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Rana ji is shocked to remove the cover off the skeleton. They hear Bari Rani maa crying, tied in ropes sitting just behind Rana ji. Rana ji opens the knots of ropes. Bari Rani maa trembles looking at Gayatri and says she kept her tied here, she wants to kill me. Rana ji is shocked, Gayatri denies saying she is lying. Bari Rani maa cries saying she is lying, she is punishing her for bringing Sulakshna back to her life. She says she has left the skeleton in the room, and tied her here. She blamed Bari Rani maa of being a veiled lady, and when she denied she tied her with ropes. Gayatri is shocked hearing this all, she denies in front of Rana ji. Bari Rani maa asks Rana ji to give take his head’s promise that she injured Bari Rani maa. Rana ji asks Gayatri, Gayatri accepts but before she

could explain Rana ji slaps Gayatri hard. She asks Rana ji to believe her, she isn’t lying. Rana ji drags her out of the room. Bari Rani maa laughs victoriously. She speaks to herself in the mirror that this is just the beginning. She will do a lot ahead.
In the corridor, Rana ji tells Gayatri he doesn’t want a single word for Bari Rani maa. In the room, Gayatri asks Rana ji if he really thinks she is lying. Rana ji says she isn’t lying, but she is also not true. She has lost her mental balance, her mind is making stories. Gayatri says she isn’t mental, she isn’t living in illusions but he is. Sulakshna isn’t the real one as well, Bari Rani maa did this all. Rana ji says she is living in illusions, and she attacked Bari Rani maa as well. Gayatri says if someone will plan against her husband, she will attack that person again. Rana ji apologizes Gayatri saying he didn’t want this, but she is dangerous not only for herself but for others as well. He locks Gayatri in the room.
Cheetah comes to Swarna’s room, and knocks at the door. Laksh opens the door and smiles at Cheetah. He says he didn’t know the fire is at both sides. Cheetah says tonight is the night to burn in the fire. Laksh says he speaks really well. Cheetah says he perform even better. Laksh tells him to come inside, Swarna comes there. Cheetah says Swarna won’t get a chance to complain. Laksh punches Cheetah and shouts at him. Kunwar ji comes there and asks Laksh what is happening. Laksh says he had a false eye on Swarna. Kunwar ji says they need heir, they called this boy to do what he couldn’t do. Kunwar ji says he gets what he wants to do, in any conditions. He points at Cheetah to go inside, Cheetah locks the door. Laksh complains Kunwar ji, Kunwar ji says had he showed his manliness before this wouldn’t have happened. Laksh heads to leave, Kunwar ji asks where he is going. He must stay here and guard them, because no one else must know about it. Laksh couldn’t control his tears.
Raaj mata meets Rana ji in the corridor and asks what he is doing. The way he is behaving with his wife, no one even behaves this way with enemies. Rana ji asks Raaj Mata if she knows what Gayatri did. Raaj Mata says she knows what she did, but if he ever thought why Gayatri only blamed Bari Rani maa. Bari Rani maa comes there, she tells Rana ji that she is leaving the palace. The reason behind Gayatri’s accusations is Raaj Mata who never considered her as her mother in law. She cries that Gayatri doesn’t accept her. Rana ji says Gayatri respects her, she has just lost her mental control. Raaj Mata asks Bari Rani maa why she is shying her eyes away if she is innocent. Bari Rani maa says she still has respect. Raaj Mata asks why Gayatri accused her, the girl who can stake her respect for Rana ji’s first wife, why would she falsely accuse her. Bari Rani maa says that Raaj Mata put hatred in her heart, she will now play the game of false accusations. She says she is tired of clarifying herself, she thought that love relations are important than the true ones. She will always be a step grandmother, steps only have responsibilities but not rights. She fulfilled all her responsibilities, she has no rights so she is leaving. Rana ji says no, he needs her the most right now. She always took care of him when he was a child, now she will take care of Gayatri. He gives her the keys of Gayatri’s room saying from today, this right is hers. Bari Rani maa takes the keys. Rana ji looks at Raaj Mata and leaves. Bari Rani maa swirls the keys and says to Raaj Mata that she is an older player, no one can break Rana ji’s truth upon her. Raaj Mata confronts Bari Rani maa saying false belief is like a glass palace, it breaks soon. Bari Rani maa leaves. Raaj Mata says if she wants to save her family, she must find out Sulakshna and Bari Rani maa’s truth.
Gayatri sat on floor in her room, she prays for the power to prove to Rana ji that he is supporting wrong. The door of the room opens, Sulakshna and Bari Rani maa come in. Sulakshna says to Gayatri she seems so pity, she must leave this fight as she has lost. Gayatri says victory or loss is in equation of competition, they aren’t worth competing her love for Rana ji. She is a wife, she took a vow in the fourth round of marriage that she won’t let any problem come to Rana ji. They will have to pass her dead body to get Rana ji. Bari Rani maa says she wants to challenge Gayatri that she will lay her dead. Gayatri says she will not die without telling Rana ji the truth, the black clouds will go out this Bhooramashtri. Bari Rani maa locks the door and hands the key to Jhumki. She says she has never seen someone as clever as her. Bari Rani maa says if a player is good, no one can beat her. Gayatri couldn’t win the trust of Rana ji being his wife, and she being the step won the trust. Raaj Mata speaks to Gayatri through the door. Gayatri says to Raaj mata that Rana isn’t trusting her, but Bari Rani maa is planning against Rana ji. Raaj Mata asks Gayatri how is Sulakshna fake. Gayatri tells her all about Bari Rani maa. Raaj Mata says she will do something about it.

