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Raaj was shocked to see the blood and follow the drops, he reaches a dead end wall that had been constructed and painted already. He calls Rani who was almost unconscious. He cries this isn’t possible, he can’t lose his Rani as he can feel her. He at once realizes the plaster of wall was wet, he then holds a scalpel to break open the wall. The blocks of brick come off, he was shocked to see Rani inside. He goes to untie Rani. Rani hurries Raja to save Dadu, they hurry outside.
Bari Rani Maa was dancing around Raaj Mata with knife in hand. Rani comes to stop her clutching her arm half way. Raja and Bindu also arrive. Bari Rani Maa struggles with Rani, but the knife fell off. Rani goes to get an axe from the temple and moves towards Bari Rani Maa. Jeewan untie Raaj Mata, they hug

each other. Raja comes to clutch Bari Rani Maa’s neck, Rani says she wasn’t the one who buried her alive. Raja asks who it was, Rani says Bindu. Tear fells of Bindu’s eyes. Rani comes towards Bindu with the axe now, Rani asks if she would disclose her own secret or should she tell about them. Bindu calls Rani as liar, Rani slaps her hard, she fell on the floor. Rani shouts she had warned her not to consider her weak, if she acquires another attire no one would be able to stop her. Bindu accepts she did this all, she tells Raja she was helpless, she loved him since childhood, she was always with him. She only wanted him to hate Rani. Raja says Bindu must have hated him, he couldn’t return anything to her in return of love. He even ruined his best friend’s life, Rani shouts again to tell the whole truth. Bindu apologizes Raja, she confesses she had mixed a tablet in his drink and made him get close to her. Raja brings a hunter and beat it on the floor. Bari Rani Maa spots the knife lying nearby. Raja shouts at Bindu that she isn’t worth his hatred, she must leave before he forgets she is his friend. He goes to step over Bari Rani Maa’s moving hand towards knife. Rani forbids Raja to hurt her, else there won’t be no difference between them. Raja boasts about Rani’s royal blood. He says he isn’t like that, he bears the blood of a monster that is boiling today. No one can stop him today, not even Rani. They still have time to leave his and Rani’s life, he would count till five. Bindu pleads, Rani asks Raja to get calm, Raaj Mata only observes keenly. Jeewan counts the next digit. Bari Rani Maa and Bindu stand up and leave the hall. Rani asks Raja to stop them, where they would go at midnight. Raja didn’t listen.
At the palace door, Raaj Mata calls Bari Rani Maa and Bindu. It’s a ritual of Amirkot that alms are given at Dipawali, no one would leave palace empty handed. She throws her necklace in Bari Rani Maa’s feet. Bari Rani Maa steps over it, breaks it then warns Raaj Mata would only get as much as the pearls of this necklace. She shouldn’t forget her name is Bari Rani Maa Bhagivandi Devi.
The family pray together. Raaj Mata and Ambika bless the couple. Jeewan comes there, with the thaal for Raja and Rani, they light the first candle together. Raaj Mata remember Gayatri and Rana ji and prays that Raja and Rani are protected. The light of their love should keep on increasing. Raja and Rani pray together.
Bindu accuses Bari Rani Maa responsible for their destruction, using her personal stunts. Bari Rani Maa leaves her and goes to a side. In the palace, Rani was worried while Raaj Mata comes to send her to her room, her life is awaiting.

PRECAP: In the room, Raja gets intimate to Rani.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. bestest episode of etretr mindblowing ….
    i m actually waiting for this…
    finally writers listen to the heart breaking viewers..
    nothing happened betveen raja and bindu..
    but something gonna happen between raja and rani..
    BRM will really gonna do something bigger terrible for raja and rani.,,
    i m still not believeing that evrything is on track…
    eagerly waiting for the good track..

    1. Well said. I am in full ageement with you on this. It was truly a wonderful episode.

  2. WOW… Exciting episode! What a ruined soul Bindu is, so shameless. Let’s wait and see what next badiranima conjures up in her pot of schemes, and I know she’s going to be thwarted at each attempt. High time that Raja and Rani consummate their marriage….. Yippee!!!!

  3. WONDERFUL EPISODE!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! I’m so happy. I love Raja in this episode. Love you lots Raja. Love you! Love you! Love you! Three cheers for Raja !!! You were absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode. I will comment more after I watch this episode.

  4. I’m so so so in love with Raja. My gosh…he was superb. I love his anger when he learnt the truth. I love how he dealt that whip several hits. Wow…he was awesome. The intensity of this episode was awesome. Brilliant acting by all the actors. Especially Raja/Sartaj. Love the emotions. Jeeves was good too. I love how he supported his brother finally and joined in the counting. Bindu is so shameful. Horrid woman and look at the end…neither she nor Bari Rani Maa changed or mended their ways. They are just as evil and unapologetic as ever. Their only regret is their plans failed but they are just as conniving. The actress for Bari Rani Maa is terrific in her acting. I must admit. She’s really good. Terrific dialogues. Fast moving events. Writers….I love you guys a lot too. Muahhhhh…. Thank you, thank you. You made my heart so happy today. Love you guys lots. I saw the episode online as I couldn’t wait. So tonight I’m going to look at it again with the subtitles. I couldn’t wait until 10:30pm my time. So I looked online. When I see it with the subtitles I will comment again. I am so so excited and over the moon. Truly a lovely and fantastic episode. Love you Sartaj/Raja…( just in case I never said it before) lol……love you a lot!!!!!!

