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Gayatri tells her family that her father taught her to read and write, she will write her fate by herself. Gayatri’s brothers shout at her and enforce her that she needs to change her decision now. Maa says this is what she feared, her brothers will go against her. Maa says to Gayatri that she has crossed her limits, even when a stream crosses its limits there is flood. She says that an unmarried girl is a burden on society. Seth ji watches this silently, he stands and says today he has seen the society win; he won’t say anything now. They must do what they want to.
Bari rani maa plays chess with Rana ji, she asks Rana ji’s associate what people say about him. He replies that people think Rana ji must have become a Britisher. She asks if someone goes to a stable does he become

a horse, then how can Rana ji become a Britisher. She taunts that those who had to turn British have already turned to them. Rana ji asks if she is talking about Raaj Mata. Bari Rani Maa says she has to fulfil the requirement of her relation of a mother and daughter in law with her, else she also dislikes this. Both smiles. Bari Rani Maa compels Rana ji for a bath as he has arrived from overseas. He agrees for her.
Gayatri writes a letter for Rana ji. She writes that today she is a stranger in her own home, no one is there to listen to her.
Rana ji bathes in the stream, Bari Raani Maa puts a strand around Rana ji’s neck. They both recall the childhood of Rana ji when Bari Raani maa used to get Rana ji memorize past stories of Amerkot and he used to say that they must not remember the past but look forward.
Gayatri writes that Rana ji is in her heart, how she can marry someone else.
Rana ji says to Bari Rani Maa that his past is painful and he is used to live with that pain now. It will remain with him for a lifetime.
Gayatri writes that those who love are never alone. She writes that she is sure that he can be hers, she is writing this letter to take his permission to remember him. She will wait for his reply. In the morning, Gayatri asks Kaka to post this letter. Kaka asks whom she wrote a letter to. Gayatri says Rana ji. Kaka asks what she wrote. Gayatri says there is a request and some questions which only Rana ji can reply. She asks him to send this letter to him, she thinks she is sending her wishes and dreams in her letter to Rana ji.
Bari Raani Maa offers Rana ji a seat on table and says today he will feel to be in India. Rana ji asks what does this mean. Bari Raani Maa that there are three types of British, one who are born to be British, the other who are adopted and the third type of British are those who turn to be British at their own will. His mother is the third type. Rana ji asks if any of her discussion ends without Raaj Mata, she replys she has such a loving relation with her. She serves the plate for Rana ji. He asks why she will start after him, why women are always lagging behind. Bari Raani Maa says that a string always show the path to kite from behind, staying behind isn’t weakness but a symbol of strength and a woman knows to come forward if needed.
Maa prays in the morning, she prays to Goddess that she will not eat until there is a good proposal for Gayatri. Seth ji asks her to eat something, but she says she won’t. Seth ji asks her to come to consciousness, what is the link of her hunger with Gayatri’s proposal. Maa says that today she wants to see Goddess Maa if it is her stubbornness or my breathes that breaks first. Gayatri’s elder brother promises Seth ji that he will find a proposal for her.

PRECAP: The letter reach the palace, Rana ji asks his associate if there is something in his letters he should read himself. The associate thinks if he should hand it to him or not. Gayatri’s brother come home and announces that he made up Damodar to marry Gayatri.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Poor gayathri…..pls raanaji accept her sincere love….and a girl is not a burden to home..she is a gift from god…..

  2. Oh good Lord…I hope for the sake of all Indian women out there that this King accepts this girl’s letter in good faith. I want Damodar’s sister to eat her words about Gayatri not being a Queen or marrying a King! Hopefully Rana Ji’s grandmother will somehow be akin to Gayatri’s humble nature and encourage her grandson to go ahead with this proposal!

  3. really hope the letter goes into the right hands , love this show.

  4. Rani I am think that’s the reason for bringing here into the show.

  5. Shame Gayatri, to have a family like this must be hell.

  6. Seriously? They expect Gayatri to marry a man that is older than her father…. I pity her

  7. from this year onwards TV Award functions should add one more category
    and i bet the only nomination would be gayatri’s mom…!!!

    how can a mother go to this extent to marry her daughter to a THARKI BUDHA.

  8. the hero of searil is too boring

  9. Soapy needs 2 pick up pace

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