Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The doctor tells Sunanda that Rani might be mentally effected by the accident. He needs some more tests.
Raaj comes to Sunanda and tells her to gather courage, they have to fight against Rani’s illness. Raaj thinks he only has the relation of revenge with Rani, just because of Sunanda.
The nurses and doctor carry Rani unconscious. Raaj and Doshi join them. Raaj says its important for them to keep Rani at mental asylum. Sunanda would name the property after him today. Rani was semi-conscious and watches Doshi stand there alive.
At home, Sunanda speaks to lawyer about getting the papers ready by tonight. She tells Raaj she would name the property after him tonight and then give all her time to Rani. Raaj says he can’t see Rani this way either.
Rani was taken to the

mental asylum. She spots a match stick on the way to corridor and poses to fell down and hold the match stick. Later, Rani takes help of a patient and calls for kerosene. A nurse had spot Rani but couldn’t see through the mirror. Rani lights a cloth piece through kerosene, then shouts about fire. The hospital staff comes to their help. All the patients have run away.
Sunanda was reading the property papers. Raaj sat nearby thinking the day has finally arrived for which he was waiting for years. He wonders why she is reading and re-reading the papers. Sunanda says he has done exactly what she wanted. A phone bell rings, she asks Raaj to hold the phone. Anandi warns Raaj on phone if he wants to see his sister alive he must stop Sunanda from signing the papers, else the death certificate of his sister would also be signed. Raaj was shocked and asks Sunanda about delaying the signing, he has an urgent work outside. Both Sunanda and Raaj were shocked to see Rani standing at the door. Rani comes inside. Sunanda says Rani must be in hospital. Rani tells Sunanda she must listen to her now and tells her about Raaj. Sunanda was shocked to hear this. Raaj calls this a lie and blames Rani’s condition, he says Rani has been making stories. Raaj says she must be in hospital as she is still in shock. Rani says she is fine, and not she but Raaj must be in mental hospital. Rani asks Sunanda if she would trust him or her. Raaj insists they must take Rani to hospital before she takes a severe act. Sunanda agrees to Raaj and goes to call the doctor. Rani stops Sunanda and insists on her that she is fine. Raaj holds Rani back as Sunanda calls the doctor. Raaj drags Rani upstairs.
In the room, Rani says she will reveal Raaj’s truth to everyone. Raaj says he didn’t punish her much and kept her alive and she would now witness her mother’s destruction by tomorrow morning. Rani promises she would bring about his truth to her mother by tomorrow morning, he will die for sure.
Raaj was enraged and through away the vase in anger. He wonders whose voice was it, it was recognizable. He tries to hear there were temple bells from behind, this means Sakshi is somewhere near the temple.
Rani and Anandi stood with Sakshi. Rani says she is happy she found Anandi in time, else he must have got his property named after him today. She recalls she hit Anandi near the gate and told her about the truth. Rani tells Anandi the man Raaj killed was never dead, Anandi says his name is Doshi. Rani plans to take Doshi to Sunanda, only then she would understand what Raaj actually is.

PRECAP: Raaj pushes Sunanda on the couch and says she must have trusted his daughter.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Rani.. Thumbs up.. Felt happy seeing Rani’s strong side today… RAJ U WILL LOSE…!!!!!

  2. yes,,this is our Rani,courageous enough to face any situation.Raaj must have got the shock of his life to see her in the palace even after he did every possible evil thing to make her mentally unstable.in tonight’s episode,,i could see Rani Gayatri singh in Rani Chauhan,the same resilience and will power.But,how can Sunanda Chauhan be so bull headed not to believe her daughter?And do you think friends that Anandi will help Rani because as I remember it was Raaj who helped her to re-enter the house after her release from the jail.The precap shows Raaj snatching the signed documents from Sunanda’s hands and telling her rudely that she should have believed her daughter.
    So whatever happens to the property,let us hope that Rani will see to it that Raaj gets his punishment for torturing her.At the same time I am sad that the writers have turned the beautiful love story of Season 2 into a hate story in this season.

