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The man in black asks Rana ji to lay Gayatri so that they can begin with the treatment. He puts in some medicine, touches her with some herbs and reads something for her. He asks Rana ji if she is his wife. He nods. He asks where he has come from, what his name is, what he does. Rana ji says his name is Indar, he is a soldier. Rana ji asks how much time she will take to recover. The man stands laughing, touches Rana ji with the peacock feather bush and says when one needs blessings, one has to keep head in procrastination. He must ask for His mercy, he will be granted for sure.
Laksh appreciated a servant, Kunwar ji hears this and pushed that servant out. Kokilla also gets in the room. Kunwar ji says that his wife has left home and he is upto this all rubbish again. Kokilla says

that not Rana ji but atleast Laksh can give an heir to the palace. Laksh says he can’t promise this to him. Kunwar ji slaps him, Kokilla says it isn’t his mistake but Swarna’s. Kunwar ji says Swarna only can give an heir to the palace. He places a gun at Laksh’s head and asks him to call Swarna back, else he will shoot him to death. Laksh calls Swarnlekha. Laksh tells Swarna where she is returning, his palace and life are both empty without her. Swarna is happy and wonders what has happened to him. She promised that she will be here soon. Laksh tells Kunwar ji that she will be back soon. Kunwar ji says he didn’t shoot this time, but next time he will.
Rana ji was with Gayatri. A girl nearby says that her husband also loves her the same way. She asks her name. Rana ji says she is Rani… the girl, Mala, says that she looks like a Raani too.
Rana ji says that Gayatri has a high fever.
Kokilla does Swarna’s aarti. Laksh also smiles. Kokilla says she used to remember her daily. Laksh keeps a hand on her shoulder and says he missed her a lot, he asks how everyone at her house is. Kunwar ji says Laksh was so upset he had forgotten to smile even. He tells Swarna to go and check what arrangement he has done for her. Swarna goes inside. Kunwar ji holds Laksh on gun point again and tells him to do what he has asked him to.
Rana ji keeps cloth on Gayatri’s forehead and face. He minces herbs for her medicines, sitting beside her.
Swarna sat ready in her room. Kokilla comes inside and tells her to smile, it is time for her to get united. She makes Swarna up and says that man has all his arms but a woman has her beauty, but she must know how to use it too. She puts on lipstick on Swarna’s face and tells her to attract her husband. It is her responsibility to keep him attracted to her. Swarna comes to her decorated bed, she thinks that her mother in law is right, she must also try on her own part. Today, Laksh felt interested in her, she must also give another chance to this relation. She hears footsteps and thinks about giving another chance to this relation. Laksh enters the room drunk. Swarna had taken a veil on her face, Laksh comes to the bed and thinks about Kunwar ji’s words. He holds Swarna’s hands. He removes her veil, and presses her face. He slaps her hard and pushes her away on the bed.
Gayatri wakes up. Mala comes and tells her to keep laying, she needs rest. Gayatri asks where she is. Mala says she is really lucky she has got Indar brother who loves her so much, it is because of him that she got conscious. Gayatri doesn’t get who Indar brother is. Rana ji comes to the room, he is happy to see her conscious. Mala asks who is brings his wife in his arms to the Darbar. She says she brought a flower from Dargah to save their love from evil eye. She keeps it on the door and leaves. Rana ji helps Gayatri sit up and gives her water. Gayatri thinks Rana ji did so much for her. The veiled lady arrive at the doorstep. Gayatri takes the glass of water.

Rana ji was cutting a wood with axe, Gayatri stops him but he cries that he was so much into loving his own self that he couldn’t see the love of others. He cries hugging Gayatri.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Great going. …but who is this veiled lady. …I was thinking it cud be laksh but now I feel its ranaji s 1st wife…surakshana

  2. Who is this mysterious lady
    Nice episode but one v sad thing choti kunwarani all made up for bridal night with chipped nail paint ? Dreadful ….

  3. omg…really feeling bad for swarna…she will be raped by laksh and she will escape to let know others about her husband’s disgusting act but that senseless kokila will throw chilli in eyes of swarna and lock her in dark room.gayathri will be informed that swarna is not well and so gayathri cant meet her ,but gayathri will realise there is something wrong happened in palace, will she save swarna…
    OMG, when gayathri saves swarna,i wish raja indhravadhan should give cruel punishment to laksh…on other side,love blooms between raja indhravadhan and rani gayathri..

    Dont know why, but after reading about swarna, unable to get happy for raja and rani..wish gayathri saves swarna from dark room…

  4. thats what I call music part 2

  5. its good! its good! goood its nice! )))))) I am naming my duaghters child kokilla kasam! hehehe lets celebrate

  6. you are all married to lashk bois so please dont complaint.

  7. Hey…prena how did u get so much of the upcoming sequences??

    1. its given in spoilers lilly ji

  8. Me too I really feel bad for swarna to get such horrible inlaws and the worse husband ever.
    He has no respect for women and both his parents are aware he does not like women but men so why all the pretense and ruining an innocence girls life 🙁

    1. yes ji,wish swarna takes stand aginst laksh..atleast i will be happy if she gives him a tight slap knocking his lungs out infront of everyone once gayathri saves her…

  9. i wish rani ji i will fell in love with gaytiri
    guyz who is veiled woman

  10. Prena dear thanks for posting the spoiler here…waiting for rana and rani’s romance…

    1. welcome ji… 🙂

  11. I have thought the veiled lady is Grandmother becuase she is a second wife and so not as respected. Also, even though she seems to prefer Ranaji, deep down, I think her way of getting her son on the throne is to be kind to her real enemies (raaj maata and rana ji) and be much more manipulative in her goal to get the throne for Kunwar and Kokilla. I think that it’s either Grandmother or someone she has hired. I think she is going to be the real evil one. AND i think she originally had Surakshana murdered.

  12. I’m sure veiled lady surakshna

  13. I hope rana ji find it in his heart to love rani gayatri n swarna husband needs a tight slap 2

  14. The veiled lady could be Yasodha.. She was the one who sent Ranaji and Gayathri to Dargah.. may be Surakshana is her daughter or something so she doesn’t want anyone in her place 🙂

  15. Veiled lady is the grandmother

  16. nice sweet episobe but mysterious precap

  17. nice sweet episobe but mysterious precap though cannot wait

  18. Its high time now please …….who is this veiled lady ??!!

  19. Who is dis veiled lady?Can’t wait for d next episode

  20. The man in black-is that Abhi from Khumkum Bagya?

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