Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Naina joins hands to Raja whose face was blood stained. Laila watches this with piercing looks and leaves. Nani takes Rekha inside to feed her, Vikrant leaves with Rekha. Naina cries as Raja says this crying face doesn’t suit her. Naina thanks him for doing this all for her. She can’t live here for free and will help the gardener. Rekha eats a little more. Raja calls her an assistant of his owner, Naina says she has some savings and with his salary she will spend 10 months. Raja says she won’t get any bonus before 12 months and leaves.
At night, Laila cries in her Nani’s lap as no one loves her; neither Vikrant nor Raja. Nani says every person is good and bad too, Laila hasn’t walked as far as not to return yet. She assures Laila that everything will be fine.
In the

room, Rekha cries as they lay on bed with mother and Naina. Rekha says Vijay has gone crazy, Mummy wonders how they can stay here without the consent of Laila and family. Naina says they must pay Raja’s debt, before leaving. She was determined about a new beginning from tomorrow.
Raja walks into the gallery room, where Rani’s painting were spread all across. He thinks he can only see her face; he wants to create something else but each time only her face is drawn on canvas. He questions why he is being played, this face is again in front of him and he must protect this face now; he will have to see this face all his life. God never wants him forget this face. Raja laughs that this time Raja won’t lose, he will forget Rani anyway this time. Naina will stay in front of him, but he won’t be moved by it.
The next morning, Rekha comes to Naina in the garden. Naina says they need to remove thorns to bring Raja close to flowers. Vikrant comes from behind and calls Naina as the right person for Raja. Rekha was moved, so was Naina. Vikrant boasts this is his house, and allows Naina to do whatever she wants to in the garden. Naina, Rekha and Vikrant jumps cheerfully after breaking the pot of thorny plant and plants flowers there. Raja was walking outside when he watches the mess. He comes to stop Naina from dancing and questions about breaking the pot. Naina joins her hands in apology, and does the sit stand. Raja points towards the pot. Naina comes to smell the flower, then places the pots down and the thorns up again. Raja says she has no right to bring any change in his life. Raja leaves, while Naina again dance with Vikrant and Rekha.
Vikrant holds Raja’s neck narrating him a story. Raja asks why Vikrant only remembering this one story, and not any other. Vikrant says it seems to be the right one. Laila comes to complain Vikrant turned his paratha as cold. She serves Raja with the hot one, and says they have to support each other. Naina watches this as she walks inside with gardening pot. She walks across the corridor, wondering why Raja avoids Laila. She hits Raja at once, and apologizes explaining she had been thinking something. Raja only stared at her, she says if he doesn’t want to say something why is he staring. Raja says if he moves, she will hit again; so she must leave first. Naina says she has been waiting for him to wear his sun glasses that he wears anytime he is angry. Her pot fell down again, she holds the tools up and leaves. Raja was about to wear the glasses, then doesn’t.
In the garden, Vikrant tells Rekha and Naina that Raja is always fighting with Laila. Naina asks why Raja has such problem with girls. He replies he doesn’t know. Naina asks if Raja loves Laila, or Laila loves Raja. Rekha says they live together for years, there must be little love. Naina suggests about supporting their love. Naina and Rekha were excited about raja’s wedding. Naina had a plan in mind.

PRECAP: Raja was moved as Laila gets to his feet and removes his shoe. The shoe comes to Naina’s face and she cries. Raja gets her, and warns her to stay away from him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. It is heartening to see rani’ s portraits in raja’s personal gallery which speaks of.his undying love for her.Definitely raja thinks that he hates rani which is understandable after all the misery he has undergone.But there is a say that intense love and hatred go hand in hand which is true in raja’s case.I think the writers will now come to the actual story as the preliminaries of the post leap story line are over.As naina will be staying permanently with her family in the palace ,she being very inquisitive ,will definitely come to this room and see all those paintings.After that let us guess the consequences.If naina is rani ,she may get back her memory.Even if she doesn’t get her memory back she will confront raja for explanation.It will be interesting to see raja’s reaction.Second scenario is naina’ mother who is developing motherly affection for raja will in due course reveal the truth that Naina is not her daughter.Ofcourse the third scenario is naina getting back her memory while playing Rani’s character in raja’s movie.Hope the writers will make one of these guesses true..If not and if naina is not rani it will be terrible disappointment.By the way Nani is a nice lady with some values and Layla herself is not as bad as I thought of her.Any idea ,if naina is rani,how come she has been friends with inspector vijay since their childhood.

    1. maybe thats d story dey told naina wen she regained consciousness and didnt remember who she was. cause orherwise dis storyline wudnt make any sense. but then again we r referin to zee writers

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