    1. Lakshmi, I know that Raju is taking his revenge from Sunanda, but is it because she declined to help them in their time of need or is it because Sunanda swindled them their business? On last night episode, I got to understand that Raju’s family were rich before. What’s the explanation here for his dark side? Even after knowing that they are soul mates since ages ago, why are writers making it look like Raju has been holding this grudge for so long? Is material wealth so important for a kid to carry so much baggage for so long? This isn’t normal thinking, when time passes, people tend to forgive and move on because human reasoning ability changes with time, not so? It’s rightly said that we tend to hurt the ones we love the most but not to the extent Raju is pursuing, I just don’t understand. Writers have a warped sense of who one should take revenge from, certainly not the woman one loves. How will writers redeem his character and thoughts towards his wife is left to be seen, I’m putting myself in Rani’s shoes and can say without much effort, that the relationship will never be felt and seen the same way ever again through my eyes. Actions like these changes the entire dynamics….. Nothing anyone does can ever make that relationship as pristine as it was before, despite the fact that all relationships have it’s ups and downs… I eagerly await to see how writers find logic for Rani to love Raju as before… Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend…

  3. I think precap is dream of Rani

  4. i have not watch this serial in quite some time so right now i am sailing i have to go back and read what has happened in the previous episodes but i will be happy if someone can enlighten me as to why raja is acting as though he is the villain and what is rani doing in that mental asylum thank you

  5. Happy news for all… Raj was wrong all these years.. Main villian was not rani’s mom but raj’s parents.. Raj’s parents had cheated rani’s parents which caused rani’s father’s death… Raj repents when he realizes his family was at fault but rani refuses to accept.. Spoiler as per SBAS..isnt that great news guys?.. 🙂

    1. Thanks Archana, this is what I wanted to know, the motivation behind Raju’s dark side.

      1. Yes Naz.. Raj’s mother tells him the truth when he asks rani and her family to leave the palace after getting all their property.. But our writers are very brilliant.. Why was raj’s mother quiet all this while? Stupid mother…

  6. Yes Naz.Raaj has come a long way to turn back and say sorry.I think no reason is good enough for Rani to excuse him,O.k he got this wrong notion from his mother that Rani’s family was responsible for his family’s many hardships.But he crossed all his limits when he had decided to make Rani,an innocent girl and his soul mate ,a part of this dirty revenge game .As if this is not enough he goes to the extent of killing her,fully knowing their past and present relationship..I agree with you Naz,what does he actually want?Material possessions or the satisfaction of accomplishing his revenge?But after sacrificing his love,what is the use of all those possessions and revenges?If it is only against Sunanda we can understand because he was told so by his mother,but what has Rani to do with all this?
    And now Raaj will come to know that the actual culprits are his own parents..Actually Friend. I have always suspected that there is something wrong with Raaj’s mother.I don’t know whether you have come to that episode or not but I do remember that when Raaj comes home after pushing Rani off the cliff,she doesn’t even bother to ask what he has done with Rani where as she gets so angry and even slaps Raaj for shooting down his friend Doshi.
    Since the truth has come out let us see how the writers are going to redeem Raaj’s character.May be Raaj will now hate his mother for mis leading him all these years so that Rani develops some soft corner for him.Still Raaj is to be blamed because his mother has definitely not told him to marry Rani and push her into a valley to die and by chance if she survives the fall ,callously smother with a pillow.
    Naz, I do want Raja and Rani to unite atleast in this life but after so much brutality from Raaj ,can Rani ever feel safe with him and love him again?
    By the way ,tonight there was no telecast of KLKAH on Soni at 9 pm,may be ,the timing is changed,no idea.I know,tomorrow you will be busy with the Reunion function.Have a nice time friend ,and let me know how the experience was.