PRECAP: Raaj Mata calls Sulakshna to herself sending Yashoda in the veil. Sulakshna is shocked to see the jewels. Raaj Mata locks her, Gayatri enters the room and takes the mask off from her face, she is shocked to see Jhumki underneath.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I am happy that fake sulakshana is caught within 15episodes but kkb tanu and aaliya expose more than 50episodes they did not bring the truth out.. Raajmata character is awesome pls vote for this show guys

  2. wow that was quick now only for Ranaji to realise his mistake.
    hope this happens soon I also want to see more romance between Ranaji and his queen oh also between the other two lead pairs they also have a lot of chemistry.

  3. Nice episode can’t wait 4 tomorrow precap rock

  4. awesome episode guys…..but aftr removng mask ranaji askng jumkhi who sent here…but she didn’t tell…finally ranaji keep gun on her head…then she revealed the truth of bari rani maa…but bari rani maa making fool ranaji again by her fake tears…donno guys wht will happen let’s wait n watch….but awesome couple ranaji and gayathri plz vote them guys…

    1. Omg nooo. Thats such a realistic situation. Rana ji is the type to overlook this HUGE INsane conflict and n

  5. awesome episode today and awesome couple ranaji and gayathri plz vote them guys…

  6. Cool.Iam waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  7. Raja Mata will get the mask removed and will make her plan against BRM & Sulakshna and she will ask Gayatri to put that mask and Gayatri will act like Sulkashna,, Finally Rana g will take off that mask (saw this in advt.) Hopefully,, things will be sorted soon,

    Love this show!!! Story moves so fast unlike KKB.

  8. I mourn for swarna mourn for her, she is the worst off her kind are always the worst off of all. and again gayatri is in the line of fire rana ji will have to do more than apologies in english vinglish this time around. bari rani maa you dog you! -the only thing bari rani ma was right about was when she said gayatri is sheep among wolf (vegetarian) so true. old b*tch. gayatri its just you and goddess kali now save your husband from himself and other worthy innocence alike its up to you gayatri I see a truth were I havint seen before. but I think if gayatri exposes this fake streetrat sulahkshna first ne, the rest will follow gayatri you and swarna put your heads togather and find a way out of this shhhtt ya all inn! swarna and gayatri must just LEAVE the palace for heavans sake then rana ji is a dead man ai ai dunno. this is the time you need to pray gayatri.

  9. I really felt sorry for Gayatri in today’s epi. Screamed when Ranaji slapped her. Can’t wait for the evil doers to be exposed; especially Bari Rani Ma. I also like where Swarna’s story is headed. Kunwar ji and his flock will soon regret their decision to bring Cheetah in.

  10. and its some ‘BRIGHT SPARK’ is dying for chemistry between cheetah and swarna? – nothing short of a pervert hay to want that TWO wrongs don’t make a right will you want chemistry with some one responsible for your parents fingers? or some street rat that betrayed you? thats your kind of lady than I am a princess and it never even cross my mind swarna should settle for second best even if I was in her shoes shame on you!. Swarna is the saddest situation like 5 against 1 everyone is against her except gayatri and gayatri is powerless. lashk and sulakshna. those 2 are prime targets if lashk breaks (cuase he is like a sissy boi so he wiil confess it all) and if sulakshna is revealed -problem solved. but rana ji should also think bad guys will always use your weakness against you.he made it obvious from the start so called man eh.useless king that beats his wife,HE iS NO better than lashk.

  11. if you want chemistry go watch a porn movie please. swarna is not a sl*t! and this program is not to turn princesses of a beautiful country into streetrat lovers. filthy minded one night stand perverts that got no respect for life and no sympathy for good woman like swarna that must struggle for being who she is a good woman.she was the nicest to gayatri in the beggiining but suffering the most.

  12. Omg now she knows the truth i hope raj mata tell everything to ranaji

  13. Ohhh guys!!! Rajmata is sooo cool!!!
    Gayatri and Rajmata will together reveal the truth soon.
    what man will choose Swarna? Will Laksh change his senses? Or will Swarna fall in love with Cheetah?

  14. Exposing Sulakshana is the easy part – try convinving that idiot RANAJI will be the big challenge.
    Let us hope for the best for GAYATRI she is my absolute darling. So much kindness and yet so much pain.

  15. For the First time I am feeling sad that a story of Hindi serial moving so fast. I fear that if this continues the serial will also end so soon. Stupid thought only but I feel so…

    1. something like Manmarziyan which has good story but they finished it sooooo soon.


    That all happened so quickly its a little scary. but I love it. I rather have it fast paced with new problems than have it drag FIFTY episode. This is gooood.

    Ranaji needs to get a grip on the old hag. She’s face to face manipulation him and yes shals, “so called King” cant even find something wrong in the whole thing. Thats a little weird but its also not his fault considering the BRM was always there for him when he hated his mother (Raaj mata) and basically ALWAYS stood by for him. Eh. lets see where this goes 😀

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