Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja sat up on the ladder with Rani helping her with paint. He called Raja a fool to have not valued her love. Raja hears Rani say she didn’t love Raja, it was a mistake that she will never repeat. He thinks about his father’s warning. Jeewan throws some paint over Rani, both tease and fight each other.
Amrita asks if Raja needs her help. Raja says he heard people become whom they love, but he turned to be whom he hates. What Rani did today made him realize Amrita was right, he wants to apologize but wonders how. He asks for a second chance from his mother, getting into her feet. Amrita says the one who committed mistake was Kaal’s son, but the one who is apologizing is her son; she will definitely get him a second chance. Raja smiles evily.
At night, Amrita insists on

Rani to stay in the palace today, she needs to take rest. She will sent someone to inform Raaj Mata. She takes Rani inside, and gives her medicines to get well. Late at night, Raja enters Rani’s room through the window while she was asleep. A glass broke as he jumped down, but Rani was fast asleep. He plays with her hair, touching her face. She moves a bit. Raja wonders why she won’t be beautiful, nothing is beautiful in the world than a betrayal. He takes his shirt off and bend over Rani taking some shots with her.
The next morning, Rani wakes up to get shocked as Raja lay besides her, shirtless. Raja compliments her eyes to look innocent but cunning, he holds Rani close to him wondering why is she shy; nothing is veiled between them after what happened last night. Rani gets away demanding what he is doing in her room. Raja makes up that she pleaded him to stay last night. Rani says she can even not think about it in dreams as well, but nothing he does will work in front of her now.
Jeewan watch Raja leaving Rani’s room, Rani fell on the floor crying. Jeewan sat in his room upset, as he thought about Raja and Rani. He cries if she knew it was a mistake, why she repeated that mistake. He breaks a nearby glass in rage, and hurts himself with it. He calls himself to be a part of Raja Rani drama, if Rani is in pain why he feels it. Why he feels truth is something else, and his Rani can’t do any such thing.
At home, Raaj Mata gives medicine to Rani that at least her fever is gone. She was worried about her health, but was sure Raja will take care of her well. There is a knock at the door, Raaj Mata receives a parcel. Raaj Mata reads the name Premvadha Singh, it was a book Sapno ki Dunya but there was no name of the sender. Raaj Mata thinks it’s her son and daughter in law’s favorite books. An envelope drops the book, Rani was shocked to see her and Raja’s photos inside. Raaj Mata turns to ask Rani what happened, she goes to freshen up.
In the palace, Rani comes to Raja and throw the photos over his face. She calls Raja a fallen enemy. She never thought he will try to hurt Dadu, who only loved him since childhood. Raja smiles that in childhood her Dadu loved him, and in young age Rani did. Rani shouts that it is all a lie. Raja reminds Rani this is the way he shouted in childhood, then he had no proof and today she has none. He has a lot of other photos, this time she will be turned into a play when the whole world would see them, people would spit at her character. If she wants him not to take any such step, she must do what he wants her to. Rani was about to slap him, he holds her arm and twists her around wondering if she think he has fallen down. He can do anything to make her lose, he won’t hold himself even if he has to ruin her reputation all across Amirkot. Rani says she isn’t of anything, until she and Durga Maa is aware she is innocent, she doesn’t care. She came to inform her that from today her fight is over with him, its against her pride to fight with someone like him. She doesn’t want to hold enemity with him as well, she is going away from him. Raja reminds her of his contract, she replies to hell with the contract, she is ending this fight may he do anything, call police or anything. Raja holds her arm tight. She steps up his foot, and leaves asking him to consider this bruise as her resignation. Raja smiles that this is just a beginning.

PRECAP: Raja warns Rani to return to her job if she wants to save him, he wonders if her Dadu will be able to bear this pain in an old age.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Rajaone day u will repent for ur mistake….u r so cheap….. Jeeves is far better than u…in fact I feel u don’t deserve rani…

    1. In next episodes raja and rani will fall In each others love and u if raja will go to he’ll then who will be rani’s raja
      It is raja rani story understand see 18 to 22 July weekly webisode then u will understand

  2. Horrible episode.but I like jeews care for rani.jeewsrani forever ??

  3. I like much jeews honest love cry and care for rani.?? every time he felt pain if rani is in pain.? jeewsrani forever ???