    1. Lakshmi, we’ve reached to that same episode and i thought Raju’s mother was not too surprised when Rani was introduced other. ……anyway…I’ll surely be busy tomorrow for the reunion. I made rice halwa as sweet treat, my sister is taking chicken samosa, just an friendly gesture. I did read Koi Laut update, I see Rishabh’s trusted partner Munshiji is a snake. The update was entertaining. I really love the way Geetu heckles Choti Ma,too good and this Chamki role reminds me of Surbi’s everescent and bubbly character in Qubool Hai… Thank you for telling me about the no episode tonight, I’ve recorded a 2hr special on Princess Diana, so I’ll watch that and then sleep. Goodnight Lakshmi, it’s 8.45pm now but it’s morning in India now. Hey, I saw some YouTube videos on the passing of Reema Lagoo and her funeral, she will be missed. I’m watching Naamkaran on starplus and she’s an integral part of the serial, the new actress will have big shoes to fill…. Sad, but we all have to tread that path one day…take care, bye for now….

    2. Lakshmi, I just came on to tell you that we here in the Caribbean just saw KLKAH….at same time slot. Can’t understand why you all didn’t see it…..

    3. Hey, came to tell you that KLKAH didn’t air cuz of SPA 17 apparently. I don’t actually watch it on TV but on hotstar the next day. It’s the best episode so far, do watch it!

  7. So basically Raju’s behavior was uncalled for. He wasted all these years of his life carrying around excess baggage which wasn’t in the least bit necessary. How deceitful of his parents to teach their son the reason for their pathetic lifestyle. They ruined both Raju and Sakshi’s life. Writers, trust you all to spin the story, when you don’t know how to do your mathematics to arrive at the correct answer ,you find the perfect way to throw the blame on Raju….make him the villain instead, after all…the pens are in your hands. It’s better this way because I don’t know how else you all would have come out of this pathetic storyline……….all this time, we could have been enjoying romantic scenes between this couple but it evident that they are doomed from day one to have a moment’s peace and love in their life, from Raja / Rani… Raj /Naina….to Raju /Rani…..

  8. Friends,I really pity the character of Raaj ,if he is really a bastard ,he won’t mind the bitter truth that his parents had ditched Rani’s parents and his father was responsible for Rani’s father’s death.But the fact is that Raaj ,by nature ,is not a bad person,he is a good son,,brother and friend and Ofcourse a terrible husband because his wife is the daughter of SunandaChauhan.An otherwise normal man behaving like a lunatic and a sadist only with Rani and her mother shows the role played by his parents in nurturing hatred in the mind of a young boy.After knowing the truth,what his reaction will be,is worth watching.If he is really a wretched criminal ,he will simply laugh at the truth and carry on with his plan of harassing Rani and her mother,and enjoy the luxuries of money voluntarily given by Sinanda .Otherwise any man with a conscience will be shattered with the realisation that an innocent girl would have either lost her life or become insane due to his blind belief in his parents.And Raaj will definitely be shattered because he loved Rani but may be since a young age a strong impression has been created in his mind that he and his feelings come later,and his first aim in life should be his family’s revenge,.the reason why he hasn’t hesitated to kill Rani,but if that very reason turns out to be baseless ,…………?
    I don’t understand why the writers always make Raja /Raaj feel inferior to Rani.In the previous birth also Raja ,though hot headed ,was a good guy ,born to a criminal Kaal who killed Rani’s parents and made her an orphan and penniless,And Rani ,though poor was a princess and intelligent.In this life also ,Rani’s parents are noble and Raaj’s once again Cheats.On top of it Raaj has added to his conscience this extra burden of his own sins.
    I think the writers are going to give ‘bad parenting ‘as the excuse for Rani to forgive Raaj ‘s crimes but the question is will Raaj forgive himself?

