Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A veiled maid helps Sulakshna gets ready with her makeup and jewelry. Sulakshna gives her the keys of Gayatri’s room and asks her to keep it protected. She asks if she must put on some fragrance on her hair. She smokes the hair, and in that smoke she removes the veil. She was Raaj Mata, Yashoda replaces Raaj mata. Raaj Mata takes the keys along. Yashoda tells Sulakshna that Raaj Mata called her to the store for jewelry. Sulakshna cheers and hurries to the store. Raaj Mata says that the store is a bit conjested but there are coins for her. Sulakshna goes to see them, Raaj Mata locks her inside. She goes towards the door when Gayatri calls what hurry is she in. Sulakshna is shocked to see Gayatri there. Gayatri asks her to fulfil the duty of a Sotan.
Swarna says to Cheetah that

he must not forget what she had told him, she dislikes wild animals. He must remain here as a pet. Cheetah says he will do for her, what she won’t even ask. Swarna throws his beddings for him and tells him to sleep aside.
Sulakshna asks Gayatri how she got out. Gayatri asks why there is sweat on her face, she shows her the ventilator. She says smoke will soon come from there. She says she is the Rani of Amirkot and might know that her face can’t bear smoke and heat. Raaj Mata and Yashoda brings hot boiled water container to create smoke in the room. Sulakshna says to Gayatri that she needs to leave. Gayatri holds her hand saying they must sit together for a while. Sulakshna was worried.
Cheetah corrects Swarna’s blanket, she turns to lay on his hand. He thinks this proud suits her face like a princess. She wakes up asking what he think, he would take advantage if she has fallen asleep. Cheetah says if he had to take this advantage, she won’t be able to sleep for a lifetime. He says that infact, Swarna was taking his name. Swarna says this is impossible. Cheetah says if he had a tape recorder, he could have recorded it for her. Swarna tells him to leave the room as it is morning already. Cheetah says he will meet her at night. Swarna says he knows what will happen at night. He leaves the room. Yashoda comes there, and finds Laksh sleeping on the couch outside. She wonders who left Swarna’s room if Laksh is here
Gayatri struggles with Sulakshna who tries to run outside. Gayatri says she had promised her that she will unveil herself. She grabs the mask on her face which comes in her hand. Jhumki runs away from the store crossing Raaj mata and Yashoda. Gayatri says they have got the mask they wanted. Gayatri says they have got the mask they wanted, now Rana ji must listen to them.
Raaj Mata and Gayatri come to Rana ji. Raaj Mata asks where he was all night long. Rana ji says he had gone out, but asks how Gayatri came out. Gayatri says she has brought the proof of her truthfulness. She says she took the mask off Sulakshna’s face, Sulakshna has died already. Rana ji says if Sulakshna has died who is standing behind her. Sulakshna and Bari Rani maa smiled at them. Sulakshna remembered Bari Rani maa standing with another mask which she wore.
Gayatri shouts and insists this isn’t Sulakshna. Rana ji holds her back. Raaj Mata says she trusts Gayatri. Bari Rani maa says that Raaj Mata loved Sulakshna, why this hatred then. Gayatri insists this isn’t Sulakshna and Bari Rani maa killed Sulakshna herself. Bari Rani maa says they can’t belief a mad person, they must call a doctor. Rana ji asks Gayatri to take control of herself. A maid announces that doctor has come, the doctors take Gayatri. Rana ji also leaves the room. Bari Rani maa and Sulakshna smiles.
Gayatri insists the nurses why they have held her here. Everyone come to the room. The doctor says that her mental condition her worsened, they have no other option but to give electric shocks to her. Rana ji is shocked. Gayatri insists, and struggles against them. Bari Rani maa says that sometimes one has to take difficult decisions in life, he must not lose faith, everything will get better. Raaj mata says she can get upset and may lose her life. Rana ji says she is already upset. Gayatri is shocked to hear this. Rana ji says to doctor they must do anything to get Gayatri well. Gayatri calls Rana ji as doctors prepare for the shock. Raaj Mata says if he can’t see Rani is pain why she is giving her this much pain. Rana ji says he is responsible for this pain, had she not brought her out of the room, this wouldn’t have happened. Raaj Mata says what if he has to regret what he is doing. Rana ji asks if he should accept Bari Rani maa is his enemy.
Gayatri takes hold of a knife, Rana ji asks to hold herself but Gayatri says she had already told him she isn’t mad. She says there is no time left now, she goes to drag Sulakshna. She says that she will bring her true face to everyone now. Rana ji says what she is doing isn’t right. Gayatri says he left her with no choice. She asks Rana ji if he believes his eyes, now he should see what truth it. She point the knife at Sulakshna’s face and make a mark. Sulakshna fell on the ground, Rana ji asks if she has gone crazy. Rana ji picks Sulakshna up, she had kept a hand on her face. He asks her to show it to him and is shocked to see the cut on wax mask. Everyone else is shocked too. Rana ji asks what is this, he picks the knife and says it doesn’t has blood on it. He grabs the mask off Jhumki’s face.

