Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gayatri stood, her hands joint in front of food, praying. Bari Rani maa calls her to look at herself. She thinks about the night event, Gayatri says that this means whatever she saw was a truth, and Sulakshna is also not real. Bari Rani maa says she was the black veiled lady, whatever she said will be fulfilled. she will separate her and Rana ji, it is the same game but she will play it differently. She says she has taken the help of truth for the game. She might go and tell Rana ji, he doesn’t much differentiate about the truth and the lie, she might tell him then they will see whom he believes. She tells Gayatri to go and tell the truth to Rana ji, she will prepare Laddu for Rana ji. Gayatri says this isn’t possible.
Swarna watches from terrace as Cheetah does pottery work

with mud. He looks up to see Swarna smiling at him. Laksh smiles at Cheetah standing on the main door. Swarna goes inside while Laksh comes out to Cheetah. He says wow, they all have god the same mud but only a few moulds give best artistry. If an artist like him lives in the palace, they will keep on getting such art to be seen. Laksh pats him on his back and goes inside. Cheetah says there is already something woth seeing in the palace.
Rana ji does the pooja, while all the members stand beside him. Bari Rani maa points at Sulakshna who takes the rounds behind Rana ji of the idol that had been prepared. Rana ji stops at once, watches Gayatri who then follows. Bari Rani maa thinks that she will be a mountain between her and Rana ji, Gayatri thinks if the love is true, mountains are nothing. Bari Rani maa will see in time, how mountains are moved.
At the table, Rana ji serves more for Bari Rani maa who denies. Rana ji says she doesn’t take care of herself, he has to do it. Bari Rani maa says if he will take care of her only his wife will be annoyed. She says had it been someone else, she would rule the palace. But Gayatri is a cow, she won’t do anything.
Gayatri breaks a bite and drops it seeing a paper under it. She clutches it in her fist, then reads it. It says that there is poison in Rana ji’s laddu, she must save her husband if she can. Bari Rani maa serves Rana ji a laddu and says he must eat it, she has made it for him like every year. Gayatri remembers Bari Rani maa’s warning, Rana ji smells the laddy first and was about to put it in his mouth. Gayatri shouts at him to stop it, she drops the laddu from his hand with a jerk. Sulakshna takes the note from the table and chews it. Rana ji asks Gayatri what happened to her, but she keeps on looking for the note. Raaj Mata asks what she is doing. Gayatri is worried, she asks where the note that was just here is. Bari Rani maa says she is again day dreaming, she must go inside and get some rest. Gayatri says to Rana ji that she isn’t lying, she says that Bari Rani maa is playing a new game. She wants to kill them both, she said it herself. Rana ji stops Gayatri. Gayatri points at Bari Rani maa saying she mixed poison in his laddu. Rana ji asks what she is saying. Bari Rani maa says that the blast had some great effect on her mind. Gayatri shouts that she isn’t crazy, she wants to kill her and Rana ji and mixed poison in the laddu. Bari Rani maa stands up crying that she is step grandmother, she must be used to listening such names, but no one ever blamed her with something like this. She says if she says she will eat this laddu herself, Bari Rani maa gulps that laddu and the others as well. Rana ji says this all isn’t needed. He gets up, hugs Bari Rani maa and asks her to stop this all. He says she doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. Gayatri calls Rana ji, but he says stop it Gayatri. He asks Bari Rani maa to take a seat, he says that Gayatri isn’t in her senses. She doesn’t know what she is saying, who she got against off. He apologizes Bari Rani maa from Gayatri’s side. Gayatri goes to him and takes his hand, saying he won’t join his hands in front of anyone. It is her mistake and she is will apologize, she joins her hands and says it was her mistake, please forgive her. She couldn’t understand who she is. Rana ji takes the crying Bari Rani maa inside. Gayatri watches Bari Rani maa turn to look at her.
In the room, Gayatri says to Rana ji that her doubts aren’t baseless. She tells Rana ji that she had seen the veiled lady at the spot of blast. She also founded that veil in Bari Rani maa’s room. She tells about the warning of Bari Rani maa. Rana ji says Bari rani maa loved him more than his true mother. Gayatri asks what she will gain with lying. He asks for a proof. Gayatri takes somewhere.
Gayatri comes to the room saying she watched that black veil in clothes. She opens the wardrobe. Rana ji asks Gayatri what kind of depression she is in. Gayatri brings about the veil, she says this is the veil. She says it is Bari Rani maa, and no one else. Rana ji thinks for a while. Gayatri observes him. Rana ji says many maids in the palace wear such veils, this doesn’t prove anything. He says to Gayatri that she needs rest. Gayatri insists on him to go and look in the upper room once more. She searches for that skeleton, and points at once. Rana ji comes to her and is shocked seeing the boned hands. Gayatri says she had told him that Sulakshna’s skeleton is still here. He sits besides it, Gayatri keeps a hand on his shoulder as he composes himself and removes the cover off it. He is moved.

PRECAP: Rana ji holds Bari Rani maa who was trembling, blaming Gayatri. Rana ji slaps Gayatri. Laksh tells Kunwar ji that Cheetah had a bad eye on Swarna. Kunwar ji explains that Cheetah will do what he couldn’t.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Boring –

  2. Oh God! Rana ji again in trauma to undestand gayatri, i think he is too playing a game, to reveal.. This serial is just like a bullet going fast, but not in swarna’s story..

