Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja tells Naina to forget him, she can stay happy only this way. Naina runs across the corridor, throwing each vase and cries in her room. Mummy hugs her and asks her to cry as much as she wants to; she says Naina must look at her broken dream daily until they leave here.
At night, Raja sat inside Mandap. Naina brings Laila outside, Raja turns to look at them. Rani was upset watching them complete the wedding rituals, after gadh bandhan she straightens. Laila unties the cloth pieces.
Naina was hurt thinking about herself and Raja. She walks into the room, writing a letter. She apologizes her mummy as she doesn’t want to put her and Rekha in danger but is taking this step, but she would never be able to move on in life if she stays today. Raja was worried about Naina and

asks about her. Everyone was confused, mummy, Rekha and Vikrant go to look for her. Raja instructs the waiters to look for Naina. Nani scolds Raja as nothing is important than wedding rituals right now. The Pandit asks the bride and groom to stand for wedding vows. Mummy and Rekha come inside the room, and finds a letter there.
Raja thinks about Naina’s words that he was hiding his love story. Mummy and Rekha were reading the letter upstairs when suddenly heavy wind blows and letter fell over Raja. He was shocked to read it and jumps out of stage to look for Naina. He finds Naina standing on a road side but as he comes out of the car Naina had vanished. He looks around for her.
At home, Mummy cries for Naina’s whereabouts. Vikrant assures nothing would happen to Naina. Pandit informs Nani that the right time has ended. Laila sat on the stage, doomed. Raja spots Naina on a bench and holds her hand tightly. Naina questions why he left Laila during his wedding. Raja asks if Naina didn’t care for her mother and Rekha once, its already very complicated. Naina insists to leave, they can’t stay together and she assures not to bring her love between their love and his life. He needs not hide the truth anymore, she has seen her paintings and is aware he loves her. Raja was taken aback. Naina says they cannot betray Laila at all. Raja says those paintings are not of Naina, but his wife Rani who is dead.
Naina was not ready to believe, as this only happens in films. Raja holds her hand and tells her to come home as its really late. Naina demands Raja to look into her eyes and say if he doesn’t feel anything whenever she looks into his eyes. If he never turns to look at her whenever she is walking away? Whenever he closes his eyes, he doesn’t see her face? Raja replies with a no. Naina tells him to look into her eyes, Raja interrupts shouting he has no time for her childish romance. He clutches her arm and takes her to palace. Rani watches them from the road side.
Raja brings Naina back to palace. Laila comes forwards to slap Naina but Raja holds her hand in mid air.

PRECAP: Naina wakes up by Rani’s call. She watches Rani enter her room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. what?? is rani alive? interesting wow just cannot wait for tomorrow’s episode

  2. Dear friends, My predictions about the plot seem to come true. Today rani’s spirit was standing right behind the car in which raja takes naina. N the precap indicates that rani’s spirit is connecting with naina.

  3. Very disappointed

  4. Extremely disappointed… the show must have ended after the original raja and rani left the show :/

  5. Show is gonna copy of Om Shanti Om :/ i hope it ends soon…

  6. I am disappointed as hell. Archana, you are right…. Logical Indian serials died a long time ago and is buried. Will comment after watching episode tonight. ??


    1. This was and still is exactly my point for the past two weeks. You put it shortly but nicely, I have wasted precious time trying to analyze the story, hoping some miracle will happen. ETRETR has followed ALL Indian serials so far by showcasing illogical and poorly written plots. Whatever happened to the saying…. Short but sweet!!!!! As you say…. Why is so difficult for writers to just do a serial and however short, let it leave a lasting impression on our minds, so much so, that it becomes nostalgic and can be used as an example for future writers to live up to!!!!!! Sapphire I just had to reply… Gonna view it now. Later….

    2. Sapphire I agree with you. I have finally seen the light. I am quitting this show., I will no longer watch it. good bye everyone. This is now ridiculous. They killed off Rani and bring in a stupid lookalike and now brings in Rani’s ghost. WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!! This is insane. I hate it. The show is called ek tha Raja ek thi rani. There is no longer such a show. It is dead. It has descended into stupidness. I can’t take it any more. OK. Sapphire I am with you, END this show NOW!!!
      I am extremely hurt and disappointed with this story and with the writers. Extremely hurt and disappointed. I am no longer watching. Bye Naz. Bye Sapphire. I refuse to watch this show. This is absolute nonsense now!

