Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jeewan comes to Rani, she promises Rani to help her take a revenge from Raaj. An enemy’s enemy is also a friend. Rani says that Sir isn’t her enemy, she is poor and spend everything carefully including time as well. She leaves. Jeewan thinks if she pumps Rani abit more, she will bring tears into Raaj’s eyes.
Meenu and Rani speak about a camp, Rani tells Meenu she has no money to pay for registration. The VP meet them and assures Rani her expenses will be held by the college. Raja calls from behind that Rani is a beggar. He narrates his friend from London wrote him the beggars there got really sophisticated. Now he can also write the same. Bindu insults Rani too. Rani replies she won this scholarship and has worked hard for it, she isn’t like the one who spent three years in

the same class. She assures she will pay her registration by herself. Raja taunts she doesn’t have enough blood to get Rs. 10. Rani tells him one needs determination not blood to do something. She accepts his challenge to pay her fees in next week.
In the palace, Bari Rani Maa tell the ministers she realizes one of the royals must be elected to lead the poor people, who are just like cattle. She nominates someone young to lead Amirkot, she announces Rajveer’s name. Kaal seconds Bari Rani Maa calling Raja as worthy of it. Bari Rani Maa thinks this is now time to enjoy the fruits of what she sew for years.
Rani searches her bag. Meenu comes there narrating a story that there was a boy in her class Sattu. Sattu always promised to bring her moons and stars and when one day she demanded her for a bulb for her room he had no money. She advises Rani not to be that Sattu. Where she would bring money for fees. Rani recalls Raaj Mata handing her some money while she left. It was enough to pay for registration.
Kaal offers Raja a drink, he tell Raja that Bari Rani Maa nominated him for the next election. Raja asks why he didn’t nominate Jeewan. Kaal tells him he is his elder son, Raja calls himself a legitimate son. Raja demands five thousand rupees. Kaal hands him a bundle, he heads to leave. Kaal stops him, Raja complains had he stopped him ten years ago it would have been fruitful, now he has moved away from him. He will not participate for this election. Kaal beats Raja with his stick, Raja stands still while the stick finally breaks. Raja sadly says the stick that could be his strength in old age has been broken now. Kaal goes to sip his drink, while Bari Rani Maa comes to Raja. Raja leaves the palace not wanting to speak to Kaal.
Rani comes to café with Meenu, a waiter breaks another cup but the owner takes his apron suspending him. The owner then cry how he would take care of the whole canteen. Rani asks the owner to work here. The owner tells Rani that students can’t work, it effects their studies. Rani insists on him, she will do the cleaning in the morning and after the off time, and in the break time she will take orders. The owner offers her 35 rupees per day. Rani calculates it won’t be enough for her. Raja and friends come to canteen, Raja boasts about the bundle of 5000. He boasts in front of his friends that he fulfilled the responsibility of a son today, but hurting his father. He announces a treat for everyone in the canteen and calls the waiter. The owner sends Rani. Raja cheers watching Rani as waiter and demands for a plate of self-respect. He narrates crumbled eggs with bread. Rani serves the menu. Jeewan comes to the canteen determined to break the records and have 9 samosas. He watches interestingly as Raja orders Rani to put the egg inside the bread then sprinkle black pepper. She sprinkles some, Raja asks her to keep on going, then orders to stop at a point. She turns to leave. Raja asks her to taste it now and tell him how it is. Rani apologizes she isn’t allowed to taste guest’s food.

PRECAP: Raja orders her to eat it, else he will have to pay money for this. Rani was about to take a bite, Jeewan holds her hand advocating her. He and Raja have a fight.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. In the promo gayatri gets to know that rajveer is non other than his raja!!!!

    1. what promo?

      1. In the latest promo kaal is seen talking to raja and gayatri sees them both talking and gets to know that raajveerraajveer is his raja only!!

  2. this jevan has some bad intention.rani pls arrange money n throw on the mouth of raja.

  3. Interesting…..can’t wait for next episode.

  4. Goms

    Y raja s behaving so bad..
    Hate this bari ma..wen she’ll die.. gayatri and her husband died but this old lady is still alive..!

    1. angel persaud

      Absolutely true. Dont know when she will die

  5. So coooollll.. Wanna nxt epizodes zoonnn

  6. Swayamprabha pradhan

    Jewaan u r too gud…

  7. Yaaaaarrrr!!!!!
    The best on-air drama :-*********
    Love their chemistry :-*******
    Love ATRATR(aik tha raja ek thi rani)

  8. Oyeeee Raja….again u killed it reee???
    u r too cute yaar..
    Nd what’s ds jeevans problem.. idiot.. he is always after Raja…villain kahika…
    Raja is his bro naa!
    bcz of him Raja n Rani broke their friendship….??
    villain kahika…
    i don’t like zain malik as a villain?

  9. Serious question: Where is RAGESHWARI!?

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    zain malik? u mean by zaan khan? i like raja-rani(rajveer-gayatri) tashan. I knew eisha will do a good job like she did in IKRS but Sartaj? I didnt expect that he would be so good, I didnt like him begusarai(the only &tv show i know and ganga), but he is rocking in ETR2

  11. rajveer must learn how 2 behave wid a girl, n jeevan was a true gentleman today though whatever his intentions r , bt he did d rit thing…… what say guyz????

  12. Jeevan is a spoiled brat, easily manipulated and always does something for his own benefit, also sort of foolish. Don’t underestimate him, let’s see how he is portrayed now. Seriously didn’t think that saartaj could be this awesome in his role, but he proved me wrong, great acting, so charismatic, can’t help but love him as Raja. Rajni looks great together…..

  13. Guys ! Please don’t blame raja for his rude behaviour … ! Becoz the actual culprit behind his this behaviour is BRM She use raja , for completion of her desire ,
    mis understand between raja and rani is due to BRM & Jeevan , may be again they RAJ-NI came close to each other jst becoz of jeewan ,

    so guys don’t worry , jst enjoy the track …!

  14. Feel bad for rani

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