  4. Raja u don’t go to hell because if u will go to hell na then hell will also think are year yeh kaun as gaya,because u don’t deserve hell also.. Poor rani its her mistake she should have read the papers first I hope jeeves helps rani n I hope he falls for rani n I think sartaj is antagonist n zaan is the protagonist

  5. Why raja so negative? why jeeves misunderstood rani ? why no scene between rani nd jeeves ? I think the writers have shown the extreme limits of conspiracies that is freaking hell with raja but he is the protagonist and the hero as well with so much negativity

    1. Jeews didn’t misunderstands rani.and in written update is starting printed by mistake name raja.it’s not raja.its jeews sat up on the ladder to helped rani with paint..funny cute scene between jeewsrani??

      1. I m talking about the scene when raja came out of rani’s room and jeeves said that rani u said u will not repeat the mistake then why again at that time jeeves misunderstood rani

  6. i think jeewan is only raja……and raja is jeewan…..mite b sum secret

  7. What the hell. Why didn’t they have any scene of between jeevs n rani….raja did too much with rani. ……I like jeevs more then raja nd why rani can’t see jeevs care &love for her.I agree raja was her best friend in childhood not jeevs but people change now jeevs have a golden heart nd rani should be equal behave with friends. …..pls make the lead hero our jeevs.????

  8. I love Rani with jeewan only

  9. Y is raja behaving like dat rani should just leave the city for a few days n see what he does without her

  10. I strongly think that JEEVES is the one for rani…..he is cute…smart…funny…he is rani’s type

  11. Alicia hotson

    All u people shut up who is commenting things abut raja Baja is just a Indian soaps Raja and Jeeves is dangerous everything is in fault because of queen dowager people watch carefully stop trusting Jeeves’s raja and Rani will fall back in place that them series u can’t see the series name is end with raja aand Rani that’s why it name ex tha raja ex thi rani

    1. Season 1 pair rana ji &gayatri rani.serial title name same(its not ek tha ranaji ek thi rani)).now season 2 title same.. its not mean title name will decide pair like season 1.

    2. I think you’re forgetting something. Raja is just his name not his title/ His not even royalty. Jeeves is real royalty…

      1. Yes jeews is real royal.rani rageswari Singh son jeewan.kaal 2nd wife.

  12. Hey. I don’t get it at all its all a misunderstanding and it’s making the series bakwaas. Pls writers don’t make us confuse. N pls let rani know that she is rani of ameerkot n let that Badi rani removed from the picture like the meaning ‘die’????????

  13. I think that somehow even though it does not make sense chronologically, Jeewan will either turn out to be Rani’s brother from Rajeshwari or Rani’s twin who was somehow separated from her at birth. The way Jeewan said he feels her pain makes me think the CVs will present them as twins. As much as I would love Jeewan and Rani to be the end game the CVs are going to pair Raja and Rani as much as I can’t stand the idea of Rani falling for the man who threatens to destroy her reputation.

  14. Hey, can anyone please explain to me how is Rani, Raja, Jeeves and Bindu related to one another. I’m so confused. Thanks. BTW, I like seeing Rani and Jeeves. Raja should get Bindu. Both are equally arrogant. Lovey Dovey…..

    1. Actually kaal is forest wild man.but badi rani ma bring him to palace for help to kill ranaji&gayatri rani.after kaal changed like king.his sons raja and jeewan.rani is ranaji daughter.badi rani ma try to instigate raja on kaal from his childhood.

  15. Hey guys…
    How is this name??
    Rani+ Jeevs= rajeevs….
    Not jeevsrani..it doesn’t sound well…
    Plzz tell how is this name..

    1. Without use of word ‘ raj ‘…. Find out.y bcoz raja name character also there.and thank you.I like ur interest on jeewan rani pair.

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