Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the room, Vasundra warns that Rani must not get a single clue he isn’t Raaj but Shera. Something breaks at the door as it opens, Rani stands there shocked to see Shera and Vasundra together. She asks why they seem so worried. She calls them downstairs and leave the room. Vasundra was relived she didn’t hear anything. Rani turns to ask if they are coming. Vasundra tells her to go, they are coming.
Shera tells Vasundra he has understood this Rani is really cunning, no one can judge when she is thinking and doing what. He assures he is with her now, no one can hurt her anymore. Vasundra cries and hugs Raaj thinking she is really lucky to have this fool with him.
In the corridor, Rani wonders if this isn’t her Raaj but Shera. She recalls how he valued Vasundra over her, comes

to the room and cries hard.
Doshi was in disbelief hearing what Rani told him. She curses herself for getting stupefied in hands of Vasundra and that fake Raaj. She decides to punish them. Doshi says they must tell everyone about it, Rani says they can’t give them a chance to win the game. She will plan something that will reveal the identity of that fake Raaj. She will do something that he himself confesses his truth.
At night, a servant brings a note to Shera. He smirks. Vasundra fears Rani would do something and trap Shera. Raaj comes to the basement where Rani called Shera.
Vasundra watches Shera in the bed and was relieved, she leaves. It was Doshi in Shera’s bed.
Rani shuts Shera into an enclosed box, she turns the steam on inside the box. She says she realizes he is a fake player and not her Raaj, but this game isn’t fake and now he would suffocate until he confesses his love. Shera suffocates in the box because of steam, he calls from inside that he is Raaj and not Shera. He asks if she couldn’t recognize the love in his eyes, then reminds her of the anklet and what he said with it. Rani recognizes his words and turns to open the doors of the box. Raaj had fainted already, he falls into her lap. Rani cries and asks him to open his eyes. She pushes Raaj’s chest, he breathes heavily and opens his eyes. Rani hugs him apologizing and makes him comfortable. Raaj tells Rani that at the last moment Ajay Singh came to save him from the fires. He made him run from the store but himself died.
Sakshi comes across the corridor as Vasundra was trying to unlock the door from behind Raaj’s photo. She was alert and hurries to leave. Sakshi hears the vase fell on the floor, Sakshi takes Raaj’s photo as she decides to hand it in her room. Vasundra thinks the secret of the room would be revealed if the photo goes off here. She comes to Sakshi and tells her there is a huge ghost in this room, if he finds out Sakshi is here the ghost would take her and eat her. Sakshi was afraid and runs out of the room at once, promising never to come to this room. Vasundra finally unlocks the secret room.
Rani cries saying she must have lost Raaj else the man hadn’t saved his life. She says they must inform his family and must do something for them. Rani asks why he didn’t return then? Raaj says he was coming back, he then found Vasundra has planned something against them. There is a huge secret she has hidden from them. Rani asks what secret?

PRECAP: Vasundra speaks to a kidnapped lady that Sakshi was coming her but she can’t let anyone in. Rani tells Raaj about a plan to get the truth from Vasundra.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. So that night Raaj was saved by Ajay Singh but sadly Raaj couldn’t save him and the poor fellow was burnt beyond recognition,……..that explains for the body in the go down and everyone including Vasundhara thought that it was Raaj’s body..But I am not able to recollect who this Ajay Singh is,is he just an employee of the palace? Though not very impressive,we should be happy that the writers have thought out something to tie up the loose ends.
    Both Sartaj and Eisha were not at all impressive in this episode.Agreed that it is difficult to concentrate and do full justice to the show when you know that it will go off air shortly,but you can not do injustice to the characters you played for over a year in the last stages.I felt that Eisha was simply rushing through her dialogues,no emotions at all.BothSartaj and Eisha should realise that they are professionals and give their 100 percent to their characters irrespective of the status of the serial.Etretr,a beautiful love story adored by the viewers should get a fitting farewell.For that ,the leads who are very talented ,should play their characters well till the very last scene.

  2. hey Naz i did read the comments i am astonish by the audacity of these kids,one telling Lakshmi that she is crazy my my but these kids now-a-days i tell you,i now understand your questions,by the way when is etretr coming to an end? i have no clue about etretr,i will have to come on more often,and i think jules and the other person are the same sorry jules if i have offended you in any way by saying that i am glad she apologize too,and Naz i lmao when she wrote she thought Naz was a guy’s name lol

    1. I’m so heartbroken over ETRETR… First week in July it’s ending, Lakshmi should know the correct date. We ate a whole week behind normal daily update. Yeah, I laughed so loud when I read that I was believed to be a guy…. Precocious kids!!! I should have read comment here first, then I would have seen your reply, instead I asked you on the other forum… Never mind dear…. Now you know….

