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Raja warns Rani he isn’t going to leave until she doesn’t apologize. They hear Hema calling Rani, Raaj Mata was crying on floor that her son that Rani’s Baba were killed. They killed everyone, and faints. Raja holds her carefully to her bed. Rani sits beside her, kissing her forehead. Raja leaves the room. Rani comes behind him. Raja stops her in the corridor, he says he didn’t know about her Baba. Rani wonders what he thought he would have gone leaving his mother. Raja apologize. Rani says it’s been years since her Baba’s death, life has taught her to live alone; she neither needed a support then nor now. Raja holds Rani close and says their childhood will always be connected, she can never change a truth that he is her Raja Baja. Is the friendship of years greater than misunderstanding

of a single day, tears roll over Rani’s face? Raja holds her hand and promises never to leave her anywhere, she must get used to bear him. He hasn’t seen any brave girl than her, may be not support but even braves need companions. He won’t leave her side and her hand, never even if she insists him to. They share an eye lock after which Rani hugs him. Their childhood flashes in their minds.
The next morning, Rani wakes up on a chair besides Raaj Mata. She comes outside and slips to fell over Raja. He watches her lay over him, then holds her on him saying he can’t let her go, they are again friends. He won’t let her cry again. Rani rolls her hand over his face, opens his eye to check if he was asleep. She keeps her hands over him carefully and leave. Raja sits behind her, laughing and lay on bed again.
Rani was in kitchen making tea, she wondered why he said their fight has ended. When did their friendship end? She is an idiot, she took a help from someone who taunts her every time. If she helps him people will get a chance to speak about her, she can’t give anyone such a chance. She was determined to end this story before it begins. Raaj Mata calls Rani to bring the tea. Raja was sitting beside her. Raja suggests Raaj Mata to go outside for lunch. Rani objects as her exams are near. Raja says all books and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Raaj Mata says Rani is right, she must play. She insists on Raja to study and work hard, is he in same class with Rani? Rani teases him but telling Raaj Mata he studies in same class for three years, he gets all marks for leaving the topic blank always. Rani suggests she will pack food for Raja. Hema promises to pack food for them both, Rani should also leave. This time, Raja tease Rani.
Rani and Raja hug Raaj Mata, Raja holds her hand behind Raaj Mata that she tries to withdraw. Raaj Mata blesses Rani, and bids farewell to Raja. Raja promises to return soon to meet her. It was evening when Raja arrives in the college. Rani had fallen asleep. He removes a hair strand from over her face. She wakes up at once and comes down the car. He goes to take the bag, Rani says she can take care of her luggage. He calls her chipkali, she forbids him call her by this name. He inquires if he should call her Anarkali? She tells him to call her anything he wants to and goes inside. Raja jumps from a window to confront her calling her Chipkali. He didn’t bring her to sleep in car. Rani qualifies she was trying to avoid him, and now she has to sleep to avoid him further. He must also concentrate on his studies now. He calls her to turn behind once, she replies she won’t.
Rani comes to her room but Meenu was asleep and the room was locked. Rani calls her, but she turns her face other side and sleep again. Rani goes to sit on the bench, and takes a book to read. Raja comes to the corridor and smiles watching her. Suddenly the lights go out, he watch Rani bring a torch from her bag and carry on her study. He walks towards Rani, he says he accepts she is an owl but is it necessary to prove it? Rani accepts being an owl. Raja leaves. She watch him bring a wood ladder, and boasts about filling her life with light. She asks him to let it be. Raja comes down the ladder, stuff her mouth with a cloth piece and tie her hands behind. He then takes her torch and fix the lamp. When he unties Rani’s hand, she demands what this misbehavior is. He helped her Dadu and she helped him, she doesn’t need his friendship. Raja replies he is also tired of helping her and apologizing, from now on their ways part. Rani takes her bags to leave, Raja walks the opposite way.

PRECAP: Raja comes to café and watch Rani’s stroller on the table. Rani comes to take it. Bindu watch him hand it back to Rani. Rani wish him luck.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Eisha is too good according her experience… I just hope Raj to get to know about BRM’s reality soon. And also about Rani’s past….

