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Bari Rani maa says to Rana ji that he will have to kill her to celebrate his victory. She tells him to pick his sword up, she is standing bare in front of him. Rana ji asks her to stop it. Bari Rani maa says she can’t do anything to him, a Raja must have fire in his eyes not tears. If he gets soft with his enemy, he will be killed. His good will will get him defeated one day. Rana ji says had she told him once that she did it all in rage he would have forgiven her, but she isn’t worth forgiveness. Gayatri says he must forgive her, he can’t kill anyone. Rana ji says this is the goodness that she is calling his weakness, it is a strength and he will always win. He says he will always be successful and he promises that she will live to see all his successes. He says I, Rana Indravadhan

Singh Dev being Raja of Amirkot consider Bari Rani maa as murderer of Sulakshna and for that she is given a lifetime jail in Rangoon, she will never enter Amirkot and she won’t meet any of her relatives. She never loved her relatives, now she might learn that this throne and crown is nothing in front of true relations. He tells the guards to take her. Bari Rani maa says to Rana ji that he has done a big mistake by leaving her alive, this is a dark night of his life. The story of Raja and Rani never ends. This palace has devil in its bricks, there is greed in the hearts of relatives here and the throne requires sacrifice, he will have to give this sacrifice. Bari Rani Ma leaves.
Gayati prays in the temple for safety of her family. Rana ji comes in and kneels down. She asks what he is doing. He says he is apologizing. She tells him to get up, what if someone sees this. Rana ji says he didn’t trust her that is his mistake. A sinner isn’t the one who doesn’t shows the wrong path, but the one that goes on it as well. He held a hand on her as well. Gayatri tells him to forget about it. Rana ji says that the bruises might go away but they leave their marks. She must forgive him. She says he is forgiven. He says not like this, she must also hold a hand on him.
Swarna watched her bleeding arm. She remembers it was because Laksh had held it tight. Cheetah comes there and tells her to bandage it. He holds her arm. She asks how he dare touch her without her permission. He asks if he must touch her. She jerks him away and asks him to go out. Cheetah takes the first aid box from the cupboard, she denies getting it bandaged. Cheetah anyway holds her hand and cleans her injury. Swarna keeps on looking at him. Yashoda watches this, she wonders what this going is on between Swarna and this stranger, and she must do something.
Gayatri asks Rana ji if he has gone crazy. She can’t hold a hand on him. Rana ji says she is the daughter of a businessman but is weak in calculations. She asks if he is sure. He says he is Rajput. She rubs her hands, takes off her rings. Rana ji watches her and asks what she is doing. She says she is the daughter of a businessman, she will return him everything along with interest. He shuts his eyes, she smiles and says this is the decision of Rani Gayatri that he won’t get a punishment. This is a punishment for him. He smiles.
Cheetah tells Swarna that his mother always scolded him that he never feels pain while fighting but only while getting on medicine. She asks if he was the same since childhood. He says he was more mischievious, sometimes he would free someone’s buffalo or would steal the clothes of bathing people near river. He tells her that there was an old man, he used to drag his Dhoti. Swarna laughs. Laksh comes in the room. Swarna takes her hand from Cheetah’s off. Laksh asks her to carry on in front of him. Cheetah says it would be better Laksh leaves right now. Laksh asks how dare he tell him when to enter his room and when not.
Kunwar ji was in his room, Kokilla comes to him and asks what the need to twist his moustache is. She says she went to pray for heir for two days and here, Bari Rani maa was sent to Rangoon. Had her name be taken Rana ji would also have sent them to Rangoon. Kunwar ji shows her a letter, it was from Bari Rani maa who said that she is really proud of his cleverness today, he did good by not taking her side today. Gayatri must be thinking that she will now live peacefully in the palace but she is unaware that they are there in the palace behind Bari Rani maa. She tells Kunwar ji to defeat Rana ji and Gayatri in any possible way. Kokilla asks what they will do now. Kunwar ji says that till today they fought for this crown, today they will fight for respect of their mother. They will go to any extent.
Laksh holds a knife and attacks on Cheetah, but he holds Laksh’s hand. Swarna tells them to stop, Cheetah says that today he will teach Laksh how a woman is respected. Swarna holds the knife from the floor, she says this is all because of her so she will end it here. She cuts her wrist.

PRECAP: Rana ji teases Gayatri in any possible way, performing on a song.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Woww. beautiful precap…Ranaji dancing for gayathri…waiting to watch it…
    Wish cheeta s;laps laksh tight across his face…

  2. Waiting for t song…

  3. Her Royal Highness The Princess

    I feel Laksh is not a gay as we think and he is jealous seeing Cheetah with swarna. Lets see what happens next… Iam actually more interested in their story.. ?

  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    We not seeing mon n tdays n eish tis weeks episodes as our zee n north indian bouquet is not giving us the correct tyms n guide
    Can anyone help???pls tnx

    1. Hi Bilkish . Where do you live ? I am happy to assist you.

  5. well is every one happy now ah? hobo cheetah is giving you all what you all wanted all this time ah? hobo cheetah chemistry? with swarna? -touching a married woman? will you all sleep at night now ah? huh? you think swarna will be able to play piano again? hahaha guess theres a streetrat hobo in all of us and the show brings it all out so don’t deny your hobo status.

  6. bari bari bari. . . you can take the bari rani ma out of the palace but you cant take the palace out of the bari rani ma or her mouth. ahhh now bari rani ma will have to eat spinach instead of meat, shes already looking like popeye hahaha and it will go well with that popeye the sailor man jaw line. go chew grass with goats now bari rani ! lol get used to squat ting old hag. palace time is uhp I hope you still remember how to wash utensils and sleep on the streets …and how to blow the flute with that mouth hahaha. just joking bari rani. lovely mouth and lovely for your age repent and turn to good.at least you will die a good woman before its too late.

  7. Good he should kill her because as long as she is alive she will find a way to get to ranaji or gayatri n i hope raj mata or gayatri find out about swarna n y she cut her wrist

  8. Can only be pride on lashk, that his acting so now, or? Quite a intereasting twist of fate. But it doesn’t take away his ill treatment towards swarna. So that’s why I dare say it is his pride not Jealousy or want.

    We won’t know now. I personally think it is his power and control instincts acting.


  9. I’m also more interested in SvaLakshIta story now:)))

  10. I know. Poor her. She has suffered a lot. She deserves to be treated well… Swarna… Laksh… Good say… I think lakshya vil change his behaviour nw…

  11. swarna-cheetah chemistry is just adorable

  12. Waiting for today epi this is best show of 9.30pm it beaten trp yrkkh show now near to swaragini this week it will beat this show also superb spoilers

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