  8. Rani is a spirit, im totally disappointed.

  9. Please end the serial.

  10. My God!!!!!! Words fail me at this moment…….. Writers, ever since this serial came on air, I’ve never wavered in attention and loyalty, I stuck it right through, when other viewers took time off because they were unhappy with the direction the story was taking, I was still here. I went on vacation last year for 11days and recorded every episode and put in my two piece for the episodes that I watched. I was always supportive and was harsh a few times when things became awry, but now….. Is this is the ultimate wreck and betrayal we the viewers have been waiting for?? Hell no!!!!!! We wanted Raja and Rani together…… PERIOD! From today starting, I will be one of your avid critics…..and I won’t be diplomatic at all. I AM SO INFURIATED??? You all have destroyed the premise on which this serial was based on. Viewers have always complained about the inability of Indian serial writers to tie up loose ends and you all have proved them 1000%correct. Why did you all deviate from the original story, what was the blo*dy purpose for which Rani Gayatri died for? Her daughter was predicted to get justice for her parents
    assassination, that’s why Rajmata was alive….to groom the infant to hold reins in the kingdom! Why was Rani depicted as a weakling? Why did she have to face so many atrocities before finding happiness, only for it to be snatched and her name a curse on the lips of the only man she ever loved? Why did she have to die so unfairly, she didn’t even consummate her marriage, for heaven’s sake! Why can’t Indian serials end in happiness? Is it because life has to be rough in order to appreciate it, that we have to see women inequality, women abused, women fighting for husband’s love, loyalty and respect??? What the hell is wrong with you writers? Give me the damn job, I won’t disappoint! There are viewers on the various forums writing more sensible fan fiction stories than all of your fellow men including you all on this one. The only reason I may continue to watch is because of SARTAJ GILL…and no one else…not even Naina. Right now, I don’t even care what you all do with this story, end it, shove it or simply carry on, makes no difference to me anymore. You know what…. Marry Raja with Laila, it’s the best thing, Raja has been through too much, so hooking up with Naina won’t be too easy for him, poor Raja will be confused whether he’s seeing Rani or Naina, who happens to have identical face of his dead wife. How macabre, how morbid, how sick!!! Go to hell writers…….

    1. Totally agree with Naz and Many others who has about yesterdays , show of Rani turning into a ghost. I must say the writers have lost it, they do not know what has to be done and what to do, i have not see the show from the begning but yes i stated to watch the show form mid August and till then got hooked on to this show must say partly due to the story line of Raja m Rani, Jeevan BRM and bindhu with Kaal, they had made a perfect story but then after 4 months leap and MLA track the story became degraded with utter nonsense and many loop holes yes to be disclosed.
      there were many tracks thats was not revelaved properly which could have been more interestig, like the reveleation track of Ranis parents and who was the murdrer, that was actually the highlight of the story there my expectations went down , then the revelation track of Raja and Bindhu , there also my expectation went down the drain, then the 4 month leap where before the leap the way raja and rani were struggling to be together ( which i really admired ) ans then raja fell from the cliff and then rani to take revenge form iqbal planed to get married to him , but when she knew that raja was alive she should have told taja on the truth and both should have taken revnege accordingly, . in the MLA track itself they side-liend Raja and made him a dummy character.
      it was Raja and Ranis love story that hooked me into this show but none of the things are there now .
      Certainly i cannot expect Rani to die and raja to fall for Naina as naina is ans looks very small of raja and thats not acceptable . the story is of raja and Rani hence the story must be the same. i thought this show was better then any show show shown on TV but they ruined it , till yesterday i was expecting ranis return which i think the writers has made it clear saying rani is dead with raja keeping on saying it and then the ghost thing, which i cannot expect,
      the cvs has to clarify my doubt why is Raja not trying to find out how rani died and where she died and when , he said he loved her , and assumes he still loves her but then why has he not gone to Amerkot to find out , why he has not though about his Mother, Rajamata. he is the don of Mumbai he can do anything why has he not taken the initiative , he has always been a smart and alert character but the cvs has not used it. what is the iqbal track not closed yes , what was the reason for the leap .
      you can still bring better story line with Raja and Rani in flash backs , jeevan would have been a perfect person as a negative character with bindhu why where these not sorted .
      if they wanted to Kill rani , raja should have not got married to Rani , they could have made raja marry bindhu (she loved raja solely and was with him on all times ) ,
      More that Rani its Raja who has suffered and is suffering, how can an eternal love story end abruptly….if raja falls in love with naina , then whats the use of all the promises given and taken by them,
      As Naz right said , i admire Sarrtaj’s and his acting and also the love chemistry of Raja and Rani ( done by Sartaj and Eisha) ,, if they really show rani dead then I must say the creatives must not be called creatives ..and they have to right to pay with the viewers emotions .
      Cvs we cannot accept raja and naina.
      for me yesteday was the end of the show , i might be drawing to conclusion but yes , as of now the story is baseless , once rani is back i might come back to the show

    2. Naz, I agree with you. I have wasted my precious time watching this show. I will no longer watch it and I will tell all i know to boycott the show too. This is madness what this story is descended. This show needs to end now. I refused to watch it any more. Imagine staying with this show just to see a proper story and this nonsense surfaces. This is madness. Well, I have better things to do. Nice meeting you Naz and all the others. But I can’t watch this show anymore. I quit.