      1. Last day is 4th July 2017…but start date of kundali bhagya is 12th July 2017..so not sure but serial will end between 4-12th July..:)…yes third season was very dull..eisha n sartaj looking very artifical..naagin 2, pmhmd, Dil se Dil Tak all are going to end soon..but their leads are more professional..sartaj-eisha need more professionalism…:)

  3. Typo error… We are seeing week behind…. Sorry…

    1. ? ? ….even this has errors… It should read… We are a week behind schedule… So now it’s right….

  4. Aftr watching the last episode I m very happy to see raja is alive..

  5. Hello Naz,hope you have enjoyed your week end and I know you will be busy this week also .Here Idul -Fitr is falling on 26 th of this month,it is really festive mood in Bangalore,everywhere food courts dishing out yummy food,,I really curse this fever Naz,missed yesterday’s Iftar at Mumtaz’s home,Ofcourse she has sent me that delicious Biryani and the very special Haleem,I don’t know whether this Arabian origin dish is prepared there or not but here in India ,this is a must for Ramadan in Muslim households.It is a yummy stew made of wheat /barley ,lentils ,chicken / lamb ,spices,ghee and dry fruits cooked for 6 hours on slow fire,Mumtaz’s grandmother who is in her nineties prepares it .Great lady!she has the energy and enthusiasm to prepare this dish at 96….just spending half an hour with her is enough to forget about your problems and get refreshed,Such a sweet grand ma,always positive and smiling,some people are really blessed.
    Friend ,the last telecast of Etretr is on 4th of July but I feel that we have alreadyseen the last of Sartaj and Eisha in ETRETR ,their acting now is very casual and the writers,already known for their freakish tracks,are simply penning stupid content,just imagine ,Rani shutting Raaj /shera in a glass chamber and leaving some poisonous gas to make him acknowledge that he is not Rani’s Raaj but vasundhara’s chamcha ,Shera.Ofcourse she will come to know that he is Raaj only pretending like Shera to sort out Vasundhara .I think in the remaining two weeks,we will get to watch this type of meaningless tracks only.
    Friend ,I am O.k now ,fever has subsided but still weak to resume my normal routine.Actually Naz ,I don’t have anything to watch after Etretr,Aise dewangi dekhi Nahin is not at all interesting ,there is something wrong with the direction itself,absolutely no chemistry between the leads,KLKAH is over,It is too late to start with Woh Apna Sa.Really a depressive scenario.

    1. Oh dear!!! Lakshmi, I was wondering if you were better. I can understand how you are feeling from the after effects of the fever, never is good feeling, you probably don’t have the strength or zeal to do anything!! On my side…i did have s busy last week and this week I have few errands to run. Eid ul Fitr is also on that date here. It’s been quite a while since we’ve celebrated the festival on the same day as the East. Sorry you missed Mumtaz’s iftaar dinner, but she didn’t forget you, what a good friend she is!!! Oh gosh, I so love biriyani..you won’t believe!! That dish called Haleem, it’s the first time I’m hearing of it. In Trinidad, we more eat Indian dishes and although there are a few Arabian restaurants,the dishes from India are more popular. Even the sweets from India is common now, we have modified a few to our Caribbean taste but it’s still maintains the same identity….. So not nice to be able to see lackluster performances from the leads because the serial is ending, that’s unprofessional!! In KLKAH…down to the last bit, the actors held up. I’ve also lost interest in Aise Dewangee… I’ve read your comment where you explained nicely and accurately how unusual and not up to par, the household of the Don is, even the character don’t see believable and serious.. I’ll so miss you after ETRETR. I’m on Woh Apna Sa and this forum, so when this is over, it’ll only be WAS. I do watch Mehek and naamkarram but comment occasionally on naamkarran only. If you were to start watching any other serial ,I’d be happy to join you there, just let me know through WAS… I’m always there. I’m sincerely going to miss our friendship. I’ve bridged a gap between Sofina and myself though my email address and we chat through whatsapp. Won’t mention the serial but you were there too, giving your contribution. If you feel the need to ever chat, you can do so. Have a wonderful day and I know as days pass by, you’ll regain your strength to continue your work…

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