Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rana ji was getting ready, Raaj Mata comes and asks if he is going somewhere. Rana ji says for hunting. Raaj Mata says he disliked hunting. He says she likes it, Raaj Mata asks Gayatri? He says Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari comes ready to leave. Raaj Mata stops Rana ji and says there are his enemies all around, she can’t let him go. Rana ji says he is the Raja and doesn’t need anyone’s promise. He leaves with Rajeshwari. Raaj Mata goes towards Gayatri.
Gayatri was still crying in the room. Raaj Mata comes there and tells Gayatri about it. Gayatri says when one loves someone, he wants to fly as well. Raaj Mata wonders how can Rana ji change in a single day, there is Rajeshwari’s planning in this. Rana ji is going to get hunted in the forest, they must stop it. Gayatri says she won’t

let this happen. Bari Rani Maa heard this and goes behind Gayatri. Gayatri runs out of the room saying she must stop Rana ji.
Rana ji and Rajeshwari get in the car and before Gayatri could come out they had left. She cries in pain, Rana ji still drove the car and leaves the palace.
Bari Rani Maa thinks about the poison she had poured in the candle flame. As soon as it will go out, she will try to get rid of this love story. Raaj Mata comes to Gayatri, she watches some bruises on Gayatri’s arm. Raaj Mata puts on an ointment on the bruises, Raaj Mata asks Gayatri if someone gave her something to eat. Swarna says since Rajeshwari came to palace there is problem between Rana ji and Gayatri, she says to Raaj Mata that she must do something. Raaj Mata says there is something they are missing. Gayatri was only worried about Rajeshwari and prays for his safety.
In the forest, Rajeshwari challenges Rana ji for horse riding with him and asks if he can ride faster than her. Rana ji was winning. Rajeshwari drops herself down the horse deliberately. Rana ji comes his horse behind and holds Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari thinks that this magic will make him do a lot now.
Swarna comes to tell Gayatri that her mother and Bhabhi have come to meet her. Gayatri watches her bruises, then covers then with shawl and comes to meet her mother. Maa says to Gayatri that she wouldn’t be worried if Gayatri was alright. Gayatri says she is fine. Champa says since they heard about the second wife of Rana ji they were restless. Gayatri says that only gold is melted in a furnace. Maa says a gold’s doll isn’t. She accuses Rana ji for this all. Raaj Mata says that mistake wasn’t entirely Rana ji, she couldn’t also fulfil the responsibilities of a mother in law. Maa says it was Rana ji’s mistake, he couldn’t come under pressure of an ordinary girl. Champa wonders what magic she has done on Rana ji. Bari Rani Maa thinks that since they figure out about the magic, Rajeshwari would have crossed the limits of intimacy with her.
There, Rana ji watches the injury on the leg of Rajeshwari. He goes towards the lake. Rajeshwari says he needs to do a lot, he smiles and goes towards the lake. Rajeshwari says he must come back because of the magic.
Gayatri tells her maa that she doesn’t believe in magic and all. She didn’t leave Rana ji with an option but to marry Rajeshwari. Maa says they got married in front of the whole society and people, they would begin to love as well. Gayatri’s tear fell off her face now but she says nothing will happen.
Rana ji brings some herbs and press them on the injury of Rajeshwari. She asks how he knows about this. He says he is friends with bruises being a soldier, one always know how to take care of friends. Rajeshwari asks where he would learn to take care of her. He says he is doing the same, isn’t he. Rana ji says her injury is fresh, she won’t be able to hunt and they must come some other time. Rajeshwari says she can even hunt in the palace. He asks what she means. She says she will tell him in the palace.
Maa asks Gayatri to come with them right now. Gayatri says she won’t go leaving Rana ji alone at any cost. Maa says if the path is difficult and full of thorns, she must get away from it. Raaj Mata joins her hands and says to Maa that today she is requesting her as a mother, she has considered Gayatri as a daughter and in this war she isn’t alone. Maa says when the house catches fire, the inhabitants have to run out of the house. She can’t let her daughter burn in the fire. Maa drags Gaaytri’s hand, shawl fells off her arms and maa is shocked to see all the medicine applied on her arms. Tears fell off her eyes, Raaj mata was also crying. Gayatri drags her arm behind her. Maa drags her asking her to come with her. Rana ji and Rajeshwari were happily entering the palace, arm in arm. They were shocked to see them. Rana ji asks Sasu maa when she came, no one told him about it. He introduces Rajeshwari as his second wife. Rajeshwari joins her hands and asks if she won’t bless her to live a bride ever after.

