love raja and rani!!! Hope writers don’t ruin it.

  16. But Rani had read the papers and signed it . Then how come its marriage or contract paper ?

    1. Rani didn’t read that..she just signed by blindly believe him..raja made her fool wonderfully..

  17. well if any one could answer me ..raja told bindu he gifyed a pendent to rani that was lying on floor

  18. Are you peple all sure about that Raja is faking i ? If so then why will he ? And in this serial I noticed one thing that I never noticed in any other serials . Here everything is confusing and for the first time I noticed thatthe fans of the serial are expecting the antagonist to be the hero which I never saw in any othershow or setial .

  19. Masz

    I want jeevs to be with rani too…

  20. I want jeevs with rani not raja.if that happened according to spoilers then I hate u raja more then time.raja could not see how much did rani for her.in fact rani put her future in danger for him but he still want to take his revenge more then love or friendship. That’s why I love jeevs bcz he left his ego nd exam for rani.I want them together.

    1. Ur right, I want jeevs n rani tgthr…I lv their pair. Raja cn gv only trouble to rani nt love …bt stupid rani will believe raja..pls take it to an interesting track..

  21. This Raja puzzles me… I think it’s creepy that he is so intense and possessive about Rani, it’s like Rani is a toy he wants all to himself. It’s sickening.

    1. Jada

      So true he’s actually really creepy

  22. I loved the precap.. I want rani to be hurt soon so that she knows jeeves was right.. I somehow feel jeeves is the hero.. He is so cute n sweet n genuine too..

    rani is such a dumb girl.. God knows y she treats jeeeves badly.. but I m sure it will be jeeves rescuing her after rajas betrayal

  23. raja never told he loves her.. he just says u r mine. . sirf meri Ho. . n trapping her well

    1. Jada

      Exactly! He never told her that he loved her too which makes him suspicious

  24. I like jewan to be the lead actor of the movie coz he is handsome and caring rani

  25. shanaya sheik

    i want that raja & rani to be together always and foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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