Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gayatri thinks about looking for bullet into Rajeshwari’s room. Rajeshwari comes there, she says that Gayatri is a maid, she got her face blackened because of her so she will clean it. Gayatri says one’s face is only blackened because of her actions. Rajeshwari says that Gayatri will prepare her for her wedding. They all bathe Rajeshwari as she sat in the tub. Gayatri thinks this is the right time to look into Rajeshwari’s room. Rajeshwari asks where she is going. Gayatri says she is going to get her wedding dress. Gayatri looks in the room, under the carpet and bed when Rajeshwari comes there. She asks Gayatri what she is looking for. Gayatri was speechless, Rajeshwari says she can’t decide how to give her pains. What will be must hurtful for her, to decorate a new bride or her

past groom? Gayatri thinks if she leaves this room, she might never find that bullet. Rajeshwari asks her to choose a finger. Gayatri picks one. Rajeshwari says she has chosen Rana ji, now she will put sehra on her past husband. She asks Gayatri to go. Gayatri looks behind at her and leaves. The bullet was still there under the bed.
Gayatri picks up Rana ji’s jewelry, and cries holding it recalling Rajeshwari’s words. She remembers their wedding. She hears the footsteps approaching. Raaj Mata comes there. Gayatri asks Raaj Mata if she will lose this way. Raaj Mata says husband never lose, only a wife does but she won’t let her lose. Gayatri says time is slipping her hand, how she will find the bullet now? She won’t be able to stop this wedding? Raaj Mata says she will be with her, Rajeshwari is in the room right now. When Rajeshwari comes to mandap, she must find the bullet. Raaj Mata says she will get the gun there, if the bullet from Avdesh’s body doesn’t fit in the gun it means Rana ji is innocent. She asks Gayatri to not lose hope, and tells her to take the platter into Rana ji’s room.
Rana ji keeps the platter aside, he says he has already gotten black eye. Gayatri looks at Raaj Mata standing behind her, she turns to move back. Rana ji holds her arm and asks if she remembers they had taken vows to bear everything, happiness, sadness together. It is time to fulfil that vow, today she will also be a part of her pains. He asks Gayatri why she can’t bear the burn just at the verge of fire. He is landing into the middle of that fire, just because of her silence. He says she must walk each step with him today. Gayatri was in shock. Raaj Mata comes inside the room, she makes Aarti of Rana ji. Raaj Mata prays that may God give him the ability to distinguish the right and wrong and chose the right. Gayatri holds Rana ji’s hand and they walk through the corridor. They come to the hall, everyone stare at them. Rajeshwari sat with her brother’s coronation dust in hand. Gayatri makes Rana ji sit on the mandap with Rajeshwari. Pandit ji asks the girl who will do her Kaniadaan, Rajeshwari says her brother Avdesh will do. His body isn’t here, this pot contains his memories. She hands it to Pandit ji.
Kunwar ji asks Kokilla to see how much the time has changed. The rituals of wedding begin. Rana ji thinks that there is still time, Gayatri can stop this wedding. Rana ji puts the Vermala into Rajeshwari’s neck. Gayatri cried. Rana ji looks at Gayatri who steals her eyes. As they get seated, Pandit ji calls for Gat Bandhan. Gayatri does the ritual. She thinks that she is tying this string, to open. She swears that she won’t let him complete these rounds. She gets down the stage and stand with Raaj Mata. Rana ji thinks about his marriage with Gayatri. He gets up to throw the Vermala aside and comes down to Gayatri. He holds her hand and drags her out of the hall. He takes Gayatri to the room, he says he can’t do this. He loves her, Gayatri says she also love him and smiles at him. They hug each other.
Rajeshwari asks if this is Rana ji’s justice? She will find him herself. Pandit ji stops her saying this is a bad omen that bride leaves mandap.
Rana ji says he is giving her much pain by making her an evident of this sacrifice but not anymore. He leaves the room and locks Gayatri inside. Gayatri keeps on insisting him to open the door. Rana ji thinks he can’t let this wedding take place in front of her.
Pandit ji asks Raaj mata to send someone get Rana ji. Rana ji walks through the corridor.

