Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At the exam hall, Jeewan thinks about all the challenge, promises and Rani. Rani was upset awaiting Raja. Jeewan stands up to leave the class.
Raja was in the palace when Jeewan arrives. He holds his collar and beat Raaj badly, calling him cheap as a girl put her life at stake and he doesn’t care for her. He shouts that Raja doesn’t understand Rani has put her life on stake to get him dreams. She conditioned to leave her dreams if he doesn’t pass the exams. Rani trusted him but he never did, she trusted her friendship but Raja isn’t worth either her friendship or her trust. Raja runs to the exam hall, Rani cheers watching him and stands up from her seat. She says she was sure he won’t break her trust. VP asks what is happening here. Raja apologizes for getting late. The examiner

objects that he can never come late for exam. Raja reminds the exam is taking place at his place. They get seated to take the exam. Raja close his eyes recalling Rani’s lectures. Rani watches him fill the paper. The exam time was over.
In the corridor, Rani turns to look at Raja. Both walk the distance between each other. He holds her shoulder and demands if she has gone crazy, was she going to sacrifice her dreams for him, and he, like an idiot wanted proof for her trust. He is sorry that he couldn’t trust her. Rani hugs him, wiping her tears. She says they have passed the exam of trust, now they just need to pass college exam. Jeewan watches this from behind a wall and leave.
Jeewan was frustrated inside the room, Rani comes to thank Jeewan for bringing Raja. Raja would one day realize how good Jeewan is. Jeewan says one day Rani would realize Raja isn’t worth it, he will now speak to her only when she realizes who is right and who is wrong.
Rani comes to Raja’s room, he was serious and makes her sit with him and prepare for exam. Bindu was worried in the examination hall about passing the exam. Rani and Raja pray in the temple, Rani then advices Raja it’s the last exam. He must read the question paper carefully. Raja knocks her on the wall and says he has to talk to her after exam, it’s about them. Rani asks to say it right now. Raja says when situation, place and time are favorable. Rani qualifies for a right think to be said, any situation, place and time is favorable. Raja assures he will first speak to her, then his parents and lastly her Dadu.
Rani was on terrace watching moon. She was worried about result. Raja joins her saying he saw someone talking to stars for the first time. Rani says stars sometimes determine our luck. Raja says they can even go against her, Rani says she will throw them all in dust bin then. Rani says time passed so quickly this year. Raja was excited about new girls, as the old ones are so boring. Rani was annoyed and turns to leave, telling him to go and speak to the new girls. Raja laughs.
At midnight, Rani walks through the corridor complaining that Raja didn’t remember her birthday. She comes to a room, the table with the cake had been set there. A bucket full of roses fell over Rani, she holds a balloon with a note. It reads, Happy birthday Rani. He doesn’t know how to say, may be tonight tells her what he has not been able to. Tomorrow is the future that awaits them. Rani kiss the note cheering that he didn’t forget.
The next morning, Rani knocks at Raja’s door, looks inside and wonders where Raja has gone so early. She hits Bindu in the way, Bindu again insults her for being a tail who can’t leave Raja alone for a while. Rani asks her about Raja, Bindu says he went outside last night so Rani must wait for him. Rani was upset about watching this Bindu’s face early in the morning, she then worries about her result. Meenu brings cake for Rani and tells her that she has topped again. Rani was concerned for Raja’s result, Meenu sadly says Raja failed all her expectations, he just passed with 50% marks. Rani cheers that this is her best gift. Meenu asks about his whereabouts. Two men come to the hall playing violen, Meenu says it must be by Sir. One of the musician hands Rani with a note, she reads it and smiles.

PRECAP: Rani comes to see cake in her old house and wonders where Raja is. Someone keeps a hand over her eyes, she asks Raja to atleast come to front, then was shocked to see Jeewan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I wish jeevan is ranis raja…he is btr than raja

  2. Oh jeevan is genuine for rani…hope drama started..raja is faking..that for sure..anyway there is a chance that jeevan -rani track will start.. its interesting..the serial going good

  3. I think jeewan has started loving rani… Why is raja so very suspicious about rani????

  4. interesting episode.but i love raja rani

  5. Jeewan is too good than Raja…

  6. Jeewan ???

  7. Raja is faking but today’s episode shows jewan is genuinely is love with rani. I m petty sure raja is faking. And after raja’s betrayal jewan will support rani and they will get married

  8. is’nt jeevan and rani brother and sister ?

    1. Mona146

      one way yes but not boliogival though. Jeevan is child of rageswari and she was wife of Indravadan whose daughter is gayatri.

      1. Mona146

        biological sry typo

  9. Hahaha.. All r fans for jeevs than the hero of the show ??
    Even me too.. ? jeevs is soo cute than raja?
    But the raja rani Jodi reminds me of Anandi nd jagya pair.. Dono y.

  10. No, jeewan’s mother did not consummate with Rani’s father, she became Kaal’s second wife

  11. Again I’m impress with jeeves in today’s episode it makes it hard for me now to just wish raja and rani end up together….still deep down I don’t fully trust jeeves mainly because of how much he hates raja and like competing with him

  12. Hai friends ,,I have a doubt, jeevs s rani’s step br na? den hw cn dey get marry?

    1. no jeewan is d son of kaal . her mother married to kaal after Rana g death.

    2. no jeewan is d son of kaal . his mother married to kaal after Rana g deaths.

  13. Jewaan is too good nd cute.I want them together. This pair will be rock between jeves nd rani.i think jewaan feelings real for rani.Raja always want 2 contral rani’s life.

  14. I think raja will realize now rani isnot playing with him anymore

  15. The chemistry between raja and rani is too too good. I love them and their romantic moments. Superb!!! Raja + Rani= JANI.

  16. guys we all know ki jeevan hamesah se raja ke pass joh hea use chinna cahta hea..or joh bath raja ki o rani ke sath pyar ka natak karraha hea kyki bachpan ka dhoka itni ahsanise vula nehi jahcakta akhir writer ko kahani bhi toh barani hea..so ur ajkal kon hero ur heroen hea samaj na muskil hea..

  17. Anshika tyagi

    Jeewan is cute than raja but i think raja is best for rani not jeewan

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    I watched this show initially but later seeing too much negativity in Ranaji and gayathri’s life I stopped watching it and after leap I started watching the show again for Eisha Singh became her fan in IKRS, her previous show. And now I m fan of one more person not Sartaj gill, it’s zaan khan. He is so cute he is one of my fav now . But l love raja-rani chemistry, and if Jeeves-rani become a pair I won’t mind 😛 but for now raja rani is rocking

  19. shanaya sheik

    i don’t want jeewan to come in between raja &rani plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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