PRECAP: Maa slaps Rana ji. Rana ji asks Rajeshwari what he must punish the maid with. Rajeshwari says his feet are dirty, she must wash them in front of her mother and drink the water. Gayatri does so.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. So sick of Indian episodes no story line and always f**k up should remove from US

  2. my god from one nonsense 2 another when will this crap end come on directors n producers stop prolongin this nonsense unless ranaji is playin rajeshwari then that will b much better if that happens but puhlease dont let him sleeps with his third wife that will b so stupid

  3. wow, how can Gayatri cope with the insult, the abuse from BRM, rags and now ranaji. He makes her drink dirty water because his mother in law slaps him? that’s just unheard of.
    I guess rags will get pregnant soon and Gayatri will soon return to her mother’s. M heart really hurts for Gayatri, so much pain she has to endure for her husband and also by him.

  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Bobbie well said….f**** up.pls end tis krappy bullshit…no turning back soo much humilation n avuse to Gayatri.pack up man…

  5. Labiba tasnim kabir

    chi yuck keya tha yeh bakwaas

  6. This is it. F**k you writers and your filth. I am done with this show. Lets all stop purge ourselves from all these crappy indian serials. They are notthing but mood spoliers and fill of so such filthy nonsensical garbage !!!!!!

    1. I made a mistake and add in ‘stop’ after lets all. I wish i can edit comment to fix errors.

  7. I guess Gaytree’s reason will be that it’s the black magic (which it is to be fair to Ranaji). But, he should have never got himself in the situation in the first place. Although, Gaytree isn’t all blameless as she has contributed to the situation be trying to be the “ideal wife” – obviously every person’s definition of an ideal wife is different. Realistically, I would hope that most women would have left the B*****d by now and make him pay.
    But wait, didn’t Abhi do a lot worse to Pragya in KKB? Yet this is doing better than ETRETR so obviously there are a lot of people who like this sort of thing whilst the handful of us against it is in the minority!
    And why doesn’t an intelligent woman like RM figure out that BRM is involved? It’s coming, but slow….lol

  8. sabita it is better that way rana j and rajeswari deserve each they are like two peas in a pod she is from nowhere and he is not really a king but the son of a bandit and courtesor so he is not royalty now let the both of them consummate their marriage and writers bring in some handsome prince for gayatri and for heavens sake throw that old HAG BARI MANI MAA OFF THE BLASTED BALCONY IT IS LONG OVER DUE

    1. Yes I totally agree… Two peas in a pod.

  9. for crying out loud what nonsense is this LOL I cannot believe this how on earth could gayatri drink that nasty water no one woman can be that dotish over a man to stoop so low as to wash his feet and drink the water SHE HAD TO BE GOING OFF HER ROCKERS my gosh this man is not god why mar you character for a LOW LIFE LIKE RANI JI THE BANDITS SON gayatri mother should pack her things and drag her ass out of the palace and take her back home let her get some SHOCK TREATMENT because it seems like this is what it will have to come to she gayatri like she gone totally mad my my to consume the dirty wash fee water UNBELIEVABLE if is any one should do that is RAGES WARI cause she is FILTH to everyone and should be so treated LOL

    1. Exactly

  10. It seems all these Indian soaps thrive on the heroine/hero going through unbelievable emotional abuse/pain. Was so hoping this one was going to be different with a heroine full of sass & able to stand up for herself. I keep watching hoping it will get better but every time I see BRM I want to throw up – her character is extremely irritating and she seems to be everywhere – wow she moves like the wind and no one ever sees her eavesdropping. How far from reality is this show moving? Get rid of her & Rajeshwari would be nothing.