PRECAP: Rana ji and Rajeshwari takes the rounds. Gayatri and Raaj Mata found the bullet. Gayatri announces that this wedding won’t take place anymore. She tells Rana ji that he didn’t kill Avdesh and doesn’t need to marry Rajeshwari anymore.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. sorry I will miss seeing this serial it is the only one that moves along swiftly the other just drag although sometime there could be shit also but the majority of time it moves along will miss this serial for real

  2. im beyond disappointed wit the out come of ranaji….in all the serial drashti was in ranji is the weakest lead she has been paired wit till date compared to gurmeet [maan in geet] vivian[rk in mudhubula] no fault of Siddhant[ranji] of cause but cvs….is tis what women in india really go through???plz enlighten me cuz im a foreigner so idk in all zee serial tis is basicly the torture women go through to be wit the man they love…..cvs how many wives ranji would have before tis serial ends….or is rajeshwari the last till they have torture gayatri enough smh…oh well i bid adieu to ektretr i may stop in once or twice to read u guys comments cuz thats all i enjoy here of lately

  3. wth- know how you feel. A foreigner like you trying to understand the mentality of the writers. Why do they think it’s good to portray women in this way? Could have found so many other ways to punish Gaytree without taking away her self respect. The message I’m getting from these serials – no matter what your husband does you should accept it and stand by him – what utter crap. Wonder if this is how the writer lives her life?
    So disappointed by this serial now – started off so good but not worth staying up until 11 at night to watch anymore.

    1. exactly totally agree

  4. Good i hope he realize that he didn’t kill advesh n don’t have to marry that witch

    1. the marriage will ranji and rajeshwari will be married its in the spoiler

      1. *will happen

  5. pls tell me this serial is not ending like the first viewer said this serial is the only one that moves along swiftly without prolonging and grating on our nerves. To be honest people did not give this serial a chance if I compare it to KKB this is a thousand times better. Yes I agree the writers could have done a whole lot more as this serial is set in the 1940’s but it was not all bad in fact I quite enjoyed it , it was a mature love story with no game playing and stupidness. I will really miss Ranaji he was the best given a chance I think he would have excelled , he was the most handsome actor and fitted the role of a King to perfection by far really going to miss that. This is only my opinion .
    Does anyone know when it is going to end 🙁

    1. I heard the serial will not end

  6. I am very confused about badi rani maa, can someone please explain to me why no one questions the fact that she went to the palace to die but is seen all dressed up and active. She wanted to live out her final days but it seems very far fetched.

  7. another humiliation for husband and wife relstionship! this serial have been promoting all the nonsense sacrifices that a wife should do.. perhaps the writer live in this similar crap and wishes to vent our her or his dissapointment of what happened through this drama. The plot should’nt be changed at the 1st place, now the writer reached the end of it, so it become repetitous serial! gosh, this 2016, wake up..no one will buy these type of idea anymore. Pls do not put insult to a marriage instituition anymore..by making Rana ji marry Rajeshwari shows this king is the dumbest one on earth, simply because of guilt, he can just anull his legal marriage wirh Gayatri without doing thorough investigation..The one doing it is the wife! so, that means Gayatri is clever but the king is totally dumb and stupid..what a mind blowing idea writer..well done,good job! the worst ever..

  8. Just watched this episode & now understand why women in India suffer so much abuse. He agrees to get married (wrong in the first place) but why does the wife have to do everything for them? Should she not have walked out of the palace? For the millions of impressionable Indians who believe these Soaps, they will think this is real life. Please, whoever is responsible for this serial, show some responsibility to your people. There were so many other ways of telling this story without the wife being so disrespected and suffering mental abuse. And it’s supposed to get much worse. How can a relationship recover from this since the whole story was supposed to be based on Ranaji & Gaytree?
    This could have been the #1 but now ruined with this story line – sad, very sad.

    1. WOW I did not read that, but the lead actor says he did not know about it. This started out as such a good show, come on writers improve the story line. People do not want to see women being servants, husbands getting married to another woman while the wife make preparations, what world do these people live in?

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