Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja and Rani were upset separately. Raja hurries towards the window, knocks at it then put the mangal sooter around Rani’s neck. He had been day dreaming, as he stood outside in the corridor holding the mangal sooter in his hands. Meenu watch Raja there, and comes to speak to Rani about it. Rani didn’t want to discuss about Raja. Rani says right now she wants to focus on her exams, tears fell over her book.
In the palace, Raja lay his head on Amrita’s lap saying he wanted to let Rani be strong enough to stand on her own foot, she must be courageous to face life alone. He has done it, Rani has moved away from him. He lost even after winning. Amrita says neither he wants to stay with Rani, nor he can’t stay away from her. She takes his promise to always respect his wife,

and not walk on the footsteps of his father. Raja says he can’t promise her anything, in order to turn gold must burn in fire to be turned strong.
The next morning, Rani gets ready and feels the absence of her mangal sooter. In the exam hall, Jeewan comes to sit besides her saying he only cares for her. Rani doesn’t want to speak to him. Gayatri’s attendance was being called, Raja calls from the door to call her Mrs. Gayatri Rajveer Rana. He walks to Jeewan, reminding she is his sister in law, he must sit away from her. Jeewan leaves the seat, Raja sits with Rani. The teacher inquires why he is late. Raja says when a newlywed bride would begin staying in hostel, the husband would spend nights counting stars. The class laugh. Rani heads to walk towards another chair, Raja calls her if she would even walk away at night. Rani leaves the classroom, Raja follows her.
Rani brings Raja into another room, she asks what this new drama is about. Raja says in their country husband and wife speak to each other this way. He reminds she is still his wife, thus has put sindoor. She can’t change the truth that their names have been connected forever. Rani turns to leave, Raja drags her behind holding her close to himself. Rani demands what he wants, Raja replies she. He wants her to accept she is nothing without him, and come back to him. Rani pushes him away, calling him selfish and stone headed; who can only think like this. He promised her to keep her happy, but he kissed Lovey in front of her. Now he wants her back, how can only one person’s wish be a priority in a marriage? What about her wishes and feelings? Raja inquires what she wants, since they married her always consider his happiness to be important. Raja boasts what else Rani has in her life, if she ever wanted something for herself? If she ever felt something else, then loving her. Rani wipes her tears, accepting she lost herself in their love, she will now think about herself. She is aware what she wants, she and her Dadu have worked hard to reach here. She came here on scholarship, scholarship students doesn’t leave pre-liminary exams. She committed one mistake but won’t repeat it. She will focus on her exams for the next fifteen days. Raja asks if she would return home after fifteen days. Rani keeps a condition to know about the truth, why he kissed Lovey, what’s hurting him inside out, what’s the secret he has been hiding since the day of wedding. Raja promises that after 15 days, right after their exams end he would tell her about the truth. They cross paths to move opposite ways.
Raja demands Kaal and Bari Rani Maa to name his property after Rani in next fifteen days, warning if they fail they won’t be left with any respect and ego. Kaal was enraged.
In the college next day, Rani hear songs being played around her. She looks around to find Raja playing guitar, gathered by girls. Rani moves forward, Raja runs to stop her way saying he has some work. Rani moves away, cursing herself that Raja doesn’t do anything for her, she has to study for next fifteen days for sure.
Kaal tells Bari Rani maa that now Rani’s story is going to end, they will send her to her parents. Bari Rani Maa warns her about fear of losing his elections.

PRECAP: Bari Rani Maa black mails Amrita to do what they want, else Kaal won’t leave Raja and Rani both. Raaj Mata brought drinks for them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Bari Ranima’s tricks are way too familiar as she made rani Gaytri and Ranaji;s life miserable. When would the writers stop this nonsense and do something better with the storyline. They are always showing evil winning over good, a bad example.

    1. Absolutely

  2. Unfortunately, this is all these writers know. Abuse of women and loss of self respect. Same old story repeating itself. BRM should have been dead long time back but I guess Superwoman is immortal.
    This writer seems to have a problem with strong female characters unless it’s BRM.

  3. OH plz old hag need to be caught n raja n bindu to let them no Wat evil person she is

  4. Good epi ?

  5. Ok…I know this may sound weird but, apart from still being bewildered at the zig-zag mess created after such a beautiful wedding, I couldn’t help but smile at parts of the Raja and Rani scenes. I wanted to stay upset but I admit I simply had to smile. For all the bizarre and brazenness, I still had to smile. In a crazy way it was still cute of Raja. The name, the guitar and song, …lol….cute …in a way. And I will dispel any further upset and wait patiently to see what happens after 15 days. My upset went away after Raja demanded that the property be transferred into Rani’s name. Now I like that. I like that. Hopefully the relationship will come straight soon, but at least I commend Raja for wanting to return what is rightfully Rani’s rather than coveting it like Kaal and the old queen are doing. So well done Raja for doing that. And I look forward to see what problems develop between Raja and his dad and granny. Kaal is now a furious tiger. And as confusing as Raja can be at times, one thing remains clear is he loves Rani passionately (even if he can’t figure it out and thus stabilize his feelings in how to express this) and if Kaal touches Rani, then Raja will go after him. Ok…I’m waiting my dear writers. And let’s hope, that 15 days happens within 2 to 3 episode and nothing too long. anxious to see what’s next. ??

  6. Hmmmm… Kaal don’t look like he will tolerate Raja working in the interest of Rani and Raja Mata for too long. . Raja is against his father and now wants the property transferred into Rani’s. Kaal is impatient and will erupt soon like a volanco.

  7. I’m really fed up of this programme. It’s going around in circles and the abuse levelled against women in general is very sickening. Time to end this……

  8. The writer is not portraying Rani as a strong woman…how can she take revenge after knowing the truth? Isn’t that what queen Gayatri promised of her daughter? It’s about time the writer starts putting strength in Rani…..the intensity of the drama must begin now….I can feel nail-biting episodes when Rani begins to conquer….it is only then the story should drag, with rani winning …episode after episode.. I am waiting to see fights, deceit, conniving…..and Rani winning and conquering…episode after episode….If that does not happen. Then th story has drifted from the original source…( The Revenge Of Rani ).

  9. John Anthony Nazario Rodriguez

    what a mess,this king and queen story become

  10. Sigh! I wish I knew how the writers are hoping to accomplish the desired results of this story by continuing with the current track. I absolutely don’t blame the actors, for they are following their script and doing what they are paid to do, it’s the writers pen that’s creating the frustration that we all are feeling. If….if only, they had continued in the same vein as young Rani was portrayed, we wouldn’t have been complaining at the weakness of grown up Rani at this point in the serial. That little girl had attitude, spunk, determination and wisdom all rolled into one neat little package. I miss her spirit and that will to be strong,and accomplish her task of contributing to help care for her dadu, was no easy feat. She had Raja by her side then, so now why are writers creating such strife between the two of them? A couple is always stronger…..together!!! Anyway….its good in a way, that Raja is a bit of a rogue, a meak Raja would have been a pathetic character, after all, he has the devil of a father to deal with. I like how he handles that old witch…usually cuts her down with his words. I know when Rani discovers the truth, the tides will change for Raja, I hope his noble intentions are translated as a positive and not as a cover up by Raja to protect his father’s crimes…..in the eyes of his wife. I wait to see…….

  11. I say bring on the new personality for Rani … the Sword yielding, horseback riding lass with a mission to defend her castle and her daddu with the brave help of her husband

  12. really like this collage sequence………….

  13. upcoming track is really intersting waiting for that eagerly……hope trp will stable again next week……..

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