    There’s so many other stories to tell yet so change this crap. Oh & I’m sure Ranaji is the real king – there is still the other woman who was at the birth (think Sartaj took Ranaji & claimed it was his child in order to blackmail RM) who will prove this. Just saying 🙂

    1. I think it is strange also. Because when Rageshidiotwoman’s brother was painting black all Rana ji’s ancestors and Raaj Mata stopped him when he reached Rana ji’s father, the photo they had of him was identical to Rana ji so they “resembled”….makes no sense that it is not his son.

      1. Exactly. Rana Ji is supposed to resemble sartaj .. these writers think we the viewers are so dumb and stupid like them. Its too much. Nice actors and actresses but shit plot. I pity them. They should go to the u.s.a and try to get involved in films and t.v shows.

  11. I cancelled my dish cable because of watching atrocities on women in India is too much nonsense it can take about a whole month watching bullying black magic etc

  12. Yes I will be cancel soon too so low key all of these Indian characters don’t they Shame to play useless episode because they care MONEY Money only I hate it

  13. This is bull shit these old hogs need to set some examples and Rana stop playing she she that woman don’t have any ass she is so ugly show people good thing these old women from India are so nasty that old witch her mouth is like a ape go home and pray to God than doing shit on tv

  14. There are certainly antagonists I love to hate….Tanu (KKB), Samrat (Doli), Dushyant (Sarojini), Manu (Sarojini), Sunidhi (Hello Pratibha), Sumitra (Do Dil Bandhe), Shreya (Tumhi) and Paki (Ek Mutthi). It seems like the antagonists of recent are just abusive, nonsensical and dupe the main protagonists with simple ease and no complexity. The way they seem to just overpower with the protagonists for no reason than money or to thief somebody husband or wife n with no opposition does not make for good viewing….it just leaves a bad taste with the viewers… All of Zee’s programming seem to turned to this mind numbing crap! It just doesn’t make sense! Why have Zee turned away from beautiful story lines!?!?!??! Even the good shows are turning out to be more on the antagonists that of the main heroine/hero….the shows are revolving around evil. I barely could stomach to watch even an hour of Zee anymore. Usually I could count on ETRETR, Jamai Raja and Sarojini but even these are only focused on the negative characters now. Thank God for Santoshi Ma showing on Zee Caribbean….that I still have something to watch.

  15. What nonsense. Which era are they living? Drinking the water after washing the foot.
    Real crap

  16. @kristelle I was thinking rana ji has to be RM’s son. Its all about money. And for crying out loud ehy cant they do dna test?

  17. Agree with you guys – Sabita don’t think they had DNA test in the 1940’s. If Youtube is correct then this gets worse – seems Ranaji throws Gaytree out and she begs and begs so he took her back as a maid (AGAIN!!!). Why can’t they just show her mother forcing her to leave the Palace – let RM deal with her son and those 2 evil witches. Atleast this way Gaytree does not lose anymore self respect (if she has any left). This is wrong on so many fronts, even for a make believe Soap – the message going out about women will set us back 1000 years and then we’re surprised at the physical & mental abuse of women in India today?
    Also, rumors that she may be leaving the show as unhappy with her character right now. She should as should Siddhant and let the show come off air.

    1. Hi well I just thought that there is so much modernization in the show DNA testing would be present too. This show had so much potential. Both of the lead characters should just walk off the show end of story. Although I read Guyatri is unhappy with her character.

  18. Why not show Gaytree going back home, opening a school for young girls and doing good for the people of Amerkot – what a wonderful & positive story line this would be. After all, she started off as being a forward thinking young lady. Show the spirited Gaytree who despite all odds, won over the King. Get the British involved again – they were ruling – and deal with all the other stories/mysteries left half done (enough to see this series to the end of the year and with a lot of positives)
    Anyway, who am I fooling – this is too normal and decent a story line for the writer/creator of this Serial


  20. I fully agree this storyline has been turned into a lot of crap. No respect for wives who sacrifice their life and dignity for a man worthless of her love. Once he finally gets back to normality he then expects her to be happy. GAYATRI go back home where you were your fathers QUEEN by any standard.

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