PRECAP: Rana ji points the gun at Jhumki saying if she can’t tell the truth what is the use of her life. Jhumki confesses his Bari Rani maa brought her here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Can’t wait till Monday episodes such a awesome story line hatsoff to the writers

  2. I shall excited to watch episode of monday

  3. Simply Superb episode! Life is better when truth comes out earlier..

  4. Might b a dream sequence of jhumki

  5. Oh god rekha u think so? I hope the story progresses n it’s not a dream sequence

  6. Pearley hobaichan


  7. Dis shudn’t b a dream of jhumki ….oh waiting fo Monday’s episode..

  8. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hopefully not dreams????
    I cnt wyt for brm to get caught n punishd
    poor gaytri went through much stil fiteing for ranaji.n ranaji is irking me now….

  9. Rana ji you sick FKkkk! how can you possibly condone your wife like that for the second time around? -and that with electric torture shock ‘ therapy’.? what husband in his right mind sends his wife for electrical shock therapy after her being through emotional shock royal retarded sick fks! and for all ya going on rana ji true love MY BACKSIDE! thats torture not treatment! india docters are serious sphycopaths sssshhhhtttt! no wonder india as a country is so backward docters torture you instead of treat you. so much for rana ji true love he must take his bari rani ma and shove HER up his a*ss.

    1. i agree … what a nincompoop he is

  10. I think its a dream of zumki….and what raj mata doing when gayatri is treating with electric shock…and swarna can go to ranaji and tell everything about bluddy kuwar rani ani kuwar raja
    I think this swarna story is dragging bcoz swarna may fall in love with chetaah
    what says guys?

  11. as for lover boy lashk and his kind three words S.O.B! -son of a B*tch! – he aint all good for nothing his good for fffking up good womans lives hell covering up never felt so good as subjecting your wife to rape hay. ffken hell. yhene rana ji doesnt deserve to be king nor brother inlaw nor husband vok what is he good for? -wait wait aahhh! rana ji and lashk lovely dovey perfect match they go good togather hahaha since they one and the same lock them both up in a room they will come out as a B F F best frends forever lol if with an heir.

  12. F*ck Bari rani maa . Let her go stay with her nasty family. Kokila , kunwar and faggot buller man laksh.. 4 cheap pieces of shit with NO CLASS… yes bari rani maa.. you belong to a class less cheap family… Rana Ji , Raaj mata and Gayatri are better than you 4 idiots

  13. lol relax guys the drama is awesome both off and on screen 🙂

  14. but seriously I think Laksh was crying not because he was suddenly feeling something for his wife but he also wanted Cheetah but sadly could not have him lol he had to watch the door and was angry it was not him in there making sweet love 🙂 so sorry guys I just had to say that

  15. Why do I have a feeling, bari rani ma will talk her way out of this one aswell and sacrifice her pawn jhumki.?.
    Or attempt suicide blaming it on her age and jhumki fooled her?
    I’m shocked (pun intended) along with gayatri and everyone else that’s anyone else that read shals spit split personality.
    The same way you feel about bari rani ma I feel about you shals so keep it coming.

  16. I for one recommend shock therapy for you shals you might like it. It is designed for a*sholes like you and Bari Rani ma. Idiot.

  17. gяєαт єριѕσ∂є….ℓσνє ιт

  18. If it,s a dream then I don,t want to see this show anymore. Plz don,t make this show like other indian dramas in which they stretch the story for making some more episodes. To be honest we r waiting for love movement between ranaji and gayatri

  19. Great episode…love it

  20. Shals learn how to read and write please before writing a comment. You totally don’t have manners. How can a normal person criticized a country, and their respective Doctors just because of a creative series. I advise you to please learn some good morals, think, and know what your mouth will utter before you talk in any situation.