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, your comment hits it perfectly. Lakshmi, it’s early morning here, 5.25 am to exact, I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m on WAS forum and yesterday I read a comment from one of the viewers and although it’s not confirmed yet, I’m shattered to read it’s contents. I’ve always maintained that if you were to spend one moment of your life with someone it creates a memory ….as it happens, end of last year, on the Jamai Raja and KKB forums, a viewer by chance, reading my comments every day, clinched a friendship with me. She is a US citizen and has Guyanese parentage and sort of identified with me for unknown reasons. She’s very young. She called me aunty. We communicated for months before on the forums before she actually started to ask me questions on a personal level. She needed advice and while the forums are not private, she still gave me in a nutshell ,what her problems in life at the moment were for her. She told me that she’s an only child, has cousins but is afraid to express herself to them but felt closer to me, a perfect stranger, and asked for my advice. I gave her it and posted my email address for her to contact me but she didn’t. She said she will not be commenting again as she’s about to be married, with a man chosen for her by her parents and will be migrating to England, leaving her aspiring job as an attorney to work in his family’s business across there. She was very naive while talking about personal stuff and if a young woman growing up in the US can be so naive about certain issues, she has to have been brought up very sheltered. The US offers free liberty to all citizens to enjoy their lives, regardless of parenting but she seemed different to me. Since my last communication with her, I haven’t seen any comments from her on any other forums, I was searching for her…. Now, a viewer wrote on the forum, that she has lost her cousin to suicide and is unable to cope with the loss, that her cousin used to make comments on the sites, her words chilled me to the bone ….her short words resonated with me with full force because what she said, sounded familiar to me, as if her cousin is the same young woman who reached out to me in her time of need not so long ago…. I barely slept, I cried, wondering if this is the same woman. I wish I could talk more with you but another time soon……. ???

  9. Naz ,i know i shouldn’t ask but i can not help myself,has she ever been on this forum? If so , I think I know who you are talking about.I pray to God that she is not the same but whether she is the same or somebody else ,it is a very very sad news:and if the person is someone you knew even for a short time……..friend I know how terrible you feel right now.There is a saying that if life has nothing to offer,it is better to go,but I find this very difficult to believe. Whatever be the circumstances,life has always something to offer to everyone ,even the terminally ill patients stick to life with that hope only till the last breath.To imagine a young newly married girl and an upcoming attorney,taking her own life:Naz ,it just frightens me to imagine what could have been those circumstances to force her to take such a drastic step. I don ‘t have any words to console you my dear friend,sometimes tears give better solace than any words.
    Naz tonight even I won’t be able to sleep,some painful similar memories of a young girl of 18 whose name was also Lakshmi.This was almost 34 years back when we 6 girls were economics students in the second year of our graduation.Naturally ,due to lack of social media,young girls used to be very naive in matters relating to s*x ,This girl ,Lakshmi ,a very sweet friend was.like all of us in those days ,very traditionally brought up.She was very scared of marriage and her parents being very orthodox did n’t allow her to complete her graduation also. In the second year itself she got married to a handsome engineer.Both of them looked so cute together but just six months after her marriage,we got the shocking news ,that she committed suicide when the husband was in the office and she was 3 months pregnant.We attended her funeral Naz and I still remember that for the first and only time in my life ,I fainted.Can you imagine the reason why she did that ,she left a note saying that she can not tolerate her husband’s mad love for her.
    Ofcourse that time we,being unmarried girls could n’t understand its meaning.Whose mistake was it?The parents’for sheltering too much ,but all the parents were like that in 80s or something very weak about the girl’s mindset?Ofcourse,for proper understanding of any problem ,we have to stand in their shoes which is not possible.Let us hope that she is not the same woman .At the same time Naz ,if you get any clarification ,Pl.share with me.Sorry for any typo.errors.

    1. My friend, it’s almost midnight here in Trinidad, I’ve now come to bed but I won’t sleep until I talk to you. I know your anxious eyes are looking for some answers to our last conversation. I had a very hectic day at the reunion, I’ll tell you more tomorrow but right now I do have other news for you. I went up in the other forum to see whether the young lady whom I conversed with,had any answers to my questions. Lakshmi, when I opened the page,there was her, with her comment and my heart was thudding in my chest as I read what she had to say……her words chilled me to the bone…… I was right Lakshmi……..it is Sia…..dear Sia, who confided to me on KKB forum ending last year, who told me she didn’t care if others on the forum read or laughed at her questions but she wanted to ask me about intimate relations between couples…..and what she should do with the dilemma she was facing. ….. without giving away too much, I would like you to go on that forum and read what Sia’s cousin wrote and my replies to her, you need to. Sia wrote on this forum , Jamai Raja and KKB …. Please Lakshmi, go there and then we’ll talk further on the topic. My heart is sad for this beautiful young woman…..who made friends with a complete stranger……. I’m going to try to sleep…….