  2. Love hate love,good going!!!
    At least they know the truth of each others past.

    1. Hello…. Desi friend… You remember me?

  3. Raja looked blasting today…

  4. Goms

    Hate to love… story starts..

  5. nice love this episode amazing. ……….
    Natasha where were you these days I really missed your comments

    1. I Was busy watching it rather than reading it here

  6. I don’t know why but I really think raja is faking . I hope I m wrong but but its my gut feeling that raja is just trapping rani

    1. I also feel the same, he hated rani when he left amirkot evn in hostel he hated her thn how all of a sudden he changed

  7. Wen will rani tell him the truth about the old hag

  8. Will gayatri ever know her true identity ? Thinking this brm is never going to die in the show,just fed up with her

  9. Aw cute episode.

  10. You are doing great job eisha keep it u!

  11. kishor panda

    Ye BRM kab maregi yar is show main

  12. Latha

    Cute episode and eisha superb acting keep it up. You are looking sooooooooo cute in that night dress. Both are doing great job.

  13. My favorite scene to say was when raja hugs rani… it was so emotional, it’s very hard to believe he would fake all this after knowing how rani has been taking care of her dementic dadu and how her dad (lalkhan) was killed. In away both raja and rani lost their childhood and the only childhood memories they have is with each other in it. So when raja said they will always be connected by their childhood was so emotional. I am very much enjoying the cast this season. I just hope the writer don’t become lazy and start adding diarrheal loads of villains heheh

  14. Hey guys what if rani gets to know about her parents n will take revenge from raja or if Jeeves falls for rani

  15. raja is so cute

  16. what did raja and rani will do when they know the truth of themselves ?

  17. Plz say me who killed Rani father…..u raja want to take revenge?????? Who is good raja or jeewan????

    1. It was bari rani maa and kaal that killed rani’s parents, we are thinking raja wants to take revenge from rani because it was because of rani that raja was sent to a boarding school. Raja is the son of kaal and jeewan is the illegitimate son of kaal with shulakshuna. Hope this helps

  18. amzing episod i lov this serial

  19. Very nice…true friendship never ends

  20. nice episode

  21. Brm and kaal killed Rani’s parents. Raja and his mother were treated very badly by kaal because of kaal second wife, Rageshwari ,who bore an illegitimate son, Jeevan, for him. Raja was treated with disdain from his father and the only person who stood up and defended Raja, was Rani who also took him to her home where he had lovely memories with her.

  22. I’d like to think that the writers are thinking not to make Raja revengeful because they would be going down the same road as the other serials, where everybody wants to take revenge on someone or the other. The story of Rani and her heritage and what actually happened during Ranaji’s time, is of more importance. So writers probably don’t want to delve into unimportant issue as revenge from Raja to form the basis of story in which unraveling rani’s destiny,will be more to viewers taste. I hope this is the direction in which they go. I’m sure viewers prefer to see this love hate relationship between RajNi instead of the stupid revenge story. Rani conquering evil in the palace and taking what belongs to her, is more interesting.

    1. I agree with u. And if raja fakes his affection after meeting rajmata and knowing her father was killed then he will turn out to be pure evil like his dad and I am sure the last thING he wants to be is like his dad.
      I think raja was very hurt but he always loved rani so when he saw her he had all the intensed mixed emotions of anger and pain…but now I really hope they become friends again and start teaming up against the witch BRM. Honestly how can she still be alive after all these years!!!!

      Btw I read a article which said that rajmata will make raja to promise her that he would always be with rani…. so if the spoiler is true then we r going to get cute love track very soon ??????

  23. Marie Taylor

    When are they going to Reveal to Rani that her parents were king and queen, which means she is the queen.. And for god sake they making her look so poor when her grandfather is the state richest. I want Rani to know she the Daughter of Rani Guyatri and Rana ji, I also want her to kill Kaal since he was cursed to die by the hand of a woman.. And for god sake how old is BRM?? Like 200.? I like the new Rani somehow but I havent seen any traits of her mother in her.. I really hope her true identity is reveal.

  24. I still feel that raj is on a revenge mode

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