Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Raja inquires Rani how she did this. Rani recalls about putting her dreams at stake, if Raja fails this time she will leave her dreams and go away from Amirkot forever. Kaal promised Rani if Raja succeed this exam, he will get the project of the hotel. Raja cheers, hugs then holds Rani in his arms swirling her around. She demands to leave her, he drops her on floor and runs outside.
At night, Raja comes to tease Rani with feather in sleep. Rani wakes up and asks what he is doing. Raja says she firstly called his name in sleep, then inquiring what he is doing here. She denies having taken his name, he insists she did. She pushes him away but he holds her hand saying he loves it when she takes his name. He kiss her arm, she calls his name repeatedly. Rani wakes up at once from sleep,

then curses herself for dreaming this way. She watches the time, it was about 8 in the morning. She hurries to wake Raja up for study, and knocks at Raja’s door. Juman comes from behind and quizzically watch Rani, she recognizes Juman at once then introduces herself. Juman says Raja wakes up around 1am, Rani climbs through the window into his room. His book was lying nearby, she watches Raja hasn’t even read yesterday’s lesson. She throws some water over Raja, then turns around. He shouts at her, then wears his shirt. Rani insists on him to get ready in next ten minutes, after that they will study together. She comes to study room, Jeewan was there. Jeewan says he heard she and Raaj are about to study here, so he thought about repeating the history. Rani recalls about helping Jeewan before, and tells Jeewan it isn’t appropriate for him and Raaj to study together. Jeewan asks if its Raaj’s will or hers, she backs away as Jeewan steps towards her, arguing if she is Raja’s slave, he insists on her that he was never her enemy like Raja. He always wanted to be her friend, but she rejected him and didn’t trust her. Raja arrives there and asks Jeewan to question him anything he wants to. Jeewan taunts him for having failed in class for three years, he must get out from between them. Raja qualifies Jeewan came in between him and Rani, then him and his father. It’s in the way he was born. Jeewan points a finger at Raja shouting, Rani comes between them. Raja warns Jeewan to leave, he does. Raja asks Rani to begin for what he woke up so early.
Jeewan comes to Kaal and demands him to do the hotel project. He accepts Raja is older than him, but he won’t let him down. Kaal asks till when his sons became so responsible, until today both went opposite ways; how there ways got same? Jeewan insists that he always wanted to be a good son of Kaal, he never let him down. He will take better marks than Raja, and requests Kaal to give the project to him.
Raja jokes as Rani tries to teach him chemistry. Rani tells Raja that chemistry is like real life, two people meet and have effects over each other, like they first met as enemies then became friends. Similarly, elements react and make bonds. Raja comes to Rani and asks what time is required to make a long lasting relation. Rani reminds him they have little time, Rani appears worried. Raja inquires her about this worry. Rani asks Raja if he and Jeewan can’t give each other second chance. Raja was enraged saying if a brother is like him, it’s better to have an enemy. Jeewan himself is a problem, he gets upset that Jeewan made him away from Kaal. He deprived him of everything he ever liked, Kaal could even hear Jeewan’s ah but not his scream. He was always his enemies, had he not been an illegitimate child he would have got him pushed out of the house. He and Kaal only bear one another. Kaal arrives there clapping, he wonders why he has been doing this all when they don’t care for him. He asks Raja why he is posing to be changing. He informs Raja that this hotel game now has a third player as well, Jeewan appears from behind. Kaal reminds Raja that the hotel project goes to the one who gets better marks, he warns Rani this time she might not win. Kaal leaves, Raja grabs Jeewan’s collar. He reminds Jeewan he will not lose either this game nor Rani, Rani only belongs to him.

PRECAP: Jeewan tells Rani she isn’t Raja’s craziness, but his likeliness. Rani agrees Raja might not care about passing only. Raja hears this from a side, hurt.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wat the hell is jeewan problem

  2. Nice… I want Raja to be successful, I like his possessive side, he will try to succeed coz he wants Rani to be together with him and can’t bear to lose her. Looking forward to seeing some more romance at first, the intrigue, drama n suspense and mystery can come after. Keep up the good work writers.

  3. Best show ever!!! Love their romance and chemistry!!! Hope they show their romance being unbreakable!!!

  4. i love this show

  5. I actually like Jeewan, Raja has always belittled his brother, he should actually try and make his relationship with his brother work. Rani is so stupid, she should actually assist Jeewan with his studies as well that would spur Raja on to do better.

  6. I think that Raja and Rani will have a child and BRM will kill the 2 of them, Jeewan will run off and raise the child then we will have ETRETR 3 where BRM will still be alive except she might be part Robot…. it seems BRM will never die… they should call this show Ek Tha Daayan, everyone dies except BRM…

    1. hahahahahahaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! stupid people hav loooong lives u know!!

    2. Sidhant gupta

      Sad story

  7. Anshika tyagi

    I love this show i never foget this show

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