  21. Awesome episode.

  22. Nice episode pls throw that buddi outside great interesting

  23. Oh God .. please dont let this be a dumb dream sequence . I think all serials should just get rid of all this dream sequence bullshit. I really hope it is true … and not a dumb dream.. I read a spoiler and it said Rana Ji will point gun at Jhumki and make her say the truth. And then this dumb old dumb a.ss drama queen bari rani ma will put on a stupid emotional crying drama yet again and oh goshh STUPID Gayatri will want to forgive her because it melted her heart. Writers PLEASE KILL bari rani ma fast. Her face and emotional drama is like a torture to watch. Just get rid of her FAST . And PLEASE let Swarna drama move fast and solved. Do NOT. I repeat. DO NOT let it be a rape scene. If this continues for months. I will not watch this show anymore. I hate slowness. Cut this dragging shit out. Gosh

    1. im also hoping they dont do that rape scene with swarna instead they should show cheetah helping her to bring down kokilla and the other 2

  24. calm down guys i think the shock therapy is just for entertainment purpose….i dont believe or rather i hope no doctor back then or now jumped to shock therapy first as a form of treatment for a mentally imbalance person…..also the reason ranaji trust bari rani maa so much is because she raised him as her own whether she was pretending or not to him shes like a mom…so think of it how can he just trust a woman he newly fell in love wit over a woman who he knows and love all his life so his reaction to gayatri is spot on just a bit over dramatic ….really like the pace in which tis show is goin i wish kkb cud follow suit hope they dont end etretr with tis speed

    1. oh shals what will we do wit u smh lol ur now on the right track somewhat but jus a bit too graphic my gosh….and come on u cant generalise a whole country on one doctor thats like saying all muslims are isis or terrorist and i bet some of the people here from india or environs so please be a bit considerate when commenting you can hurt others feelings and well my theory on ranaji stands as in my previous comment.

  25. NOW I see why swarna is so scared to tell rana ji about lashk and crew it all makes perfect sense now! if she tells rana ji then whaaah! she is next in line with gayatri to receive a dose of electric lightening thats how sick rana ji is and gayatri is ‘in love’ with such a looser king?! where is Caroline now? ever heard of a mad docter? india is full of them they can be bribed twisted and cant honor their hypocritical oath. I wish caroline will kick that stupid docters butt put him in a vokken electric chair. Rana ji is evil! he was raised by evil he is a bad man. doesn’t deserve gayatri left her for dead THRICE kasam she was better off with her first old man stand.

  26. I am not saying it is entertainment…
    But its entertainment.
    Very captivating, A masterpiece this serial is. Does bring into question ethics of love and circumstance. Sadly there has been realitys were sheer strokes of bad luck condemn innocence to punishment.

  27. waw cannt wait to c ajb

  28. Bari rani is too wily a character to get caught she will manage to escape the bad will still plot and finally get caught in the end only

  29. I totally agree with wth , it also shows Ranaji to be a good / son / grandson / human ,in real life most husbands throw their familys away because of their wifes they barely know. So it makes 100% sense what wth said

    1. thank u hope others see it so

  30. guys its not dream…..jumkhi pointed bari rani maa but bari rani maa foolng ranaji by her fake tears…gayathri too apologizes bari rani maa but bari rani maa killd gayathri guys….is she gayathri died? its upcoming episode…

  31. The upcoming episode of Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani will show that Gayatri exposes fake Sulakshana to Ranaji.
    Fake Sulakshana reveals to Ranaji that Badi Rani Ma brought her here but Badi Rani fools Ranaji emotionally.
    However, Gayatri is not ready to believe on Badi Rani Maa’s fake tears and challenges her that she will fight with her for Ranaji.
    Badi Rani Maa just wants to separate Ranaji and Gayatri so she decides to make Gayatri from his life forever.
    Badi Rani Maa stabs knife in Gayatri’s stomach and Ranaji is shocked seeing Gayatri in pool of blood.
    Will Ranaji save Gayatri from Badi Rani Maa?
    its upcoming episode guys….

  32. Chrisi Turnbull

    I so agree with you Leena, i was thinking the same thing abut Lash. He probably wants Cheetah for himself. That’s why he looked so jealous.

  33. Guyz u min laksh z a actin as “aguy” y wil he wnt himself fo cheetah????

  34. I hope this rape does not happen to swarna instead I think cheetah will fall in love with swarna and help her to expose mother father and their idiotic son laksh. And that devil of Bari ma she has got the most devilish smile ever. I don’t think she will be expose that quickly, she will sweet talk with rana ji and he will fall at her feet bcoz she bought him up. As for gayatri dying well I really hope that rana ji saves her in time if this happens. I don’t think rana ji will see that Bari ma try to kill gayatri instead I think she will fake trying to show that gayatri is trying to kill Bari ma and ended up killing her self something like that will happen.

    1. razzy i with swarna we fall for cheath as her husbannd will fall for her that gay man

  35. Gayatri u r coooool.Ranaji how can u do like this u r ready to give shock treatment to ur wife.

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