  11. I thinked naina is rani maybe she have forgotten her past. But after seeing the episode tomorrow i m very disappointed.
    Agar raja k sath naina ki shadi hogi to serial ke nam ek tha raja aur ek thi tani kyun? 🙁

  12. Naz I want to share my grief with a friend like you and many more like minded disappointed viewers on this forum .Our worst fears have finally come true.A beautiful romantic dream that started with episode 233 where we see a pretty rani running to catch a bus to Amerkot university has come to a rude end .Rani is back,but as a brooding spirit appearing in the dead of night on dark roads and deserted corridors of raja’s palace to help thet nervous ,immature and ever babbling Naina.Like Jess I also don’t like her,Rani was also 19 when she came to study on scholarship;but her dignity ,poise and elegance endeared her to all of us.Though both the characters are played by Eisha ,it is the character of Rani that came closer to the hearts of the viewers.So it is the character that is important, not just an identical face.And these insensitive writers have ruthlessly killed that lovely character.Now let them continue the story with a 35 year old Raja romancing an 18 year old.Yes Raja should be 35 now .rani was 9 and he was 12 when they were seperated as childrenWhen they met again after 10 or 12 years they were 19 and 22 respectively .In the second year of their college they got married and after approximately one more year Rano died Which means Rani was 22 and raja 25 at that time.After the leap of 10 years Raja is 35 and his lead will be an 18 year old Naina.Anyway let the writers do whatever they feel like ,but I am sure that with this one terrible twist ,they have lost a major chunk of their ardent viewers.

  13. End this stupid story

    1. Agree 1000%. End this story !

  14. story is going on track of Om shanti Om & serial Anamika where dead wife meets another girl & tell about her

  15. OMG, I love Naz. So much passion for a fictional serial! I got hooked on the this serial just a month ago and had to play catch up. Still haven’t seen the “period piece beginnings”. I agree with Naz, Sartaj’s character at University and now is riveting. I think Naina is quite cute, I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what happens next. I remember seeing Choti Bahu, do Sehelian and few others. All had anticliamactic ending. Totally agree, short serial would be great.

  16. Hi all
    If Rani is alive with Raja’s kid then only this story gona be interesting….
    If Rani is in as Ghost than please viewers don’t allow anyone to play with your loyalty.

  17. I understood long back that it might go ‘om Shanti om’ way. All my friends here used to get deeply disturbed by the fact that Naina is not Rani. But the moment I got convinced that Naina is an 18 yr old lookalike of Rani I knew rani’s spirit may come. I guess rani’s operation was successful but someone switched off her oxygen cylinder n killed her. My guess is it is Jeevan as he was the one who knocked down Zaira – Iqbal’s fiancee. Rani may have known it so he killed her. Rani’s spirit will sort out everything with the help of naina

  18. I hope it is not revealed that Naina is Rani’s twin, that would be hard to swallow. I’m still hoping
    that all this is Naina’s dream and that Naina is Rani but she lost her memory.

  19. Hi Patrica..naina is just 18 years old. So she can’t be rani’s twin. She is a lookalike. How she became rani’s lookalike and how rani died is the mystery. Rani’s death is the mystery and Raj Mata is soon going to re-enter the show and help raja find about rani’s death. She will stay with him and bring raja and naina closer. Rani’s spirit will keep guiding them.

  20. I still believe that writers are teasing us,surely there is going 2 be an expected turn around or I will say bye 2 Indian serials.

  21. Naina can be older than 18 if rani lost her memory then anything could have been told to her to keep her safe where she actually believes she is 18 yr old naina. Time will tell but quite frankly naina has to be rani and its probably her mind trying to make her remember. Otherwise i will no longer be watching and they should end this show.

  22. Naina could be older than 18 if rani lost her memory anything could have been told to her to keep her safe where she believes she is 18 yr old naina and naina seeing rani could just be her mind trying to make her remember, if not,a lookalike is just too much too swallow and i will no longer be watching, they should end this show.

  23. I love this serial, this is why I remained loyal to it …
    for the haters, this is the reason I no longer show interest on this forum … there are other serials to watch so please feel free to go there …
    it’s like I said before, your comments are degrading and I pity your thoughts …

  24. Well there is common sense and then there is nonsense im surprised some of you are actually condoning the nonsense track that is now etretr.

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