    2. You can ask me anything, anytime….. what are friends for? Don’t ever hesitate…..I read every word of you comment, slowly……

      1. I am so sorry for your loss Naz. I came here since this page had a lot of comments and to read this, I feel sad. Though I didn’t know her personally like you, I have read enthusiastic responses from her. I was new to the forum then and she was the one who had so much energy and was always willing to express her opinions. I feel bad that the same couldn’t apply in her real life.
        Since I didn’t know her that well, I don’t know if she was an Indian, but if she was then I can understand. Though I’m not married yet but that’s how my mom was married off to at the age of 19 without any choice given. My mom is lucky that dad is a good person but that is not the case always. Not only this but even love marriages, rare as they are, are shunned. Women aren’t given a chance to choose. It’s always the parents or the extended family.
        May her soul rest in peace.

  10. As per tellychakkar, Anandi bua’s character will again turn negative.. It seems she was the main antagonist who created misunderstandings between Raj n rani’s family that led to the deaths of both their fathers.. Or may be she killed both of them.. Anyways initially she had accepted that she killed rani’s father.. I think writers are playing BLINK BLINK.. Today a character will be white tomorrow Grey day after tomorrow black.. So white-grey-black continues..

  11. It’s….WAS……..

  12. Naz,just now I am back from the court and devastated to see that my intuition has come true,.The moment I read that the young lady was an attorney and recently migrated from USA to UK after her marriage ,I knew it will be our dear Sia only.Friend, I do remember her commenting on this forum,though somewhat naive ,she seemed to be a spirited young upcoming attorney with a bright future.That ws the impression she made on me.Do you remember Naz ,when Zee stopped the telecasting of ETRETR for a few weeks to the viewers there ,you suggested that Sia and I ,,both being attorneys ,take up the case together.I think this was in Februaryand to think that within these 3 months,this young woman got married ,migrated and seen enough to end her life leaving behind only memories,is shocking and unbelievable.I have seen the comment of her cousin Sandy on the forum of Woh Apna Sa.Really terrible.she called the husband a dog.if I ,a mere acquaintance have so many memories of this sweet girl ,I can imagine about you Naz,who interacted with Sia for more than a year and in whom she confided her many personal problems.Friend,we all know that no fiction can spring more surprises ,shocks and miseries than LIFE.We can only pray the Almighty to rest her in peace and not to do this with any other young life.

    1. Yes Lakshmi, I do remember saying that you both can take the case up….it has to be that she was married all that time and was experiencing marital problems and we just didn’t know. Lakshmi, ETRETR was going through its bad phase and we all were frustrated around February ,but I wasn’t reading comments from Sia . I knew that sometimes viewers would only read but don’t comment and when I suggested that Sia also join you to fight our case, I was hoping that she would take the bait and respond because I used to think of her a lot and wonder whether she was ok or not. She didn’t respond…, it seems highly likely that these suicidal thoughts were consuming her during that time. How I wish she hadn’t stopped being here with us, maybe then we would have been able to counsel her….there are so many ifs and buts ….a beautiful young life was wasted because of a forced marriage. Her cousin is in pain and thank God Sia spoke to someone about the forums so her cousin was able to vent some frustration and let me know of her dear cousin’s demise. You see how passionate her short comment was but her message was conveyed. Lakshmi, I think Sandy needs help to cope with this loss, she had difficulty in dealing with it but there’s nothing we can do because she says she doesn’t contribute on these forums, I hope she’s getting professional help. It’s comforting to know that you understand how I feel for this young and beautiful woman who would use her lunch hr in the office to hide and post her comments on ETRETR and laughed off that if she was caught by her boss, she would have to work extended
      hrs…. if only….if only….may her soul rest in peace.

  13. I shared my grief with my daughter…….

  14. Spoiler alert.. All misunderstandings between Raj-rani cleared.. Rani angry with Raj n starts indulging in funny nok-jhok with him.. Is there going to be no punishment for Raj?.. How can writers be so casual with a dark character they created?.. Well that’s the speciality of etretr writers.. Those who revenge have baseless reasons for the same.. N those who should really revenge will never do so.. Nonsense

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