  5. Writers….I really want to commend you guys on a superb episode. Really. As others previously have commented the story is moving fast. I’ve seen other serials in the past and have heard of their viewers complaining bitterly how the story and different tracks are dragging and dragging and dragging and there’s no outcome, no excitement, no nothing. I hear these complaints even now from viewers who watch other serials like Kumkum Bhagjya, etc among others. You guys are different. I love how you move the story fast and develop new themes, new tracks immediately after. That is brilliant story telling and good thinking. If was some other writers they would put Raja looking for Rani for the next 3 weeks and that’s what kills viewers and the show. But I really want to commend you guys for being different and moving the story fast and bringing in many different aspects and interests. That’s fantastic. I love how you are not shy to portray romantic scenes so beautifully and descent on screen. I mean you do it so tastefully and beautifully. I love it. Like that kiss Raja planted on Rani many episodes ago. I can’t forget that kiss. I will never forget that kiss. Sartaj made it look so good. Like…WOW!!! (Blushing here). Writers, your attention to details in these episodes are admirable too. I still see Raja’s hand bandaged from the acid attack, Raja Mata head with the bruise, etc. I mean you really pay attention to these things as we do and that’s how I can tell you are truly into your story and that’s what Makes you specially and different and I love at about you.p, dear writers. Well done. I am looking forward to even more exciting and amazing episodes and developments in Ek tha Raja Ek Thi Rani. Well done!! I commend you for this. All the actors are good in this serial and Sartaj Gill is such an awesome and strong actor. Continue to use him well.

  6. so kaal faked a shiiting and is in jail
    bindu an bari rani planned to kill everyone and walk free there is no logic
    she killed the king n queen then took the thrown now tried to kill everyone u would think that is more than jail lol
    i hope thise two are not back in the palace u would have to be stupid
    no one is tbat forgiving or stupid rani should learn from past
    raja should really man up

  7. I have been reading updates since this show began and since the original Raja and Rani left, I have watched occasionally. I find this new raja and rani have zero appeal and absolutely no chemistry. They should never have gotten rid of the original actors.

  8. hot!! hot!! hot! “…awesome episode

  9. I am at episode 221 of ETRETR … I watched the whole series from ep.1 … ppl you all need to do this, the acting from the first season, Drashti Dhami and Siddhant Karnick omg explosive chemistry … I cannot wait to see Drashti in her new series Pardes Mai Hai Mera Dil … Raja and Rani are taking this series to the next level … I love it

    1. Hey Shelly, I hope the others saw the 1st season, I did, from day one. I enjoy periodic dramas, they are more interesting. Enjoy the past episodes, they were riveting. Don’t miss any episodes, especially the last quarter of season one.

  10. It amazes me to read comments from some viewers,makes me think that they only just crawled out from under a rock….no substance whatsoever, to each his own!!! Anyway…..electrifying episode. I could detect that the old actress enjoyed doing her scene with the Chinese chopper!! Good job, I LMHO…… You were right Jess, Raja looked fabulously handsome,…. in black I must add…. WOW!!! Rani’s royal blue sari in tomorrow ‘s episode looks…well….er…..royal! No pun intended!!!! Now that badiranima is out of the palace, I expect more intrigue, espionage, treachery etc to be carried out by these two villains. I think we’re in for a rough ride in upcoming episodes. I appreciate these two witches in the story because without them, everything will be honkey dorry and boring at its best. Which story doesn’t have villains?? What I’d like to see now is Jeeves getting a girlfriend. I liked seeing the two brothers being civil towards each other, it’s commendable. Thank you writers for a wonderful episode and to SONA…..for the updates each day, today after reading it, I was excited to see it with subtitles.

    1. Love your comments. Well said Naz. In total agreement with you. I have to admit that Bindu did a good job acting in this episode. Especially when she was begging forgiveness. The way her voice sounded so genuine of a treacherous person begging forgiveness for getting caught ( but not meaning it). It actually made me want to forgive her. She did well in her acting. And yes….I love the sarees. I was admiring them. I love both Raja Mata and Rani’s sarees and its accessories. Gorgeous indeed.

  11. Just loved the episode. Finally raja and rani are united.Just waiting eagerly to watch the episode!!!!!!!!!! Tooooooooo Goooooooooddd.awesome,superb, fabulous… Just loved it yaaar….

  12. Beautiful episode, finally these two (2) witches have been exposed. Love finally to see good side of Jeeves and to see that Raja didn’t sleep with Witch Bindu. Want to see Raja and Rani consummate their marriage now.

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