  3. this show becomes boring

  4. Ranaji is always 1 step ahead,let’s wait and c what unfolds.

    1. Hahahah, when is he not?

  5. I am not going to watch until I c ranaji is shocked wen he is proving wrong again in not believing gayatri ???

    1. Me too, will only read written updates.

  6. This must be a move by Rana ji- I think they are finally showing that the character has brains- as per the promo, he will soon be finding out about the fake face of Sulakshna and thus will save Gayatri from electric shock treatment!

    1. Hopefully thats soooopn. I HATE it how they have five bad characters and then one good character who has to do EVERYTHING to prove the bad characters wrong. Its imbalance and frustrates viewers that one character has so much responsibility and they fail at it. Its so much that they don’t even plan correctly. eugh. .

  7. overacting …full too drama

  8. When this show proms started I thought that it was based on britishers and Indians… but the show is going on different track…
    Rana ji do not belive Gayatri and Belive her Badi Rani…
    I like what all going between sawarna and cheetah, because I think sawarna is fooling her in-laws and cheetah is helping her to fight for her rights..

  9. Raaj Mata should be listening to Gayatri… she is smart and she knows how evil bari Rani ma is… Writer’s need to bring in Raj Mata.

    1. Amen to that! Absolutely love her character.
      BRM, Watch out you old hag. This lady is definitely not a force to be reckoned with!

  10. It is a fake story.such thing never happened pre independence.no freedom struggle is shown.it is copy of modern serials like kkb.

  11. come on guys there has to some drama lets wait and watch. I am sure it will not disappoint

    1. Yes. POSITIVITYYYYYY. Its just slowly building up. We have to wait like a week or so before a huge change but thats how every hindi serial is, they test our patience.

  12. Hello telly updates piya rangrez I think u forgot about it today

  13. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Going off track..ranaji geting duped by overacting of brm…she is so f annoying grrrr eishman…wers the love story?????

  14. The story is taking the track of Jodha Akbar, where Mahamanga was the evil old lady , in ETRETR Badi Rani ma is in that role. I think the serial has reached a stage where if the storyline drags on and is not interesting then viewership will reduce and fans will lose interest

  15. The serial is getting bad.

    1. Its not getting BAD. Its just building up to the climax and its not their fault either, they cant is always end problems as quickly as we want them too, they need to draaaaaag it a bit so the viewers get hooked and when the climax hits, we get EXCIIITED y’feel?

  16. I think gayatri n rani maa should come together a set a trap for the old hag bari rani maa n catch her red handed n let rana j sees

    1. Omgggg. YES! I was thinking about that cause Rani Ma is the only one who genuinely knows how evil BRM is. Kunwar ji and Kokila know but they’re evil as well


  17. Anjali Rajgopal

    Its so annoying watching Gayatri have no sabooth. Its just like wtf. Poor thing didnt even do anything. Badi Rani Ma is very clever though. Honestly. The way she plans everything. GAYATRI NEEDS TO SIT DOWN AND PLAN! She HAS to dtop adruptly doing things that only affect her.

    I REALLY NEED RANAJI ON HER SIDE. Its not fair, they are IN love and yet so many things keeping them apart.

    Laksh is such an idiot. That thirsty lad. Swarna and Cheetah tho, damn. Laksh smh. Coming in between, its unfair. He had his fair share of love with other guys, why is he ALSO after Cheetah?

    Whatever. The story line/plot is interesting bit typical. They need to
    continue to keep it fast paced tho.

  18. WHY DO THEY SLAP? god. So stupid. How does slapping do anything, that too, slapping your wife?! The eff.

  19. I realy hate bari rani maa. She is tooo bad :/
    Poor gayathri,..
    Pls dont draag the seriel, its irritating to watch ..
    I want see ranaji’s love..

  20. RANAJI is being fooled over and over again. He does not trust GAYATRI and her love for him, but trust the old hag. I too will stop watching until the story becomes real again. I fee for GAYATRI and her kind heart.

  21. Honestly, when Ranaji was cold st heart, his mind was very alert and sharp. Now its like he doesn’t use his brain anymore.

  22. ranaji slapng gayatri it ll hurt us…..omg….evil always wins in all serial guys…but brm tries to send gayathri to mental asylam but gayathri askng to trust ranaji by telling truth of fake sulakshana and ranaji too trustng gayathri n removing fake sulakshana’s mask then ranaji askng sulakshana who sent u? shez not telling…finally ranaji keep gun on her forhead then she exposed bari rani maa..brm only sent me to kill ranaji….but again brm making fool ranaji by her fake tears…this is upcoming episode guys….

  23. today episode will show that ranaji gettng shock by seeing skeleton but thr bari rani maa too sitting in chair with tied hand….ranaji removed rope frm bari rani maa…bari rani maa blamng gayathri tht she only tried to kill her ….ranaji getting shock by hearing this abt gayathri….then bari rani maa saying gayathri married ranaji for money and now sulakshana back so she getting jealous…gayathri against bari rani maa then ranaji slaps her…..then gayathri shouts m not mad and tellng to ranaji to blv her by saying sulakshana’s truth….

  24. I have faith in gayatri, she is of pure heart all these obstacles she is facing only brings rana ji and her closer and makes them stronger in the end. I mourn for swarna and for woman alike mourn for swarna we dont know if her relief is neigh. we feel for you swarna. take care

  25. I agree with Lyn. Same like jodha akbar.the Benazir n mahamanga track.gayatri taking the role of jodha both having husbands who don’t believe anything their wives say.and both blindly believing their step mothers. ..more than their biological mothers. …LOL

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